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Everything Scrabble

Joe Edley, John D. Williams (Jr.) - 2001 - Games - Limited preview
Featuring a complete history of the popular board game, an updated handbook for improving Scrabble skills discusses how to maximize scores with bonus squares, make more seven-letter plays, and increase scoring average using two-letter words, and ...
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Starting Out in Checkers

Richard Pask - 2001 - Games - No preview available
A basic book on Checkers aimed at complete beginners and those Z99 a rudimentary knowledge of the game
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The Wonderful World of Checkers and Draughts

Tom Wiswell, Jules Leopold - 1980 - Checkers - No preview available
Introduces the rules and strategies of checkers, concentrating on openings, endgames, and ploys
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One Jump Ahead: Challenging Human Supremacy in Checkers

Jonathan Schaeffer - 1997 - Computers - Limited preview
"Playing chess is like looking out over a limitless ocean; playing checkers is like looking into a bottomless well." Marion Tinsley, World checkers champion This extraordinary book tells the story of the creation of the world champion checkers ...
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Starting Out in Backgammon

Paul Lamford - 2001 - Games - No preview available
An introduction to the game of backgammon, written by a world-champion player.
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The Game Inventor's Handbook

Stephen Peek - 1993 - Games - No preview available
Offers advice on selling a new game and discusses self-publishing, marketing, copyrights, and trademarks
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The Oxford History of Board Games

David Sidney Parlett - 1999 - Games - Snippet view
For thousands of years, people have been planning attacks, captures, chases, and conquests - on a variety of different boards designed for an astonishing diversity of games. Today the compelling mix of strategy, skill, and chance is as strong as ...
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The Penguin Encyclopedia of Card Games

David Parlett - 2000 - Card games - No preview available
Some 300 card games from Britain and around the world are explained simply in this book. The author, a games consultant, inventor, and noted writer on card games, believes that everybody would enjoy cards if only they knew how to find the games ...
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Gamer Theory

McKenzie Wark - 2009 - Social Science - Limited preview
Ever get the feeling that life's a game with changing rules and no clear sides? Welcome to gamespace, the world in which we live. Where others argue obsessively over violence in games, Wark contends that digital computer games are our society's ...
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