The Fate of the Nation-state

Michel Seymour
McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP, 2004 - 441 pages
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Are Nation-states obsolete? Are multination states viable? Can we really create powerful supranational institutions? These are the questions that celebrated authors and specialists attempt to answer in this important collection of articles. The work contains theoretical essays and case studies by philosophers, sociologists, political scientists and governmental analysts that provide state of the art analyses of the situation of the nation-state as it is developing all over the world in the new millennium. There are different concepts of nationhood and different forms of national consciousness: ethnic, civic, cultural, socio-political and diasporic. There are also different ways for nations to be present on any given territory; as immigrant groups, as extensions of neighbouring national majorities, as minority nations or as majority nations. There are also different policies adopted toward different groups: bilingualism, multiculturalism, interculturalism, collective rights, etc. Finally, there are different sorts of political arrangements: nation-state, multination state, confederation of sovereign states, multinational federation, federation of nation-states, supranational institutions, etc. The enormous complexity of these issues explain why nations, nationalism and nation-states have been so difficult to understand. The theoretical essays contained in this volume are sensitive to all those issues. The authors examine the foundations of nationalist thinking and the justifications behind the nation-state model. They also reflect upon the nation building policies, politics of recognition and issues related to globalization. The case studies investigate countries or regions such as Ireland, Scotland, Catalonia, the Balkans, Russia, USA, Finland, India, Indonesia, the European Union and Canada.

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Table des matières

Is Modernity Possible without Nationalism?
Four Kinds of Postnationbuilding
The Nationstate and Aboriginal Selfdetermination
From Ethical Individualism
Rawls and Habermas on International
Are Nationstates Obsolete? The Challenge of Globalization
Global Decency
Civic Nationalism and the Northern Ireland Conflict
Lessons Learned Options Ahead
Understanding Indigenous Nationalism
Linguistic Rights for U S Hispanics
The Majorityminority Syndrome and Muslim Personal
Ethnicity Migration and Statehood in PostCold War Europe
The Future of Indonesia
The Future of the Nationstate and QuebecCanada Relations
The Rights and Obligations of Persons

The Scottish Question
A Nonsecessionist Nationalism?

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