Visual Astronomy of the Deep Sky

CUP Archive, 1990 - 355 pages
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Atlas over de vigtigste galakser og nebuloser, som kan ses i teleskop af amatørastronomer.

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Here's a title that clearly stands from your run-of-the-mill backyard astronomy book. To tell the truth, I'm still to put its claims and axioms through their paces on my "8-incher" SCT, but, given the ... Consulter l'avis complet

Table des matières

NGC 2261 Hubbles Variable Nebula in M20 NGC 6514 theTrifld Nebula
M67 NGC 2682 Open Cluster in Serpens 197
M96 NGC 3368 Galaxy in Leo 128 M27 NGC 6853 the Dumbbell Nebula
M84 NGC 4373 M86 NGC 4406
NGC 4449 Galaxy in Canes Venatici 150 Appendices
M90 NGC 4569 Galaxy in Virgo 158 Handbooks and observing guides 247
Omega Centauri the Great How the computation is done 318 What the ODM means 320
M83 NGC 5236 Galaxy In Hydra 182 Bibliography 351
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