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would have submitted to such an exclusion, is little short of an insult on taste, criticism and common sense.

In collecting the materials which compose the present Volume, recourse has been had to the friends of Dr. Johnson now living, and from them the chief authorities for ascribing the feveral pieces to him have been derived. For the few notes marked E. the Editor is answerable. If they are not very important, they solicit ng praise, and are too few to need a long apology.

To conclude, the Editor, on a final review of the Volume before it is delivered to the Public, perceives no reason to apprehend that the pieces here restored to their Author ought to have been suppressed. Had he the lightest idea that the present publication would in the least affect the reputation of Dr. Johnson, no consideration would have induced him to have been any way accessary to it. On a subject of this kind he is sensible, opposite opinions will be held by well meaning persons. To the sense of the Public at large, however, all quettions of this fort must ultimately be submitted, and he feels no reluctance to abide by the Public opinion, whether it ihall end in censure or approbation.




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MARMOR Norfolciense ; or, an Essay on an an

cient prophetical Inscription in Monkish Rbyme, lately discovered near Lynn, in Norfolk. Compleat Vindication of the Licensers of the Stage. 37 Miscellaneous Observatious on the Tragedy of Macbeth. 59 Proposals for a new Edition of Shakespeare. 115 Preface to Lauder's Ejay on Milton's Use of the Moderns.

116 Postscript. Letter on Milton's Grand Daughter.

123 Letter to the Rev. Mr. Douglas, occasioned by his Vindication of Milton.

125 Preface to Kennedy's Scripture Chronology.

156 An Account of an Attempt to ascertain the Longitude, with a Copper-plate.

165 Reflećtions upon the State of Portugal.

190 A ProjeEt for ibe Employment of Authors.

199 The Rife, Progress, and Perfeɛtion of Architecture

among the Ancients. Preface to the Literary Magazine.

216 Letter from a French Refugee in America, Observations thereon.

.227 Observations on the Treaty between England and Rusia. 232






1, To Dr. James's Medical Dictionary.

47.5 2. To the Female Quixote.

476 3. To Shakespeare illustrated.

477 4. To Payne's Introduktion to the Game at Draughts. 481 5. To Baretti's Di&tionary. 6. To Gwynn's London and Westminster improved.

484 7. To Adams's Treatise on the Globes,

485 8. To Roger Ascham's Works.

487 Preface to Macbean's Dictionary of Ancient Geography. 488


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490 491 492 494 495. 497

3. To Mr. Cave.
2. To Mr. Cave.
3. To Mr. Cave.
4. To Mr. Cave.
5. To Mr. Cave.
6. To Mr. Cave,
7. To Mr. Cave.
8. TO Mr. Cave.
9. To Mr. Cave.
10. To Dr. Birch,
11, To Mr. Elphinston
12. To Dr. Birch,
13. To Mr. Elphinston.
14. T. Mr. Elphinston.

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15. To Dr. Taylor. 16. To Dr. Huddesford. 17. To Mr. Warton. 18. To Dr. Birch. 19. To Dr. Birch. 20. To Mr. Baretti. 21. To Lord Elibank 22. To the Duke of Argyle. 23. To the Laird of Rasay,

24. To

25. To Mr. Elphinston. 26. T. Mr. Allen.

27. To

28. To Warren Hastings. 29. To Dr. Laurence, 30. To Dr. Johnson.

508 509 ibid. 510 511 512 515 516 ibid, 518 ibid. 519 320 523 524 ibid. 526 527 529 530 531 532 533 534 535 536 537

31. TO

32. To Dr. Johnson. 33. To Mr. Nichols, 34. To the Rev. Mr. Wilson. 35. To Mr. Nichols. 36. To Dr. Taylor. 37. TO Mr. Allen. 38. To the Rev. Dr. Taylor. 39. To Lord Chancellor Thurlow. 40. To Mr. Nichols. 41. To Mr. Nichols.


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