Early English Prose Romances: Helyas. Doctor Faustus. (The history of ... Dr. John Faustus ... tr. into English, by P. R. gent., with introduction, including the ballad "The just judgment of God shew'd upon Dr. Faustus"). Second report of Doctor Faustus

William John Thoms
Nattali and Bond, 1858

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Page 215 - ... that it is a thing impossible ; no matter for that, it is as it is, and let it be as it will, once it is done in such a manner as now according unto your request, I...
Page 170 - Fryar, asking Faustus, what was his request ? Faustus commanded, that the next morning at twelve of the clock, he should appear to him at his house ; but the devil would in no wise grant it. Faustus began to conjure him again, in the name of Belzebub, that he should fulfil his request ; whereupon the spirit agreed, and so they departed each on his way.
Page 159 - A Ballad of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, the great Congerer" was licensed to be printed by the learned Aylmer, Bishop of London, which was probably an English version of the G-erman Metrical Volksbuch, entitled, " Bin warhaffte und eisolirokliche GescMcht : von D.
Page 306 - Quid enim sunt aliud tituli, quos sibi assumit, nisi stultissimaa ac vesan® mentis indicia, qui se fatuum, non philosophum ostendit ? Sic enim titulum sibi convenientem formavit ; magister Georgius Sabellicus, Faustus junior, fons necromanticorum, astrologus, magus secundus, chiromanticus, agromanticus, pyromanticus, in hydra arte secundus.
Page 229 - God, and their knowledge they had in the stars, to worship Christ, which when Faustus saw, he spake in this manner : " Ah ! alas, good men ! How have you erred, and lost your way ! You should have gone to Palestina, and Bethlehem in Judea; how came you hither?
Page 256 - Wittenburg : but he that remained was taken and laid in prison : wherefore the -other two gentlemen were very sorrowful for their friend, but Faustus comforted them promising that on the morrow he should also be at Wittenburg.
Page 179 - Wittenburg, who died, and bequeathed it in his testament to his cousin Faustus. Faustus kept a boy with him, that was his scholar, an unhappy wag, called Christopher Wagner, to whom this sport and life that he saw his master followed, seemed pleasant.
Page 209 - DOCTOR FAUSTUS bethinking how his time went away, and how he had spent eight years thereof, he meant to spend the rest to his better contentment, intending quite to forget any such motions as might offend the Devil any more : wherefore on a time he called his Spirit Mephostophiles, and said unto him, bring thou hither unto me thy Lord Lucifer, or Belial : he brought him (notwithstanding) one that was called Beelzebub, the which asked Faustus his pleasure.
Page 251 - Faustus took hold on him, and would not permit him to do it. Shortly after Alexander made humble reverence, and went out again, and coming to the door, his paramour met him. She coming in, made the emperor likewise reverence.
Page 166 - ... his time were able to argue with him in divinity, or for the excellency of his wisdom to compare with him, with one consent they made him Doctor of Divinity : But Doctor Faustus, within short time after he had obtained his degree, fell into such fantasies, and deep cogitations, that he was mocked of many, and of the most part of the students was called the Speculator...

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