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Longmire: From Book to Screen Free Deluxe Teaser

Craig Johnson - Fiction - 2013 - 50 pages
More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.
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Asesinato en el campus (Castigo de Dios)

César García Muñoz - Fiction - 2013 - 0 pages
Nadie debería presenciar su propia muerte.
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Peter Wark - Fiction - 2012 - 143 pages
Beim Bau einer Sandburg macht Aussteiger Martin Ebel, der seine Stuttgarter Heimat mit der der idyllischen Kanareninsel La Palma tauschte, eine grausame Entdeckung: Ein leichenstarrer Arm streckt sich ihm aus dem Ufersand entgegen.
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Campfire Tales

Drac Von Stoller - Fiction - 2011 - 5 pages
" Karen asked excitedly. John put his guitar down, took another gulp of beer and said, "Since I'm the biggest skeptic, I'll tell my story first. My father told me this tale when I was a little boy.
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Claudio Ruggeri - Fiction - 2015 - 41 pages
ローマ近郊の警察分署長ヴィンセント・ジェルマーノのシリーズ第4作。画廊で男の死体が発見された。ジェルマーノは哀愁漂う捜査の中で互いに絡み合う仮説から事件を解決す ...
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Hard Press'd

Linda Rae Blair - Fiction - 2012 - 264 pages
The latest murder of a young woman in Virginia Beach has shaken both of Press' worlds.
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An Accidental Death

Phyllis Smallman - Fiction - 2013 - 8 pages
Recipient of a Royal Palm Literary Award for flash fiction from the Florida Writers Association in 2012.
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Two Proposals

Ray Cummings - Fiction - 2012
Poppy is waiting for a proposal... it is just not the one she was expecting! (note: a short story)
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This Doesn't Happen In The Movies

Renee Pawlish - Fiction - 2011 - 227 pages
The Reed Ferguson mystery series: • Book 1: This Doesn't Happen In The Movies (Free eBook) • Book 2: Reel Estate Rip-off • Book 3: The Maltese Felon • Book 4: Farewell, My Deuce • Book 5: Out Of The Past • Book 6: Torch Scene ...
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Susan Dunlap - Fiction - 2012 - 194 pages
She calls for backup and cordons off the temple. Jill doesn’t care about karma, but she knows when justice is due. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Susan Dunlap including rare images from the author’s personal collection.
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Lake on the Mountain: A Dan Sharp Mystery

Jeffrey Round - Fiction - 2012 - 488 pages
When missing persons investigator Dan Sharp attends a wedding, he finds himself investigating more than one murder.
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Daggers and Men's Smiles: A Moretti and Falla Mystery

Jill Downie - Fiction - 2011 - 328 pages
On the English Channel Island of Guernsey, Detective Inspector Ed Moretti and his new partner, Liz Falla, investigate vicious attacks on Epicure Films.
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Iron Dogs

Cliff Robertson - Fiction - 2008 - 221 pages
A blizzard, murder and retribution all combine to make this a thrilling tale with a twist in the tail - naturally.
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One Deadly Sister

Rod Hoisington - Fiction - 2010
The first book in the Sandy Reid mystery series. THE PRICE OF CANDY is the second, and SUCH WICKED FRIENDS is the third.
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Loose Ends: A Jack Taggart Mystery

Don Easton - Fiction - 2005 - 400 pages
To break these rules is to lose respect, and to lose respect is to lose one’s life. Loose Ends is is a tale of violence, corruption, and retribution, but it is also a story of honour and respect.
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Still Waters: A Quin and Morgan Mystery

John Moss - Fiction - 2008 - 344 pages
This psychological mystery introduces David Morgan and Miranda Quin, two maverick and culturally sophisticated Toronto police detectives.
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Uncommon Grounds

Sandra Balzo - Fiction - 2004 - 248 pages
What moves Balzo's book high above other writers is a sharp and often amusing skill that convinces us that this is real life and that it matters." –Chicago Tribune
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Peter Wark - Fiction - 2012 - 146 pages
„Stadtrat und Unternehmer fällt Mord zum Opfer“ lautet die Überschrift, die die Ruhe des in die schwäbische Provinz abgetauchten und Bike-begeisterten Journalisten Jörg Malthaner mit einem Schlag beendet.
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Concrete Underground

Moxie Mezcal - Fiction - 2010 - 370 pages
CONCRETE UNDERGROUND is postmodern pulp fiction - a gritty, labyrinthine murder mystery about identity and alienation in the digital age.
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소년, 소녀 (체험판)

이원형 - Comics & Graphic Novels - 2014 - 30 pages
무한한 상상력과 생동감 넘치는 묘사! 한여름의 무더위를 날려줄 호러 단편집 《소년, 소녀》 짧지만 서늘한 다섯 편의 단편을 모아 놓은 호러 단편집. 유체이탈을 소재로 한 표제작 ...
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Red Light

Alexis Shore - Fiction - 2013 - 40 pages
"Alexis Shore can truly write a smoking hot sex scene." The Romance Reviews "I love your writing.
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Gift Horse

Polly Morten - Fiction - 2007 - 216 pages
The Plot: Sarah Hallam¿s last term at University was wrecked by her conviction that she had a stalker, although nobody would take her seriously.
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Las Instancias Del Vértigo

Cástulo Aceves - Fiction - 2013 - 80 pages
Cástulo Aceves demuestra en estos cuentos que tiene una gran capacidad para crear atmósferas ominosas y verosímiles, donde el centro de las historias es la complejidad de las relaciones humanas, de los lazos que atan entre sí a los ...
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A Spy Like Me

Laura Pauling - Fiction - 2012 - 336 pages
A Spy Like Me is Book 1 of the Circle of Spies Series!
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