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Vikings in the South: Voyages to Iberia and the Mediterranean

Ann Christys - 2015 - History - Limited preview
In the ninth century, Vikings carried out raids on the Christian north and Muslim south of the Iberian peninsula (modern Spain and Portugal), going on to attack North Africa, southern Francia and Italy and perhaps sailing as far as Byzantium. A ...

An Illustrated Viking Voyage: Retracing Leif Eriksson's Journey in an ...

William Hodding Carter, Russell Kaye - 2000 - History - Limited preview
Photographs and text trace the journey of W. Hodding Carter and a crew of eleven sailors as they attempted to re-create the Vikings' voyage to North America one thousand years ago aboard a replica of a traditional Viking knarr.

Secrets of the Viking Navigators

Leif K. Karlsen - 2003 - Iceland spar - No preview available
"Most navigators have heard of Viking sunstones, but few realize they are more than legend. Leif Karlsen has brought them to life. He shows us how they work-now, and a thousand years ago-and what it was that led the Viking navigators to develop ...

Viking Navigation

Søren Thirslund - 2007 - History - No preview available
How was the Norse Navigator able to shape his course across the North Atlantic long before the invention of the magnetic compass? This book tells the story of the Viking Sun Compass and how it allowed the Vikings to sail across the Atlantic. In ...

The Vikings and America

Erik Wahlgren - 2000 - Social Science - No preview available
Excavations at L'Anse aux Meadows in northern Newfoundland have revealed the presence of the Vikings around AD 1000. But was this the mysterious Vinland (land of grapevines) which, according to the Icelandic sagas, Leif Eriksson discovered almost ...

The Vikings: Lords of the Seas

Yves Cohat - 1992 - Civilization, Scandinavian - No preview available
History of the Vikings, their way of life, and discoveries of Viking artifacts.

The Viking

Alan Baker - 2004 - History - Snippet view
"Oh, Lord, save us from the rage of the Nordic people." –Ninth-century French prayer One moment they were a mere speck on the sea; the next, a murderous force slashing its way into unprotected monasteries and villages; routing proud armies; and ...

The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings

Peter Sawyer - 2001 - History - Limited preview
Covers the different geographical areas of the Viking world, and traces the Viking story from the first raids on isolated coastal communities toward the end of the eighth century to the establishing of permanent settlements

A History of the Vikings

Gwyn Jones - 1968 - Civilization, Scandinavian - No preview available
An illustrated study of the northern peoples and kingdoms of Ireland, Greenland, Britain, and Christian Europe and their culture, society and livelihood. Illustrations.