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The Vinland Sagas: The Norse Discovery of America

Grœnlendinga ttr, PENGUIN GROUP (UK) - 1965 - Fiction - No preview available
One of the most arresting stories in the history of exploration, these two Icelandic sagas tell of the discovery of America by Norsemen five centuries before Christopher Columbus. Together, the direct, forceful twelfth-century Graenlendinga Saga ...

Vikings: The Battle at the End of Time

Tony Allan - 2002 - History - No preview available
A richly illustrated introduction to an extraordinary people.

The Viking Warrior: The Norse Raiders Who Terrorized Medieval Europe

Ben Hubbard - 2015 - Civilization, Viking - No preview available
Beginning in 789 CE, the Vikings raided monasteries, sacked settlements and invaded the Atlantic coast of Europe and the British Isles. They looted and enslaved their enemies, terrorizing all whom they encountered. Sailing their famous longboats ...

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga

William Edward Fitzgibbon, National Museum of Natural History (U.S.) - 2000 - History - Snippet view
Showcases the exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

The Viking Discovery of America: The Excavation of a Norse Settlement in L ...

Helge Ingstad, Anne Stine Ingstad - 2000 - America - Limited preview
Faced with harsh conditions in their Greenland home, a group of Vikings took the reins of fate into their own hands. With incredible luck, skill and fortitude, they discovered lands filled with a profusion of wood, wild game and fertile land. In ...

The World of the Vikings

Richard Andrew Hall - 2007 - History - No preview available
Explores the Viking ways with photographs, reconstruction of Vicking ways, maps, antiquites, and history.