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PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY, 'dispels the cloud which has hitherto hung over the Chemists and Druggists of Great Britain.

The Report of the Council (page 741, No. 12) gives general information respecting the progress of the Society during the year comprised in this volume. The success which has attended the School of Pharmacy is one of the most important features in the Institution, and it is encouraging to observe, that the disposition to introduce a system of education for the Pharmaceutical Chemists, is not confined to the metropolis, but is extending itself throughout the country.

With the exception of a few items which are promised shortly, nearly all the subscriptions of Members and Associates have been received. Only four Members have seceded from the Society by resignation, and the number whose names are erased from the list, amounts to about twenty, arising from deaths or retirement from business. Several Members and Associates have lately been admitted, and we may therefore consider our numbers about the same as at the last publication of the list. Much, if any, increase was not to be expected during the first year in which the present regulations respecting admission came into operation.

The election of Country Members on the Council has been proposed as a means of cementing the union of our body and giving a more completely representative character to the Society. It is worthy of remark however, that all the Country Candidates were proposed by Members residing in London ; of seven who were proposed, only five consented to serve, and of these only two were elected. If the Country Members had generally supported the five Country candidates, their election would have been inevitable, and we may infer from the result of the ballot, that the majority have confidence in their London representatives.

338, Oxford Street, June 1st, 1843.

No. I.

On the Professional Character of the Pharmaceutical Chemist, I.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society: Pharmaceutical Meeting, 8-On

the Action of Carbonate of Potash on Gum Resins. Mr. Hulse, 8-

Adulteration of the Cantharis Vesicatoria. Mr. John Mackay, 11-

On Potato Sugar. Dr. Ure, 12 — Lecture on Vegetable Poisons.

R. H. Semple, Esq., 17-Donations to the Library, 32—Provincial

Transactions, 33.

Medical Plants in Season during July, 35 - Preparation of Calomel, 39–

Metallic Acids, 40- Formation of Ferric Acid by Galvanism, 44-Prepa-

rations of Iron, 47—Process for preparing, by direct means, the Ethers of

the Organic Acids, 49—Table of the Densities of Alcoholic Liquids, 50%

The State in which Butter exists in Milk, 51-Pure Boracic Acid, 51-

Medicinal Phosphoric Acid, 51–Process for obtaining Benzoic Acid, 52-

Solution of Metallic Oxides by certain species of Sugar, 52-Process for the

Preparation of Ultramarine, 53— Books received, 53—Correspondents, 56.

No. II.

Pharmacy in Great Britain - Education and Examination, 57.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society: Pharmaceutical Meeting, 63—

On the Adulteration of Senna. Mr. Bell, 63—On an Explosive

Compound formed during the Distillation of Hydrocyanic Acid. Mr.

Alsop, 66—On Annual and Biennial Hyoscyamus. Dr. Houlton,

68–On the Oxygenizement of Adeps. Mr. J. Walton, 69--Donations

to the Library, 72—The Museum, 72.

British Association, 72- Medicinal Plants in Season, 73—Dynamics of Che-

mistry, 77--Carbonate of Potash with Gum Resins, 86- Preparation of

Cyanide of Potassium, 88—Preparation of Perchloric Acid, 90—New Pro-

cess for preparing Oxygen, 92—Composition of the Basic Sulphate of Mer-

cury, 92 - Review: Animal Chemistry, &c. Dr. Liebig, 94-A Treatise

on the Oleum Jecoris Aselli, &c. Dr. Bennett, 100— Medical Reform.

Sir James Clark, Bart., M.D. F.R.S. 102— The New Tariff: Duties of

Customs payable on Goods used in Pharmacy, 105–Correspondents, 112.

No. III.

School of Pharmacy, 113.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society : Pharmaceutical Meeting, 122–

On the Varieties of Hyoscyamus. Dr. Pereira, 122-Preparation of

Bichloride of Mercury, 125–Mode of analyzing Soda-Water. Dr.

Ure, 126–Meliotus Cærulea. Joseph Houlton, M.D., 128-Colchicum

Autumnale. Joseph Houlton, M.D., 129–Lecture on Composition of

Foods. Dr. Pereira, 131-Donations to the Library, 148–Donations

Museum, 148.

Separation of Potash and Soda, 148— Preparation of Decoctum Aloes Com-

positum, 151-Machine for separating Powders, 153–Researches on

Nitric Acid, 153– Preparation of Hydrocyanic Acid, 161–Preparation

of Cyanate of Potash, 162–New Method of preparing Chloride of Zinc,

162—Hyposulphite of Soda, 162-Sulphate of Potash, 163—Curcumine,

163—Hydrated Peroxide of Iron, 163. Notices of Books received: Mono-

graphie du Madi Cultivé ou Madia Sativa. M. Pasquier, 164–On Diseases

of the Bladder and Prostate Gland. Mr. Coulson, 165-An Essay on

Diabetes. Mr. H. Bell, 165-University of London: Examination, 166.

-Correspondents, 169.

No. IV.

The Certificate of Me

bership, 173.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society : Lecture on the Elementary Com-

position of Foods. Dr. Pereira, concluded, 178–Lecture on the

Structure, Affinities, and Medical Properties of the Natural Order

Ranunculaceæ. Dr. Lankester, 198–Donations to the Library, 203

-Donations to the Muscum, 204.

Chemical Examination of Angelica Root, 206 - The Change which Extract

of Rhubarb undergoes in Keeping, 208_Brandish's Solution of Potash,

209—Concentrated Camphor Julep, 209–Linimentum Hydrargyri

Nitratis, 210-Method of ascertaining the Presence of Iodine in the Oil

of Cod's Liver, 210—Sub-Oxide of Lead, 210—Lactate and Valerianate
of Quina, 210-Adulteration of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Commer-
cial Substances, 211. Review : The Pharmacopæia of the United States

of America, 211-A Treatise on Mineral Waters. Dr. J. C. A. Franz, 215.

Apothecaries' Hall-Prize Questions, 216– Dr. Kane's Accident, 216—Dr.

Ryan's Accident, 217-Obituary-Mons. Pelletier, 217– Errata, 217–

Correspondents, 218-List of Members, 221-List of Associates, 261.

No. V.

On the present State of Pharmacy in England, 313–Illustrations. By

Richard Phillips, F.R.S., &c., 315.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society :

-Vice-President's Address, 321

-Decomposition of Hydrocyanic Acid, 330—Pharmaceutical Meet-

ing, 331-On a false Jalap having a Rose odour. M. G. Guibourt,

331-On the Fruits of Hemlock, Anise, and Fool's Parsley. Dr.

Pereira, 337-On the Tallicoonah or Kundah Oil. Mr. R. Clarke,

341-Gelatine Capsules for Horse Balls. Mr. Chaston, 343—False

Angustura Bark. Dr. Neligan, 343-Donations to the Library, 344–

Donations to the Museum, 344.

On the Phenomena of Fermentation. G. Fownes, Ph. D., 345–Hints on

the action of Bisulphuret of Carbon, &c. 352– The Solubility of Lead, in

all Water containing Free Carbonic Acid, 355—Purification of Nitric

Acid, 355—The metal Didym, 358-Saccharine Matters contained in the

Beet Root and Indian Corn, 358—Compound Decoction of Aloes, 359–

Method of administering Cod-liver Oil, 361–Formation of Photographic

Images, 361-Process for detecting Iodides in the Bromides, 363— Pro-

cess for the Preparation of Oxygen Gas, 364— Transformation of Calomel

into Corrosive Sublimate, 364 — Chemical Manipulation. By Michael

Faraday, D.C.L., F.R.S., F.G.S., M.R.I. 364. Books received : An Intro-

duction to Chemistry. George Sparkes, 365-Report of Results obtained

by the Use of the Microscope in the Study of Human Anatomy and Phy-

siology. James Paget, 365—On Food. Matthew Freeman, M.D., 365 —

An Essay on Secale Cornutum. T. H. Wardleworth, 365–Pamphlet on

Symmetrical Diseases. W. Budd, M.D., 365—Correspondents, 366.


No. VII.

The Pharmaceutical Meetings, 425.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society : Lecture on Vegetable Poisons.

Mr. Semple, 429-Pharmaceutical Meeting-Grains of Paradise. Dr.

Pereira, 443–Gay Lussite. Mr. Fownes, 446—On the Preparation

of Syrups and Oxymels. Mr. Savory, 448–Donations to the Library,

455-Donations to the Museum, 455. Provincial Transactions :

First Annual Report of the Bath Branch of the Pharmaceutical So-

ciety of Great Britain, 456-On Linimentum Saponis. Mr. Shum, 457.

Original Communications : The Analysis of Cod-liver Oil for Iodine.' Dr.

Ure, 458-On Fermentation. Mr. Boyce, 459— Thermography. Mr.

Collen, 461-Melilotus Cærulea. Mr. Dixon, 463—The Vegetable Ivory,

or Taqua Plant. Mr. Smith, 464-India-Rubber Court Plaster. Mr.

Rowland, 464-On the Preparation of Unguentum Sabinæ. Mr. Toller,

466—On Mistura Camphoræ and Concentrated Camphor Julep. Mr.

Fordred, 467. Extracted Articles : Hydriodate of Arsenic and Mercury.

Prof. Donovan, 469_Madia Sativa, 472–Difference in the Boiling Point

of different Fluids, 472-On the danger of keeping Milk in Vessels of

Zinc, 472— Developement of Ferric Acid by Electrolysis, 473— Method

of preparing Cinnamic Acid, 473—Mezereon Cerate, 473—The Use of the

Residue of Iron Pyrites, employed in the manufacture of Oil of 474.

Review: Gravel, Calculus, and Gout. By H. Bence Jones, M.A., 475—

Handbuch des Praktischen Arzneimittellehre, &c. 478--Correspondents,479


Examination of Associates, 481.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society : Lecture on Pharmacy. Mr.

Redwood, 484–Pharmaceutical Meeting-Preparations of Morphia.

Dr. A. T. Thomson, 496— The Preparation of Oxide of Zinc. Mr.

Midgley, 505—The Oxides of Zinc of Commerce. Mr. Redwood,

506—Spiritus Rosmarini, and Lin, Saponis. Mr. Fisher, 513-Sul-

phur Præcipitatum. Mr. Schweitzer, 517–Donations to the Library,

Museum, &c., 526—Associates admitted by Examination, 527—Pro-

vincial Transactions : Branch School of Pharmacy at Manchester, 527

Original Communications : Illustrations continued. Mr. Phillips, 528-De-

tection of Impurities in Iodide of Potassium, 533—On Fermentation, 535

- Marking Ink requiring no Mordant. Mr. Rowland, 535-Cements,

537-On Leeches. Mr. Baynes, 537_Pharmaceutical Nomenclature, 538

The Perforation of Glass. Mr. Alsop, 539.

Extracted Articles : Collection of Opium and Tragacanth, 540-Composition

of Butter, 540-Composition of Muscular Flesh, 541_Preservation of

the Human Body, 542—Poisoning with Hydrocyanic Acid-Recovery,

542—Quantitative Determination of Chlorine, 513—Atomic Weight of

Lanthanium, 544-Opianic Acid, 545—Conversion of Oil of Valerian into

Camphor, 545-Hydriodate of Arsenic and Mercury, 546—The Sale of

Damaged Tea in Paris, 549—The Sale of Drugs to Brewers, 549.

Review : Elements of Materia Medica, A. T. Thomson, M.D., F.L.S., 550.

Scientific Societies : Royal Institution, 551–London Institution, 551–

Correspondents, 553.

No. IX.

Composition in the Drug Trade, 557.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society : Lecture on Pharmaceutical

Preparations. Mr. Fownes, 563—-Pharmaceutical Meeting : Prepa-

ration of Cyanide of Potassium. Professor Donovan, 573—Uses and

Constitution of Calomel. Mr. Gardner, 583-Summer-Plant-Winter-

Worm. Dr. Pereira, 591-Sale of Spirits by Chemists and Drug-

gists, 595—Donations to the Library and Museum, 596.

Extracted Articles: Preparation of Calomel in a state of minute Divi-

sion, 596–On Pyrogallic Acid from Nutgalls, 599--Sumach, 599–

Valonia, 600—Oak Bark, 600-— Divi-Divi, 600--Kino, 601 - Catechu,

601-Salacin, 601-Composition of the Oil of Corn Spirit, 601-On Gam-

boge, 602—Atomic Weights and Equivalents of Simple Bodies, 605 ---On

the Formation and Constitution of Sesquicarbonate of Soda, 608—Test

for Nitric Acid, 608— Dr. Paris on the Edinburgh Pharmacopæia, 609.

Review : The Bengal Dispensatory, and Companion to the Pharmacopæia.

W. B. O'Shaughnessy, M.D. 610-Correspondents, 610.

No. X.

The Charter, 613.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society : Lecture on the Polarization of

Light. Dr. Pereira, 619. Pharmaceutical Meeting: Preparation of

Extracts. Mr. Hooper, 638-Precautions necessary in using Chemi-

cal Tests. Mr. R. Howard, 645–Varieties of Calomel. Mr. R.

Howard, 646-Syrup of Poppies. Mr. T. Southall, 647—Soda Water

Apparatus. Mr. Knight, 649.

Other Original Communications : Illustrations on the Present State of Phar-

macy in England. Richard Phillips, F.R.S., 651—Method of determining

the Specific Gravities of Fluids. George Fownes, Ph.D., 652-On the

Preparation of Hydrosulphuret of Ammonia. Mr. Woolley, 655—Injuri-

ous Effects of the Vapour of Cantharides. Mr. T. Southall, 655– Deter-

mination of Atomic Formulæ, 650.

Extracted Articles : The Preparation of English Calomel, 657-Rhubarb, 658

-Cocoa and Matico, 660— Benzoic Acid in Elecampane, 660-Menzanthin,

660—Rad. Ginseng, 661-Action of Sulphuric Acid on Oil of Potato Spirit,

662- Manufacture of Rose Water in India, 662- Manufacture of Attar

of Roses, 663—Preparation of Churrus or Resinous Extract of Indian

Hemp, 664-Ferruginous Blue Pill. Dr. Collier, 664. Review : Paris's

Pharmacologia, Ninth Edition, 665—Notices of Books received, 667–

Provincial Schools of Pharmacy, 669-Sydenham Society, 670— The Sale

of Spirits of Wine, 671-A very General Practitioner, 674-Corres-

pondents, 675.

No. XI.

Medical Reform, 677.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society : Second Lecture on the Polariza-

tion of Light. Dr. Pereira, 681. Pharmaceutical Meeting: Researches

on Pyroligneous Acid. Andrew Ure, M.D., F.R.S , 695—On Caffeine,

Theine, Theobromine, &c. Alfred Baring Garrod, Esq., M.B., 703-

Donations to the Library, 711-Donations to the Museum, 712–

Synopsis of a Course of Lectures on General and Medical Botany.

Dr. A. T. Thomson, 712.

Original Communications : Remarks on the Edinburgh Pharmacopæia.

Richard Phillips, F.R.S., 714-Plants which may be gathered in May, 721-

Rhamnus Frangula, 721-Sickness occasioned by Eating the Root of French

Beans, 721 - White Liniment, 722—Factitious Drugs, 722—Precautions

necessary in the Use of Chemical Tests, 723— Inspissated Juices, 723.

Extracted Articles : Method of obtaining Pure Silver, 724–Protosulphuret

of Iron, 725— Preparation of Pyrogallic Acid, 726— Composition of Sponge,

727—Adulteration of Drugs, 728. Review : Treatise on Diet. Dr. David-

son, 728—Remarks on Medical Reform. Sir James Clark, M.D., F.R.S.

729--Lecture on Quack Medicines. T. G. Wright, M.D., 729—Sale of

Spirits of Wine, 730—Correspondents, 730.

No. XII.

Transactions of the Pharmaceutical Society: Second Lecture on the Polariza-

tion of Light. Dr. Pereira, F.R.S., continued, 733–Second Anni-

versary of Pharmaceutical Society, 741—Report of the Council, 741

- Financial Report, 742–Benevolent Fund, 744— The School of

Pharmacy, 744-Examinations, 745—Diploma, 746—Library and

Museum, 746—Evening Meetings and Lectures, 747—Transactions

and Bye-Laws, 747—General Remarks, 747 – Introductory Lecture to

a Course on Botany. Dr. Thomson, F.L.S., 755. Provincial Trans-

actions: Bath Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society, 766.

Other Original Communications : The Spontaneous Ignition of “ Red Fire,”

767 — Ammonia Inflammable, 767-Curious Phenomenon with the Vapour

of Sulphuric Ether, 768.

Extracted Articles : On the Odour of Musk, 768–On the Formation of the

Gelatinous Capsules of Balsam of Copaiba, 769—On Senna Leaves, 770—

A new Oxygen Acid of Sulphur, 771-On a newly-discovered Plant,

yielding the Gun Ammoniacum, 773— On Indian Copal, 773-Conditions

of Animal and Vegetable Life, 775-On the Manufacture of Alum, 775

-Books received, 776--Fatal Accident, 777---Correspondents, 777.

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