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The great difficulty in ascertaining the law, and the valuable time necessarily consumed by the Boards of Supervisors in examining the Statutes, through a series of years relating to their duties, first suggested the propriety of a work by. which all the laws bearing upon this subject might be condensed in one form. The plan of this work is to give the law applicable to the Supervisor's duties from the commencement until the close of his official year, and the order in which those duties occur. The law is first given, then practical directions for a proper understanding of it; then follows the forms ; and where the Supervisor is a member of a Board of Town officers, the law governing such Board with the necessary forms are inserted. The recent Statute vesting in the Board of Supervisors certain Legislative powers, renders this work more important at this time. The compiler trusts that the forms under this Act will be found to be very valuable.

That this work, which has been prepared with great labor, will not only be found to be useful to Supervisors in the discharge of their arduous duties, but be a benefit to the bar and the public generally, is the earnest wish of the


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