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American Bee Journal

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"If goods are wanted quick, send to Pouder.

BEE-SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT Store room built expressly for the business ; large con

crete basement with just enough moistuie to prevent breakage in sections. No shrinkage in dovetailed corners of supers and hives. QUALITY Root goods at factory prices. The kind that I have sold for

nearly a quarter of a century, and the kind that you can afford to recommend to your neighbors. I might have increased my profits for a short time by handling other goods, but I would not have remained so long in business. Many articles in my catalog can reach you by Parcel Post, and I assume all responsibility in safe delivery of the goods. Catalog free. WALTER S. POUDER, 873 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.


American Bee Journal 1st Nat'l Bank Bldg. Hamilton, Illinois

IMPORTANT NOTICE THE BSCRIPTION PRICE of this Journal is $1.00 a year, in the United States of America and Mexico;. in Canada, $1.10; and in all other countries in the Postal Union, 25 cents a year extra for postage. Sample copy free.

THE WRAPPER-LABEL DATE indicates the end of the month to which your subscription is paid. For instance, dec14 on your label shows that it is paid to the end of December, 1914.

SUBSCRIPTION RECEIPTS.-We do not send a receipt for money sent us to pay subscription, but change the date on your address-label, which shows that the money has been received and credited.

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With four carloads of new goods on hand, we are now bet-
ter prepared for the rush than ever. But don't wait to be
in the RUSH. Send your order in now and have the goods
on hand, ready for use.

New Illustrated Catalog of 60 Pages

We want one in every beekeeper's hands.

Send postal for one today. It is free;
White Clover Extracted Honey Wanted, also Beeswax
in exchange for supplies. It will be to your interest to

get in touch and keep in touch with us.
24 N. Erie St., Toledo, Ohio

Griggs is always on the Job."

Celebrated Queens Direct from Italy
Bees More Beautiful, More Gentle, More

Industrious, Long Tongued, "The Best Honey-Gatherers.
PRIZES:-VI Swiss Agricultural Exposi-
tion, Berne, 1895. Swiss National Exposition,
Geneva, 1896. Bee-Keeping Exhibition, Liege
Belgium, 1896. Bee-Keeping Exhibition,
Frankfort O. M. (Germany). Convention of
the German, Austrian and Hungarian Bee-
Keepers, August, 1907.

Universal Exposition, St. Louis,

U.S.A., 1904, HIGHEST AWARD Extra Breeding Queens, $3.00; Selected, $2.00; Fertilized. $1.50; lower prices per dozen or more Queens, Safe arrivalguaranteed. Write Member of the ANTHONY BIAGGI, National Bee- Pedevilla, near Bellinzona, Keepers' Ass'n) Italian Switzerland.

This country, politically. Switzerland Republic, lies geographically in Italy, and possesses the best kind of bees known. Please mention Am. Bee Journal when writing.

Queens That “Are Better” Italians and Banats

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Untested:Queens, 750 each; $8.00 per dozen; two or more dozen in one order, $7.50 per dozen

Tested:Queens, $1.25 each; $12.00 per dozen.

Breeder Queens. $3.00 each. Foreign trade add 5 cents each extra. 12-1b. pound packages of bees after May 1, $2.00. Select queen wanted, add to this. The ex

press charges on these will be very small in comparison with charges on frame nuclei. One-frame Nuclei, with untested queen, $2.00 each; 2-frame, $3.00; 3-frame. $4.00. Full colony

of bees in 10-frame hive, $7.00. Add 50 cents if Tested Queen is wanted; $2.00 if Breeder

Queen is wanted. For ten or more colonies or nuclei, deduct 25 cents each.
I have successfully shipped bees and queens from this place every month of the year.

started two colonies Jan. 25 on their voyage to Nutsusarida, Kobe, Japan. Each con.

tained a Breeder Italian Queen. Dear Sir:-The two colonies of bees shipped by you arrived safely, and are perfectly satis:

factory, M. SARIDA, Kobe. Japan. My Bee and Queen exhibits at the State Fair of Texas were awarded six premiums in 1911,

Italians also were awarded First Prize at the Cotton Palace in Waco, Tex.
YOUR MONEY'S; WORTH" is my motto. TERMS are cash with order. I refer you to Sabinal

National Bank oriany business firm in Sabinal.
I have ten yards, and with several hundred nuclei I can serve many customers. I solicit

your trade.

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Write us stating what you are in need of, and we will quote you. If you sell supplies our discount sheet is yours for the asking, Catalog on request.


J. A. Simmons, Uvalde Co. Apiaries, Sabinal, Texas

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