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convicts as have been thus induced to make an effort for improvement have made rapid progress, in all the studies above named, and while they have been laying up a little store of practical edacation, to be used, we hope, for good purposes in the future, the effect has, to a very great extent, been efficacious in softening down the rough, dogged manner of the criminal into the more obedient, submissive conduct of the convict.

While I am upon this branch of my report, I wish to state, that a large majority of those prisoners who have been discharged by virtue of executive interposition were discharged only one day before the expiration of their sentence, for the purpose, as I have been led to understand, of restoring them to the rights of citizenship.

And here allow me to suggest, that for an established custom, the exercise of this prerogative, on the part of the executive of the state, is calculated to work a great moral and general good in the condition of the discharged convict, and acts as a great incentive towards a better course of conduct during the term of his confinement

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Perhaps two-thirds of the prisoners who have been confined in the prison since its establishment and organization, and of those that are now here, are very young men, who, in an unguarded hour, under the influences of evil associations, and vicious, abandoned company, have committed the first crime in their lives, that might have subjected them to the severer penalties attached to the criminal laws of our state,

• Since my connection with the prison there has not been a convict released but has voluntarily, and I feel confident, with heart felt sincerity, expressed a firm determination to lead an honest, upright life, and use to his own credit, and the benefit of society, his restoration to that place among men which he had forfeited by his own act, committed against the public well-being and the laws of the state. I am informed that, with one or to exceptions, this determination has been sacredly adhered to.


If these impulses are sincerely felt, I am constrained to believe that the true design of punishment, and the principles of public, justice, are by no means advanced by sending the couvict out again upon the world as a branded felon, doomed to suffer, without any mitigating consideration, the entailed consequences of his crime forever, without any possible inducement to gain a respectar ble name among his fellow men. The following statement will show the amount of money received by me from all sources during the current year, and the dis

bursement of the same. Feb. 4, 1854, Rec'd from State Treasurer on appropriation of 1853 $5,376 76 Mar, 13, do


'53 & '64 9,610 10 Apr. 17, do

1854 2,000 July, 6, do

do 500 Oct. 11, do do

do 200 Dec. 8, do do


do 300 Amt. of cash received from the various prison shops during the year, 508 11

$18,494 97 Disbursements. I have paid on the old debt of the Prison contracted by ex-commissioner Brown,

$12,709 10 Leaving a balance of all moneys received, to be expended on expenses of current year,

5,785, 80 Which balance has been expended as follows : For wood and provisions,

$1,900 do Labor, (pay of officers,)

1,600 do Paid on contract for digging artesion well,

201 64 do Shop tools for the various prison shops, leather and shoo find.! ings, sheet iron and tin,

2,084 26

5,785 80 Amount paid on old debt, as above,

12,709 17 For all of which proper vouchers are on file in the commissioner's office,

$18,494 97

In recurring to the report of the committee appointed by the legislature at its last session to investigate the affairs of the Prison for the past year (1853,) you will find, that so far as they were .able to ascertain from the evidence which was placed before them, they reported the indebtedness of the prison for that year, up to the 1st of January, 1854, at about $12,100. There have been demands made upon me by many individuals, upon claims against the state on account of the prison, for the year 1853, backed by the most incontrovertible vouchers, and in all cases where such vouchers have been presented, I have paid the demands.

There were also some palpable mistakes on the Prison books for that year, which, when corrected, enlarged the demands of per sons, and I assumed to pay the corrected demands. You will perceive, that in following this course, I have paid about $600 more of the old indebtedness than was reported by the legislative committee; and I feel quite confident that all claims against the state on account of the Prison for the year 1853, are paid in full. The following statement will show the indebtedness of the Prison

for the current year. (1854.)

$17,138 72
5'984 81
3,423 31
279 37
17 29

Am't of indebtedness of the Prison for the current year, 1854
Of which amount there is due on officers' labor
On outstanding orders given for labor, provisions, building fence &c.
do Prison Physician's accoun:
do Chaplain's

do Sewing done for Prison
do Block stone delivered in Prison yard on contract
do Wood and provisions
do Lumber
do Glass, paints, &c.
do Leather
do Oil, lamps, &c.
do Work with man and team
do Pump pipe,
Preparing pumps
Stone coal
Merchandize, including hardware, clothing, books, stationery, &c.
Pattterns for new Prison and stove plates

1,444 59

37 10

15 80 438 89 149 50


30 02

15 58 106 28 3,000 50

19 37

17,138 72

The following statements will show the improvements which have

been made within the prison yard by convict labor, and the earnings of the convicts in the various shops, as also the property now on hand, which has been purchased during the year. All of which is presented as offsets to the indebtedness of the current

year. New building for carpenter, shoe, tin, tailor and barber shops $1,000 Finishing roof to stone shop and wire to screen stone shop window frames for same and glass

50 Addition to blacksmith shop and building 3 chimneys and cut stone forge

200 Gate keeper's house

200 Repairing warden's and matron's apartments, paint shop, guard houses, out houses, cow stable, vaults, drains, &c.

100 Work made to order in carpenter's shop

657 59 do done for contractor Reinhard in carpenter's shop

333 26 do do do Proudfit do do

84 85 do do to order in paint shop

63 95 do do for contractor Taylor in paint shop

77 77 do made to order in tin shop

84 57 do done for contractor Taylor in tin shop

84 08 do do do Starkweather & do

37 57 do made to order in shoe shop

491 42 Work made in blacksmith shop to order,

137 15 do done for contractor Proudfit in same,

231 96 do do do Ackerman in same

721 47 do do do Proudfit, in stone shop and on building 3,236 05 do do do Taylor, on artesian well

15 17 Boots, shoes, leather and shoe findings on band

150 Pork, flour, corn meal and other provisions on hand

350 Clothing, cloth and new bedding



Tiangr's stook and tin

50 . Wood, lumber and prepared work in carpenter shop

146 00 Store aad pipo for now prison, carpenter, shoemaker, tix shop and" office

410 Carpenter's, tioner's, blacksmith's, shoemakers, tailor's, painter's, bar

ber's tools and farming utensils, purchased within the year 800 Book case for prison library Five cows

150 Hogs large and small

35 Block stone

1,135 31 Oil and lamps, &c.

149 50 Books of account, for Prison

30 do for prison library

100 Work benches for the various shops Four iron doors for old prison

100 Cauldron kettle Scrap iron on band. Lard, do Raised on the prison farme, 600-bushi. potatoes, 2 150

do 200 do ears of cora' 186d 3 50

do 10 tons of fodder, $10, oats 150 I do garden vegatables


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$12,244 17

Indebtedness brought forward,
Offsets deducted,

17,138 72 122,44 15

84,894 55

It will be seen by the above that the cost of supporting the prisoners and prison establishment over and above the earnings of the Prison the past year is

$4,894 55

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