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WARWICK, June 30th, 1669.


Force's Collection of Historical Tracts.

VOL. IV.-No. 7.

Nathaniel Morton

2. 14

" Jude

ver. 9

Vnderstand that you have latly put forth a Booke of records, whether of Church or State I know not, perticuler or

vniuersall, but this I know that I am vniustly inrouled because I was neuer free nor member incorporate in your body or any of your territories, Therfore I may not refraine to make a short returne only as it concernes my selle;

And first concerning your peremtory judging of one you know not, for I am a stranger to you, Besides that, your vnderstanding reacheth not, the things wherin God excerciseth his people, * with wishes of better things in you and all men, I must giue you a true description of * 1 Cor. your vnderstanding from the apostle Jude verse 10; therfore I have no railing speech to returne, or iudgment of blasphemy (as the wordes are) either to seeke any revenge of my selfe, or to comply with any such spirit 1 dare not; but I dare not but comply with the spirit of the apostle in this his saying The Lord rebuke thee, “ Jude; Know that all our contention is about the body of Moses, as Moses hath respect vnto all Israel being King in Jeshurun Moses as a deliuerer out of bondage, Moses as a conducter of Israel through the wildernesse, Moses as imbodied in the law, and the law in Moses, in and about this body stands all our strise;

Whether this body is to be understood carnally or spiritually, whether Pharisaically or apostolically, whether according to Antichrist which is the law of workes, the misterie of iniquitie, or according to Christ which is the law of the spirit the mistery of God, in this case I contend concerning the whole body of the holy scriptures against the Deuill in the whole body of Antichrist, which takes the word and law of God humanly and not spiritually, hipocritically to make merchandise of the word and not apostollically to spend themselues and be spent for the Aock of God; Antichristianly to multiply and make themselues strong to persecute & kill the poore weakling and such as haue no of man at all, and not Christianly that plentifully feeds the hungry refresheth the weary without any respect of persons


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