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Mr. O'NEAL. Under that act you are required to do this work are you?

Mir. DEMARAY. Yes, sir. The Secretary of the Interior was directed through the National Parks Service to do these things.

A great number of bills have been introduced in Congress to preserve historic sites and buildings of the type that were mentioned a little while ago; and the Department is required in its report on these bills to say that these separate bills are not necessary because they could all be accomplished under the authority of this Historic Sites and Buildings Act. But no funds were provided, and therefore the purposes of these bills, of course, cannot be carried out.

The attitude of the Budget Bureau so far has been that the survey was not completed and it cannot be completed at the rate that we are going even in 2 fiscal years. After we get an adequate survey, we can begin to classify these areas and sites as to their relative importance.

It is expected that this appropriation some time may carry large sums of money, not only to acquire and restore but to operate historic sites and buildings.

INVESTIGATION AND PURCHASE OF WATER RIGHTS Mr. Scrugham. The next item is the investigation and purchase of water rights.

Mr. DEMARAY. The justification for that is as follows:

There are evidences of title to the water being used in the various areas under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service in only a few instances; Curequently, a constant danger of conflicting interests Pets where parks of my ments depend upon sources of water supply which are the same as iluse fu!!!...** other interests. Where carly adjudication or permits to appropriat: base encumbered the full flow of streams, such vinted rights midst be recog'120 d by the Government and either an alternate supply developed or re-irt be had to rose demnation or purchase'.

A great deal of money has been expanded in the past and is now bringer::$:! in the construction of sewer and waters apply latem, dams and conduts, *14.11.1l. pools, water-storage tanks, tich hatcheries, and other destlopmrits development of the law on the subject of water riskite a'the establiment.! private uses, it is encumbent upon the Gopi motit to take 111.lar aca", a' due to prior uncertainty as to status, it has been foto in 1.':lle tul'da 1'i ta' that it will be necessary to acquire o't-tandis water rights to protert in ko investments already made.

A legal and engiteering study, a’lthorisert boy the Department of the Interer Appropriation Act, fiscal year 1937, bias!ron a distans to determine w!!?!? such situations eunt and to obtain data rilata'.g to stran corne", fins, diseruum, and distribution methods, amounts of lows, anants to be mp-led. nr topography wil a!iw complete dion or pronur head without givingother than park property, rights of the Giostri mettait private it.terat*, 1P1-5 methods of singuranik rishta, ai 2* in.matan of prison Work with the Arp.t.on of title ali pohle rig!.!--cf-sav.

It is esmettin to culturve the intestication alread begun. It is expected that the 11.10.gaan wil reseal muarr ! **31crs in which the title of ile l'test States to m*er les qual or tippears for ft.tti per imp in ratio' al jare* 1 IT en un ent*** pret to withslari tot test bos private it.terra. It is possi. to avod cuma 0?!*ator the future and subscriptient corresponent or puree. of water rights At Plateed values, tojitos de for proses bitere & 11.11. water are state for that pro, os parr! A * Wasp the imprese los tie 1,1 fan in foreigi** 11, i al 1024*, 11 initi*rterat itu persary to purchatte larte to wlichten ***et tett my le ajipirteiant, active which the water in the conducted

In enure were pourplane stupear Ipersenry, it is besrasiatie to take the purchase the foorp te Toita posms 1.80 ot!,put lain, to top het!!! exorbitant prices or uwed to the derdient of i park and! I latratus. Vert

example, an additional supply of water is needed for the headquarters area in Death Valley National Monument. The only available supply in the vicinity is a spring flowing about 2 cubic feet per second, located on the property of Adolph Nevares in section 36, township 28 north, range 1 east, San Bernardino base and meridian. Since the water sinks into the ground before leaving the property, it will be necessary to purchase the land to secure the water. The water has rapidly increased in value and, in view of the extreme aridity of the region, it will probably increase to an inestimable amount. It is now held for a price of $50,000. Funds should be made available for its purchase before it is secured by private mining interests.

Mr. SCRUGHAM. There is no change in that?
Mr. DEMARAY. No. No change.

Mr. SCRUGHAM. I suppose that the important reason for that is the one that you have discussed under the previous items?

Mr. DEMARAY. Yes. The people who are coming in must be provided with water.

Mr. SCRUGHAM. We can appreciate the absolute necessity for providing water facilities for them.

Mr. DEMARAY. Some time there will have to be a substantial item for the purchase of water rights included in this appropriation. As a matter of fact, we have some rights now that ought to be acquired.


Mr. DEMARAY. Mr. Chairman, there has recently been submitted by Mr. Taylor, our water-rights engineer, a suggestion of language that, if I may, I would like to present to you. He has suggested that we add:

Provided, That in lieu of purchase, such lands, interests in lands, and water rights may be acquired by the exchange of service or equipment, including the construction of water lines or other improvements on privately owned lands when considered in the best interests of the Government.


National Park Service, Washington, D. C. DEAR MR. DIRECTOR: For such consideration as you may choose to give it, I should like to present a suggestion in connection with the language used in the appropriation act appropriating funds for the acquisition of water rights.

Specifically, it occurs to me that there may be one or more occasions upon which water rights could be acquired by an exchange, either in the way of service rendered or equipment furnished, without outright purchase. It might be that we could acquire a water right by constructing a pipe line or doing something of a similar nature, and that the expenditure would be as small, if not smaller, than any actual purchase price.

Il you believe that language providing for such exchanges could be inserted in the appropriation act, and if you feel that such a provision would be beneficial, your consideration of means by which this could be allowed is respectfully requested.

While I was in Washington in December 1935 and on December 16, under the supervision of Assistant Director Moskey, Mr. Barton and I drafted a proposed amendment to the National Park water rights appropriation bill, which we hesitated urging at that time because it is largely legislation. However, you may wish to consider that language this year, and it is quoted as follows:

"That the Secretary of the Interior he and is hereby authorized and directed to take such actions, by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise as in his discretion may be necessary, by virtue of State or Federal laws, to acquire and establish the rights of the United States to such quantities of water as is reasonably necessary for the use and convenience of the visiting public and the proper administration of any or all of the national parks and national monuments that are under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior." Yours very truly,

Joseph E. TAYLOR, Attorney.

Mr. ScruGHAM. Will you submit that language for the consideration of the committee?

Mr. DEMARAY. Yes, sir. Also an explanation of it, if you would like. Mr. Taylor submitted that.



Mr. SCRUGHAM. The next item is salaries and general expenses, public buildings and grounds in the District of Columbia.

Mr. DEMARAY. I will submit the following justification:

The estimate of $7,070,000 is for the maintenance, operation, protection, and preservation of public buildings in the District of Columbia under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, including rented buildings, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln House, Lincoln Museum, the Columbus Fountain, and the District of Columbia War Memorial. The estimate provides for an increase of $1,094,100 over the amount appropriated for the 1937 fiscal year.

The estimate is made up of the following component parts: 1937 appropriation

$5, 975, 900 Deduct amounts included in 1937 appropriation, not required for 1938:

Rental of 1712 G St. and annex bilding, cost to be reimbursed
by the Social Security Board.

87, 507
Maintenance of temporary building F, building to be vacated
and demolished at end of the 1937 fiscal year..

57, 885 Rented office space for which funds were appropriated for 1937, space to be released prior to 1938...

65, 169 Funds were appropriated for 1937 for the following listed space, which it is planned to release prior to June 30, 1937. The release of all of this space, with the exception of premises located at 1214 New Hampshire Avenue, will be made possible by the completion of the New Interior Building. The lease has terin. nated on premises at 1214 New Hampshire Avenue, and the Government activities formerly housed there have been transferred to rented quarters located at 1220 Nineteenth Street NW. The space involved is as follows:

t to be

[blocks in formation]

Reduction in requirements for moving expenses of Government establishinents.---

$34, 000 The 1937 appropriation includes $111,000 for the operations of the Division of Government Space Control, including costs of moving Government establishments. It is estimated that only $77,000 will be required for this purpose in 1938, as follows: Moving from temporary building F to other locations.

$10,000 Moving from temporary building no. 2 to other locations

3,000 Moving into the apex building

10, 000 Moving into space in New Post Office Building, to be vacated by the Home Owners' Loan Corporation.-

2, 750 Old Post Office Building, space adjustments.

5, 000 Miscellaneous moving of Government agencies.

23, 000 Salaries and expenses of administrative staff of the Division of Government Space Control..

23, 250 Total estimated for 1938.

77, 000

Total of items not required for 1938.

$244, 561 Base for 1938.

5, 731, 339 Increase for 1938: Rental and maintenance of office space in 1938 for which no funds were appropriated in 1937.--.

302, 290 No funds were included in the 1937 appropriation for the rental and maintenance of the following listed office space now rented by the National Park Service, which will be required in the 1938 fiscal year and for which deficiency estimates will be submitted for the current year.

[blocks in formation]

Maintenance, operation, and protection of Government-owned build

ings to be operated in 1938 for which funds were not appropriated in 1937.--

$486, 211 The amount of $486,211 is included for the maintenance, operation, and protection of Government-owned buildings scheduled for completion prior to or during the 1938 fiscal year and for which no funds were appropriated for 1937, with the exception of the New Interior Building. Funds were appropriated for maintaining the New Interior Building only a portion of the current fiscal year. The amount included in this item for the New Interior Building is the balance required for an entire year's operation. The amount for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Annex represents the cost of furnishing steam from the central heating plant. The buildings involved are as follows:


Proposed occupant

Provision made in this estimate for operation for period indicated

Amount of estimate

$42.000 108, 015 31,001

Federal Trade Commission.

11 months
Archives, Extension

12 months Bureau of Economics

Bureau of Economics, Department of

Bureau of Engraving and Printing Bureau of Engraving and Printing.... 6 months.

Interior Building (new).
Department of the Interior..

12 months..


280, 195


486, 211

$20, 160

Maintenance of approximately 124,000 square feet of office space converted from warehouse space

To meet the need for additional office space by the Procurement Division, Treasury Department, that Division has converted 124,000 square feet of space in the Procurement Division Build ing devised for warehouse use into office space. The amount indi

cated is required to clean and maintain this space for office use. Maintenance and operation of electric smoke precipitators recently installed on the stacks of the Central Heating Plant

No funds have been appropriated for the maintenance of these smoke precipitators recently installed on the stacks of the Central Heating Plant by the Procurement Division at a cost of approximately $370,000. The amount of $10,000 is required for the salaries of electricians, labor to remove soot, purchase of electric current, and replacement parts.

10, 000

55, 000

Additional required for administrative expenses to maintain added space covered in this estimate..

$20,000 This amount is necessary for clerk hire to maintain personnel records, cost records, procure and issue supplies for the approximately 2,077,000 square feet of space in Government-owned buildings to be taken over by the National Park Service for maintenance responsibility. This is less than one-tenth of 1 cent per

square foot. Physical improvements and repairs to Government owned buildings

under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service in the District of Columbia..

500, 000
The projects planned are as follows:
i. Eliminate fire and other hazards and provide

flood-prevention measures by installing emer-
gency exits to the Washington Monument
elevator; fire protection in the transformer
vault in the Public Health Building; city
master fire-alarm boxes in the Navy-Munitions
Buildings; backwater valves in the main drain-
age sewer in the Navy-Munitions Buildings;
steam-driven sump-pumps and other flood-
prevention equipment in the Triangle Build-

$20, 000
2. Improvements and replacements in the Central

Heating Plant and the steam-distribution sys

tem to eliminate certain dangerous conditions. 65, 000
3. Provide ventilation in elevator machine rooms

and transformer vaults to prevent excessive
temperatures which are injurious to the equip-
ment; also provide adequate ventilation in

140 toilet rooms in various buildings -
4. Replace obsolete and defective electrical wiring

and equipment in the Navy-Munitions Build-
ings; and install improved type lighting fixtures
in the Navy-Munitions Buildings and in 1330
E St. NW..

120, 000
5. Replace defective, worn-out and unsanitary con-

crete, wood, composition, tile and linoleum
flooring in the Navy-Munitions, State, and
Arlington Buildings.

25, 000
6. Replace worn-out, obsolete, and defective traps

and valves on radiators and pipe lines in Tariff
Commission, Civil Service, Commerce, and
General Accounting Office Buildings..

30, 000
7. Renew hot- and cold-water lines and install new

valves where piping and valves are worn out
and where valves are needed for satisfactory
zoning of water lines; provide additional toilet
rooms where insufficient toilet facilities are
now available; and modernize toilet rooms
where insanitary conditions exist.

35, 000
8. Paint exteriors and other exposed surfaces for

preservation where conditions of surfaces re-
quire painting if actual deterioration is to be
prevented, and paint interiors where painting
has not been done for many years and where
painting is required to eliminate insanitary

90, 000
9. Replace copper roof and repair slate roof on the
State Department Building -

40, 000
10. Provide skylight shades over the 2 large hearing

rooms in the Interstate Commerce Commis-
sion Building and replace worn-out wood-web
shades with venetian blinds in the Internal
Revenue Building ---

20, 000
Amount required for 1937-

7, 070, 000

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