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.60 с.



The Prices in this List are for cloth lettered, unless otherwise expressed. Adams, Charles (D.D.). Memoirs of Washington Irving, | Anstie, Francis E. (M.D.). On the Uses of Wines in with Selections from his works and Criticisms. 169, pp. Health and Disease. 12o. N. Y., J. S. Redfield. 299. N. Y., Carlton & Lanahan.... •$1.25 Pap.....

50 C. Abbott, John S. C. History of Louis XIV. Illustr. 16". APPLETON'S EUROPEAN GUIDE-BOOK. Illustr. Including N. Y., Harper & Bros

.. $1.20 England, Scotland, and Ireland, France, Belgium, HolAdler's Kindergarten Occupations (German or English),

land, Northern and Southern Germany, Switzerland, 12 Numbers. N. Y., Berendsohn Bros. From 50 82.50.

Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Denmark, Norway, and

Sweden. Containing a Map of Europe, and nine other ALABAMA. Reports of Decisions in the Supreme Court of

Maps, with Plans of twenty of the Principal Cities, and the State of Alabama, originally prepared by Henry 120 Engr. 12°, pp. 732. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. Minor, George N. Stewart, Stewart and Porter, and Mor..

. $6.00 Benj. F. Porter, A New Edition, with Notes and a

New and complete edition.

12°, Digest . By William R. Smith. 5 vols. 8°, pp. 720, 768, Arnold, Geo. Poenis.

with Portr. on steel. Boston, Ficlds, Osgood & Co. 708, 649, 700. Tuskaloosa, Ala., William M. Smith. Shp..

.$30 Austin, Jane G. The Shadow of Moloch Mountain. 8°, Alexander, J. &. The Mountains of Palestine. 189, pp.

Pp. 142.

N. Y., Sheldon & Co., $1.50 ; pap .....$1.00 202. Richmond, Presb. Comm. of Pub.

Bacon's Essays. With Annotations by Archbishop WhateAllen, Lewis F. American Cartle; their History, Breed

ly. New edition. With Preface, Notes, and Glossarial ugs, and Management. Illustr. 12°, pp. 523. N. Y.,

Index by F. F. Hearıl, Esq. 8°. Boston, Lee & ShepD.D. T. Moore..


ard, $3.50; hf. mor. or hf. calf, $5.00; mor........ $7.00 ALMANACS AND ANNUALS FOR 1871.

Baird, H. O. The Rights of American Producers and the

Wrongs of British Fice-trade Revenue Reform. 24°. - American Agricultural Annual. Illustr. 12°. N. Y.,

Pp. 12, Phila., H. C. Baird.


.....5 C. Orange Judd & Co., 75 C. ; pap......

... 50 C.

Baring-Gould, S. (A.M.I. The Origin and Develop - American Horticultural Annual. Illustr. 12°, N. Y., ment of Rcligious Belief. Part II. Christianity. 8°.

Orange Judd & Co., 75 C. ; pap....... ..«. 50 C. (London) Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co....., $4.50 - Christmas Annual. By Edm. Routledge. Cr. 89, pp. Barker, Geo. F. (M.D.). A Text Book of Elementary 124. London and New York, George Routledge & Sons. Chemistry, Theoretical and Inorganic.

New Haven, Pap... ......50 C. Chas. C. Chatfield & Co...

... $1.75 - Frank Leslie's Illustrated Almanac. Colld. Illustr. Royal Barnes, Wm. H. The Fortieth Congress of the United 8, pp. 65. New York, Frank Leslie. Pap.........50 C.

States, Historical and Biographical. With Portrs. on - The Illustrated Annual of Phrenology and Physiognomy.

steel by Geo. E. Perine. 2 vols. 8°, pp. 415, 370. N.Y., By S. R. Wells. 13°, pp. 69. N. Y., S. R. Wells.

Geo. E. Perine. $15.00 ; hf.-mor., $20.00; mor... $25.00

..25 c. Baskerville's Practisches Lehrbuch der Englischen -The Illustrated Annual Register of Rural Affairs and

Sprache. Für den Gebrauch in Amerika eingerichtet von Cultivator Almanac for the year 1871, containg, practical

Gustav Fischer. 12°, pp. 318. N. Y., E. Steiger. Bds., Suggestions for the Farmer and Horticulturist." By J. J.

$1.00 Thomas, 169, pp. 230. Albany, Luther Tucker & Son. Battersly, Rev. Chas. The Gift of the Father, 160, PP. Pap

128. N. Y., N. Tibbals & Son.... - Maine State Year Book and Annual Register for 1871. BEAUTY OF THE BLONDES SONGSTER, Sq. 12o. N. Y., R. Compiled by Edmund S. Hoyt 169, pp. 410. Portland, M. De Witt. Pap......

...25 C. Hoyr, Fogg & Breed. Pap. 5o c. ; with col. map, 90 c. ;

Beckford, w. Vathek. An Arabian Tale. Illustr. 169, ...$1,25

pp. 204. (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co...$1.00 - Old Franklin Almanac, 18o. Phila., A. Winch. Pap.20 C.

Beecher, Henry Ward. Morning and Evening Devo- Our School-Day Visitor Mathematical Almanac and An tional Exercises. Selected from his Published and Un

pp. 64. Phila., Daughaday & Becker. Pap...35C. published Writings. Edited by Lyman Abbott. With -- The Year Book of the Unitarian Congregational Churches

portr. Cr. 8°, pp. 560. N. Y., Harper & Bros. . ..$2.00 for 1891. With Calendar. Adapted for Use throughout BELLE OF THE BLONDES SONGSTER. 12°. N. Y., W. E. the Country, 169. Boston, Am. Unitarian Asso. Pap. 15 C. Hilton. Bds...

...35 c - The Year Book of Spiritualism, by Hudson Tuttle and J. Benedict, Erastus O. (LL.D.). The American Admiralty : M. Peebles, pp. 246. Boston, Wm. White & Co. $1.25: Its Jurisdiction and Practice, with Practical Forms and pap.

$1.00 Directions. A new and enlarged Edition, 89, pp. xxiv, AKMERGAU PASSION PLAY (The). With some Introductory

800. N. Y., Banks & Bros. Shp....

$7.50 Remarks, containing an Account of the Origin of Miracle Berendsohn's Card Modeling Sheets and Ornament MakPlays and practical Information for the Use of Visitors.

er ; or, Little Architect.

An instructive, useful, and By Rev. M. McColl. ad Edition. N. Y., E. P. Dutton agreeable Occupation for Boys and Girls. 100 numbers, • $1.25 N. Y., Berendsohn Bros. Each

.....25 c. Anderdon, W. H. (D.D.). Afternoons with the Saints, 18°, BEST OF EVERY THING. By the Author of “Enquire pp. 182. Cincinnati and New York, Benziger Bros. 600., Within." 12°, pp. viii, 408.' Phila., J. B. Lippincott & pap.

....25 C.
Co. Hf. roan....

• $1.25 - The Catholic Crusoe. With 6 Illust. 12°, pp. 368. Cin BETTER ADVERTISING: A Refutation of several False Stancinati and New York, Benziger Bros..

$1.00 dards, and a Statement of some Principles and Rules of Andersen, Hans Christian, Stories and Tales. Author's

Economical and Effective Newspaper Advertising. 18°,
Edition, Must cr. 8o. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton. $2.25

Pp. 44. N. Y., J. Sabin & Sons. Pap..
Anderson, Rufus (D.D., LL.D.).

Biart, Lucien. Adventures of a Young Naturalist. Edited
History of the Sand-

and adapted by Parker Gillmore. With 117 Illustr. 12o. hech Island Mission. 17o, pp. 408. Boston, Cong. Pub

Harper & Bros.... $2.50

..$1.75 Bible. The Traveller's New Testament. Comprising the ANECDOTES. Art and Artists; Law and Lawyers : Omens

New Testament in Greek and English (Bagster's Ed.), and Superstitions ; Inventions and Discoveries ; Clergy the Greek-English Lexicon to the New Testament, and men and Doctors; Books and Authors. 6 vols., 18o. the Manual Concordance of the New Testament (Nishet's. (London) N. Y. and Brooklyn, W. W. Swayne. Bds. Ed.) 169, pp. 624, 208, 248. N. Y., Inglis & Colles.

50 c.

Mor., $9.50 ; same, without Concordance....
Ante Balfour AND HER FRIENDS; or, Influence and Biddle, J. B. (M.D.). Materia Medica, for the Use of Stu-
How to use it. By Theta. Illustr. 16°, pp. 302. Rich-

dents. Fourth Ed., revised and enlarged. 89, pp. 386. Wond, Presb. Comm. of Pub...

$1.00 Phila., Lindsay & Blakiston..

90 C., hf. bd..

..30 C.

.60 C.

do, with map.....

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..,20 C,

kishing Soc........




....10 C.



Binns, John. Justice ; or, A Magistrate's Daily Com- | Byford, W. H. (M,D.). On the Chronic Inflammation panion. A Treatise on the Office and Duties of Alder

and Displacements of the Unimpregnated Uterus. Nea men and Justices of the Peace in the Commonwealth of ed., revised and enlarged. Illustr. 8o. pp. 250. Phila., Pennsylvania, including all the required forms of Pro Lindsay & Blakiston....

.$3.00 cess and Docket-Entries, and embodying not only what Byron, Lord. Poctical Works. ever may be deemed valuable to Justices of the Peace,

Edited by W. M. Ros.

setti. Illustr. by F. M. Brown. 12°, pp. 624. (London) but to Landlords, Tenants, and General Agents; and

N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.... making this Volume a Safe Legal Guide for Business Men. Eighth Edition, revised, corrected, and greatly en

Oarleton, Wm. The Black Prophet. A Tale of Irish larged. By Frederick C. Brighuy. 89, pp. 870. Phila.,

Famine. 12°, pp. 580. N. Y., D. & J. Sadlier. .... $1.50 Kay & Bro. Shp...

. $6.00 Oarswell, Edwd.

John Swig; or, The Effect of Jones's Blackall, O. R. Our Sunday School Work and How to

Argument. A Poem. 12°, pp. 24. N. Y., Nat. Temp. Do it. 189, pp. 50. Phila., Am. Bapt. Pub. Soc. Soc. Paper ......

.15C. Pap....

CASSELL'S BOOK OF BIRDS. From the Text of Dr. Brehm, ‘BLACK PETER. Twenty Scissor-Pictures. By Paul Ko

by Thomas Rhymer Jones. 4 vols. Vol. 1. Profusely newka. . With Rhymes from the German. 1. N. Y.,

illustr. 4, pp. 312.

N. Y., Cassell, Petter & GalHurd & Houghton ....

pin. ..... 75 c.

$5.00 Blunt, J. H. See Dictionary.


ING TRACTS. New and revised edition. Vol. xi, xii. Illust. Benninghansen, O. von (M.D.). The Homeopathic

16°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co. Bds. Each..50 C. Treatment of Hooping-Cough. 12', pp. iv., 199. N. Y., Henry M. Smith & Bro..


CHARITY'S BIRTHDAY TEXT. 32°, pp. 84. N. Y., Am.

Tract Society...
Bonar, Horatias (D.D.). Hymns of Faith and Hope.
New Edition. 3 vols. 18°, pp. 270, 300, 300. N. Y., R.

Charnace, Guy de. A Star of Song. The Life of Chris Carter & Bros......


tine Nilsson. From the French. 80, pp. 39. With a phoBOOK (THE) OF PSALMs. Arranged according to the Ori

tograph. N. Y., Wynkoop & Hallenbeck, Prs. Paper......

.25 C. ginal. 16°, pp. 229. N. Y., Taintor Bros. 75 c. ; bds. soc. BOOK (THE) OF SHAKESPEARE's GEMs. In a series of Steel

CHATTERBOX. Volume for 1870. Edited by J. Erskine Illustrations of

Clark, M.A. Engravings, representing. Landscapes.

Illustr. with col. frontispiece and 280 wood

cuts, the most interesting localities of Shakespeare's Dramas.

4°, pp. 412. (London) N. Y., Pott & Amery. Bds...

$1.50 89. (London) N. Y., George Routledge & Sons. Mor.

$9.00 Cheney, Ednah D. Faithful to the Light and Other Tales. BRAVE BALLADS for American Children. 8', with 16 full

16°. pp. 166. Boston, Am. Unitarian Asso.........80 c. page Pictures. Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co. Pap.50 c.

CHILDREN'S (THE) EMBLEM ANNUAL, Illustr. 16°, pp. 74.

N. Y., N. Tibbals & Son 30 c.; paper........ .15 0. Brehm. See Cassell's Book of Birds.

CHRIST; OR, THE WORLD. By Cousin Florrie. 16, Brightly, F.C. A Digest of the Decisions of the Federal

pp. 202. Baltimore, Geo. Lycett...

..90C Courts, from the Organization of the Government to the Present Time. Vol. 2, 89, pp. 232. Phila., Kay & Bro.


Robt. Carter & Bros..

.$1.00 Browne, Oausten. A Treatise on the Construction of the CHRISTMAS TREE (THE). A Drama for Christmas. BaltiStatute of Frauds as in Force in England and the United

more, Kelly, Piet & Co. Pap..... States, with an Appendix containing the existing English CINDERELLA. 8vo, with col. illust. Boston, Fields, Os. and American Statutes. Third Edition, carefully revised, good & Co. Pap....

.....25 with extensive Additions. 89, pp. xxxix, 565. Boston, Clark, Mrs. Mary Latham. Wonderful Works of Little, Brown & Co. Shp..

.. $7.50 Jesus." A Question Book for the Young. 169, pp. 128. Bruen, O. Red Trail. (Am. Tale, No. 27.) 8o. N. Y., Boston, P. Lothrop & Co......

.136 Beadle & Co. Pap...

15 C. Olarke, Mrs. Mary Bayard. Clytie and Zenobia ; or, The Bryce, Jas. The Holy Roman Empire. New Edition, re

Lily and the Palm. A Poem. 16o. N. Y., E. P. Dutton vised and enlarged. Cr. 8o. London and N. Y., Mac

& Co...

$1.25 millan & Co.

$2.50 CLEVER JACK; or, The Adventures of a Donkey. Written Buerger, Gottfried August. Lenore. A Ballad. Metri

by Himself. With 54 Illust. 16°. Phila, J. B. Lippincott & Co...

$1.00 cally translated into English. By Henry D. Wireman, Sq. 169, pp. 47. Phila., Ig. Kohler..


Floral Design to each Collect, and Illuminated Cover. Balwer, Henry Lytton (G.O.B., M.P.). The Life of Cr. 8 London and N. Y., Macmillan & Co...... $4.00

Henry, John Temple, Lord Palmerston. With Selections from his Diaries and Correspondence. 2 vols. cr. 89, pp.

Collins, Wilkie. The Dead Secret. Cheap ed. 8o, Pap.

50 c. The Stolen Mask ;-Sister Rose: - The Yellow XV, 377; vii, 380. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co... $5.00

Mask. Cheap ed. 8°. Phila., T. B. Peterson & Bros. Bamp, O. F. The Law and Practice of Bankruptcy, New

Pap., each... Edition, revised and enlarged. 8°, pp. 650. N. Y., COLUMBUS. The Life and Voyages of Christopher Colum. Baker, Voorhis & Co. Shp...

Þus. With an Introductory Preface by one of the DominBumstead, Freeman J., M.D. The Pathology and Treat

ican Fathers of New York. 12°, pp. 126. N. Y., P. O. Shea...

$1.00 ment of Venereal Diseases ; including the Results of reCent Investigations upon the Subject. Third Edition, re


a Summary vised and enlarged. Illust. 89, pp. 704. Phila., H. C. of the Laws relating to Arrest, Assignments, Attachments, Lea....


Collections, Commercial Paper, Corporations, Deposi

tions, Dower, Deeds, Damages on Bills, Execution, Exa Bundy, J. M. Are We a Nation? The Question as it emption, Factors and Consignees, False Pretences, Home

Stood before the War. With an Historical Letter by steads, imprisonment for Debt, Interest, Usury, Liens, Senator Howe, of Wisconsin. 8°, pp. 62. N. Y., G. P. Statutes of Limitation, Receivers, Redemption, Stay Putnam & Sons. Pap....

..... 50 C.

Laws, Partnership, The Rights of Married Women, &c.

89, pp. 328. N. Y., Office of Banker's Magazine ... $3.00 Bantline, Ned. The Sea Bandit. (Am. Tale, No. 28.) 8.

COMPLETE TRIUMPH OF MORAL GOOD OVER Evil. Cr. 84, N. Y., Beadle & Co. Pap.......

........15 C.
Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co...

. $2.25 Burritt, Elihu. Prayers and Devotional Meditations.

Conkling, A. A Treatise on the Organization, Jurisdictin, Collated from the Psalıns of David. 12°, N. Y., A. D.

and Practice of the Courts of the United States in Suits F. Randolph & Co.......

.......75 C.

at Law, including Municipal Seizures and Criminal ProButler, Thomas B. A Concise Analytical and Logical De secutions, with an Appendix of Practical Forms. Fifth

velopment of the Atmospheric System, and of the Ele Edition, revised, corrected, and enlarged by the Author. mients of Prognostication, by which the Weather may be 89, pp. xi, 947. Albany, W. C. Little & Co. Shp.. $8.50 Forecasted, adapted to the Practical Mind of the Country. CONSTITUTIO SANCTISSIMI, D. N. qua censura latæ Rerised Edition. 12°, pp. xiv, 305. Norwalk, Conn., A. sententiæ limitantur Documentis omnibus munita sensu. Selleck; N. Y., Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co.... $1.50 risque Tridentinis aucta nonnullis illustrada commentariis

..25 C.


...10 C.


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in commodum confessariorum Latinis ephemeridibus, quibus titulus, Acta, quæ apud S. Sedem geruntur, excerpta. 12o. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co. Pap.....50c. Cooper, Dr. J. G. The Land Birds of California and the Adjacent States and Territories. Edited by Prof. S. P. Baird. With 662 Illustrations, mostly on wood. Boston, Lide, Brown & Co. $10.00; with colored heads, $15.00 ; all colored.....

$20.00 Cope, Edwd. D. On the Hypothesis of Evolution, Phy. sical and Metaphysical. (Univ. Series, No. 4.) 12°, pp. 71. New Haven, Charles C. Chatfield & Co. Paper..

.....25 C. Corner HOUSES. 32°, DP: 74. N. Y., Am. Tract Soc. .20 C. COUNTESS OF GLOSSWOOD. A Tale. From the French. 16o. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co...

$1.25 Coariard, Mlle. Illustrations of Scripture Precepts, for the Family. From the French. First and Second Seties. 16", pp. 160, 176. Phila., Lutheran Pub. So

$1.60 Cowdery, J. F. Law Encyclopedia of the Pacific Coast. 80, pp. 800. San Francisco, A. L. Bancroft & Co. Shp.......

$6.00 Croff, G. B. Model Suburban Architecture, embodying Designs for Dwellings of Moderate Cost, varying from $140 to $5,000 : together with extensive and elaborate Villas, Banking-houses, Club-houses, Hotels, Enginebouses, and a variety of Architectural features, interior and exterior, given to the largest scale of any similar matter ever before published in this country or Europe. 49. 37 plates. Springfield, III., and Troy, N. Y., A. J. Picknell & Co...

. $5,00 Crosby, Howard (D.D.). Jesus; His Life and Work. With 100 Illustrations. 89, pp. 560. N. Y., Universalist Pub. Co.....

..$4.50 Craden's Complete Concordance. A Dictionary and Alphabetical Index to the Bible. New edition.

Roy. 89 N. Y., Dodd & Mead. (Reduced price) $2.75; shp. $3.50; hf. mor....

• $4.50 Carrier, Mrs. Sophronia. By the Sea. A Story. 12° N. Y., E. P. Dutton & Co......

$1.75 Dabney, Robert L. (D.D.). Sacred Rhetoric: or, A Course of Lectures on Preaching, Delivered in the Union Theological Seminary of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U. S., in Prince Edward, Va. 12°, pp. 36. Richmond, Presb. Com. of Pub. $1.50 Date, Orsamus 0. Nebraska Legends, and Other Poems. 12%. N. Y., Pott & Amery...

$1.50 Davidson, Lucretia Maria Poems. Edited by M. Oliver Davidson. With Illustr. by Darley and 2 ports. on steel. 1. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton. Davies, Charles (LL.D.). The Metric System, considered with Reference to its Introduction into the United States; embracing the Reports of the Hon. John Quincy Adams, and the Lecture of Sir John Herschel. 12°, pp. 327

N. Y., A. S. Barnes & Co.......

$1.50 De Leon, T. C. Cross-Purposes : A Christmas Experience in Seven Stages. Illustr. 16*, pp. 117. Phila., J. B. Lippincou & Co...

$1.25 Do Mille, Jas. Lost in the Fog. Illustr. 169, pp. 316. Boston, Lec & Shepard....

$1.50 De Vinne, D. History of the Irish Primitive Church, together with the Life of St. Patrick, and his Confession in Latin with a paralle! Translation. Cr, 89, pp. 278. X. Y., F. Hart & Co.....

.$1.50 Depping, G. Wonders of Bodily Strength and Skill in all Ages and all Countries. Translated and enlarged by Charles Russell

. With yo engrav. (Illustrated Library of Wonders.) 12°, pp. 338. N. y., Chas. Scribner & Co.

.$1.50 Deverear, Geo. H. Sam Shirk : A Tale of the Woods of

Maine. Cr. 8°. N. Y., Hurd & Houghton......$1.75 Dickens, Chas Complete Works.

Illustr. Household Edition. Vol. XIV

and last. Cont. : The Uncommercal Traveller, and additional Christmas Stories. With 22 full-page Illustr. by S. Eytinge. 16°, pp. 356. Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co. Per vol.....

. $1.50 - The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Riverside Edition, with Darley's Illustration and New Engravings on Steel, from the Designs by S. L. Fildes. Cr. So, pp. 430.

N. Y., Hurd & Houghton....

$2.00 -- Fat Boy. Illustr, by Thos. Nast. Small 4', PP. 24. N. Y., McLoughlin Bros. Pap..

..25 c.


By Vanous Writers. Edited by the Rev. John Henry Blunt, A.M., F.S.A. Imp. 89, pp. 800. (Edinburghi) Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co..... $12.00; shp., $13.50 ; hf. cf.....

• $15.00 DIME BOOKS. Novels, 216, Red Belt, the Tuscarora, by

Turner :-217, Mountain Girl, by Hamilton ;-218, Indian Spy, by Badger ;-219, Sciota Ścouts, by Willet. N. Y.,

Beadle & Co. Pap., each.... Dime Books. Hughey Dougherty's Staggering Home to

Bed Songster : Johnny Roach's Great Irish Songster.

Pp. 64. N. Y., R. P. Brady. Pap., each ..........10 C. Dime Books. Alice Dunning's Songster ;-Sol Smith Rus

sell's Songster ;-Jerry Colran's Songster :-Bryant's Put me in my Little Bed Songster. N. Y., R. M. De Witt. Pap., each...

..IO C. DIME Books. Gus. Williams' "You Know How it was

Yourself" ;--Rollin Howard's “Let me Be." 32°. N. Y., Fisher & Denison. Pap. each

...10 C. DIME BOOKS. That Heathen Chinee Joker ;-Driven from

Home Songster ; --Castles in the Air Songster. N. Y., W. E. Hilton. Pap., each.....

10 C. DIME BOOKS. The Swamp Robbers, by W. Gilmore Simms : -Gorilla Zeke, by John F. Corvan. 180.

N. Y., Geo. Munroe. Pap., each......

10 C. Dime Books. Starr Novel, 53, Thornpath, the Trailer, by

0. Coomes ;-54, The Black Rider, by Hazard ;-55, Green Jacket, by Bowen. N. Y., Frank Starr & Co. Pap., each...

....10 C. Dime Books, Star Novels; 50, Scarlet Shoulders, by

H. Hayard ;-51, Cannibal Chief, by Prescott;-52, Skeleton Scout, by S. W. Carson. 189. N. Y., F. Starr & Co. Pap., each.

....IO C DIME BOOKS. See also Bruen ; Buntline ; Norban ;

Robinson. Dixon, Edward H. (M.D.), The Kidney, its Structure,

Funerions, and Diseases ; Bright's Disease ; the Urine, its Constituents ; Chemical Tests for the various Diseases, their Symptoms and Treatment, adapted to Popular Comprehension. 12°, pp. 48. N. Y., J. S, Redheld. Pap....

.......25 C. Dodds, Jas. Thomas Chalmers. A Biographical Study. 160

N. Y., Carlton & Lanahan. ...$1.25 DOMINICAN ARTIST (A). A Sketch of the Life of the Rev.

Père Besson, of the Order of St. Dominick. By the Author of “Tales of Kirkbeck," 169, pp. 289. Balti

more, Kelly, Piet, & Co.; Phila., J. B. Lippincott..$1.75 DOROTHY Fox. A Novel. By the Author of “How it all

Happened.” Illustr. 8°, pp. 163. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co., $1.25 ; pap...

.....75 C. Douglas, Miss A. M. Kathie's Stories.

For Young People. (In 6 volumes.) Illustr. 16°

Vols. I to IV. Cont.: Kathie's Three Wishes ;-Kathie's Aunt Rush:Kathie's Summer in Cedarwood ;-Kathie's Soldiers. Boston, Lee & Shepard, per vol...

$ Durfee, Rev. Calvin. Biographical Annals of Williams

College. With an Introduction, by Rev. S. Irenæus Primc, D.D. 8o. Boston, Lee & Shepard. (Py Subscription,)...

.$5.00 Eastwood, Francis. Geoffry, the Lollard.

16°, pp. 342. N. Y., Dodd & Mead. (Corrected price)..

.$1.59 - Marcella of Rome. Illustr. 16o. N. Y., Dodd & Mead.....

$1.50 Echeverria, M. Gonzalez, M.D. The Trial of “

John Reynolds" Medico-legally considered. 89, PP. 47. N. Y., Baker & Godwin. Pap

...25 C. Eggleston, Edward

Mr. Blake's Walking Stick. 12. pp. 60. Chicago, Adams, Blackmer & Lyons Pub. Co. Pap.

.......25 C. - The Book of Queer Stories. 129, pp. 200. Chicago, Adams, Blackmer & Lyons Pub. Co...

$1.25 Eiloart, Mrs.

From Thistles-Grapes. A Novel. 80, pp. 136. N. Y., Harper Bros. Pap...... .......50 c. Ellsworth, H. W., W. H. Lamson, & D. F. Ames. Spe

cimen Book of the Ellsworth System of Penmanship. Pp. 14.

N. Y., H. W. Ellsworth & Co. Pap... ......25 C. Ester Reid. By the Author of " Tip Lewis and his Lamp.”

Illustr. 169, PP. 346. Phila., McKinney & Martın.. $1.50 ETHEL LIXTON. By E. A. W. 12°, pp. 337. Cincinnati, Hitchcock & Walden; N. Y., Carlton & Lanahan..$1.27

°, pp. 388.

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Everett, Wm. Changing Base; or, What Edward Rice Gough, John B. Temperance Address. 18°, pp. 24.
Learnt. Illust.

Boston, Lee & Shepard.... $1.25 N. Y., Am. Tract Soc. Pap....

..3 C. EXAMINER (THE). A Monthly Review of Religious and Goulburn, E. M. (D.D.). The Principles of the Cathedral

Humane Questions, and of Literature. Edited by Rev. System Vindicated, and Enforced upon Meinbers of Edward C. Towne. No. 1, November, 1870, 89. Chi Cathedral Foundations. Eight Sermons. 12°, pp. 196

cago, Western News Co..Per annum, $4; per No., 50 C. (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co.... $2.50 Every DAY: A Book for Young Ladies. By the Author Granger, A. M. The Beautiful Jewess. (Illustrated Star of “Katherine Morris." 12", pp. 282.

Boston, Noyes, Novel, No. 13.) Cr. 8o. N. Y., F. Starr & Co. Pap. Holmes & Co....... $1.50

15 C. FAIR France : Impressions of a Traveller. By the Author Grauvogl, Dr. Von. Text-Book of Homeopathy. Trans

of “ John Halifax, Gentleman,” etc. 12. N. Y., Har lated by Geo. E. Shipman, M.D., at the request of the per & Bros...


Author 89, pp. 343, 438. Chicago, C. S. Isey Fastre, Rev. J. A. Acts of the Early Martyrs. First and

(Western News Co.) N. Y., Boericke & Tafel. CorSecond Series. 12. Phila., P. F. Cunningham. Each

rected price) $7.00 ; hf. mor..

$1.50 GREAT BRITAIN, House of Lords' Cases on Appeals and FERNYHURST COURT: An Every-day Story. By the Author

Writs of Error, Claims of Peerage and Divorces. (In of “Stone Edge," etc. Illustr. 8°. Phila., J. B. Lip

II vols.) Vols. V, VI, and VII. Boston, Little,
Brown & Co. Per vol., shp......

.$6.00 pincott & Co.....

......60 c Feval, Paul La Tache Rouge.

GREAT THINGS DONE BY LITTLE PEOPLE. 189, pp. 119. 8°, pp. 240.

N. Y., Chas. Lassalle. Pap.....

Phila., Am. S. S. Union..

..40 C. .......75 c. FIRESIDE MAGICIAN (The). 12o. N.Y., W, E. Hilton. Bds.

Griswold, Rev. B. B. Sheal; or, Between Death and Re

surrection. 320, pp. 18. Baltimore, Geo. Lycett. Pap.05 c.

50 c. Fleetwood, Rev. John (D.D.). The Life of our Lord and

Guernsey, Clara F. The Merman and the Figure-Head.
Saviour Jesus Christ.
Illustr. Cr. 80, pp. 421.

A Christmas Story.
N. Y.,

Illust. 16°, pp. 117. Phila., J. Virtue & Yorston..

B. Lippincott & Co......

$1.00 Flower, W. B. An Introduction to the Osteology of the

Hailmann, Wm. Deutsches Literarisches Lesebuch fit Mammalia. With numerous illust.

Cr. 89, pp. 344.

die höhern Klassen deutsch-amerik. Schulen u. für ame London and New York, Macmillan & Co..........$2.50

rik. Hochschulen zur Ausbildung in der deutschen Fly. Elijah M. The Bible True; or, The Cosmogony of

Sprache 11, Einführung in die deutsche Literatur. Mit

zahlreichen deutschen u. englischen Noten. 12°, pp. 278. Moses compared with the Facts of Science, containing

Louisville, Ky., Henry Knöfel. Hf. roan ..... $1.50 the Origin and Correlative Position of the different Races of Men, and a Description of our Earth as it was, as it is,

Hall, W. W. (M.D.). Bronchitis and Kindred Diseases. and as it must be, 12°. Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffel.

12°, N. Y., Hurd & Houghton ......

$1.50 finger

$2.00 Hallock, Mrs. M. A. Beasts and Birds of America ;Flynn, Daniel Destiny: or, The Priest's Blessing. 12°,

Do. of Europe and Asia ; --Do. of Africa ;-Wild Beasts

and Birds of America. Pp. 275. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co..

4 parts, each 4°, pp. 64. N. Y.,

Am. Tract Soc. Pap. 40C.; bds. 50 C.; same complete Foote. Wm. H. The Huguenots, or Reformed French in i vol. clo....

- $2.00 Church : their

Principles Delineated, their Character Illustrated, their Sufferings and Successes Recorded: In 3

Hamerton, P. G. The Unknown River. An Etcher's parts : The Huguenot in France, at Home; the Hugue

Voyage of Discovery. With 42 Etchings by the Author. not Dispersed in Europe ; The Huguenot at Home in

Roy. 8', (London), Boston, Roberts Bros...... $7.50 America. With an Appendix. 12°, pp., XX., 627. Rich Hammond, Wm. A. (M.D.). The Physics and Physiology mond, Presb. Com. of Pub.

$2.00 of Spiritualism. 12°, pp. 86. N. Y., D. Appleton & Co. FORE AND AFT; or, Leaves from the Life of an Old Sailor.

$1.00 By "Webfoot.” Illustr. 169 Boston, Nichols & HANEY'S MANUAL OF SIGN, Carriage, AND DECORATIVE Hall.

PAINTING. Containing Rules and Regulations in every Forester. Frank. Sporting Scenes and Characters. New

thing relating to the arts of Gilding, Painting, Varnishing, ed. 2 vols. 12°, with illustr. by Darley. Phila., T. B.

Preparing Grounds, etc. ; together with rules for making Peterson & Bros...


Drying Oils, Sizes, Japans, and other requisites of the

Art. Also a treatise upon Contrasts, Harmony and Force Forsyth, W. Life of M. Tullius Cicero. Illustr. with 20

of Colors, Theory of Composition, Groundwork, Tints, engrav. New edition. 2 vols, in one, cr. 80 N. Y., Shades and Shadows, with full instructions in practical Charles Scribner & Co......

Fresco and Decorative Painting. Also complete System Friswell, J. Hain. The Gentle Life. Essays in Aid of of Carriage Painting, with numerous useful and valuable

the Formation of Character. The Queen Edition, revised Recipes, some of them never before given to the public, inand selected from the two Series.

16", PP. 414.

(Lon cluding the Secrets of the celebrated Birmingham Japandon) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co....

..$5.25 ners. (By S. Gibson.) 12°, pp. 90. N. Y., Jesse Haney FUTURE FATE FORETOLD BY THE STARS. 120.

N. Y.,

& Co. (Corrected title.) Pap.... W. E. Hilton, Bds...

Hart, Gerald. In the Rapids. A Romance. 12°, PP. 319.

...50 C. Garrett, Phineas. One Hundred Choice Selections. No.

Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co....

$1.50 3. 129, PP. 180. Phila., P. Garrett & Co. 75 C.; pa.

Harte, F. Bret. Poems. 16o. Boston, Fields, Osgood & per


..30 c. GATEWAY SERIES. 8 vols. 18. N. Y., N. Tibbals & HATTY AND MArcus; or, First Steps in the Better Path. 189, Son (Corrected price. $5.20 pp. 176. Boston, J. S. Locke & Co....

.60 C GENS FROM THE OPERA. 12o. N. Y., W. E. Hilton. Hawes, Stephen. Synchronology of the Principal Events

....35 c. in Sacred and Profane History from the Creation of Man GEORGIA. Reports of Cases in Law and Equity Argued

to the Present Time. Third ed. 89, pp. 315. Boston, and Determined in the Supreme Court of Georgia, at

Lee & Shepard.....

$2.50 Atlanta. Parts of June and December Terms, 1869.

Heaton, Mrs. Charles. Routledge's Album for Children. Vol. 39. By A. J. Hammond, Reporter. 89, pp. vii., With 200 Illustrations, by Foster, Gilbert, Millais, Wolf, 832. Macon, J. W. Burke & Co. Shp...



Sm. sq. 8o. London and N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Parlor Tableaux and Amateur Theatricals.

Sons Gill, W.F.

$2.25 Cheap edition.

12°, PP. 352. Boston, J. E. Tilton & Helfenstein, Jas. A Comparative Grammar of the Teu Co.....

. . $1.50

tonic Langunges. Being at the same time a Historical Gillette, E. H. Life and Times of John Huss; or, The

Grammar of the English Language. 8°. London and N. Bohemian Reformation of the Fifteenth Century. New

Y., Macmillan & Co..... edition, carefully revised, with Additions and an Appen- Helps, Arthur. Brevia : Short Essays and Aphorisus. dix. 2 vols., roy. 8°, pp. 1,400. Boston, Gould & Lin. 160. Boston, Roberts Bros..

$1.50 coln....

$7.00 Henshaw, Annie B. Amusement for Invalids. 18° Bos. Goldsmith, Oliver. The Deserted Village. Illustr. by

ton, A. K. Loring.....

by Billings. Cheap edition. 12". Boston, J. E. Tilton HIDDEN LIFE (THE) OF THE Soul. From the French 12°, Co....


pp. 272. (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford & Co. . $2.50


. $2.50

....50 C.

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..... 5o c.

$1.50 12°, PP.

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Hildebrant. Winter in Spitzbergen. A Tale of the North Johnson, Mrs. M. O. Elms Homestead. Illust. 16", pp. land. From the German, by E. Goodrich Smith. 169. 130. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co....

$1.00 X. k., Dodd & Mead...

Johnson, S. W. New and

Old Notation and Nomenclature,
Hoffmann, Franz. Wolfgang, Prince of Anhalt; or, 89. N. Y., J. Wiley & Son, Pap....

...12% c. The Battle of Mühlberg. 160, pp. 316. Phila., Lutheran

Jones, M.

The Story of Captain Cook's Three Voyages Pub. Soc

.$1.25 Round the World. With 40 illust. 4°. (London) Boston, Hoffman, Miss Mary J. Felix Kent; or, The New Lee & Shepard....

$2.50 Neighbors. 12°, pp. 430. N. Y., P. O'Shea...... $2.00 Joyce, Robert Dwyer (M.D.). Irish Fireside Tales. 169, Holbrook Joseph P. Quartet and Chorus Choir. A Com Boston, P. Donahoe..

$1.25 panion to “ Songs for the Sanctuary." 49, PP. 224,


Kendrick, A. O. Our Poetical Favorites. A Selection from Y., A. S. Barnes & Co.....

.$3.00 the Best Minor Poems of the English Language. 12°, pp. Holiday Pleasures. With an Introduction by the author xvi, 449. N. Y., Sheldon & Co.....

$2.00 of “Harry Lawton's Adventures." With 12 full-page Kerr, Orpheus C. The Cloven Foot. Being an Adaptation of Erchings by Rudolph Geissler. 4°, pp. 94. (London) the English Novel, “ The Mystery of Edwin Drood” (by N. Y., Pott & Amery..


Charles Dickens), to American Scenes, Characters, Cus-
HOLINESS THROUGH FAITH. Light in the Way of Holi toms and Nomenclature. 12°, pp. 279. N. Y., G. W.

ness, By R. P. S. 16°, pp. 156. N. Y., A. D. F.
Randolph & Co..

.. 50 C. Kidd, Prof. Robert. The Rhetorical Reader.
Holmes, F. $. The Phosphate Rocks and Marls of South

384. Cincinnati, Wilson, Hinkle & Co..

1.40 Carolina. Their History and Development.


King, Mrs. Marie M. Social Evils. Their Causes and

80. Charleston, F. S. Holmes. Pap..

Cures. pp. 56. Boston, Wm. White & Co. Pap..25 0.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Mechanism in Thought and
. 16o. Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co...... $1.00 King, Mary B. Allen. Looking Backwards : or, Memories

of the Past. 80, pp. vii, 455. N. Y., A. D. F. RanHomer's Tliad. Rendered into English Blank Verse, by dolph & Co...

.$1.75 Edward, Earl of Derby, New cdition. 7 vols. in one.

Kingsbury, H. and A. A. Graley. Happy Hours. 18°,
Cr. 8". N. Y., Chas. Scribner & Co.....

pp. 188. N. Y., Taintor Bros......

50 C. How Nelly FOUND THE FAIRIES. A Grandmother's

Kingston, W. H. G. In the Eastern Seas; or, The Region Christmas Story. 16°. Phila., J. B. Lippincott & Co.


of the Bird of Paradise. A Tale for Boys. With ili

illustr. 12° London and N. Y., Thos. Nelson & Sons. HOW THEY STARTED A SUNDAY SCHOOL AT SCRAB Hol10. 160, pp. 474. Phila., Am. S. S. Union......

$1.25 Kirby, Alfred F. P. The Green Island. A Tale for Youth, Howe, B. G. Model Copy Book; or, System of Pen 18°, pp. 195. Baltimore, Kelly, Piet & Co. 60 c. and manship. 4o. Boston, Lee & Shepard... $1.50

$1.00 Hovells W. D. Suburban Sketches. Cr. 8o.

N. Y.,

Kirby. M. & E. The Sea and its Wonders. With 174 illust. Hurd & Houghton......


Sm. 4o. (London) N. Y., Thos. Nelson & Sons...$3.00 Howitt, Wm. Jack of the Mill

. A Fireside Story: With Knatchbull-Hugessen, E. H. (M.P.). Crackers for Christ. to illustrations, by G. F. Sargent. 16o. N. Y., Geo.

Illust. 12o. London and N. Y., Macmillan & Routledge & Sons.. $1.25 Co.....

$1.75 Ango, Victor. The Destroyer of the Second Republic, Puss-Cat Mew, and other New Fairy Stories for my being Napolcon the Little. Translated by a Clergyman Children. Illust. 12°, pp. 317, N. Y., Harper & Bros $1.25 of the Protestant Episcopal Church, from the 16th French

Knickerbocker, Jr. The Wreckmaster. 16°, pp. 307. edition. Iz®, pp. 308. N. Y., Sheldon & Co..... $1.50

Phila., Daughaday & Becker....


With a

Lacordaire. Conferences delivered in the Cathedral of Solidity Office and Prayers and Exercises for the Chil

Notre Dame in Paris. Second Series : Jesus Christ. 8° dren's Mass. 24", pp. 211, 24. N. Y., Cath. Pub. Soc.

Pp. 300. N. Y., P. O'Shea...

..$3.00 Pap...

....15 C.

Lamartine, A. de. Life of Christopher Columbus. From
ILLINOIS. Reports of Cases at Law and in Chancery, the French. 12°, pp. 126. N. Y., P. O'Shea....... $1.00
Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Illinois.
By Norman L. Freeman, Reporter. Vol. 49. 89, pp.

Langdon, Hon. C. W. Treatise on Civil and Criminal
Gas Springfield, N. L. Freeman. Shp... . $6.00

Jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace and Duties of She

riffs and Constables. 89, pp. 850. San Francisco, A. L. Inglis, Jas. Home and Family Relations in the Light of Bancroft & Co. Shp....

$8.00 Scripture. 12°, pp. 65. N. Y., Inglis & Colles....60c.

Lasserre, Henri. Our Lady of Lourdes. Translated from Iss (THE) OF THE GUARDIAN ANGEL. Translated from the

the French, 12°, PP. 497. N. Y., D. & J. Sadler$.2.09 with

75 illustr. Boston, Lce & Shepard. $1.23 and $1.50; full gilt......

LAS CASAS. Life of Bartholomew de Las Casas, of the $2.00

Order of St. Dominic, Protector-General of the Indians, low4. Reports of Cascs in Law and Equity Determined

and first Bishop of Chiapa in Mexico. Compiled from in the Supreme Court of the State of Iowa. By Edward

the French of Touron and Charlevoix. With an Appen. H. Stiles, Reporter. Vol. VI (Series, Vol. XXVII). 80

dix from the Writings of Washington Irving, etc. By one pp. 634. Des Moines, Mills & Co. Shp... $5.50 of the Dominican Fathers of New York. 12°, PP. 120. Irons, W. J. Christianity as Taught by St. Paul. Bamp; N, Y., P. O'Shea...

.81.00 ton Lecture for 1870. (London) N. Y., Scribner, Welford LAYS OF THE HOLY LAND. From Ancient and Modern

.$6.25 Poets. With illustrations from Original Photographs Irving, Washington. Rip Van Winkle. Illustr. by

and Drawings. Second edition. 89, pp. 284. N. Y., Thomas Nast. Sm. 4, pp. 24.

Robt. Carter & Bros. $4.50 ; mor..
N. Y., McLoughlin

$8.00 ..25 C.

Leslie, Emma. The Orphan and Foundling : or, Alone

in the World. Illust. 12o. London and N. Y., Thos. Jackson, Thomas (M.A.). Our Feathered Companions ; Nelson & Sons...

...$1.00 Or, Conversations of a Father with his Children about Sea Birds, Song Birds, and other Feathered Tribes, their

LIBRARY (THE); or, What Books to Read, and How to Habits, etc. Illustr. with several hundred eng. Sm.4o.

Buy Them. 16°, pp. 64. Phila., Porter & Coates. Pap. London and N. Y., Geo. Routledge & Sons...... $2.50

LIGHT AT EVENING TIME. A Book of Support and Comfort Jar, W. M. L. Shiloh; or, Without and Within.


for the Aged. Edited by John Stanford Holme, D.D. Pp. 458. N. Y., E. P. Dution & Co........ $2.00

4°, pp. 352 (large type). N. Y., Harper & Bros..$2.50 Jeffrey, Mrs. Rosa Vertner. Daisy Dare, and Baby LIGHT OF THE WORLD, and other Poems and Hymns. By Power. With portr., and 9 illustr. drawn by Herman Eminent Writers. Illustr. 40 (London) Phila., J. B. Faber, Phila., Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. $3.50.;

Lippincott & Co... $6.00

Lightfoot, J. B. (D.D.). St. Paul's Epistle to the Gala JESU'S AND JERUSALEM ; or, The Way Home.

Books for tians : A Revised Text, with Introduction, Notes, and Spiritual Reading. First Series. 16°, pp. 465. (Dublin) Boston, P. Donahoc...

Dissertations. 8°, PP. 402. Andover, Warren F. Draper. $1.25


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French. 12°,

& Co....

Bros. Pap......

10 C.


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