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Remedy, in case of debts due by judgment,

392 Account and affidavit, shewing the sum due, how filed, 393

See assignment.
Appropriation to carry into effect resolution in ho-
nour of,

665, 666

Any judge in vacation, may determine questions

of bail,
In vacation, may hear petitions of poor persons,
imprisoned on civil process,

215, 216 And make order for security, to indemnify

county, &c.
Security not being given, prisoner discharged,
Exception, if imprisoned by authority of United

On report of referees, not reversible, if referees

sworn, &c.
Not reversible for want of Veni. fa. ju.

JURORS, GRAND, To Quarter Sessions,

To be summoned by sheriff, without writ of ve. fa,ju. 445
When and how summoned,

ibid. Panel of, and when returned, To be sworn or affirmed at each term,


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! Tales,


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No person obliged to serve as grand juror two

years successively, Neglect to attend, or to answer, when called, fine, Excuses, when and how made,

To the court of Oyer and Terminer, . * Precept for summoning them,

When to be summoned, and how,
Panel, of what to contain, and when returned,
When precept to summon a grand jury omitted,
Fine, excuses, &c.
Allowance to grand jurors,

be summoing them. 'erminer,

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How summoned, &c. to court of Oyer and

446, 447 To be summoned by sheriff, to Supreme court,

Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
without writ of ve. fa. ju.

449 Number,

447, 449 Panel, what to contain, and when returned, ibid. ibid. Same jurors to Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions, ibid. Manner of drawing,

449, 450 Of a second jury, first not discharged, Tales,

451 Fines and excuses for non attendance,

ibid. Challenge, peremptory in civil cases,

325 To the array,

452 Writ of veni, fa. ju. in such case to issue to. coroner,

ibid. Or in case of exception to coroner, to some indifferent person,

ibid. Number of jurors to be summoned in such case, ibid. Views, in case of, number of jurors to attend,

453 Viewers first sworn, Register of the names of jurors, with their attendance, or default,

ibid. Lists of jurors attending, with amount due to each, ibid. To be examined by the court,

ibid. To be sent to the Levy court,

ibid. Orders for payment of jurors,

ibid. Allowance to jurors,

592 Allowance for making out lists,

454 Inquests, how summoned,

456 Sheriffs, returning jurors not summoned, penalty, 454 Neglecting to summon grand or petit jurors, penalty,

ibid. Neglecting to summon inquests, penalty,

456 Fees for summoning, &c.

455 Coroner's duty as to summoning jurors,

456 Oath, &c. of sheriff or coroner, as to summon.

ing jurors, Repeal of certain acts concerning jurors, JURY, SPECIAL,

To be ordered, upon application of either party, 322, 323

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To deliver copies of records, &c. before them,
Penalty for neglect,

ibid. Their jurisdiction in cases of trespass, for injuries to real or personal property,

$10 Form of proceedings,

ibid. Exception as to officers, acting as such,

ibid. As to injuries to real property, the freehold be.

ing claimed by defendant, &c. Proceedings in such case,

ibid. Jurisdiction in cases of complaints of assaults and batteries,

311 Parties compromising, recognizance withheld, To attend elections,

436 Penalty for neglect,

ibid. In case of landiord vs. tenant, for holding over, may

issue attachments for witnesses, Award tales,

ibid. May issue attachment against freeholders, Impose fines,

442 To deliver to county treasurer, certificates of fines

and forfeitures imposed, &c. by them, 596, 597 Certificates before, delivered to auditor, What such certificate shall contain,

597, 467 To appoint some constable to collect fines, &c. To pay over fines, &c. Penalty for neglect, and for concealing or taking

off fines, &c.
Their duty, on information given by constable, that

any free negro or free mulatto has children,
To bind out such children, in certain cases,
Terms of such binding,
To appoint constables in case of vacancies,
Their jurisdiction, in case of the discharging of fire-

arms in any town, &c.

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To bind out Sh binding in case of vacharging

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Authorized to take acknowledgment of deeds,
Form of certificate in such case,
Fees for acknowledgment,
Fees to the State on issuing commission,
Number in Kent county increased,

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Certain public papers relating to, to be recorded, 4, 114, 230 “ Stepheson's papers,”

115 Copies of papers relating to, be obtained in Mary, land,

295 Conveyances of, by executurs or administrators,

by orders of Supreme court, ..When belonging to husband, how the wife must

be examined, in case of grants, &c. by

husband and wife, Certain grants, &c. without such examination, confirmed,

460 Deeds acknowledged before two justices,

. 666, 667 How examination of non-residents taken,

461 May be sold by order of the chancellor,

462 Effect of such sale, and when valid,

ibid. : In what cases purchased and held by aliens, Former purchases by aliens,


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Caveat docket in Sussex county, to be transcribed,
Proceedings concerning caveats in said county,

how recorded,
General warrants issued after June 19, 1793, and

before January 11, 1798, valid, Surveys and patents under them good, Special warrants to have preference, though of

younger date,

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Remedy by distress for rents,
Costs of distress,

266 Proceedings, to ascertain value of rent payable in grain,

263 Entitled to one year's rent, if a money rent, out of

sales of goods, on the premises, by exe.

cution, though rent not due,
If grain rent, &c. grain, &c. to be sold subject
to the rent,

265 Notice to him, of tenant's goods taken in execution, 264 Fees therefor,

[265] 442 May distrain and sell goods taken in execution,

Notice which he must give in such case, · In case of proceedings, landlord against tenant, at

tendance of witnesses and freeholders,

may be compelled by attachment,
Tenant not to remove straw, &c.
Stealing bonds, bills, promissory notes, orders,

bank notes, &c.
Free negroes and free mulattoes convicted of, how

408, 409



Tenant nomay becomes windor case,


To be transmitted to executives of several States,
An additional number of copies printed,

ibid. LEVY COURT, for Kent county,

May remove lunatics from public gaol to poor-house, 564 To receive and account for certain money of Robert Maxwell, a lunatic,

566 For New-Castle county, Vested with certain powers relative to the gaol and work-house, in that county,

77, 78, 80 To raise money, and appoint persons for the pur

pose of destroying crows in said county, 317 Report to auditor, To lay a statement of expenditures on bridge

across Naaman's creek, before legislature, Clerk to deliver to collectors copies of lists of

owners of dogs, &c.

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