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1 BURNET'S HISTORY OF The two works above contain fine illustrations THE REFORMATION of the Church wood, many of which, however, have been poorly colored. of Englaod: with the Collection of Records

10 TOMLINE (Bp. G) Elements of and au Index; edited, with Notes, by Rev. E. Christian Theology. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. rubbed.

0 80 Nares. 4 vols. imp. 8vo, hf. mor. nt., gt. top. Lond. 1804. Lond. 1838. Twenty-two fine Portraits, Proofs 11 BROUGHAM (Lord). History of on India Puper.

25 00 | Eogland and Frauce under the House of LanFINE LARGE PAPER COPY.

caster; with an Introductory View of the 2 MIDDLETON (Tbo.) A Tragi.

Early Reformation. 8vo, el. Lond. 1855. Coomedie called The Witch. sm. 8vo, ht: cr. Portraits of the author, of Henry IV., V. and

2 00 VI.

1 50 rubbed, uncut edges. Lond. 1778.

12 GURNEY (W.) Lectures on the Shakspeare was greatly indebted to this play for his witchery in Macbeth. ONE HUNDRED AND FOURC PIES Pilgrim's Progress. 8vo, ct. Lond. 1833. were printed at the expense of Is. Reed."— Lowndes. Plates.


13 CHESTERFIELD (Earl of). Life lections from the Works of: cr. Evo, hf. oldot: or, The Man of the World. 2 vols. 12mo,

Lond. Sold separately at 50 cents per hf. cf. rubbed. Lond. 1774. Portrait. 075 vol. -Jno. Knox. - Jewell. — Cranmer,

14 SELDEN (Jo.) Analecton AngloRogers, Saunders, Taylor and Careless.

Britannicon.- -Thesaurus Bellicus, a PolyBecon.- Bradford. Philpot, Hamilton and Ridley.-Hooper.

næo. 2 works in 1 vol. Sm. 4to, old cf. much - T'indal, Frith and Rostoch. 1616.

0 75 Barnes.—Latimer.

15 EURIPIDES. Tragediæ et Frag4 DALLAWAY (H.) A Manual of Her. aldry for Amateurs. 12mo, hf. mor. Lond.

menta, ex recene. At cum Anuot. G Dindorfii.

4 vols. 8vo, bds. worn. Oxon. 1832–40. 2 00 Pickering. 1828. Cuts.

1 25 “A useful work ; the descriptions are concise and

16 TROLLOPE (G.) Nota Philologsimple.”- Lowndes.

icæ et Grammaticæ in Euripidis Tragediæ.

0 80 5. STEBBING (Rev. H.) History of the 2 vols. 8vo, ol 1 cl. Lond. 1828. Christian Church. 2 vols. 12mo, musl. Lond. 17 TERENTIUS. Comœdiæ. cum 1853. Eng's titles spotted.

0 80 annot., cura J. A. Giles. Thk. 8vo, old c). 6 REE'S CYCLOPÆDIA; or Uoi-Lond. 1837. Title and preface spotted. 0 75 versal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Liter- 18 MISCELLANIES, collected and ature. Text, 39 vols. —Plates, 5 vols

arranged by Earl Stanbope. Cr. 8vo, old cl. Maps, 1 vol. - Together, 45 vols. 4to, hf. cf., Lond. 1863.

0 50 slightly rubbed; portion of b’ks, of two vols. ink-stained. Lond. 1819. Very numerous plates. tical Architecture in Eugland. 8vo, cl. Lond.

19 POOLE (G. A.) History of Ecclesias. 45 00 1848. Portrait of Inigo Junes.

1 50 Among the Contributors are Bonnycastle (Algebra); Abernethy, Lawrence (Anatomy); Morgon (Annuities) ;

20 HANKEY (T.) The Principles of Sir H. Eủis, Strutt (Antiquities) ; Brande, Sir Humphrey Banking, its Utility and Economy. 8vo, cl. Dary (Chemistry); Lanaseer (Engraving): Donovan Lond. 1867.

1 25 (Vatural Hisiory) : Sharon Turner (History); Dr. Burney (Music); Flaxman (Sculpture) ; Britton (Topogo

21 NEW EDINBURGH REraphy); &c.

VIEW. Vols. I. and II. 2 vols. 8vo, hf. cf. 7 THE FRAUDS of Romisb Monks rubbed. Edin. 1821-22.

0 80 and Priests. 12mo, old cf. nt. Lond. 1704. 22 NELSON (Admiral Lord). The Scarce.

1 75 Dispatches and Letters of., with Notes by Sir 8 LE ROBINSON SUISSE, ou

N. H. Nicolas. 7 vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1844. Histoire d'une Famille Saisse Naufragée: Portrait spotted.

6 00 traduite de l'Allemande de Wyss. 12mo, bf. 23 COWAN (Dr. A.) Autbropaideia, or cf. Tours. 1861. 0 75 a Tractate on General Education. 2 vols.

075 9 LE PILOTE WILLIS, pour faire 12mo, cf. worn. Lond. 1803. suite au Robinson Suisse, par A. Paul. 12mo, 24 SWITZERLAND, the Pioneer of bf. cf. Tours. 1860.

0 75 the Reformation; or La Suisse Allemande,



by La Countesse Dora d'Istria ; translated 34 HUNTER (J.) New Illustrations from the French and comprising the Chapter of the Life, Studies and Writings of Shabsuppressed by order of the Imperial Govern- speare: supplementary to all the editions. ? ment in the Parisian edition of the work. 2 vols. 8vo, bk. Lond. 1845. Fine 09. vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1858. 1 75

650 25 OVID'S METAMORPHOSIS 35 LYTTON (Sir E. Bulwer). Ricbe Englished, Mythologiz'd and Represented in lieu, a Play: with #istorical Odes. 8vo, bf. Figures, by G. Sandys. Sm. fol, old cf. very mor. nt., gt. top. Lond. 1839.

10 slightly worn. Lond. 1632. Eng’d title and

36 HALLIWELL (J. O.) Introdao frontispiece mounted. Copper-plates. 4 50 tion to Sbakspeare's Midsummer Nigbt's

Sandys is pronounced by Dryden to be the best rersi- Dream. Thin 8vo, hf. roan. Lond. Pickering fier of the last age ; and Pope affirmedl, in his notes to the 1841. Scarce. Iliad, that English poetry owed much of its present beauty to his (Sandys') translations."

37 MARLOWE (Christopher). E26 BROUGHTON (T. D.) Selections ward the Second ; Lust's Dominion; Massafrom the Popular Poetry of tbe Hindoos. Thin cre at Paris ; Tamburlaive, the two Parts. cr. 8vo, bf. ct. Lond. 1814. 0 60 Сr. 8vo, bt. mor. nt. Lond. 1818.

1 % 27 KEMBLE (J. M.) State Papers and

38 GARDENSTONE (Lord). Travel. Correspondence, illustrative of the social and ling Memorandums, made in à Tour on the political State of Europe, from the Revolution Continent. 2 vols. 12mo, cf. Edin. 1791.0 75 to the Accession of the bouse of Hanover. 8vo. 39 TYERMAN AND BENNET. cl. Lond. 1857.

1 50 Journal of Voyages and Travels in the South

Sea Islands, China, India, &c.; compiled by 28 VAUGHAN (Robt.) Revolutions James Montgomery. 2 vols. 8yo, hf. mor. in English History. (Revolutions of Race; Lond. 1831. °Portraits, titles and a few pages in Religion; in Government). 3 vols., stout

slightly spotted. Plates. 8vo, cl., one vol. slightly worn. Lond. 1-67.

7 75

40 BINGLEY (W.) North Wales; is.

cluding its Scenery, Antiquities. Customs,&r. 29 MACKINTOSH (Sir Jas.). De- 2 vols. 8vo, bds. worn. Lond. 1804. fense of the French Revolntion. 8vo, hf. cf. woru. Lond. 1791. First edition ; scarce. 0 85 2 vols, 8vo, hf. cf. word.

41 COOK (Capt. S. S.) Sketches in Spain.

Lond. 1&34. 075 Contains passages suppressed in subsequent editions.

42 CASSELL'S BIOGRAPHI. 30 SPECIMENS OF THE CLAS. CAL DICTIONARY ; containing orig. SIC POETS in a Chronological Series, n«l Memoirs of the most eminent Men and Wo from Homer to Tryphiodorus, translated into men of all ages and Countries. 1 vol. Fers English verse, with biographical and critical thik. imp. 8vo, cl. Lond. Modern. Portraits notices, by C. A. Elton. 3 vols. sm. 8vo, hf. on wood. 1160 pages, double columns. 675 mor. nt. Lond. 1814.

5 50 43 MAINTENON (Madame de). Let“ This valuable work contains passages from 60 an- ters of. 12mo, cf. worn. Lond. 1753.

075 cient poets, viz., 33 Greek and 27 Latin.

44 LORD BYRON. Life, Letters 31 SHAKESPEARE'S PUCK and and Journals; by Thomas Moore. Roy, sro, his Folkslore, illustrated from the Supersti- cl Lond. 1866. line illustrations on steel fire tions of all Nations, but more especially from portruits and four views).

30 the earliest Religion and Rites of Nortberu

45 HORSLEY (Bp. S.) Biblical Criti. Europe; by W. Bell, Vols. I. and II. 12mo, cism on the first fourtren Historical Books oi red ci. gt. edges. Vol. III., cr. 8vo, green cl. the Old Testament, and on tbe first nine 3 vols. Lond. 1852. Scarce.

4 25 Prophetical Books. 4 vols. 8vo, fall polished 32 CONSTABLE'S MISCEL. cf., gt. bk. Lond. 1820. Fine copy. LANY. 18mo. bf. roan. Edin. 1827, etc. 46

The Book of Psalms, translated Each work sold separately at 50 cents per vol. from the Hebrew, with Notes, explanatory Roberts' Excursions in Central America, 1 vol. and critical. Polished cf., gt. bk., corner of

-Chambers' History of the Rebellion in binding of one cover scratched. Lond. 1633 Scotland in 1745-6 2 vols. - Russell's Tour

1 30 in Germany, 2 vols.- -Syme's Account of an 47 WESLEY (Rev. John). Survey of Embassy to the Kingdom of Ava, 2 vols.

the Wisdom of God in the Creation, or å Memorials of the Late War (with Bonaparte, Compendium of Natural Philosophy. 5 rols

. 1806-1815), 2 vols.- -Memoirs of the Mar- 12mo, cf, rubbed. Loud. 1784. chioness de la Rochejacquelein, 1 vol.Mariner's Account of the Natives of the lustrated with very numerous fine Etchings en

48 GOLDSMITH. The Traveller, 12Tonga Islands, 2 vols. -Koch's History of the Revolutions in Europe, from the Fall of steel by Birket Foster. 8vo, cl.,

gt. bk., side and the Western Roman Empire to the Abdica- edges. Lond. 1863.

2 30 tion of Bonaparte, 3 vols-Capt. Basil 49 HOGG (Jaines). Mador of the Moor Hall's Voyages to Loo Choo and the Eastern 8vo, ct. much worn. Edio. 1816.

0 51 Seas, Chili, Peru and Mexico, 3 vols.


Tbe Forest Minstrel. 12mo, cf. 33 HAMILTON (Eliz.) Memoirs of worn. Edin. 1810.

0 75 Modern Philosopbers (a Novel). 3 vols. cr. 8vo, 51 POLITICAL BALLADS of the hf. cf. Batb. 1800.

1 00 Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, ando







tated by W. W. Wilkins. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, cl. 60 PENN (Granville.) The Prophecy of Lond. 1860.

2 75 Ezekiel concerning Gogue, his Invasion of More solid things do not show the complexion of the Ros, his Discomfiture and Final Fall, Examintimes 80 well as Ballads and Libels."-Selden's l'able ed. 12mo, bf. cf. nt. Lond. 1814. 0 75 52 The following Greek and Latin Books at German); with copious English notes by F.

61 GOETHE. Faust, a Tragedy (in 50 cents each:

2 00

Lebahn. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1853.
Arriani Expeditio Alexandri, græce, cum no-
tis. 8vo, of, rubbed. 1798. — Ovidii Fasti: 62 ESSAI Historique sur la Puissance
with notes by Keightley. 8vo, old cl. 1833. Temporelle des Papes et sur l'Abus qu'ils ont

Horatii Opera. 18mo, cf. worn. 1713. fait de leur Ministère Spirituel. 2 vols. 8vo,
-Catulli Carmina, cum_annot. Doering. paper. Paris. 1818.

0 75
8vo, bds. 1820.- Ciceronis Tusculan. Disput.,
cum annot. var. 8vo, bds. 1834. Cæsaris

63 VICTOR HUGO. William ShakeOpera, cum not. in usum Delphini. 8vo, cl. speare. Large 8vo, hf. mor. nt. Paris. 1864. 1829.-Virgilii Opera, cum annot Meyen.

3 00 Thk. 12mo. vel. Venet. Aldus. 1580. — Pus- "Le vrai titre de cet ouvrage serait ; ' A propos de cali Litteræ Provinciales. Sm. 8vo, cf. worn.


"-Preťace. 1658. —Sallust, with English Notes by An- 64 TRAVELS and Adventures of the thon. Cr. 8vo, shp. rubbed. N. Y. 1859.- Rev. J. Wolff, Missionary to the Jews and Select Orations of Cicero, with English notes Muhammadans in Persia, Bokhara, Cashmeer, by Anthon. Cr. 8vo, shp: worn. N. Y. &c. 2 vols. 8vo, hf. mor. Lond. 1860. 3 00 1838. -The Anabasis of Xenophon, with 65 RAVENSTEIN (E. G.) The R's. English notes by Anthon. Cr. 8vo, shp. rub-sians on tbe Amur; its Discovery, Conquest bed. N. Y. 1858.Cicero De Finibiis, cum and Colonization.

8vo, cl.

Lond. annot. 8vo, hf. rus. 1809.- Homeri Hymous 1861. Tinted lithographs and cuts.

1 50 in Cererem, cum annot. Ruhnkenii. 8vo, cf.

Five rubbed.

66 BLACKISTON (T. W.) 1780. Historia Romana ;, cui Months on the Yang-Tsze; with a Narrative quædam ex Ciceronis Operibus Philosophicis of the Exploration of its Upper Waters. 8vo, insernnter. 8vo, hf. cf. rubbed. 1833. Neat- old cl. worn. Lond. 1862, Illustrations on ly printed. — Bucolics of Virgil, with Eng-wood.

1 00 lish translation and potes by Martyn. 8vo, cf. much woI. 1749. Plates.- -C ceropis

67 PRIVATE DIARY of Richard, Academica, cum annot. Davisji. 8vo. cf. Duke of Buckingbam and Chandos. 3 vols. much worn. 1736. -Cicero de Divinatione sm. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1862. Porlrait.

2 50 et de Fato, cum annot. Davisti. 8vo, cf. 68 DON QUIXOTE, translated by much worn.

1730.- Micbaeler de Origine Smollett. 4 vols. 12mo, old cf. Lond. 1770. Linguæ. 8vo, cf. rubbed. 1788. —Ciceronis Some leaves in first vol. loosened. CopperOrationes in Verrem, for the use of Rugby plates. .

2 73 School. 8vo, musl. worn. 1831 — Horatii

69 HORNER (S.) The Tuscin Poet Opera, cura Jones. 8vo. cf. worn. 1736.Georgii Bucbanani Paraphrasis Psalmorum. Lond. 1864.

Giuseppe Giusti and bis Times. Sm. 8vo, cl.

0 60 12mo, cf. 1750.

70 FRENCH REVOLUTION. 53 THE “DIVINUM HUMA - History of the Rise and Progress of: with an NUM” in Creation: Spiritual Revealings. Accouòt of the late War. 2 vols. 8vo, full cf. Cr. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1869.

1 00
nt. Edin. 1802.

3 00 54 INDEX SERMONUM: a Regis- 71 MORGAN (Lady). Life and Times ter for Sermons, to be Entered as Written. of Salvator Rosa. Cr. 8vo, old cl. Lond. 4to, cl. Lond. 392 pp. 1 00 1855. Portrait.

0 75 55 PERRY (G. G.) History of the Church 72 FREEMASONS' QUARTER. of England, from the Death of Elizabeth to LY REVIEW; for 1851, 2 and 3. 3

3 00 the present. 3 vols. stout. 8vo. cl., one vol. vols. 8vo, hf. cf. nt. Lond. worn. Lond. 1861-4. Finely printed. 7 25 73 CHORLEY (H. F.) Modern Ger56 EVANS (R. W.) Scripture Biography.

man Music. 2 vols. in 1, thk. cr. 8vo, cl., gt.

1 75 2 00 edges. Lond. Modern. 3 vols. 12mo, cl. Lond. 1834. 57 FORSTER (Archd’e'n J. W.) The

74 BIDDLE (D.) The Blessed SacraApocalypse its Own Interpreter. 8vo, cl. ment of the Lord's Supper, regarded from a Lond. 1853.

1 25

Larman's point of view. Cr. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1870.

1 50 58 MEMOIRS of Edmund Ludlow,

75 HARE (J. C.) Vindication of Luther Lieut. Gen. of the Horse, Member of the Parliameut which began Nov. 3, 1640. 3 vols. against his recent English Assailants. 8vo,

1 00 cr. 8vo, old cf. rubbed, unlettered on bk. cl. Lond. 1853. Vivay. 1698. Finger-soiled.

1 00 76 THE PSALMS in Hebrew (with 59 MOLEVILLE (Bertrand de.) Chro- the points); with a Critical, Exegetical and nological Abridgment of the History of Gt. Philological Commentary by G. Phillips. 2

3 75

vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1846. Britain, from the Invasion of the Romans 10 A. D. 1763. 4 vols. roy. 8vo, bds., uncut 77 BOSANQUET (J. W.) Messiah edges. Lond. 1812. LARGE PAPER. 3 00 ) the Prince; or the Inspiration of the Prophe

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cies of Daniel. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1866. Stamp

92 HISTORY OF POMPEY THE in blank on title.

1 25 LITTLE; or the Life and Adventures of a 78 ARMITAGE (J) History of Bra- Lap Dog. 12mo, old ct. Lond. 1751. Front.

1 75 zil from 1808 to 1831. 2 vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1836.

1 25 93 WRAY (L.) The Practical Sngar 79 PATTERSON (R.) Letters on the Planter; a Complete Account of the CultivaNatural History of the Insects mentioned in

tion and Manufacture of the Sugar Cape.

2 00 Shakspeare. l2mo, old cl. Lond. 18:38. Cuts. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1848. Plates.

1 00

94 PORTER (G. R.) The Nature and 80 ROMILLY (Sir Samuel). Memoirs, Propertics of the Sugar Cane, with Practical written by himself. 3 vols. 8vo, hf. mor. nt. Directions for its Culture, &c. 8vo, cl. Lond. Lond. 1840. 4 25 1843. Plates.

1 50 81 LAPPENBERG (Dr. J. M.) His

95 BENNETT (J. H.) Clinical Letory of England under the Anglo-Saxon tures on the Principles and Practice of Medi

cine. Kings ; translated from the German, with

Thk. 8vo, cl. Edin. 1859. 500 FIRE

3 ( additions; by B. Thorpe. 2 vols. 8vo, cl. wood-cuts. 1005 pp. worn. Lond. 1845.

2 50 96 CORRESPONDENCE of Thos. • 82 LACON; or Many Things in Few Mitford. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1855.

Gray and William Mason; edited by Rev. J.

1 00 Words ; addressed to those who think; by C. C. Colton. 2 vols. 8vo, lif. mor. nt. Lond.

97 WILSON (Gen. Sir Robt.) Private 1822.

2 25 Diary of Travels, Services and Public Events

during Employment with the European Ar83 ACHILLES TATIUS. De Cli- mies in 1812–14, 2 vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1861. tophontis et Leucippes Amoribus, Gr. et Lat.,

2 00 cura Goden. 8vo, cf. rubbed. Lips. 1776.

98 REDDING (Cyrus.) Personal Rem075

iniscences of Eminent Men. 3 vols. cr. Sro. 84 APOLLONIUS RHODIUS. el. Lond. 1867.

2 00 Argonautic Expedition, translated into Eng. lish verse, by E. B. Greene. 2 vols. 12mo, ci of Spain; by J. Kennedy. Roy. 8vo, cl. Lund;

100 MODERN POETS and Poetry rubbed. Lond. 1780.

0 75

1852. 85 DOCTOR SYNTAX'S Three Tours, in Search of the Picturesque, Consola

101 The following Translations of the Clastion and a Wife; by W. Combe, with Eighty

sics, &c., at 50 cents each: full page Illustrations drawn and colored after

Buttmann's Intermediate Greek Grammar. the originals by T. Rowlandson. Sm. 8vo, new

8vo, bds. worn. 1833.- Analysis of Thucycl. Lond.

dides. Cr. 8vo, hf. bds. 1831. Ovid's Fasti,

2 75 A complete and unabridged reprint of the original

in English verse by Massey. Sm. 8vo, cf, word. editions.

1757.- Manual of Grecian Antiquities, by 86 SCOTT. Marmion, a Tale of Flodden Cuts.—Greek Reader, with English Notes

Anthon. Cr. 8vo, shp. rubbed. N. Y. 1854. Field. 2 vols. cr. 8vo, bds. worn. Edin. 1810. and Lexicon, by Anthon. Cr. 8vo, shp. rub Plates by Heath.

0 85

bed. N. Y. 1853.Cicero on the Complete 87 WINDUS (J.) Journey to Mequinez, Orator, translated by Barnes. Svo, shp. word. the Residence of the Emperor of Fez aud Lond. 1762.-Tragedies of Sophocles, in Morocco. 8vo, cf. worn. Lond. 1725. LARGE English prose. 12mo, old cl. 1844.—The PAPER. Folding plates.

1 00 Satires of Persius, in English verse, by Drum" A curious work."--Lowndes.

mond. 8vo, cf. worn. 1803. – -Virgil's Works 88 FORRESTER (J.J.) The Oliveira Institutions of Vegetius, translated by Clarke.

in English prose. 8vo, bds. 1821. -Military Prize Essay on Portugal, with the Author's 8vo, cf. rubbed. 1767.—Süvern's Essays on Surveys of the Wine Districts of the Alto- the Clouds” of Aristophanes. 8vo, cl. 1836. Douro and a Statistical Comparison of the Resources and Commerce of Gt. Britain and min. 8vo, hf. cf. rubbed.

- Aristotle on Rhetoric, translated by Crime Portugal. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1853.

1 00 89 LATHAM (R. G.) The Native Races into the Relation of Cause and Effect. dro,

102 BROWN (Dr. Thomas). Inquiry of the Russian Empire. Sm. 8vo, cl. Lond. cf. Edin. 1818

1 75 1854. Map and front.

1 00

103 M'GHEE (R. J.) The Laws of the 90 FORTE GUERRI: The First Papacy set up by the Romish Bishops to subCanto of Ricciardetto, translated from the vert the Authority of their Lawful Sovereign Italian into English verse, by Lord Glenber. in 1832. 12mo, old cl. Lond. 1841. 075 yie. 8vo, bf. cf. nt. Lond. 1822. 1 50 With an Introduction, concerning the principal Ro

104 KETT (H.) Elements of General mantic, Burlesque and Mock-Heroic Poets.

Kłowledge, introductory to useful Books in 91 JOURNAL of the Life, Travels, Sof- the principal branches of Literature and ferings and Work of the Ministry of Wm. Ed. Science. 2 vols. 8vo, bds. Oxford. 1802. 1 00 mundson (of the Society of Friends). 8vo, 105 RUSSEL (Rev. R.) Sermons on the old shp. Lond. 1774.

0 80 Unpardonable Sın, &c., &c. 8vo, cf., gi. bk. Elmundson risited America.

Lond. 1842.

1 25


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106 SUE (Eugene). Martin, l'Enfant 122 DONALDSON (J. W.) History Trouvé, ou Mémoires d'un Valet de Chambre. of the Literature of Ancient Greece, from the 4 vols. 18mo, old cl. Brux. 1846.

1 00 foundation of the Socratic Schools to the tak. 107 LE EPISTOLE Famigliari di Cic. ing of Constantinople by the Turks; being a erone tradotte da Aldo Manutio. 12mo, hf. continuation of K. o. Müller's Work. 2role.

3 00 roan. Vedegia. Aldus. 1566. Title soiled and 8vo, cl. Lond. 1858. siightly in jured.

0 65 123 TACITUS. Opera, supplementis, 108 VIVIEN. Etudes Administratives. potis et dissertationibus illust. G. Brotier. 2 vols. 12mo, hf. mor. Paris. 1852. 2 00 7 vols. cr. 8vo, cf. slightly worn. Paris. Presentation copy from the author to Lord Brougham.


2 50 109 WHEWELL (Wm.) Indications

124 CICERO. Letters to several of his of the Creator: Extracts bearing upon The Friends, translated by W. Melmoth. 3 vols.

3 00 ology, from the History and the Philosophy ovo, hf. mor

. nt. Lond. 1814. of the Inductive Sciences Cr. Evo, cl. "An elegant translation,—Lowndes. Lond. 1845.

0 60

110 ROTHSCHILD (C. & A. de). Dr. Wm. Heberden. 2 vols. 8vo, Lond.

Letters to Atticus, translated by
The History and Literature of the Israelites, 1825.

3 00 according to the Old Testament and the Apocrypha 2 vols. sm. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1870. 126 WILLELMI PARVI de NewStamp in blank on titles. Two maps. 4 50 burgh Historia Rerum Anglicarum : ad fidem 111 KNOX (Alex'r) Remains. 2 vols.

Codd. recens. H.C. Hamilton. 2 vois. 8vo, Evo, old cl. Lond. 1836. Portrait. 1 00

bds. Lond. Engl. Hist. Soc. 1856. 1 50 112 DESPREZ (P. S.) The Apocalypse

Narrates the erents occurring from the time of king Fulfilled in the Consummation of the Mosaic Stephen, in whose reign the author was born, to A.D. 1198. Economy and the Coming of the Son of Man. 127 VOITURE. Works, translated by 8vo, cl. Lond. 1835. 1 50 Dryden avd others. 2 vols. 12mo, cf. worn.

1 25 113 EARL (G. W.) The Native Races of Lond. 1736. the Indian Archipelago: Papuans. Sm. 8vo, 128 JORTIN (Rev. John). Works, cl. Lond. 1853. "Five colored plates and two (Remarks on Ecclesiastical History, Lito of maps.

1 00 Erasmus, Sermous, etc.) Il yols. 8vo, cf. 114 SMITH (C. Piazzi). Three Cities worn. Lond. 1810.

8 00 in Russia (St. Petersburg, Moskua, Nov.

" A8 to Jortin, whether I look back to his verse, to his gorod). 2 vols. cr. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1862.


to his critical or to his theological works, there are Maps and sir illustrations on wood. 1 75 jew authors to whom I am so much indebted for rationai

115 SMYTH (W. H.) Sketch of the entertainment or for solid instruction.—Dr. Perr. present State of the Island of Sardinia. 8vo, 129 HEAT H'S BOOK OF cl. Lond. 1828. Plates.

0 65 BEAUTY, 1837; edited by the Countess 116 BOWRING (Sir Jobn). Visit to of Blessington. Sm. 8vo, old mor. Lond. Somethe Phillipine Islands. Svo, cl. Lond. 1859. what finger-soiled. Nineteen fine steel engr's. Plates.

1 00 2 25 117 URQUHART (D.) The Lebinon :

130 JACOB (J.) Traité élémentaire de a History and a Diary. 2 vols. 8vo, cl. Lond. Chimie expérimentale et appliquée. Thk. cr. 1860.

1 50 8vo. paper.

200 wood-cuts. 118 ADAM and the Adamite; or, the

1 25 Harmony of Scripture and Etlpology, by D.

131 NELIGAN (J. M.) Medicines, their M'Causland. Cr. 8vo, hf. smooth mor. nt. Uses and Mode of Administration. Thk. 8vo, Lond. 1864. 1 75 cl. worn. Dubl. 1864. 758 pp.

3 00 119 HUNT (Leigh) Stories from the 132 PARKER SOCIETY PUBItalian Poets, witb Lives of the Writers. LICATIONS. 8vo, cl.

Cambridge 2 vols. sm. 8vo, cl. Lond. 1846.

2 75 1846, &c. Fach work sold separately at 75 120 ÆSCHYLUS. Tragediæ, Frag: the English Reformation, written 1537–1558.

cents per vol. - Original Letters relative to menta et Scholia Græca, ex edit. Stanleii, 2 vols. Zurich Letters, comprising the Corcum Versiove Latina et Commentario; acce dunt Variæ Lectiones et Notæ Var., quibus others with some of the Helvetian Reformers,

respondence of several English Bishops and suas intertexuit S. Butler. 8 vols. 8vo, hf. cf. slightly rubbed. Cartab. 1809. Titles of two during the reign of Elizabeth. 2 vols.or three vols. slightly spotted.

6 00 Remains of Archbp. Griud»l. Works of Bp.

Pilkington.--Remains of Bp. Miles Coverdale. 121 TOM AND JERRY. Life in Calfhill's Answer to Martiall's Treatise of London, or, the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry the Cross.- -Works of Roger Hutchinson (A. Hawthorne, Esq., and his Elegant Friend Cor. D. 1550.) — Early Wiitings of Bp. Hooper. intbian Tom in their Rambles and Sprees Whitaker's Disputation on Scripture tbrough the Metropolis; by Pierce Egan, with against the Papists.--Sermons of Archbp. numerous Colored Illustrations from real life, de- Sandys. Binding injured.-Tyndale's An. signed by J. R. and G. Cruikshank. Sm. 8vo, swer to Sir Toos. More's Dialogue.- -Fulke's cl. Lond. Modern.

2 75 Answers to Stapleton and Martiall. The A reprint of the scarce edition of 82'.

Examinations and Writings of Archdeacon

928 PP.

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