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A. HYATT SMITH, President.
LYMAN J. BARROWS, Secretary.
J. BODWELL DOE, Treasurer.

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Visiting Physician-LIMAN J. BARROWS, M. D.
Superintendent—0. B. WOODRUFF..
Matron-Mrs. O. B. WOODRUFF.
Music Teacher—Mrs. Eliza WALLS.
Assistant Teacher-Miss Sarah ELLSWORTH.



Governor of the State of Wisconsin.... ir, The Board of Trustees of the Wisconsin Institute for the educasition of the Blind, have the honor berewith to submit their fifth annual; - ; .

REPORT: : The fifth year of the Institution commenced on the first Monday of October last. The present number of pupils in attendance is sixteen, being an increase of three over the number in our last annual report. Their names, ages, residence, place of nativity, number of years blindness, and date of admission, will be found in the report of Mr. C. B. Woodruff, Superintendent, which is herewith submitted.

The two years experience we have had in the Mechanical and Handicraft department, both male and female, serves but i to strengthen our convictions of its present and prxspective advanta. ges to the pupils, and to the institution. For the results of this

department, we would respectfully call your attention tu the, re-* port of the Superintendent.

The surn of Thirty tive hundred dollars was appropriated for 'the’enpport of the Institution for the year cominencing October 1st, 1854, and for the purchase of a piano for the use of the pupils. By the most rigid system of economy, the trustees will be enabled to keep within these limits.

For a statement of the names of the persons in whose favor orders have been drawn on the Treasurer of the Institution, by order of the Board of Trustees, for the year ending December 31st. 1854; for what the same were drawn, and the several amounts thereof, we respectfully refer you to the report of the Treasurer, marked, A., 'which is herewith'submitted.

The outstanding accounts against the institute, not yet audited by the Board of Trustees, and the amount of salary due the Superintendent, teachers and matron, for the quarter ending December 31st, 1854, will be met by the money to be drawn from the State Treasurer on the first day of January, 1855, under the appropriation made by the legislature at its last session.

The number of pupils, as will be seen above, has increased from thirteen to sixteen since our last annual report, which is the full number the present institute building can accommodate; and in fact more, for with our present number we are compelled to use & part of the work-shop as a dormitory, To support and properly

instruct this increased number of pupils during the year comj mencing Oct. 1st., 1855, an appropriation of not less than Four

Thousand dollars, will be requisite. This sum the trustees hope will be sufficient to meet the ordinary expenses of the institution, and to purchase some necessary furniture, and school-room and

work-shop apparatus. 1 : At the last meeting of the legislature, the liberal sum of Twelve

Thousand dollars was appropriated, for the construction of the central main building of the institute.

The Board of Trustees finding after repeated trials, that it was difficult to make a satisfactory contract for the erection of the building, inasmuch as none of the funds appropriated for that parpose could be realized until after the first day of January next, determined to commence the work themselves, and prosecute it as far as possible the present season. They appointed two of their number a building committe, and would refer to their report hereto attached, marked, B., for the result of their labors.

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By reference to the act of the legislature, it will be seen that the appropriation was made for the purpose of constructing the center main building, but the building committee became satisfied soon after entering upon the discharge of their duties, that a proper regard for the stability of the whole structure, and judicious economy, required that the east wing should go up along with the main building. The Board of Trustees adopting the suggestions of the building committee, and heartily concurring in their views, determined to adopt the plan proposed by the committee. The committee's reasons are fully given in their report.

:1 9..1 livil. The expense of the completion of the whole building will, of course, exceed the amount of the appropriation made for the specific object of constructing only the main center building, and inasmuch as the rapidly increasing necessities of the institution growing out of the increase of pupils, cannot be met until further accommodations are furnished, the Board of Trustees feel constrained to respectfully, but earnestly, ask that an appropriation of Five Thousand dollars be made by the legislature at its coming session, for the purpose of completing the building now in process of erection. That sum the Board hope will be sufficient with what remains of the appropriation of the last legislature to fully complete the work they have undertaken.

Feeling that this is an institution in which the state at large is interested, and that its wants cannot be fully understood, nor the truth be known, whether the Board are wisely expending the money entrusted to them, without the personal oversight of the people or their servants, we would cordially invite a committee from the legislature, to visit the institution the coming session at such time as may seem to them most convenient, and personally examine the building and the manageinent of the institution.

The institute for the blind has now been established nearly five years, and under the merciful care of Divine Providence, continues to prosper.

In closing this report the trustees take pleasure in recording

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