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EDWARD-THOMAS THURLOW, Lord THURLOW, in the county of Suffolk, and Baron Thurlow. Born Oct. 26, 1837. Succeeded his father, Edward-Thomas-Hovell, the late Lord, March 2, 1857.

Heir-Presumptive-Thomas-John, his Lordship's brother.- -Creation—June 22, 1792. —Arms—See plate 27.

ROBERT-JOHN EDEN, Baron AUCKLAND, of West Auckland, in the county of Durham ; also Baron Auckland in the Peerage of Ireland ; Lord Bishop of Bath aud Wells. Born July 10, 1799. Succeeded his brother, George, the late Earl, in the Barony of Auckland, Jan. 1, 1849. Married, Sept. 15, 1825, Mary, daughter of Francis. Edward Hurt, Esq., and has issue, William George, born Jan. 19, 1829; married, Oct. 8, 1857, Lucy, daughter of John WalbankeChilders, esq. His Lordship has other children.

Heir-Apparent-William-George, his Lordship's son.- -Creations - Baron Auckland, in Ireland, Nov. 18, 1789; and Baron Auckland, in England, May 22, 1793.-Arms-See plate 14.

GEORGE-WILLIAM LYTTELTON, Lord LYTTELTON, Baron of Frankley, in Worcestershire ; and Baron Westcote, of Balamore. Born March 31, 1817. Succeeded his father, William-Henry, the late Lord, April 30, 1837. Married, July 25, 1839, Helen, sister of Sir Stephen Glynne, Bart., and by her (who died Aug 17, 1857) had issue, George-Charles, born Oct. 27, 1842; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-George-Charles, his Lordship’s son.-CreationsBaron Westcote, July 21, 1776 ; and Baron Lyttelton, August 13, 1794.

-Arms—See plate 27.

HENRY-AGAR ELLIS, Baron MENDIP, in Somersetshire; and Viscount Clifden, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Viscount CLIFDEN, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-August 13, 1794. Arms-See plate 62.

JOHN STUART, Baron STUART, of Castle Stuart, in the county of Inverness; and Earl of Moray, in the Peerage of Scotland.

See Earl of Moray, in the Peerage of Scotland.
Creation-May 28, 1796.- Arms—See plate 43.

RANDOLPH STEWART, Baron STEWART, of Garlies, in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright; and Earl of Galloway, in the Peerage of Scotland.

See Earl of GALLOWAY, in the Peerage of Scotland.
Creation—May 28, 1796.—Arms See plate 44.

JAMES-GEORGE-HENRY-STOPFORD, Baron SALTERSFORD, of Saltersford, in the County-Palatine of Chester; and Earl of Courtown, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl of COURTOwn, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation- May 28, 1796.- -Arms-See plate 56.

GEORGE-ALAN BRODERICK, Baron BRODERICK, of PepperHarrow, in the county of Surrey; with remainder to the heirs male of his father, George, Viscount Midleton; and Viscount Midleton, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Viscount Midleton, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-May 28, 1796. Arms-See plate 61.

FREDERICK GOUGH, Baron CALTHORPE, of Calthorpe, in the county of Norfolk. Born June 14, 1790. Succeeded his brother, George-Gough, the late Lord, October 2, 1851. Married, Aug. 12, 1823, Charlotte, daughter of the Duke of Beaufort, and has issue, Frederick-Henry-William, born July 24, 1826 ; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Frederick-Henry-William, his Lordship's son.Creation- June 15, 1796. Arms-See plate 28.

WILLIAM-RICHARD-ARTHUR POLE, Baron WELLESLEY, of Wellesley, in the county of Somerset; and Baron Maryborough, of Maryborough, in Queen's county; also Earl of Mornington, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl of MORNINGTON, in the Peerage of Ireland.

Creations—Baron Wellesley, Oct. 20, 1797; and Baron Maryborough, July 9, 1821.-Arms-See plate 55.

ROBERT-JOHN CARRINGTON, Baron CARRINGTON, of Upton, in the county of Nottingham, and Baron Carrington, of Bulcot Lodge, in Ireland. Born Jan. 16, 1796. Succeeded his father, Robert, the late Lord, Sept. 18, 1838. Married, first, June 17, 1822, ElizaCatherine, second daughter of Lord Forester, and by her (who died July 23, 1832) had issue, two daughters. Married, sıcond, Aug. 10, 1840, the Hon. Miss Drummond Willoughby, and bas issue, Charles-Robert, born May 16, 1843; and other children.

Heir- Apparent-Charles-Robert, his Lordship's son.—CreationsBaron Carrington, in Ireland, July 16, 1796 ; Baron Carrington, in England, October 20, 1797.—Arms--See plate 28.

HENRY-WILLIAM POWLETT (late TOWNSHEND), Baron BAYNING, of Foxley, in the county of Berks; in holy orders. Born June 8, 1797. Succeeded his brother, Charles-Frederick-PowlettTownshend, the late Lord, Aug. 2, 1823. Married, August 9, 1842, Emma, daughter of the late William-Henry Fellowes, Esq., and had issue, Charles-William, born October 9, 1844, who died June 9, 1864.

Creation--Oct. 20, 1797.—Arms—See plate 28.

WILLIAM-HENRY-ORDE POWLETT, Baron BOLTON, of Bolton Castle, in Yorkshire. Born Feb. 24, 1818. Succeeded his uncle, William-Orde-Powlett, the late Lord, July 13, 1850. Married, March 12, 1844, the daughter of the late Colonel Craufurd, and has issue, WilliamThomas, born Jan. 31, 1845; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-William-Thomas, his Lordship's son. - CreationOct. 20, 1797.- Arms-See plate 28.

JOHN-GURDON WODEHOUSE, Baron WODEHOUSE, of Kimberley, in the county of Norfolk; and a Baronet. Born January 7, 1826. Succeeded his grandfather, John, the late Lord, May 29, 1846. Married, Aug. 16, 1847, Florence, daughter of Colonel Fitz-Gibbon, and has issue, John, born in 1848; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-John, his Lordship's son.- -Creations-Baronet, June 29, 1611; and Baron, Oct. 26, 1797.- -Arms--See plate 28.

GEORGE RUSHOUT, Baron NORTHWICK, of Northwick Park, in the county of Worcester; and a Baronet. Born Aug. 30, 1811. Succeeded his uncle, John, the late Lord, Jan. 20, 1859.

Creation - Oct. 26, 1797. Arms—See plate 28.

THOMAS-LYTTLETON POWYS, Baron LILFORD, in the county of Northampton, &c. Born March 18, 1833. Succeeded his father, Thomas-Atherton, the late Lord, March 15, 1861. Married, May 14, 1859, Emma, daughter of Robert-William Brandling, Esq. Heir-Presumptive-Leopold-William-Henry, bis Lordship's brother. Creation-Oct. 26, 1797.— Arms –See plate 28.

THOMAS LISTER, Baron RIBBLESDALE, of Gisburne Park, in the West Riding of the county of York. Born May 21, 1828. Succeeded his Thomas, the late Lord, Dec. 10, 1832. Married, May 7, 1853, Ellen, daughter of John Mure, Esq., and has issue, Thomas, born Oct. 29, 1854; and other children.

Heir-Apparent–Thomas, his Lordship's son. -Creation--Oct. 26, 1797.- -Arms—See plate 28.

HENRY-FRANCIS-SEYMOUR MOORE, Baron MOORE, of Moore Place, in the county of Kent. His Lordship is Marquess of Drogheda, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Marquess of DROGHEDA, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-Jan. 13, 1801.- -Arms—See plate 50.

JOHN-HENRY-WELLINGTON-GRAHAM LOFTUS, Baron LOFTUS, of Long Loftus, in the county of York. His Lordship is also Marquess of Ely in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Marquess of Ely, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-Jan. 13, 1801. -Arms—See plate 51.

GRANVILLE-LEVESON PROBY, Baron CARYSFORT, of the Hundred of Norman Cross, in the county of Huntingdon; and Earl of Carysfort, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl of CARYSFORT, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-Jan. 13, 1801.

-Arms-See plate 54.

GEORGE-RALPH ABERCROMBY, Baron ABERCROMBY, of Aboukir. Born Sept. 23, 1838. Succeeded his father, George-Ralph, the late Lord, June 25, 1852. Married, Oct. 6, 1858, Julia, daughter of Viscount Duncan. Heir-Presumptive-John, his Lordship's brother.

-Creation-May 22, 1801.- Arms—See plate 28.

JOHN-THOMAS-FREEMAN MITFORD, Baron REDESDALE, of Redesdale, in the county of Northumberland. Born Sept. 9, 1805. Succeeded his father, John-Freeman, the late Lord, Jan. 16, 1830.

Creation-Feb. 15, 1802.-Arms-See plate 29.

GEORGE PITT, Baron RIVERS, of Sudley Castle, in Gloucestershire. Born July 16, 1810. Succeeded his father, Horace-William, the late Lord, Jan. 23, 1831, who was unfortunately drowned in the Serpentine, in Hyde Park. Married, Feb. 3, 1833, Susan-Georgiana-Leveson, daughter of Earl Granville, and had issue, George-Horace, born March 20, 1834, who died Dec. 20, 1850; Granville-Beckford-Pitt, born in 1838; and other children.

Heir-Apparent-Granville-Beckford-Pitt, his Lordship's son. Creation-March 16, 1802.—Arms--See plate 26.

AUGUSTUS-FREDERICK-ARTHUR HILL, Baron SANDYS, and Baron Ombersley, in the county of Worcester. Born March 1, 1840. Succeeded his father, Marcus-Arthur-Cecil, the late Lord, April 11, 1863.

Heir-Presumptive–Marcus-Windsor-George, his Lordship's brother. -Creation-June 15, 1802.- -Arms—See plate 29.

GEORGE-JAMES PERCEVAL, Baron ARDEN, of Arden, in the county of Warwick; Baron Arden, of Lohort Castle, in the county of Cork; and Earl of Egmont, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl of EGMONT, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation—July 20, 1802.- -Arms-See plate 52.

GEORGE - AUGUSTUS - FREDERICK - CHARLES - NORTH HOLROYD, Baron SHEFFIELD, of Sheffield, county of York; also Lord Sheffield; Baron of Dunamore, county of Meath; and Lord Sheffield, Baron of Roscommon, Earl of Sheffield and Viscount Pevensey, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl of Sheffield, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-July 20, 1802.— Arms-See plate 57.

THOMAS-AMERICUS ERSKINE, Lord ERSKINE, Baron Erskine, of Restormel Castle, in the Duchy of Cornwall. Born in 1801. Succeeded his father, David-Montague, the late Lord, March 19, 1855. Married, May 1830, Louisa, relict of T. Leigh, Esq.

Heir-Presumptive-John-Cadwallader, his Lordship's brother. Creation-Feb. 8, 1806. Arms-See plate 29.

GEORGE-JOHN-BROWNE, Lord MONT-EAGLE; also Marquess of Sligo, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Marquess of Sligo, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-Feb. 15, 1806.- -Arms—See plate 50.

THOMAS MAITLAND, Lord LAUDERDALE, of Thirlestane, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom ; also Earl of Lauderdale, Viscount Maitland, in the Peerage of Scotland; Hereditary Royal Standard Bearer.

See Earl of LAUDERDALE, in the Peerage of Scotland.
Creation- Feb. 15, 1806.- -Arms-See plate 44.

GEORGE-ARTHUR FORBES, Lord GRANARD, of Castle Donington, in Leicestershire; also Earl of Granard, and Viscount Forbes, in the Peerage of Ireland.

See Earl of GRANARD, in the Peerage of Ireland.
Creation-Feb. 15, 1806.—Arms-See plate 52.

HUNGERFORD CREWE, Lord CREWE, of Crewe, in Cheshire. Born Aug. 10, 1812. Succeeded his father, John, the late Lord, December 4, 1835.

Creation-Feb. 25, 1806.—Arms See plate 29.

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