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16TI VICTORIA, CHAPTER 185. General Remarks ........ ........................... 105

I. Boards of Trustees in Cities, Towns, and Villages,.......... ... 112 II. Separate Schools,.......

.. 114 III. Common School Trustees,...

116 IV. Local Superintendents of Schools,..

119 V. Miscellaneous Provisions,..


An Act to Restore certain Rights to Parties therein named, 14th and 15th Victoria, chapter 111,...,

............ 126


I. To Local Superintendents of Schools,......... .......... 129 II. To Trustees of Common Schools in Townships,....

134 III. To Boards of School Trustees in Cities, Towns, and Villages,... 138 IV. To County Clerks,....



Toronto, July, 1858.



An Act for the better Establishment and Maintenance of

Common Schools in Upper Canada.

21 to 26


1. Election and Duties of School Trustees ................ 2 to 14
II. Common School Teachers and their Duties .............. 15 to 17
III. Duties of Township Municipalities ....................

18 to 20
IV. Duties of Councils and Trustees in Cities, Towns, and

Incorporated Villages ...........
V. Duties of County Municipal Councils ..................
VI. Constitution and Duties of County Boards of Public In-

struction ............
VII. Duties of Local Superintendents of Schools ........
VIII. Duties of School Visitors...........
IX. Duties of Chief Superintendent of Schools ............

X. Constitution and Duties of Council of Public Instruction 36 to 38
XI. Miscellaneous Provisions .........

............... 39 to 48

(24th July, 1890.]

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T HEREAS it is expedient to make provision for Preamble

W the better establishment and maintenance of Com-
mon Schools in the several Villages, Towns, Cities, Townships and
Counties of Upper Canada : Be it therefore enacted, by the Queen's
Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the
Legislative Council and of the Legislative Assembly of the Province

of Canada, constituted and assembled by virtue of and under the authority of an Act passed in the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and intituled, An Act to re-unite the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, and for the Government Two Acts repeal- of Canada. And it is hereby enacted by the authoed: Proviso r ity of the same, that the Act of the Parliament of this Province, passed in the seventh year of Her Majesty's reign, intituled “An Act for the better Establishment and Maintenance of Common Schools in Upper Canada," and also the Act passed in the twelfth year of Her Majesty's reign, ch. 83, and intituled “ An Act for the better Establishment and Maintenance of Public Schools in Upper Canada, and for repealing the present School Act,” shall be, and the same are hereby repealed : Provided always, nevertheless, firstly, that no Act or part of an Act repealed by either of the Acts hereby repealed, shall be revived by the passing of this Act. And provided also, secondly, that the repeal of the said Acts shall not extend or be construed to extend to any act done, any penalty incurred, or any proceeding had under the said Acts, or either of them : All school divis And provided also, thirdly, that all School Sections sions, elections, or other School divisions, together with all elections appointments, contracts, &c.,and appointments to office, all agreements, contracts, confirmed. assessments, and tate-bills, made under the authority of the said Acts, or of any preceding Act, and not annulled by the said Acts or by this Aet, or by any of them, shall be valid and in full force and binding upon all parties concerned, as if made under the authority of this Act, and shall so' continue until altered, modificd, or superseded, according to the provisions of this Act: And provided also, fourthly, that nothing herein contained shall affect the liability of any District, County, City, Town, or Township Superintendent of Common Schools, to the Municipal Corporation to which he would otherwise be responsible for the same, for any moneys received by him under either of the said Aots ; but the liabilities of every such Superintendent for such moneys shall be and remain as if this Act had not been passed : And provided also, fifthly, that nothing in the said Act secondly above recited, contained, shall extend, or be construed to extend, to have repealed any Act of the Parliament of this Province, whereby provision was made for the appropriation of money from the consolidated revenue fund of this Province, for or towards the establishment and maintenance of Common Schools in this Province, or in any part thereof. Simon'


II. And be it enacted, That the annual meetings Annual School

meetings to be for the elections of School Trustees, as hereinafter held throughout

U. C., provided by this Act, shall be held in all the Villages,

on the

second Wednes. Towns, Cities, and Townships of Upper Canada, on day in January at the second Wednesday in January, in each year,

10 o'clock, A. M, commencing at the hour of Ten of the clock in the forenoon. III. And be it enacted, That in all School divi- One Trustee in

each School Secsions (except in Cities, Towns, and Incorporated

tion to be elected Villages) which have been established according to at each annual

School meeting, law, and which have been called “ School Sections," and in which there shall be three Trustees in office at the time this Act shall come into force, one Trustee shall be elected to office at each ensuing annual school meeting, in place of the one who shall have been three years in office ; Provided always, Proviso: Same that the same individual, if willing, may be re- individual may

be re-elected, but elected ; And provided also, that no School Trustee not without his shall be re-elected, except by his own consent, during consent for four

years. the four years next after his going out of office. .. IV. And be it enacted, That whenever any school Mode of calling

the first School section shall be formed in any Township, as provided meeting in a new in the eighteenth section of this Act, the Clerk of School section. , the Township shall communicate to the person appointed to call the first school meeting for the election of Trustees, the description and number of such school section; and such person shall, within twenty days thereafter, prepare a notice in writing, describing such section, and appointing a time and place for the first school section meeting, and shall cause copies of such notice to be posted in at least three public places in such school section, at least six days before the time of holding such meeting. . . V, And be it enacted, That at every such first Mode of proceed

ing at the first school section meeting, the majority of the freehold meeting in a new

School section. ers or householders of such school section present,

Election of Chairshall elect one of their own number to preside over

man and Secrethe proceedings of such meeting, and shall also ap

Duty of the Sepoint a Secretary, whose duty it shall be to record all cretary.

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