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Christ; and if we speak of God divided and separated from man, we commit the like errour, and are in the same default; but we must hold and maintain the unity of them both, in that way of faith in the Sonne of man, then is there power and ability, both to eat and to drink, even as there is power and ability in the Heavens and the earth, united in their operations, to bring forth fruit plentifully, which worke cannot be done, if either of them were set apart, and separated one from the other: So that the word of God is made strong through our weaknesse, that so it may appeare and make manifest it selfe: and our weaknesse appears, and is acknowledged through that word of God, that so all may be given unto God, and he may be all in all; so that it is ( Fee) as man considered, in and with the power and spirit of God, in which he is inabled to doe all things, and not ( Fee) as considered one man, in and with an other, for so all flesh is grasse, surely in that respect the people is vanity.

S. G.


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WARWICK, June 30th, 1669.


Force's Collection of Historical Tracts.

Vol. IV.—No. 7.

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