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Stuart's View of Society in Europe, in its progress from

Rudeness to Refinement, i vol.
Clarendon's History of the civil Wars in England, 12 vol.
Life of Clarendon, 5 vol.
The Life of Lorenzo de Medici , called the magnificent by

William Rohe, comprising some account of the political
State of Italy, and of the rise of letters and of arts in

Europe in the fifteenth Century, 4 vol.
Account of the Rise and progress of the English Stage; by

Malone. I vol. Essay on the Learning of Shakspeare, by R. Farmer, 8. In the

price of 1/3 a vol. Smith's pofthumous Works; containing: Essays on philoso

phical subjcês, with his life, I vol. Hume's Eflays on Suicide and the immortality of the soul, 8.

in the price of a vol. 1/3. Robertson's Suppl. to his Hilt

, of America, containing the Hist. of Virginia, to the year 1688; and the Hift. of new

England to the year 1652. in the price of half a vol. Hailey's Life of Milion, with conjeâures on the origine of

Paradise loft, i vol. Knox's Eflavs, moral and literary, 3 vol. Lowth's English Grammar, i vol, In the price of half a vol.

In the Press, and speedely will be piblished, Blair's Le&ures on Rhetoric and belles-lettres: a new Edition

in 4 vol. Shaftesbury's Characteristics, 3 vol. Smith's Wealth of Nations , 4 vol. Robertson's History of America, 4 vol. Ferguson's History of the Roman Republic, 6 vol. Fieldings, History of Joseph Andrews and his Friend Abraham

Adams, 2 vol.

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