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Good Night and Good Morning.
Poem, by Lord HOUGHTON. Illustrated by WALTER
SEVERN. 4to, cloth illuminated
Prison of Chillon (Byron). Cloth elegant 1 1

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Art of Illuminating. Cloth (scarce)
The Winter's Tale. (Scenes from)...
Voices of Joy and Thanksgiving.

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Small 4to, cloth Architectural Sketches from the Continent. By RICHARD NORMAN SHAW. Folio, halfbound

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Quintus Horatius Flaccus. BELL and
DALDY'S exquisite Edition, Illustrated by numerous
gem illustrations. Foolscap 8vo, cloth
The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Hero-
ines. In a Series of Fifteen Tales. By MARY
COWDEN CLARKE. 3 vols., square crown 8vo, cloth
elegant, gilt leaves

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A History of Caricature and Gro-
tesque in Literature and Art. BY THOMAS
WRIGHT, M.A., F.S.A. Profusely Illustrated by
F. W. FAIRHOLT, F.S.A. 8vo, cloth, red edges
Contemporary French Painters.



Essay by PHILIP G. HAMMERTON. With 16 photo-
graphic Illustrations. 4to, cloth elegant

Painting in France, after the Decline
of Classicism. By P. G. HAMMERTON.
graphs, 4to, cloth elegant

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English Children. As painted by Sir
JOSHUA REYNOLDS. 15 photographs, 4to, cloth
Moore's Lalla Rookh. Illustrated, 4to
edition, cloth elegant, gilt edges

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Metcalf's History of German Literature. Crown 8vo, cloth

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Impressions of Greece. By the Rt. Hon.

Sir THOMAS WYSE, K.C.B., late British Minister at
Athens, with an Introduction by Miss WYSE, and
Letters from Greece to Friends at Home by Dean

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"No book that we know gives so just, and at the same time, so enticing a view of Greece as she is and as she might be as Impressions of Greece.' The introduction by Miss Wyse is an admirable paper. The chapters due to Dean Stanley are delightful."-Pall Mall Gazette.

Fair France. Impressions of a Traveller. By the Author of "John Halifax Gentleman," &c. 8vo,


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"A book of value and importance, and which is very agreeable reading. It is bright and spirited, and evinces as much as ever the acuteness of perception and the powers of observation of the writer." -Post.

A Cruise in Greek Waters,

With a

Hunting Excursion in Tunis. By Captain Towns

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HEND, 2nd Life Guards. 1 vol., 8vo, with Illustrations 0 15 0 0 36 "Captain Townsend writes about the foreign lands he has visited with good humour and intelligence. His pictures of life in Algiers are vivid and truthful, and his narrative of Boar-hunting in Tunis is especially worthy of notice."-Athenæum.

Popular (The) Science Review. 10 vols. 8vo, cloth...



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**A summary of scientific progress and miscellany of entertaining and instructive articles on Scientific subjects.

REDUCED from 10s. 6d. to 28.
Foolscap 8vo, cloth.

The Satires and Epistles of Horace.

With Notes and Excursus.

600 300

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