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Rxv. I.-1. Reflections on the Results of Experience as to the Symptoms of Internal In-

flammations, and the effects of Bloodletting, during the last Forty Years.

By Prof.

ALIEON. (Edinburgh Medical Journal,' March, 1856)

2. Observations on the results of an advanced Diagnosis and Pathology applied to the

Management of Internal Inflammations, compared with the Effects of a former Antiphlo-

gistic Treatment, and especially of Bloodletting. By Prof. BENNETT. (Ibid., March, 1857) ib.

3. Reply to Dr. Bennett's Observat ons. By Professor Alison. (Ibid., dlay, 1857).


4. Note on the Effects of Bloodletting. By Thomas Watson, M.D., London. (Ibid., June,



5. Remarks on Dr. Bennett's Paper on Bloodletting and Antiphlogistic Treatment. By w


T. GAIRDNER, M.D. (Ibid., Sept. 1857)


6. Results of Treatment in Seventy-one Cases of Pneumonia treated in the Glasgow In:

firmary: By JOSEPH BELL, M.D. ("Glasgow Medical Journal,' July, 1857)


17. Remarks on the Inflammation and Bloodletting Controversy. By W. 0. MARKHAM, M.D.

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Rev. 11.--A Treatise on Rheumatic Gout, or Chronic Rhennatic Arthritis of au the joints.

By Robert Adams, M.D., &c.

Rev. ll.-1. Fifteenth Annual Report of the Registrar General of Births, Deaths, and Mar-

riages in England

2. The Census of Jreland for the Year 1851. Eleven Volumes. Presented to both Houses

of Parliament by command of her Majesty


3. A selection from the Physiological and Horticultural Papers

, published in the Transactions

of the Royal and Horticultural Societies. By the late THOMAS ANDREW Knight, Esq.

4. An Account of some Experiments on certain Seaweeds of an Edible Kind. By JOHN

Davy, M.D., &c. ("Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal,' new series, vol. iv.)

Rev. IV.-1. Lectures on the Principles and Practice of Physic. By Txomas Watson, M.D.

Fourth Edition


2. Pathologische Physiologie: Grundziige der gesammten Krankheitslehre im Zusanmen-

hange dargestellt. Von Dr. G. A Spiess, Prakt. Arzte in Frankfurt. Erste und Zweite


Pathological Physiology. Elements of General Pathological Science, Systematically

Arranged and Represented. By G. A. Spiess, Physician in Frankfort. First and Second


3. A Manual of Medical Diagnosis; being an Analysis of the signs and symptoms of Dis-

ease. By A. W. BARCLAY, M.D. Cantab. and Edin., Assistant Physician to St. George's


4. Handbook of the Science and Practice of Medicine. By WILLIAM Aitken, M.D. Edin., &c. ib.

6. Contributions to the Physiology and Pathology of the Circulation of the Blood. By


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Rev. V.–The Cause of the Coagulation of the Blood; being the Astley Cooper Prize Essay

for 1856, with Additional Observations and Experiments; and with an appendix showing

the bearings of the subject on Practical Medicine and Pathology. By BENJAMIN WARD



Rev. VI.— Traité de Géographie et de Statistique Médicales et des Maladies Endémiques; com-

prenant la Météorologie et la Géologie Medicales, les Lois Statistiques de la Population et

de la Mortalité, la Distribution Géographique des Maladies, et la Pathologie Comparée

des Races Humaines. Par J. Ch. M. Boudin, Médecin en Chef de l'Hôpital Militaire du

Roule, Of de Légion d'Honneur


Treatise on the Medical Geography and Statistics of Endemic Diseases; comprising Medical

Meteorology and Geology, the statistical Laws regulating Population and Mortality, the

Geographical Distribution of Diseases, and the Comparative Pathology of the Races of

Man. By J. C. M. Boudin, Chief Medical Officer of the Military Hospital du Roule, &c. ib.

Rev. VII.—Medico-Chirurgical Transactions. Published by the Royal Medical and Chirurgi-
cal Society of Londou. Vol. XL.


Rev. VIII.—On Disl cations and Fractures. By Joseph Maclise, F.R.C.S.



Rev. IX-Iovestigations, Chemical and Physiological relative to certain American Verte-

brata. By JOSEPH JONES, M.D, Professor of Chemistry in the Savannah Medical College.

(“Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge.' Published by the Smithsonian Institution,



Rev. X.-Mémoires de la Société de Chirurgie de Paris. Tome Quatrième

Memoirs of the Society of Surgery of Paris


Rev. XI.—The Physiology and Treatment of Placenta Prævia; being the Lettsomian Lectures

for 1857. By Robert Barnfs, M.D. (London), Physician to the Royal Maternity

Charity, &c.


Rev. XII.–1. A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children. By J. Forsyth Melgs, M.D.,

&c. Third edition, carefully revised .


2. Recherches sur les Maladies des Nouveau-Nés. Par V. Seux, Médecin-Chef de l'Hospice

de la Charité de Marseille. Arts., du Pouls chez les Nouveau-Nés-Entérite simple ib.

Researches on the Diseases of New-born Children--Simple Enteritis


3. Der Abdominal Typhus der Kinder. Von EdmunD FRIEDRICH, Doctor der Medicin und

Pract. Arzt zu Dresden


The Abdominal Typhus of Children. By E. FRIEDRICH, M.D, &c.


4. (1.) Fièvre Typhoide. (2) Généralités sur les Catarrhes, Congestions, Phlegmasies et

Ramollissements de la Membrane Muqueuse Gastro-intestinal. (Articles contenus dans le

* Traité Clinique et Pratique des Maladies des Enfants.' Par MM. Rilliet et BARTHILZ)


(1.) Typhoid fever. (2.) Catarrh, Congestion, Inflammation, and softening of the Gastro-

Intestinal Mucous Membrance. (Articles contained in the · Practical and Clinical Treatise

upon the Diseases of Children.' By MM. RILLIET and BartuEZ)


5. An Inquiry into the Nature of Typhoidal Fevers, based upon a Consideration of their

History and Pathology. By HIE: RY Fraser Campbell, A.M., &c.


6. On the Identity or Non-Identity of Typhus and Typhoid Fever. By George Yates,

M.R.C.S., &c. (Midland Quarterly Journal,' Oct. 1857, p. 200),


7. Ueber die Veränderung der Peyer'schen Drüsengruppen und der isolirten Darmdrüsen

bei ganz kleinen Cindern. Zweite Abhandlung über die Veränderung der Peyer'schen

und isolerten Darmdrüsen bei Kindern im zarten Alter. Von Dr. E. HERVIEUX "Journal

fur Kinderkrankheiten,' Band xxvi. s. 131; Band xxix. s. 213. 1856, 1857)


On the Changes undergone by the Glands of Peyer, &c., in very Young Children. A Second

Treatise upon the Changes undergone by the Glands of Peyer, &c., in Early Age. By

Dr. E. HERVIEUX, of Paris. Translated from the French in the German Journal for Dis-

eases of Children' for the years 1856-7


8. Bemurkungen über Dr. Carl Schneeman's Schrift: Die Fett-einreibungs-Methode in ihren

Heilwurkungen gegen Scharlach und s aserntrankheit. Von Prof. Mauthner, in Wien,


Remarks upon Dr. Schneemann's Essay upon the Infriction of Fat as a Therapeutic Agent in

Scarlet Fever and Mensles. By Prof. MAUTHNER, of Vienna. (Journal for Diseases of

Children,' vol xxi. p. 289)


Rev. XIII.—On Squinting, Paralytic affections of the Eye, and certain Forms of Impaired


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Arr. III.—Evil Results of Overfeeding Cattle. A New Inquiry, fully illustrated by Coloured

Engravings of the Heart, Lungs. &c., of the diseased Prize Cattle lately exhibited by the

Smithfield Cattle Club, 1857. By FREDERICK JAME- Grant, M.R.C.S,, &c


ART. IV.-Rheumatism; its Nature, Causes, and Cure. Gout; its Nature, Causes, Cure, and

Prevention, By JAMES ALEXANDER, M D., &c.


Art. V.-On Medicine and Medical Education. Three Lectures, with Notes and an Appendix.

By W. T. GAIRDNER, M.D., &c.


Art. VI.“Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, 1867.

Inaugural Addresses and Select Papers


Art. VII.-Lehrbuch der Allgemeinen Chirurgie

. Von Ċ. F. Loumeyer, Dr. Med., &c. ib.

A Compendium of General Surgery. By Dr. LOUMEYER


ART. VIII. – Das Wesen und die Entstehung der Spondylolisthesis. 'Von Dr. WILHELM LAMBI;

Docent an der Universität in Prag


The Nature and Origin of spondylolisthesis.' By Dr. William LÁMbl, Teacher in the Uni-

versity of Prague. (A Reprint from Scanzoni's Beiträge' Band ii.)


Art. IX.- A Concise History of the Entire Abolition of Mechanical Restraint in the Treat-

ment of the Insane, and of the Introduction, Success, and Final Triumph of the Non-

Restraint System, together with a Reprint of a Lecture delivered on the Subject in the

Year 1838, and Appendices containing an Account of the Controversies and Claims con-

nected therewith. By | OBERT GARDINER Hill, F.SA, &c.


Art. X.–Researches on Epilepsy; its Artificial Production in Animals

, and its Etiology,

Nature, and Treatment in Man. First Part of a New Series of Experimental and Clinical

Researches applied to Physiology and Pathology. By E. Brown-SEQUARD, M.D., Professor

of Physiology at the Cooper Institute, N. Y., &c.


Art. XI. --Observations on Venereal Diseases. By Hamilton LABAIT, A.B., &c.


ART. XII.-1. The Nature and Treatment of Cancer, Being the Address in Surgery read

before the Twenty-fifth Meeting of the British Medical Association. By George SOUTHAM,

F.R.C.S., &c.


2. On the Painless Extirpation of Cancerous Growths by Congelation and Caustic, including

a Report of the recent use of Prolonged Congelation in the Cancer Wards of the Middle-

sex Hospital. By JAMES Arnott, M.D., &c.


Art. XIII.--Summary of New Publications


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