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FIFTH CIRCUIT. Tidewater Coal Exch., In re (C. C. A.

Page N. Y.).

429 Aultman v. United States (C. C. A. Tex.).. 251 United States v. Harnich (D. C. Conn.... 256 Dicksadee, The (D. C. Fla.).

.1012 United States v. Pierce (C. C. A. N. Y.).. 233 Dunham v. United States (C. C. A. La.).. 376 United States v. Tod, two cases (C. C. A. Empire Gas & Fuel Co. v. Lone Star Gas N. Y.) 60 Co. (D. C. Tex.)....

826 United States v. Tod (c. C. A. N. Y.).:: 761 Fouke V. Hindman (c. c. A. Miss.) 224 United States Worsted Sales Co., Petition Fouke v. Jordy (C. C. A. Miss.).

220 of (C. C. A. N. Y.)...

732 Georgia, S. & F. R. Co. v. Georgia PubVannata v. United States (C. C. A. N. Y.) 424 lic Service Commission (D. C. Ga.).... 878 Vim, The (D. C. N. Y.).

.1017 Godchaux Sugars v. Meridian Wholesale Zimmerman v. United States (C. C. A. N. Co. (C. C. A. Miss.).

359 Y.)

799 Griffen Drug Co., In re (D. C. Tex.) 140 Huff v. Ford (D. C. Fla.)

858 THIRD CIRCUIT. J. W. Scott, The (D. C. Fla.).


McLean Oil Co. v. Ashworth Heirs (C. Central R. Co. of New Jersey V. Duffy C. A. Tex.).

73 (C. C. A. N. J.). 354 McLellan v. Penick (C. C. A. La.)

366 Earle v. A. W. Drake Mfg. Co. (D. C. Pressley v. United States (C. C. A. Fla.)..477 Pa.)

137 S. Alex Smith & Co., In re (D. C. Fla.).. 524 Fidelity Trust Co. v. Lederer (C. C. A. Scott, The J. W. (D. C. Fla.)

495 Pa.) 1009 Smith & Co., In re (D. C. Fla.)

524 Gifford v. United States (D. C. N. J.). 833 Sutton v. United States (C. C. A. Fla.).. 488 Irwin Glass Co. v. Buchanan (C. C. A. Pa.) 348 United Divers Supply Co. v. Commercial Liberty Cent. Trust Co. of St. Louis, Mo., Credit Co. (C. C. A. Fla.).

316 v. Gilliland Oil Co. (D. C. Del.)

75 United States v. Barber (D. C. Fla.) 523 New Jersey Wholesale Drug Co. v. Brown United States v. Two Hundred Cases, More (D. C. N. J.).

108 or Less, of Canned Salmon, two cases Pope v. United States (C. C. A. Pa.) 312 (D. C. Tex.).

157 Scranton Coal Co. v. Graff Furnace Co. Williams v. Mason (D. C. Fla.)

812 (C. C. A. Pa.).

305 Shaffman v. United States (C. C. A, Pa.).. 370 United States v. Hughes (D. Ç. Pa.). 808

Woods v. Lewellyn (D, C. Pa.)..

Ames, In re (C. C. A. Mich.)...



Associated Oil Co., In re (C. C. A. Ky )

Baltimore & O. R. Co. v. De Leone (C. C. Archer, Harvey & Co., In re (D. C. Md.).. 267

A. Ohio)

201 Ascutney, The (C. C. A. Md.).

802 Bayer Steam Soot Blower Co. v. Diamond Atlantic, G. & P. S. S. Co., In re (D. C.

Power Specialty Co. (C. C. A. Mich.).. 54

9 Md.)

145 Beam v. Hamilton (C. C. A. Ky.)... Barker v. United States (C. C. A. W. Bullock v. United States (C. Č.A. Ky.) 29 Va.)

249 Crystal Paper Co. v. Robertson Co. (c. Bray v. United States (C. C. A. S. C.)... 329

Č. A. Ohio)....

15 Brewer, In re (D. C. N. C.)....

79 Everett v. Emmons Coal Mining Co. (C. C. Deibert Barge-Bldg. Co. v. United States

A. Ohio).

686 (C. C. A. Md.).

805 Great Lakes Transportation Co. v. Hand & Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond V. Johnson Tug Line (D, C. Mich.). 130 Crothers (C. C. A. Nid.).

777 Hamilton v. Kentucky & I. Terminal R. Foster v, E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co.

Co. (C. C. A. Ky.)..

20 (C. C. A. Va.)..

65 Kaufman v. Marquette Nat. Bank (D. C. Gilbert Grocery Co. v. Howell (C. C. A. Mich.)

295 Va.)

474 L. B. Silver Co. v. Federal Trade CommisHays v. Stine (C. C. A. W. Va.). 224 sion of America (C. C. A.).

985 Isherwood v. Newport News Shipbuilding Ninety-Five Barrels, More or Less, Apple & Dry Dock Co. (D, C. Va.).


Cider Vinegar, v. United States (C. C. Mays v. United States (C. C. Á. Va.). 486 A. Ohio)

181 Muncy v. United States (C. C. A. W. Va.) 780 Peter Smith & Sons Grocery Co. v. Daily Nash, In re (C. C. A. W. Va.). 239 (C. C. A. Mich.)

208 Newman v. United States (C. C. A. W. Pipe Line Oil Co., In re (C. C. A. Ky.)., 698 Va.)

712 Rothlisberger v. United States (C. Č. A. Nutter v. United States (C. C. A. W. Va.) 484 Ohio)

72 Southern R. Co. v. Priester (C. C. A. S. Silver Co. v. Federal Trade Commission of C.) 945 America (C. C. A.).

985 Southern R. Co. v. Watts (D. C. N. C.).. 301 Simons v. Thompson (C. C. A. Ky.). 693 United States v. Dziadus (D. C. W. Va.) 837 Smith v. General Motors Corporation (C. United States v. Rapid Coaling & Transfer C. A. Mich.)

205 Co. (C. C. A. Md.).

803 Smith & Sons Grocery Co. v. Daily (C. C. United States v. Safe Deposit & Trust Co. A. Mich.)

208 of Baltimore (C. C. A. Md.).

802 Southern R. Co. v. Douglas (C. C. A. Woods v. Stemple (C. C. A. W. Va.).... 239 Tenn.)


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(289 F.) Page

Page Templar Motors Co. v. Bay State Pump Winter v. Midland Nat. Bank of MinneCo. (C. C. A. Ohio). 24 apolis (C. C. A. N. D.).

.1023 Universal Rim Co. V. Firestone Steel Woodford v. Cosden & Co., two cases (C. Products Co. (D. C. Ohio). 884 C. A. Okl.)..


NINTH CIRCUIT. Carr v. Maxon (C. C. A. Wis.).

949 Bacon !. Federal Reserve Bank of San Charters v. United States (C. C. A. Ind.) 63

Francisco (D. C. Wash.)...

513 Citizens' Trust Co. v. Croll (C. C. A. III.) 421 Brooks v. United States (C. C. A. Ariz.)..1020 City of Chicago v. Postal Telegraph Cable

Buhl Independent School Dist. No. 3, in Co. of Illinois (C. C. A. Ill.)..


Twin Falls County, Idaho v. Neighbors First Calumet Trust & Savings Bank V.

of Woodcraft (O. C. A. Idaho).

196 Rogers (C. C. A. Ind.).

Caldwell v. Post (D. C. Ariz.)..

521 Glaser v. United States (C. C. A. Ind.).. 255 Cassil v. United States Emergency Fleet Harmon Paper Co. v. Kimberly Clark Co.,

Corporation (C. C. A. Or.).

774 two cases (D. C. Wis.) 501


Cowan v. Cull (C. C. A. Ariz.). Heitler v. United States (C. C. A. II.). ..1021 / Cowen Co., In re (C. C. A. Cal.) 192 Hoyt Metal Co. v. Atwood (c. C. A. II.):. 453 Dale v. Hartson (D. C. Wash.).

493 Mahan v. Plank (C. C. A. III.). 722 Eagle, The (C. C. A. Alaska).

661 Miucki v. United States (C. C. A. Ill.). 47

Evans v. Daniel (C. C. A. Nev.)

335 Tyler v. Dane County, Wis. (D. O. Wis.) 843 Ewa Plantation Co. v. Wilder (C. C. A.


664 Farley v. United States (C. C. A. Wash.)..1021 EIGHTH CIRCUIT.

Fleming v. Montana Coal & Iron Co. (C. Brictson Mfg.Co. v. Woodrough (C. C.

C. A. Mont.)

793 A. Neb.)


Geo. W. Cowen Co., In re (C. C. A. Carey v. McMillan (C. C. A. Iowa).


192 Chicago & N. W. R. Co. y. Eveland (C.

Goetz, In re (D, C. Ariz.)

118 C. A. S. D.).. 783 Grant, In re (D, C. Cal.).

814 Coco v. United States (C. C. A. Mo.).

Harbaugh y. Dwyer (C. C. A. Or.). 247 Davidson v. Payne (C. C. A. Kan.)

69 Haskell v. McClintic-Marshall Co. (C. C. Ewert v. Robinson (C. C. A. Okl.)

A. Wash.)...

405 Green v. United States (c. 0. A. 'Mo.):: 236 Henderson v. May, two cases (C. C. A. Hill v. Rankin (D. C. Okl.).


192 Hollingsworth v. White (C.'C. A. Kan.) 401

Juvenile Shoe Co. v. Federal Trade ComMcKinney v. Black Panther Oil & Gas Co.

mission (C. C. A.)

57 (C. C. A. Okl.).

.: 1021 McColgan v. Lineker (C. C. A. Cal.). 253 Madison Bond Co. v. Scott County, Ark.

McKinney, In re (C. C. A. Ariz.). 242 (C. C. A. Ark.)


Mangum v. United States (C. C. A. Ariz.).. 213 Mid-Co Gasoline Co., In re (C. C. A. Okl.) 67

Nixon v. United States (C. C. A. Idaho).. 177 Mid-Co Petroleum Co., In re (C. C. A.

Northern Commercial Co. of Alaska V. Okl.)


Territory of Alaska (C. C. A. Alaska).. 786 Miller v. Sinjen (C. C. A. Neb.).


One Big-Six Studebaker Automobile Moreno-Burkham Const. Co. v. Burgauer

United States (C. C. A. Mont.)...... 256 (C. C. A. Ark.).

Owego, The (D. C. Wash.).

263 Nemaha County, Neb., v. Harmon (C. C. A.

Plank, In re (D. C. Mont.).

900 Neb.) 795 Selig v. Brindle (C. C. A. Alaska).

661 Norton v. Larney (C. C. A. Okl.)


Simpson v. United States (C. 0. A. Peck v. Stafford Flour Mills Co. (C. C. A.


188 Ark.)

43 Territory of Alaska v. Annette Island Pennok Oil Co. v. Roxana Petroleum Co.

Packing Co. (C. C. A. Alaska).

671 of Oklahoma (C. C. A. Okl.)


Todd Dry Dock & Construction CorporaRand v. Morse (C. C, A. Mo.).


tion v. Sumner Iron Works (C. C. A. Robinson v. Ewert (C. C. A. Okl.). 740


217 Rosenberg v. Shuler (D. C. Okl.).

820 United States v. Bostick (D. C. Ariz.).... 127 Schafroth v. Ross (C. C. A. Neb.).


United States v. Margolis (D. C. Cal.) 161 Scott County, Ark., v. Madison Bond Co.

United States v. Montgomery (D. C. (C. C. A. Ark.)


125 Stalcup v. Jepson (C. C. A. Neb.).

479 United States v. One Kissel Touring AuState of Missouri v. Desloge Consol. Lead

tomobile (D. C. Ariz.).

120 Co. (c. C. A. Mo.)..

. 1022 United States v. Stovall (D. C. Ariz.)... 123 State of Missouri v. Federal Lead Co. (C.

Valentine v. Valentine (C. C. A. Alaska).. 487 C. A. Mo.).. · 1022 Wells v. Bodkin (C. O. A. Cal.)....

245 State of Missouri v. St. Joseph Lead Co. (C. C. A. Mo.)..


DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Taylor v. Logan Trust Co. (C. C. A. Ark.) 51 Arkell Safety Bag Co. v. Safepack Mills United States v. Ko Sai Cheung (C. C. A. (App. D. C.).

616 Mo.)

..1022 Atkinson v. United States (App. D. C.).. 935 Winter v. Midland Nat. Bank of Minne- Banco Mexicano de Commercio e Industria apolis (C. C. A. N. D.)....

.1022 v. Deutsche Bank (App. D. C.)........ 924 289 F.-b





Page Barnette v. Sayers (App. D. C.)..... 567 Marsh Capron Mfg. Co. v. Bates Machine Brewer v. Russell (App. D. C.). 619 & Tractor Co. (App. D. C.).

633 Broderick v. L. Mitchell & Co. (App. D. C.) 618 Maschauer v. Downs". (App:'D. C.)::: 540 Brosnan v. Brosnan (App, D. C.). 547 Merritt v. Griffin (App, D. C.).

631 Chapman v. Hammett (App. D. C.). 634 Merritt v. Thompson (App. D. C.)..... 631 Clagett v. United States (App. D. C.). 532 Midwest Oil Co., In re (App. D. C.).... 1018 Cooper v. Porter (App. D. C.)

624 No-Leak-O Piston Ring Co. v. Chandlee Cornwell_v. Southern Maryland Trust Co. (App. D. C.).

526 (App. D. C.)....

939 Parker, Applicacion of (App. D. C.). 607 Crane v. District of Columbia (App. D. C.) 557 Peters, Application of (App. D. C.) 637 Fowler v. Washington Loan & Trust Co.

Poling v. Washington Loan & Trust Co. (App. D. C.)...

(App. D. C.)...

610 Fry v. National Savings & Trust Co. (App. D. C.)..

Price v. United States (App. D. C.)..... 562 589

Sterling v. United States (App. D. C.)... 635 Gordon v. United States (App. D. C.). 552 Goss v. Verzi (App. D. C.).


Stillwell v. Thompson, two cases (App.
D. C.)...

594 Green v. Pyne (App. D. C.).


Swiss Nat. Ins. Co. v. Miller (App. D. C.) 571 Grock v. United States (App. D. C.) 544

United Electric Co. v. Replogle (App. Guettler v. Alfsen (App. D. C.). 613


D. C.). Harting v. Harting (App. D. C.).


Waldes & Co. v. Raden Bros. (App. D. C.) 639 Howerton v. District of Columbia (App. D. C.)..


Washington, B. & A. Electric R. Co. v. Hudson v. Davis (App. D. C.).

603 913

Brooks (App. D. C.). Hunter v. Wheate (App. D. C.)


Washington, B. & A. Electric R. Co. v. Jones v. United States (App. D. C.).

598 536

Waller (App. D. C.).. Lewis v. American Security & Trust Co.

Washington Terminal


Sampson (App. D. C.).....

(App. D. C.).

577 Lindberg v. Humphrey_(App. D. C.)... 901 Washington 0. Ry. Co. v. Smith Luber v. Beach (App. D. C.). 638 (App. D. C.).

582 Marshalltown Laboratories v. Brady (App. Ziang Sun Wan v. United States (App. D. • D, C.).. 630 C.)






International Heating Co. v. Oliver Oil Gas Burner & Mach. Co., 288

F. 708. Denied Sept. 12, 1923.
Manning v. United States, 287 F. 800. Denied June 27, 1923.
Smith v. McCullough, 285 F. 698. Denied Aug. 13, 1923.

NINTH CIRCUIT. Climenson v. Carson, Pirie Scott & Co., 284 F. 507. Denied March 12, 1923. 289 F.

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