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145. Goujeers. query 7.145.

p.225. hunted with his honour to day.

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The common addres & a Lord, in our Aut? Tema was Your Honor, which was weed midif. ferently with your Lordship. Jes any HD Liter, Bedr =cation of that age


7.264. then drawst Counterfeit.


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pocket knife. Whittle' is still in ze midland Countris the common


7.346. a ruinous Monafter. Shakespeare forget

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clasp knife, such as

was not yet Chriftian Therefore Monasteries

children use. – I

have heard of a Discank. had not yet been which a Fanatic Scott founded: but he was Preacher was making thinking thinking of his own; to his audience of the Times, as below when several purposes for wit in p. 348. he makes providence had created Staron object to Lucius that useful animal a Sheep. Ah! my his popish tricks and days he, There's the ceremonies, forgetting Wool for Claiths, and that Lucius was a the Guts for Saggis, heathen Roman.

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and the Shin-Canes

for Whittle-hefts.

p. 353. Repine & Murder.

Shakespeare means

you such feets Rape and Murthar
as evidently appears,

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p. 319. Napkin for hand
= kerchief. Som othell

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in mee?

NB. The aforemention. The Devil in Ma. Mai who, was the chief devil confissed his name to t it had possession of Save Mode, and that he ha illiamb: Int another besides himself fraver the possessed, no named other Spirits, & all of lich and magny them Captains & of grea at was possessed by a fame. !! #47 %1⁄2 are fase ith 7 more confiderable be the spirits of the send called Modu. vid. Deadly Sins, who had wrfists declaration & possession of the P. Mar 68. where in the Deposition at once, viz. Th. Spir The said Rich. Mainy we of Pride. 2. Covetous ars.... Furthermore, it is nesse. 3. Luxury (or iretended... that there Lasciviousness) 4. Env Imamesh Still 5. Wrath. 6. Gluttony the Prince of all other sh. 7. Sloth... "Then Ma "be Modu ?" he is else = Edmundes (the Exorcist, whers called " the Prince began agame his exor= Modu" Jo. p. 269. "When =cismes with great lar the faid Priests had dis= =restues, and all th patch 2 ? theme business at Company cried out impor Hackney (where they had God, the blosed Virgin, Besa exorcising Sara Wit: 5. George and all the liams) they then returned Company of Heaven to towards mee, uppon Pre- helpe & succour them in tence to caft the great that holy action, so as Prince modu... out of both that wicked poince Modu, & his Company Ibid. p. 278. We have an it be cast out." This feans to be parti=



name shd



Extract from the account

published by the Exorcists cularly alluded to in the Hemselves, te, viz." By Com- haftake in K. dear. p. 100

FiveFinds have Yes.


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I was ficke of this discase

K.Lear. p.63.
I how this mother swells up in France, a scottish__
Doctor of Physick then in

towards my


Hystorica passio. Sown thon Paris, called it as I remem= ober, Vertiginem capitis.

bing forrow!

Strifeth.... of a winde in


St. Lear here affects to pass the bottome of the is Way, off the swelling of his heart & proceeding with a great with grief & indignation, swelling, canfeth a very for the discnsel catted the painfull collicke in the Hrother or Hysterica Passis Stomack, and an extra2.thin our Author's time ordinary giddines in the was not thought peculiar to stir at least very prin Women only. In Harsns #'s - bable that Shakespeare Famous Declaration of Popish 1. not have thought Imposters, Rich. Mainy Gent of making Lear affect. ne of the pretended demonic to have the Hysterie acks, deposes (4.263.) that the first night that he came Denham, the Seat of Mor if this hafinge, had Beckhamn, where these Impos suggested it to him, he was he was


or Mother.

-tures were manage. ofter



"he was fome what sill at selecting the other
worse and particulars from it, in
worse with an old Disease that order to furnish out
ne had, and which the Prisfts his Character of Tom
persuaded hein was from the of Bedlam, to whom.
Possession of the Devil, voir. This Demoniacal Gib =
In The Disease. I spake of, berish is admitrably
(pice of the mother
wherewith I had beene tant
led... before my going into

was a


unce: whether doe
• terme it the mother

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