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Missouri River Basin Project--Nebraska

General Information Dam (Continued)

Purpose: TFTood control, diversion for irrigation, storage, sedimentation control, fish and wildlife preservation, and recreation Location: On Republican River, about 2-1/2 miles west of Trenton, Nebr. Constructed: 1949-1953 Water supply: Republican River Drainage area: 4,003 square miles Maximum flood: 200,000 secondfeet (May 31, 1935) Average yearly flow: 211 secondfeet (1947-1952) Reservoir: Official name: Swanson Lake Area: 7, 975 acres at elevation 277 3.0 Flood control storage: 133,800 acre-feet, between elevations 2752. 0 and 2773. 0 Active irrigation storage: 116,100 acre-feet, between elevations 2710. 0 and 2752. 0 Dead storage: 4, 100 acre-feet, between elevations 2693.0 and 27 10. 0 Dam Type: Zoned rolled-earth fill Foundation: Pierre shale Slope protection: Riprap on gravel blanket on upstream face, seeded topsoil on downstream face Dimensions: Height: 144 feet above lowest excavation in cutoff trench, 100 feet above riverbed Crest length: 8,600 feet Crest elevation: 2793. 0 Crest roadway width: 30 feet Volume: 7, 800,000 cubic yards Slopes: Upstream, 6 to 1 to elevation 27 10, 3 to 1 to elevation 2760, and 2-1/2 to 1 to elevation 2793 Downstream, 10 to 1 to elevation 27 10, 4 to 1 to elevation 2735, 2-1/2 to 1 to elevation 2760, and 2 to 1 to elevation 2793

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Technical records of design and construction are a series of publications which record the planning, design, construction, and initial operation of Bureau of Reclamation projects and features.

This technical record of design and construction of Trenton Dam is divided into six chapters. Chapter I contains general description, history and authorization, geology, and cost information. Chapter II is devoted to investigations of construction materials, and studies of railroad, highway, and county road relocations. Discussions on the design of the dam, spillway and river outlets, canal outlet works, and railroad structures are included in chapter III. Chapter IV contains discussions on contract administration and survey work. All phases of construction are discussed in chapter V. Chapter VI is devoted to test installations.

This technical record was prepared in the Commissioner's Office, Denver, under the direction of the Assistant Commissioner and Chief Engineer. Acknowledgment

is gratefully made to the designers and field personnel whose contributions formed the

basis for this work.

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