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Wilde's Summer Rose; or, the Lament of the Captive.

An authentic account of the origin, mystery, and ex-
planation of R. H. Wilde's alleged plagiarism. By
Anthony Barclay, and with his permission published
by the Society. Savannah, 1871. Published in both
bound and unbound form.
8vo, pp. 70.

Casimir Pulaski.

An address delivered before the Society by Charles C.
Jones, Jr., upon the occasion of the thirty-second
anniversary, February 13, 1871. Savannah, 1873.
8vo, pp. 28. Large paper. Also included in vol. iii of

the Society's collections. Pamphlet.

Proceedings, resolutions and communications, com-
memorative of Edward J. Harden, attorney for the
City of Savannah and president of the Society, who
died April 19, 1873. Savannah, 1873.
8vo, pp. 31.

The Siege of Savannah in 1779, as Described in Two Con

temporaneous Journals of French Officers of the Fleet
of Count d'Estaing. Albany, 1874.
4vo, pp. 77. Folded map.
Edited by Charles C. Jones, Jr., and dedicated to the

Georgia Historical Society.

Proceedings of the dedication of Hodgson Hall, by the
Society, on occasion of its thirty-seventh anniversary,
February 14, 1876. Savannah, 1876.

8vo, pp. 29. Photograph. Pamphlet.

Sergeant William Jasper. An address delivered before the Georgia Historical Society, in Savannah, Ga., on the 3rd of January, 1876. By Charles C. Jones, Jr.,

cal Society, inasisaruah desa,

(Albany) Printed for the Society, 1876.
8vo, pp. 36.
Same. Albany, J. Munsell, 1876.
8vo, pp. 36.


By Lafayette McLaws. (Read before the Society.)
Southern Historical Society Papers. Vol. vii, pp. 64-90.
Richmond, 1879.


Reminiscences of service with the first volunteer regi-
ment of Georgia, in Charleston Harbor in 1863. An
address before the Society. March 3, 1879. By Charles
H. Olmstead. Savannah, 1879.
8vo, pp. 15.
The same in Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol.
ii, pp. 118-125, 158-171. Richmond, 1883.


Hernando De Soto. The adventures encountered and the route pursued by the Adelantado during his march through the territory embraced within the present limits of Georgia. By Charles C. Jones, Jr. Read before the Society. Savannah, 1880.

8vo, pp. 42. (1). Portrait. Pamphlet.

Anniversary address before the Society on the 14th of
February, 1881. By Charles C. Jones, Jr., Savannah,
8vo, pp. 40.
Title on cover reads: “The Georgia Historical Society;

its Founders, Patrons and Friends”. Pamphlet.

Constitution, by-laws, and list of members. Savannah,
8vo, pp. 31 (1).


A suggestion as to the origin of the plan of Savannah. Remarks by William Harden before the Society, September 7, 1885. Savannah, 1885.

8vo, pp. 4. No title page. Pamphlet.

The life and services of the Hon. Maj. Gen. Samuel Elbert, of Georgia. By Charles C. Jones, Jr. An address before the Society, at Savannah, on the 6th of December, 1886. Printed for the Society. Cambridge, 1887.

8vo, pp. 48. Pamphlet.

A brief sketch of the life and writings of Sidney Lanier. By Charles N. West. An address delivered before the Society on the 5th of December, 1887. Printed for the Society. Savannah, 1888.

8vo, pp. 25. Pamphlet.

The interest and efficiency of woman in the development of literature and art. Address delivered at the annual meeting February 12, 1889. By Henry R. Jackson, president of the Society. Savannah, 1889.

8vo, pp. 15. Pamphlet.

The life and times of William Harris Crawford, of
Georgia. An address delivered by Charles N. West,
A. M., before the Society, May 2, 1892. Savannah,

8vo. pp. 45. Pamphlet.

Constitution, by-laws, and list of members. Savannah, 1894.

8vo, pp. 35. Pamphlet.

Constitution, by-laws, and list of members. Savan-
nah, 1910.
8vo, pp. 28.

List of Members

February 12, 1914 The Georgia Historical Society

1. Adams, 2. Adler, 3. Anderson, 4. Anderson, 5. Anderson, 6. Anderson, 7. Ashmore, 8. Armstrong, 9. Alexander, 10. Abrahams, 11. Bell, 12. Bell, 13. Bell, 14. Bacon, 15. Baldwin, 16. Baldwin, 17. Baldwin, 18. Beckwith,

Bullard, 20. Billington, 21. Barnard, 22. Butler, 23. Byck, 24. Carson, 25. Carswell, 26. Charlton, 27. Charlton, 28. Churchill, 29. Clay,

Samuel B.
Harry C.
J. Randolph
(Mrs. J. Randolph) Page W.
Sarah Randolph
George F.
(Mrs.) Nellie H.
Edmund H.
Frank G.
Charles G.
Edw. W.
Hal H.
George J.
(Mrs. George J.) Lucy H.
George H.
(Mrs. B. F.) Elizabeth Millar
(Mrs.) Gertrude
James M.
Robert M.
David A.
John A. G.
John D.
Walter, G.
Thomas J.
Aaron F.
William L.

19. Bulla


30. Colding, Henry S. New York City. 31. Cumming, Joseph B.

Augusta, Ga. 32. Crawford,

William, B. 33. Cunningham, Henry C.

Cunningham, (Mrs. Henry C.) Nora L. 35. Cunningham, T. Mayhew, Jr. 36. Cunningham, (Mrs. T. Mayhew, Jr.) Lilla C. W. 37. Cunningham, Sarah A. Cann,

J. Ferris 39. Cann,

George T. 40. Cooper, (Mrs. Hunter P.) Henrietta Tucker

Atlanta, Ga. 41. Conant,

Elbridge R. 42. Davis,

William V. 43. Davis,

William H. Waynesboro, Ga. 44. Denmark, Remer L. 45. DeRenne, Wymberley J. 46. DeRenne,

Wymberley W. 47. Dighton, Samuel R. 48. Ellis,

Charles 49. Ellis,

(Mrs. Charles) Marie H. 50. Evans, Lawton B.

Augusta, Ga. 51. Freeman,

Davis 52. Folsom,

H. B.

Mt. Vernon, Ga. 53. Gignilliat, William L. 54. Gordon,

(Mrs.) Nellie K. 55. Gordon, William W. 56. Gordon, (Mrs. W. W.) Ellen Screven 57. Gordon,

Beirne 58. Gordon, George Arthur 59. Granger, Harvey 60. Guckenheimer, Abe S. 61. Grant, John W.

Atlanta, Ga. 62. Gaines,

Frederick F. 63. Gaines,

(Mrs. Frederick F.) Frances E. 64. Groves,

Charles F. 65. Harden, William

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