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by whose death the indigent have lost a Aged 60, Mr. G. Bourn, auctioneer, of
most valuable benefactor, and the rising Pershore.
generation an affectionate patron.

The wife of T. Hayley, esq. of Bewdley.
Aged 94, Mrs. Riley, of Coventry.

At Bromsgrove, Mr. Wattle, attorney. Much and deservedly lamented Mrs. Rev. John Heigham, rector of WestGoodwin, of Coventry.

thorpe and Bayton, and perpetual curate In bis 64th year, Mr. Thomas Beech, of Walsbam upwards of 53, and of Great druggist, of Atherstone.

Aspfield upwards of 50 years ; during The wife of Mr. Rolls, attorney, of which time he never omitted duty through Prior's-Marston.

indisposition one day. In his 77th year, Mr. William Lowe, of At the Swan-inn, Chaddersley Corbet, Solihull-ball.

aged 77, Mis. Catherine Orton. The Of a typhus-fever, Mr. T. M. Wilday, house in which she lived has been the proan eminent hat-manufacturer and banker, perty of ber ancestors ever since the of Atherstone.

reign of Henry VIII. apd at all times At Leamington Spa, seized with an kept by one of the family. Mrs. O. was apoplectic fit,' whilst undressing to go into born in the room in which sbe died, and the tepid bath, Mr. Barclay.

during her life (with the exception of five At Rugby, aged 62, Richard Burgh, esq. nights) never slept in any other. Jate of Coventry, only son of Tho. B. At Overbury, aged 70, John Skipp, esq. formerly a physician of great eminence of Ledbury. there. He has bequeathed 5001. to the At Overbury, Mrs. Pynock, relict of trustees of Mrs. Bayley's charity-school, J. P. esq. of Tewkesbury. and 10001. towards new.pewing that noble At Evesham, aged 84, W. Burgis, esq. edifice St. Michael's church, Coventry. late captain in the Royal Marines.

At Birmingham, aged 82, Mrs. Scott, At Tenbury, aged 19, Mrs. Greenly. relict of W. S. esq.

Yorkshire.---At York, aged 37, the wife Mrs. Langley, relict of Rev. S. L. D.D. of Rev. Dr. Coke; a woman of the deeprector of Checkly.

est piety, and most amiable manners. Susanna, relict of Rev. W. Jabét, for- At York, aged 92, Mr. Edward Thompmerly lecturer of St. Bartholomew's cha- son, of Scott-hall. pel, Birmingham.

At York, aged 85, Mr. R. Wright, who Westmoreland-At Theathwaite, Castle served the office of sheriff for York in 1797. Sowerby, aged 103, Mrs. T. Strong.

At Leeds, H. A. Keck, youngest son of At Appleby, aged 92, Mr. G. Patterson. B. A. K. esq. ; a youth of superior at

Wilts.-At Salisbury, J. Woolley, esq. tainments. of Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

At Leeds, at the house of her son-inMr. Burbridge, an old and respectable law Dr. Thorp, aged 78, Mrs. Grant, rear inhabitant of Salisbury.

lict of Dr. G. G. physician in Edinburgh,
Aged 83, the wife of Mr. Sutton, late and sister of the late Sir A. Grant, of Mo..
woollen-manufacturer, of Salisbury. They nymusk.
had lived together 63 years.

At Leeds, aged 75, Mrs. Crouch, sister
At Lacock, near Chippenham, Mrs. of the late Dr. Priestley.
Davenport, late of St. James's-square. At Leeds, aged 44, Frances, wife of

In her 78th year, Hester, wife of Mr. Benjamin Hird, D. D. ; and, though con-
H. Wilson, of Marlborough.

formity with her wishes forbids much dis. Aged 22, Anne Francis, second daugh- closure of tbis admirable character, yet ter of Mr. W. Stephens, of Chippenham, should its loss not be announced without and niece of Lieut.-gen. S. R. A.

comment to that society in which her inAt Hungerford, aged 97, Mrs. Mulso tegrity, peculiar disinterestedness, and Whitelocke, only relict of the antient and sweetness of disposition, enabled her perrespectable family of that nane, who for fectly to fulfil every varied relation ! nearly 700 years were in possession of the Harriet, only daughter of Rev. Joseph Chilton Lodge estate in that neighbour. Whitely, of Leeds. hood.

Aged 66, Mr. John Hick, of Squire. Worcestershire.At Worcester, Apue, Pastures, near Leeds, an extensive coachrelict of Johu Ellis, esq. of Claines. proprietor.

William Stobles, second son of Rev. Dr. At Hull, aged 40, Mr. Thomas John. Davis, rector of All Saints, Worcester. ston, bookseller.

In his 80th year, Mr. Wm. Elt, hop- At Hull, aged 99, Mrs. Wray, mother merchant, near Worcester.

of Mr. W. At Worcester, in her 78th year, Mrs. At Hull, aged 91, Mr. John Gelson. Bowyer, relict of Thomas B. esy.

At Hall, in his 85th year, Mr. Thomas At St. John's, near Worcester, Philip Williamson, lale book and music seller, Moule, esq.

and 55 years one of the waits of the corAt Puxton, Kidderminster, aged 68, J. poration of that town. White, esq.


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At Pontefract, Col, Cockel, son of Dr. Mr. Joshua Becket, clothier, of Batley C. and brother of the late Serjeant C. Carr; one of the persons delegated, on a

At the 'residence of Jarnes Lister, esq. recent occasion, by the Manufacturers to on her return from Scarborough, Maria, the Legislature, to state the effect of the youngest daughter of Mr. Edward Ben- Orders in Council upon the trade of the son, wine merchant, late of York. This West Riding. lady was the author of a work on educa- At Yarm, aged 80, Jane, relict of Mr. tion; “ The Wife,” and some other inge.' James Proctor, one of the Society of nious pieces.

Friends. Aged 90, Mr. John Boville, of Whitby. Mrs. Paley, of Giggleswick, near Settle,

AC Whitby, Mr. Thos. Pyman, one of sister to the late Rev. Dr. P. sub-dean of the agents of ihe Whitby Shipping Asso- Lincoln. ciation.

At Bramwith, aged 105, Mary Roberts. In his 430 year, Dr. France, of Sheffield. At Whitby, aged 104, Mrs. Elizabeth Dropped down in the street, in a fit, Rowntree. and expired, aged 70, Mr. W. Creswick, Mr. Joseph Binney, of Sheffield, mernearly 50 years an eminent change-ringer chant. at St. Peter's Gothic Spire church, Shef- Jan. 1. At Deptford, Wm, Goodhew, field. The Society of St. Peter's Youths esq. a deputy lieutenant, and an active muffled the clappers of their grand and magistrate for the county of Kent, deep-toned new peal of 10 bells, at the At Richmond, Surrey, aged 78, Mr. church, and performed 1000 solemn John Marissal. changes on this occasion.

At the Mythe, co. Gloucester, in his At Sheffield, Mr. Taylor, well known 720 year, Martin Lucas, esq. an able, there for having performed several asto- active, and upright magistrate. nishing cures on the lame, the deaf, and Fell into the river Stour, and drowned, the bind.

whilst passing from Sturminster to NewIn bis 73d yearRobert Ramsbottom, ton, owing to the darkness of the evening, esq. of Birk's-hait, near Halifax.

and a rail of the bridge being gone, Mr. At Wakefield, in his 78th year, Mr. W. Crutwell, of Babcary, Somerset. Peter Priestiy, who had been employed Found dead in his bed, to which he had about the parish-church nearly 60 years, retired without any apparent illness, Mr. 20 of which he was sexton, and 25 parish- Beaver Buchanan, a very respectable apoclerk.

thecary, of Dublin. In ber 8 1st year, Mrs. Bentley, reliet Jan. 2. Aged 38, Mr. Thrs, Cowdroy, of Mr. J. B, of Bradford, attorney-at-law. of Manchester, druggist, second son of

At Kilburn, agen 19, the only daughter Mr. C. printer of “The Manchester Gaof John Horner, esq.

zette." lu ber 100th year, Mrs. Clara Stirk, of At Bath, John Abbott, of Plymouth, Skipton.

a respectable meinber and minister of the Aged* 72, Mrs. Rebecca Dixon, of Mor- society of Friends. ley. She has left 10 children and 47 Jan. 3. In Wimpole-street, in her 19th grand children, alt settled in Morley, and year, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. who all frequent one place of worship Hodgson, bookseller. there.

In Sloane-street, Mrs. Sanford, widow At Longthorpe, in the prime of life, of the late W. S. esq. of Welbeck-street Rev, Christopher Hill.

and New Bond--street. At Rotherham, after an illness of one In Piccadilly, the wife of Mr. G. Bingday, aged 99, Walter Morgan ;--this ve

ley. teran fought under the brave Gen. Wolfe Iu Threadneedle-street, Mr, David Broat the taking of Quebec.

Sarah, wife of Rev. J. Townsend, dis. At Edmonton, in his 78ih year, John senting minister at Elland, eldest daugh- Heplock, esq. ter and only surviving 'child of the late At Lewes, aged 83, Mrs. Eleanor Shelley, Rev, S. Moult, of Rotherham.

At Clanville, near Andover, aged 29, At Bawtrey, aged 82, Mrs. Milnes, Mrs. Ralph Clarke. widow of Pemberton M. esq. of Wake- In her 74th year, the wife of Rev. field, and mother of Viscountess Galway, Francis Rowden, B. D. rector of Cuxhama

Very suddenly, whilst on a visit, aged and Jbstone, Oxon, and prebendary of 38, the wife of George Dowker, esą, of Sarum, Oswaldkirk-hall.

At Atherstone, co. Warwick, aged 74, At Boghall, aged 78, Mr. Robert Ord; Frances, relict of the late Rev. John and on Dec. 22, Jane his daughter. Mitchel, M. A. rector of Grendon, and

Ac Eskeleth-house, aged 74, Mrs. Mar. vicar of Austrey, in the same county. garet Wharton, mother of Mr. Thos. W. Suddenly, after eating his breakfast, agent to the Arkindale and Derwent Mi- aged 73, Rev. James Williamson, rector ping Company.

of Plumtree, Notts. ,

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In consequence of falling into the mash- Usher of his Majesty's Privy Chamber, ing-kieve, on the 29th ult. whilst at work in which station be continued till his in his brewhouse, by which he was so death. It may be truly said of this most dreadfully scalded to occasion, bis worthy and most amiable gentleman, that death after great suffering, Mr. Tothill, he was not only respected, but highly master of the Buller's Arms, Exeter. valued by his superiors, and esteemed

At East Harptry, Somerset, the wife of and loved by his acquaintance and Rev. John Benson, late curate of St. friends; and that he was a brave soldier, Mary's, Leicester,

a loyal subject, a faithful friend, an ho. In his Sth year, Bryan O'B

ne, esq.

nest man, and a pious Christian.-His M. D. surgeon.of Forton Depôt Hospital, only son, Lieut. col. Edward Hull, had

Very suddenly, John Marshal, the pro- the honour to command the 2d battalion digy long known in Leeds by the vame of of his father's old and distinguished regiCrutchy Jack. This singularly diminutive ment at the Battle of Vimeira, and in the man, though not more than 36 inches in campaign under Sir John Moore ; and height, was the father of eight fine robust gloriously fell at the head, and in comchildren. Defective as was the conforma., mand, of the 1st battalion of this renowotion of his person, he survived to the age ed corps at the battle of the Coa, on the of 62 years, and has lest a widow and four 24th of July, 1810, universally lamented children, the youngest about five years of by bis Regiment, regretted by his friends, age.

and esteemed by those best able to apJan. 4. At Camberwell, dropped down. preciate his merits, as an Officer of exin an apoplectic fit, whilst walking at the cellent judgment and great promise, who back of his house, and instantly expired,' had seen much and various service in aged 60, Mr. Young, who was clerk to the the West Indies, and different parts of parish church of Camberwell for many Europe. years; and bore an excellent character. Jan. 8. In Seymour-place, in her 60th

Aged 6, Lionel Robert, fifth son of year, the Countess of Aylesbury,eldest child Henry Thomas Williams, esq. of Grosve. of the late Earl Moira, by Lady Elisabeth nor-place; a child of an uncommonly in- Hastings, Baroness Hungerford, &c. Her telligent mind and amiable disposition. ladyship was born in 1753, and has left

Aged 78, Mr. J. Wetherhead, of Rich-, no issue. Her remains were deposited in mond, Surrey.

the family vault, in Bedfordshire, on the At his mother's house, Carlisle, aged: 16th instant. 24, William Richard Giles, esq. son of In the Stable-yard, St. James's, Maria, the late William G. esq.

Lady Broughton. Jan. 5. In New. Burlington-street, aged Jun. 10. At Bath, Mrs. Webster, relict 85, the wife of Sir Philip Gibbes, bart. of the late J. W. LL. B. archdeacon of

Aged 175, Wm. Hall, esq. of Halliford, Gloucester, and niece of the late Bishop Middlesex, formerly a commander of the Warburton. ship Southampton, in the Hon. East India At Sidmouth, J. Amyatt, esq. He forCompany's service.

merly represented the borough of Totness, At Edinburgh, the Hon. A. Fraser Tyt- and latterly, in five successive Parlialer, Lord Woodhouselee, one of the Judges ments, the town of Southampton. of the Court of Session (second division), Jan. 11. Aged 65, John Harwood, esq. and one of the Judges of the High Court of Deane, Hants. of Justiciary; of whom a farther account Jan. 12. In Upper Gower-street, the shall be given in our next.

infant son of fames Pickford, esq. Jan. 7. At Southampton, aged 79, Treyor Mr. Alexander Grant, a respectable Hull, esq. one of his Majesty's Gentlemen printer, of Southwark. Ushers of the Privy Chamber. He en- At Coombe-lodge, Oxon, the wife of tered into the Army in 1756 as Ensign of Samuel Gardiner, esq. the 43d regiment; and served under the Jan. 13. In North-street, Red LionEarl of Loudoun, Lord Amherst, the im- squaie, Jobo Bell, esq. an eminent solimortal Wolfe, General Murray, &c. incitor, of Gray's-inn; whose life was industhe several campaigns, battles, and triously spent in doing good. sieges, which annexed Acadia, Louis- At Holt, i. his 96th year, W. Brere-burgh, and Canada, to the British Em- ton, esq. who formerly held for some pire. He afterwards served under Gene- years the respectable situation of Master rals Walsh and Munckton at the taking of the Ceremonies, at the Lower Rooms, of Martinique and the other French West Baih. India islands, and with the Earl of Albe- Jan. 14. At Leicester, in his 22d year, marle at the Havannah. He returried to John, second son of the late Rev. Josepta: Europe with his regiment in 1773, and Gregory,vicar of St. Martin's and All Saints, retired from the Army, after the Ameri- Leicester. Few young men possessed a can War, with the rank of Major, being more amiable disposition, or engaging soon afterwards appointed Gentleman manners : in bis professional duties he was


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studious, able, and expert; and, in the dis- pliments, at the times of payment, from charge of every moral and social obligation, such wealthy houses as noticed her exema most exemplary ornament of virtue and plary meekness and assiduity. In the rectitude, worthy of imitation.

discharge of this pleasing and confiden. Aged 75, Lieut.-geo. Ramsay.

tial part of her manifold duty, Mrs. N. At Gogerddan, co. Cardigan, the Hon. had very actively exerted herself throughHarriet, wife of Pryse Pryse, esq. of out the morning of the day on wbich she Gogerddan, and of Woodstock, Oxon, sis- died ; and, with a scrupulesity of exactter of Lord Ashbrook.

ness always to be admired, but in the John Dickioson, esy. banker, Tiverton, present instance only to be regretted, reDevon

solved to convey, herself, the collection Jan. 15. Suddenly, Mons. Robert, a of rents to Mr. Smith, of Church-street, principal performer in the Opera Ballets. Kensington, before she took her harda In Si. Bartholomew's Hospital, in con- earned repose.

Ill had she calculated sequence of her cluaths taking fire on the the power of her enfeebled and nearly. 13th inst. Mrs. Woolley, of Play-house- exhausted frame to support such addio yard, Blackfriars.

tional fatigue annidst the severities of a At Croydon, aged 77, Mrs. Paulina wintry season. At Kensington Gore her: Smith, sister of John S. esq. late of Dra- strength failed her, ber spirits flagged, pers Hall, London, deceased.

and she sunk down on the fool-path in At Liverpool, four weeks after her the deliquium of Death!-and, marki eldest sister, aged 16, Sophia, second we the boasted humanity of the spot! her daughter of Major-gen. Dirom, of Mount silken umbrella was stolen from a faint Annan,

and lifeless grasp; she was refused ad.Jan. 16. In Doctors' - Commons, sud- . mission into the next public-house; and denly, in bis 591h year, George Bogg, she would infallibly have breathed her esq. many years an eminent proctor. He last on the snows before the door, had had no relative to joherit the large pro- she not been recognized. ... A coach perty he had acquired.

was called; she was litted into it, and Rev. James Howell, rector of Clutton. died on the seat of it as it drove slowly

In her 100th year, Mrs. Bowey, of homeward !!! Exeter, formerly a very respectable mil. Jan. 19. In Whitechapel, aged 82, Mrs. liner.

Ann Cawlborn, relict of the late Mr. Chas. Jan. 18. In a hackney-coach, on her · C. of Leadenhall-street, hardwareman. return to Brompton, the truly respectable Jan. 20. In Cadogan-square, Isaac widow Neaie, one of the oldest pew. Schomberg, esq. a Captain in, and for openers of Brompton Chapel. The life the last years of his life a Commissioner of this good woman *as laborious and for managing the affairs of the Navy; to hạmble: though laboricus, however, it relain which last situation, his health not was not indigent; and though bumble, it allowing more active service, be, on a rewas not uninstructive. Many and most cent proinotion, passed his Flag. – A trying to her had been its unambitious life employed and consumed in the active vicissitudes. From apparent competency, and arduous enterprize of an honourable her lowly fortune at one time brought her · profession, and latterly in the equally to comparative straits; but her mind useful and laborious, though less distinpossessed native and acquired resources. guished administration of its civil duties, sound judgment matured by religious should not be permitted to terminate principle,-and by its elasticity, constant- without some notice,--and if this be true ly kept her above querulousness and de- as a general principle, there never was an spondency. At one time, she was com- instance in which its application was betfortably settled in the world, and happy ter merited than in that of Isaac Schomwith a husband of honest character, and berg. He had served in every quarter with a family of eleven duteous children. of the Globe, and in all with distinction These and several other blessings she out- to himself and benefit to his country. As lived ; she resigned them with sighs of first Lientenant of Captain (now Admiral) buman affection, but looked to a re-union Cornwallis's ship, he shared in the danbeyond the grave with fullness of Chris- ger and the glory of Rodney's 12th of tian hope. By all her acquaintance, her April; and bad his proportion of the well patience and well-doing were highly ap- and hard-earned praise conveyed in the preciated: and by numbers of her richer expression of the gallant De Grasse, after neighbours, 'her worth was substantially his captare, “that he had sutfered more honoured in ways at once liberal and de- from that litile black-sided ship” (the licate. Her integrity was irreproachable. Lion of 64, commanded by Capt. CornShe was entrusied often with 'the care of wallis), “ than fronı any other during the collecting the pew-rents, with a consi- engagement.” He next commanded a derate view, perhaps, to the possibility of frigate in the East Indies (during the her receiving certain little pecuniary com- Peace which commenced in 1783), where


he risked and lost all that under the cire Peace of 1783; a book affording at once cumstances he could put in hazard, his a gratifying reward for past services, and health. The effects of a liver complaint a powerful incitement to future ones, contracted on that service, were felt dur- the honourable testimony to fallen, and ing the remainder of his life. On the the bright example to aspiring merit. 1st of June, 1794, Capt. Schomberg com- Such was the late 1. Schomberg-he died manded a ship of the line in Lord Howe's as he lived, with manly fortitude and fleet; and where “ England expected pious resignation_lamented deeply by that every man would do his duty," his his family, as the best of husbands and friends and his country were not disap- fondest of parents, and sincerely regretted pointed in the Commander of the Cullo- by many friends who knew his worth both den.-Soon after the commencement of public and private, one of whom offers to the present War, he was appointed to the his memory this last tribute of respect command of the Sea Fencibles at Hast

and esteem. ings; and though with a large family, At Chandos-house, the illustrious Anna and a very limited income, had the rare Eliza, Duchess of Chandos, relict of James, and honourable merit of being the first to the last Duke of Chandos, mother to report that the establishment, over a part Countess Temple, and sister to Sir Rich. of which he presided, and by the emolu- Gamon, bart. ments of which he was in a great measure At Boddicott, Oxon, Rev. Dr. Nicoll, supported, was an useless and unnecess chancellor of Wells, rector of Drayton, sary burden to his country. Lord Mul. and late chaplain iu ordinary to his Ma. grave, then first Lord of the Admiralty, jesty. felt the value of the suggestion, and the Jan. 25. At her son's house in Alders... mérit of such a sacrifice of all personal gate-street, in her 81st year, Mrs. Eliza. considerations to a sense of duty ; and, beth Carpenter. Endowed with a strong unsolicited on the first vacancy appoint- ard penetrating mind, she sustained with ed Capt. S, Deputy Comptroller of the Christian fortitude a short jilness prepicus Navy;--It was soon found that by this to her demise; and, sensible of a speedy appointment a meritorious officer had dissolation, she fervently implored of the been superseded, and Capt. S instantly Great Disposer of all events for a removal gave up a post, 'which he could not have from this transitory life, to those blissful held without wounding the feelings of its mansions where true happiness and joy is present worthy possessor, and was ap- only to be found. pointed to the vacancy occasioned at the In vol. LXXXII. Part ii. p. 598. a. we Navy Board by Sir F. Hartwell's nomina- briefly noticed the death of Mrs. Freeling, tion to the office of Deputy Comptroller wife of Francis Freeling, esq. Secretary to of the Navy.-Capt. Schomberg's services the General Post Office, Few events have since he took his seat at the Navy Board, excited greater sympathy in a large circle bave been constant and useful, though, of relatives and friends. To piety of the from their nature not conspicuous or purest and most cheerful kind, she united splendid; and to his unremitting atten. all that could distinguish the affectionate tion to his office, much of his last fatal :: wife and parent, and the warm and geneillness must be attributed. Mild and un- rous friend. Regardless of herself, she assuming in his manners; firm and ho- never lost sight of the interests and happipourable in his mind, he sacrificed every ness of others; she possessed the sweetest thing to a high sense of duty - England temper and the firmest mind; she purwas his first and a just opinion of its sued a steady course of active, yet unasvalue made his own, profession and its : suming benevolence; and ber example, members, its honour, and their welfare, while it diffused comfort to those who were his second object. The few hours of lei. about her, had its effect also on their lives sure in such a life were devoted to the and conduct. She died in the 38th year drawing up of a succinct but clear detail of her age, after having fulfilled all the of all the naval actions from the first duties of her station. foundation of the English Navy, to the Erralum. P. 55. a. I. 15. omit the.

THE AVERAGE PRICES of NAVIGABLE CANAL SHARes and other PROPERTY, in January 1815 (to the 26th), at the Office of Mr. Scott, 28, New Bridge-street, London, Coventry, 8121. dividend 401.-Swansea, 1801. ex dividend 101. per share.—Monmouth, 108l. ex half-year's dividend 31.—Grand Junction, 1981. 2001. ex half-year's dividend 31. 10s.-Old, Union, 96l. ex dividend 21.-Grand Union, 251. discount.. Thames Navigation Bonds, 921. per cent. -Kennet and Avon, 221.-Huddersfield, 181. Ripon, 701.—Chelmer, 861. 13:.-Ashby,181.-Bolton and Bury, 931.- London Dock Stock, 1021. ex dividend 21. 15s. half year.-Globe Assurance, 1051. with dividend 31. -Albion Assurance, 461,- Strand Bridge, 461, Discount. - London Institution, 551. Surrey Ditto, 141. 14%.

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