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late Mr. J. Shipcutt, of Featherstone- At Carlisle, Mr. G. Gardner, of Penbuildings.

rith. He had walked to Carlisle to atSuddenly, aged 53, Andrew Whiteman, tend the election, and was found dead in esq. of Kentish-town, late of the island his bed the following morning. He was of Grenada, West Indies.

supposed to be the oldest and most skilful At his inother's, Tottenham, in his 17th angler in the county. year, Caspar Voght Maccaughey, second At Carlisle, aged 91, Lydia Hutton, son of Mrs. Anne Britania M.

widow. On Richmond-terrace, aged 75, James At Whitehaven, in her 26th year, Allan, esq. of Clifton.

Fanny, youngest daughter of the late w. Aged 85, the wife of B. Cole, esq. Oaks, Lewthwaite, esq. of Broad-gate. Norwood.

At Whitehaven, aged 18, the eldest At the Old Lime Pits, Dorking, the wife daughter of the late Rev. G. Addison, of of Mr. Joseph Peters.

Workington. Berks.-Aged 53, Rev. John Perry, mi. At Penrith, aged 60, Wm. Hindson, esq. nister of the Baptist congregation,Newbury. At Kirkbride, aged 90, Mr. J. Davison.

At Windsor, aged 85, R. Mason, esq. His two next neighbours died there lately; At Windsor, aged 77, J. Williams, esq.' viz. aged 96, Sarah Farlan; and aged 91,

At Reading, Brookmail, gent. who, Mary Clark. according to his desire, was buried in an At lagremont, Mr. Abraham Brockbank, oak coffin, which he had made four years an eminent builder. previous to his death. He called on an At Sand-bill, aged 98, Mr. Robson. undertaker five days before his decease,

Aged 96, Mr. J. Barnes, of Bolton-bywent with him to the church-yard, and the-Sands. pointed out the spot he meant to be laid Derby.--At Chosterfield, Mary, wife of under : on his return home, he removed Mr. J. Storrs, one of the society of his old ceffin from its obscurity, and hav. Friends, who devoted much time in endea. ing inspected the proper cleansing of bis vouring to better the condition of the poor. memento mori, took to his bed, and died Aged 98, W. Rooke, esq. of Dronfield, the ensuing week.

formerly of Kiddie-hall. After a few hours' illness, from eating Devon.— At Exeter, aged 77, Edward walnuts, the son of Mr. Wm. Clode, of Chave, esq. formerly Captain in the East the White Hart-inn, Windsor.

Devon Militia, and Deputy-lieutenant. At East Hanney, aged 85, Mrs. Mary At Exeter, at a very advanced age, Dewe,

James Charter, esq. His ill health induAt Lyford, near Wantage, aged 83, Mr. *ced him, about 20 years since, to resigu Williama Belcher.

the office of Collector of the Customs of Cambridgeshire.-At Cambridge, Mr. C. that port, which he had long filled with Whiteley, student of Catherine-hall, eld

great credit. est son of Rev. J, W. of Leeds.

At Exeter, aged 82, Mrs. Martin, relict At Upton, near Cambridge, aged 83,

of J. M. esq. Mr. R. Jewett; father of 21 children, At Exeter, advanced in years, Mrs. grandfather to 75,

Granger, widow of Rev. Mr. G. formerly Aged 91, Mrs. Oldfield, of Newmarket. rector of Sowton.

Fell from his chair whilst taking a cup At Taunton, aged 82, Mrs. Horndon, of coffee, apparently in good health, and late of Callington, Cornwall, sister of R. instantly expired, in his 51st year, Mr. E. T. Lucas, esq. and of S. L. esq. late of Morden, farmer; of Papworth Everard. Baron's Down.

Cheshire.--At Chester, Rowland Jones, Aged 100, Mrs. Tippen, of Taunton. esq. an alderman of that city, distinguish- At Plymouth, aged 73, G. Giffereba, ed as a magistrate by his uniform zeal

esq. many years Secrétary to the late and impartiality.

Adm. Graves. Cornwall. --At Charlestown, a son and At Plymouth dock, Lieut. Hebron, daughter of Capt. Banks, one aged 5, 38th foot. and the other 3 years.

Lieut. John Bagnall, of the Marines. At Trelowarren, almost suddenly, aged At Milbrook, near Plymouth, aged 103, 35, the amiable and highly respected lady Amos Prince. of Sir Vyell Vyvyan, bart.

At Sidmouth, J. Bakerville, esq. of At Lacock, Mrs. B. Davenport,daughter Woolley, near Bradford, Wilts. of the late Dr. D. of Lacock-abbey, Wilts. At Exmouth, the wife of J. Butcher, esq.

At Penzance, George Lumsden, esq. of and daughter of Sir T. Champaeys, bart. Glasgow.

At Plympton, in her 16th year, Anne, At Maylor, Mrs. Anne Hoar.

second daughter of Rev. Wm. Hayne. At Truro, the wife of Thomas Nankiveli, R. Holberton, esq. of Torr-house, near

Plympton. Cumberland, At Carlisle, aged 64, R. At Ilfracombe, Mr. Courtney, father of Waldie, esq.

Mr. Jas. C. of the Excise-office, Bristol,


esq. banker.

At St. Nicholas's Island, near Ply- Aged 67, Mr. W. Nice, of the Hill farm, mouth, aged $8, Barrack Serjeant Dur- Gestingthorp. ham, much respected in his deparıment. The wife of T. Harridge, esq. of He had been in the army 70 years, and Rayleigh. served in Barret's regiment in the memo- At Low Leyton, of the hooping-cough, rable battle of Culloden. His afflicted the two daughters of J. Pardoe, esq. widow, who had been his faithful partner Anne, daughter of Rev. W. Fowler, 61 years, took his death so much at heart, vicar of. Matching. that she died four days after his inter- After an illness of three hours, aged 72, ment, and was buried in the same grave. J. Day,, of Kelvedon, one of the society of

At Tavistock, Sophia, wife of Frances Friends. Willesford, esq.

Near Dedham, aged 56, Mr. Lloyd, At his family-seat, Bedford, at an ad- Dissenting minister. vanced age, John Meddon, esq.

Harriet, second daughter of Rev. J. D. At Ottery St. Mary, Dashwood Bacon, Wainwright, M. A. rector of Sturmer. esq. brother of Sir Edmund B. bart.

Gloucester-Mrs. Niblett, relict of SaAt South Molton, Mrs. Harris, relict of muel N. esq. banker, of Gloucester. Rev. Wm. H. of Kenegie, Cornwall, and of The wife of Mr. Yeates, attorney of Lifton.

Gloucester. She was the only daughter Aged 17, Jane, second daughter of Ad- of the late Dr. Crane, and niece of Rev. miral Bury, of Denniton-house.

Dr. Whalley, of Mendip-lodge, Devon. At an advanced age, Rey. James At Cheltenham, Walter Spurrier, esq. of Bryett, vicar of Salcombe Regis, and Walsall, Bedford. rector of Chilfrome, Dorset.

Aged 90, Mrs. Graham, mother of Ma. At Whiteway, near Chudleigh, M. E. jor G. of Cheltenham. Parker, esq. brother of the late, and un- At Cirencester, Edmund, youngest son dle of the present, Lord Boringdon. of Joseph Cripps, esq.

The daughter of Dr. Metford, of Fluke. At Cirencester, aged 81, Mrs. Dibble, house, Taunton.

a maiden lady. Henry Herbert, esq. second son of G. In his 52d year, John Twinberrow, esq. H. esq. banker, Plymouth.

of Cirencester, many years a faithful The wife of George Coryndon, esq. of steward to Lord Bathurst. Plymouth, solicitor.

The wife of Rev. W. Davies, rector of Dorset -Aged 42, C. Fowell, esq. Eastington.

At Wareham, in her 78th year, Mrs. F. At Fretherne, aged 67, Mr. Geo. Nunn, Hyde, widow of Thomas H. esq. of Ame, 45 years in the Clerk of the Cheque'sDorset,

office, Portsmouth dock-yard. At Blandford, Robert Scott, esq.

At Dursley, aged 82, Mr. Jos. Bruton. Aged 66, Martha, wife of R. Moore, Aged 20, Mary Caroline, daughter of esq. of Sturminster Newton-castle. C. Evans, esq. of Highgrove.

At Sturminster-Newton, Bridget Ma- Of a rapid decline, Louisa, third tilda, eldest daughter of the late T. Pri. daughter of Rev. Mr. Halifax, of Standish. deaux, of North Tawton, Devon.

At Painswick, aged 86, Mrs. Mary At Folke, Emily, daughter of Rev. R. Brocklebank. Frome.

Aged 80, Mr. R. Jasper, surgeon, of At Sherborne, Miss Winter, eldest South Cervey. daughter of the late Mr. E. W. of Tin- At Stapleton, aged 73, Mr. J. Witchell. tinbull.

Hants--- At Winchester, aged 37, C. The wife of William Toogood, esq. of Gauntlett, esq. Sherborne.

At Winchester, Mrs. Hudson, Durham-Aged 81, Jane,mother of Rev. At Andover, Miss Anne Sanders. John Mason, of Sunderland.

At Ashley, near Lymington, John Abel At Durham, aged 93, Mr. Thomas Hart, Walter, esq. whose father lived to the age of 105.

At Southampton, Wm. Lakeland, an At Darlington, aged 30, Eliza, wife of officer in the Excise ; a very eccentric John Backhouse, esq. banker.

character. Though worth nearly 40001. John Glover, esq. of Staindrop, attorney- in funded property, he lived latterly so at-law.

abstemiously as to deprive himself of the At Norham Mains, aged 99, Mr. J. common necessaries of life. He died inLees

testate, and often observed, that he had Essex-At Harwich, aged 82, in conse- no relative in the world, and that his proquence of a fall, by which she broke her perty at his decease should devolve into collar-bone, the wife of Capt. W. Haggis. the hands of Government. Some neigh

Aged 80, Mr. H. Johnson, one of the bours, hearing of his deplorable state, a Assistants of the Corporation of Colchester. few days before his decease, administered

Aged 72, William Phillips, esg. an al- to him the sustenance and necessaries derman of Colchester,

proper for his situation, and occasionally sent a few bottles of wine, &c. the whole Aged 70, Mr. James Whittle, of Ardof which they found, after his decease, wick-place, near Manchester, an emiremaining in the same state as sent. nent architect.


At Southampton, Mrs. Rouby, relict In Manchester, Mr. Kite, well-known of the late Dr. R. of Plymouth.

as a manager of a company of EquesAt Milbrook, aged 107, Moses Pring. trians,

At Hursley, in her 100th year, Mrs. Aged 44, much respected, Mr. Wm. Pickering.

Nabb, of Manchester, solicitor. Herts. -At Little Hormead, aged 61, At Cross Acres Green, near ManchesRev. Thos. Cockshutt, B. D. rector ter, aged 53, Mr. W. Hunt. that parish, and vicar of Long Stanton At Liverpool, Robert Sellar, esq. who All Saints, Suffolk.

had been a merchant there nearly 30 Hereford. --Mrs. Morgan, relict of Rev. years. H. M. D. D. late canon residentiary of Aged 32, Eliza, wife of W. Hamilton, Hereford Cathedral,

esq. of Liverpool. At the Callow, near Hereford, in her At Liverpool, aged 92, Mrs. Barton. 100th year, Hannah Williams; who At Ulverston, Mr. Wm. Harrison, an earned her living by knitting, till within a

eminent surgeon. few days of her death,

James Cooke, esq. of Salford, solicitor, At Poolhullock, Thos. Prosser, esq. and Colonel of the Trafford and Hulme many years apothecary of St. George's Local Militia. Hospital.

Of a typhus fever, caught in the exerAt New Grove, Landinabo, the wife of cise of his professional duty as apotheRev. J. Hoskins, rector of that parish. cary to the Preston Dispensary, Mr. W.

At, Breinton, near Hereford, of the Hornby scarlet fever, Eliza Anne, widow of James At Preston, Mr. Smith; and on Dec. 7, Symonds, esq. and eldest daughter of the his daughter. late Andrew Hacket, esq. of Moxhull- At Everton, aged 36, Mr. P. D. Walhall.

mesley, late of Manchester, merchant. At Hereford, aged 65, Mrs. Hathaway, Frances Maria, daughter of R. Wilbrarelict of R. H. eset.

ham, esq. of Rodehall. At Bromyard, aged 87, Rev. Hoel Leicestershire.-The wife of Edw. HexPrice, heretofore rector of Evesbach, in tall, gent. of Leicester. that diocese.

At Melton Mowbray, aged 77, Mrs. Hunts, --Accidentally shot by his bro- Latham. ther, whilst on a sporting party, Mr. R. Aged 67, Mrs. Linney, of Melton MowFarey, of Woodhurst; who, only a few bray. months since, was left joint heir with his At Market Bosworth, in her 82d year, sister to the fortune of the late Majo Mrs. Catharine Sargeant. Richards, of Brampton

At Barrow, in her 74th year, Mrs. Kent.--At Canterbury, H. Gipps, esq. Wright, relict, of the late Mr. Thos. At St. Lawrence, near Canterbury, W. and mother of Mrs. Bruce, of Leiaged 71, John Deering, esq.

cester. At Ramsgate, aged 86, Capt. T. Cur- Mr. John Johnson, a respectable farling.

mer and grazier, of Branston. At Ospringe, the wife of T. Rutton, esq. Aged 48, Mr. Wm. Inchley, an emi

At East Malling, Amelia, second nent horse-dealer, of Great Easton, daughter of John Roffe, esq.

At Chater-house, Mrs. Elizabeth Aged 22, the wife of Mr. Ottaway, so- Trotter, whose mirid, highly gifted by nalicitor, Staplehurst.

ture, and improved by cultivation, was At Wrotham, Mrs. Haddock, relict of associated with the most amiable qualithe late J. H. esq.

ties of the heart. Her loss will be long At Cranbrook, aged 82, Mr. Jackson, and sincerely lamented. brother-in-law to the late Mr. Radley, of Lincolnshire.. At Lincoln, aged 80, Canterbury.

T. Hollingworth, esq. formerly of Lynp. Mrs. Lloyd, relict of Rev. Maurice L. At Kelston, aged 65, Mr. R. Parnell. vicar of Lenham.

At Long Sutton, R. Delamore, esq. At Westberre, Mrs. M. Williamson, At Alford, in her 101st year, Mrs. F. relict of Rev. W. W. rector of that place. Gatehouse, widow of Mr. W. G. Custon

At Shorne, in his 74th year, Mr. John house officer. About two years ago, she Prebble, sep.

cut two new teeth, and retained her At Charlton, near Dover, aged 99, Mrs. faculties till within a few hours of her Reynolds.

death. Lancashire.--At Edge-hill, Manchester, Aged 68, Launcelot Danby, gent. of John Boultbee, esq. whose works as an Risby, who has left 2001, for the benefit artist have long ranked among the first of the poor of that parish. productions of the pencil.

At Somer Castle, the seat of Lady

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Wray, Henry Mason, M. D. of East At Belford, in her 100th year, Mrs. Retford.

Smart, widow of the late R. S. of SpioMonmouthshire.--Mrs. Richards, relict dleston. of Lewis R. esq. of Troy-house, near Notis.-At Nottingham, aged 83, Lang. Monmouth.

ford Nevill, esq. At Newton-court, near Monmouth, Mr. At Nottingham, Miss Knight, of LoughJames Phillip.

borough. The wife of T. Mutlow, esq. merchant, Rev. John Durham, vicar of Mansfield. of Chepstow.

At Westborough, aged 95, Mr. W. Aged 69, A. Sandford, esq.

Andrews. His wife, to whom be had been At Newport, aged 58, Mrs. Jane Wing. married upwards of 70 years, died about comma woman of extraordinary genius eight months ago, aged 96. and vigour of intellect, possessing great Oxon.--At Thame, the wife of Mr. firmness and presence of mind in the Jones, master of the French-house aca. most imminent danger, as her miraculous demy. escape from a watery grave, about two Mr. Reading, solicitor, Bicester. years since, evinced. She was an au- Rutland.--At Oakham, Charles, son of thoress of no mean talents; and her do- the late Rev. Christopher Atkinson, formestic character, both as wife and mo- merly vicar of Weathersfield, Wiles. ther, was exemplary.

Salop.--In his 70th year, Samnuel SandNorfolk. Edw. Colman, esq. an emi- ford, esq. xurgeon extraordinary to the nent surgeon, of Norwich.

Salop lnfirmary. At Swaffham, aged 86, Lieut. E. Towle. At Shrewsbury, aged 92, Mrs. Lloyd,

Aged 78, Rev. J. Hodgson, of Scole. relict of Mr. L. maltster. He walked froin Tivetshall after per- At Shrewsbury, aged 86, Mrs. Corbēt, forming the office of burial, and soon

relict of J. C. esq. after retiring to rest, complained of in- At Leaton, near Wrockwardine, aged disposition, and expired.

92, Mrs. John Bennet, formerly of Shrews. At Walsingham, aged 93, Mrs. Mary bury. Bloy, widow of the late Mr. Peter B. The wife of Rev. Oswald Leycester,

Aged 76, R. Suckling, esq. of Wood- of Stoke-upon-Tern. ton-bal).

Aged 94, Mr. David Thomas, of EdSuddenly, Daniel Ollett, gent. of Carl. gerley. ton Rode.

Harriet, daughter of P. Harding, esą. Of a consumption, in his 20th year, of Shiffnal. Mr. W. Nelson, son of Mr. R. N. farmer, At the Morr, near Ludlow, Mrs. Walof Wimbotsham, near Downham Market, cot, relict of C. W. esq. of Bitterleywho, within ten months, has lost three court. sons by that fatal disorder.

Aged 68, John Bishop, esg. 38 years In his 101st year, Mr. T. Armstrong, distributor of stamps for Salop. of West Dereham, near Stoke Ferry, up- At Stoke-park, Mrs. Rowley. wards of 30 years clerk of that parish; Rev. T. Sandford, M. A. of Sandfordwhich office he resigned only about seven hall. years ago, from defect of sight.

At Glazely, near Bridgenorth, Rev. Aged 64, Rev. J. S. Watts, of Ashell. Edw. Davenport, formerly rector of St.

Northamptonshire.-At Wellingborough, Helen's, Worcester. aged 82, J. Williamson, esq. formerly au Somerset.-At Bath, John Le Gall, esq. eminent wool-manufacturer.

At Bath, Mrs. Fisber, relict of J. F. At Daventry-lodge, Mary Elizabeth, esq. late of Malshanger-house, Hants. wife of Major-gen. Delaval, of Redbourne At Baih, John Dawson, esq. of MossHouse, Herts.

ley-hill, near Liverpool. Marianne, second daughter of Charles At Bath, Grace, daughter of the late Rattray, M. D. of Daventry.

Wm. Carruthers, esq. Brown's-bill, co. At Courten bal}, Rev. Edward Bayley, Gloucester. D. D. rector of that place and of Quinton, At Bath, J. Poole, esq. and for many years a most active and The wife of B, Dawson, esq. of Bath. respectable magistrate.

Frederick, eldest son of Mr. Rummin, Northumberlandi.--At Newcastle, 'aged of Bath. 90, Mrs. Tate, widow.

Aged 30, Miss E. M. A. Jones, of Bath. At Hilsay, aged 74, Mr. Wm. Wom- At Bristol, Jacob Sellwood Riddle, esq. phrey, who occapied the farm of Hilsay, At the Hotwells, Richard Langslow as tenant to the Duke of Northumber. M. D. M. A. member of the Edinburgh Jand, for upwards of 50 years.

Royal Society, and formerly a physician Thos. Wm. Lowes, esq. of Ridley-hall, to the Lying-in Charity, London.

In Hexhamshire, aged 92, Rev. Abra. John, son of Mr. Stephen Fry, of Milham Brown, nearly 50 years curate of ton, Wells. Whitley Chapel.

At Chard, aged 76, Mr. R. Bring

James, James, eminent in his day as a skilful mer, supk in such a calamitous situation, surgeon and apothecary.

that he could not be extricated. At Parrocks-lodge, near Chard, J. At Brighton, J. Solomon, esq. a genDeare, esq. in the commission of the tleman of most charitable disposition. Peace for the county of Dorset.

He left 5001, to be distributed to the poor At Mastock, T. Richards, esq. of Kings- on the day of his funeral, and the like bury-Episcopi, Somerset, Lieutenant in sum to 'be annually distributed for 15. the Martock troop of yeomanry cavalry. years to conie.

He was the very pattern At Cudworth vicarage, in his 20th year, of economy-nothing in his manner of Philip F. Palmer, second son of Rev. E. P. living, or style of dress, was descriptive

Mr. J. Biggs, son of the late R. B. esq. of opulence: he gave what might have of Radford.

supported him in splendour, to the poor: At Bedminster, in her 104th year, Mrs. The following trait of secret benevolence Mary Waters. She was born in the reign partakes so much of the genuine spirit of of Queen Anne, and was present at the our religion, that we are induced, in recoronation of George I. Her sight was a verence to the memory of the deceased, little impaired, but she enjoyed her other as well as by the hope of inspiring Chrisfaculties to the last.

tians with the zeal of emulation, to‘no. At Kingsdown, the wife of Mr. Bid- tice it:-for several years previous to his dulph, solicitor, Bristol.

death, 125 poor widows received from At Milborn-port, aged 105 years and him, through the intermediate agency of a 11 months, Mr. W. White.

friend, a weekly stipend, and were toAt Monckton Combe, Mr. Gotlob tally ignorant of the name of their beneSchutzler, many years an eminent book. factor till his death! Notwithstanding seller at Bristol.

his extensive charities, he died worth At Clapton, Mrs. Blacker; relict of nearly 100,0001. the greater part of which, Mr. S. B. at Clandown.

however, he has disposed of in charitable At Ditcheat, Mr. John Goodfellow, sen. bequests. Mrs. Mills, of Cross, near Axbridge. At Brighton, aged 74, Georgiana Wade, At Bath, Lieut-col. Chas. Darrah, of

widow of the late William W. esq. many the 21st foot.

years master of the ceremonies there. At Bath Easton villa, aged 48, Smart At East Marden, in his 90th year, W. Aldrid, esq. late of Jamaica.

Battine, esq. an active magistrate for more Staffordshire—The wife of J. Horden, than 60 years, and the oldest member of esq. banker, Wolverhampton.

the corporations of Chichester and PortsAt Fauld-hall, aged 79, T. Hunt, esq. mouth. In his 80th year, T. Hart, esą. banker, At Chiddingly-place, aged 78, Mr. D. of Uttoxeter.

Gay, one of the wealthiest yeomen of At D. Ward's, esq. Wolverhampton, the Sussex. wife of T. Ward, esq.

At Lewes, in his 88th year, Rev. John At Shareshill, Mrs. Hordern, mother Delap, D. D. vicar of Kingston and Highof Jas. II. esq. of Wolverhampton.

ford, Sussex, At Tamworth, Susanna, youngest Warwick~At Birmingham, in his 70th daughter of the late Rev. S. Collins, vicar year, Joseph Roper, gent. of Drayton Bassett, co. Warwick.

At Birmingham, in her 88th year, Mrs. At the Westfields, near Keele, in her Mary Davies, relict of Mr. John D. Soth year, Mrs. Peak.

At Birmingham, Mr. Aris. He came to Aged 70, Mr. Cope, of Leek.

setile at Birmingham'as Printer and BookSuffolk.- At Ipswich, aged 74, - Henry seller, in May 1740, and published No. 1, Lathom, esq:

of the “ Birmingham Gazette, or the Ge- Aged 90, Mary Ramplen, one of the neral Correspondent,” Nov. 16, 1741, at Society of Friends, and mother of S. and the price of three-halfpence. This NewsR. R. of Ipswich.

paper (after various advances in price) is Aged 59, J. Kitson, esq. of Bury. still published, under the title of « Aris's Mr. W. Newton, of Bury.

Birmingham Gazette,” by Jonathan Kio't At Bungay, in her 70th year, Mrs. (for himself and other Proprietors) with a Prancklin, relict of the late Rev. J. F. F. most extensive circulation through the rector of Attleburgh.

Midland counties. Aged 80, Mr. Cooper, of Culford.

At Sandhill, Birmingham, aged 22, Noeli i Elizabeth, fourth daughter of Rev. H. second son of Wm. Smith, ésq. banker, Williams, reciar of Marlesford.

Birmingham. Aged 75, Mr. J. Lowe, an eminent Ayed 71, W. Asi bary, esq. of Birmiller, at Ixworth.

mingham. Sussex. — Whilst skaiting in a pond At Stratford-upon-Avon, E. Battersbee, near Chichester, aged 20, Matthew Quané esq. banker, formerly of Manchester. tock, esq. who, although an expert swin- Aged 70, Mr. Jobn Blogg, of Coventry; Gent. Mag. Junuary, 1913.


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