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chimnies with the fontinale incombus- The author has added some remarks tibule.

on the king's mode of thinking on reliFrederick der Zweite, &c. Frederick gion, a repetition of which we have II. Roi de Prusse.” Frederic II. King some reason to believc, would not be of Prussia, or Notices respecting his Pri- extremely edifying. He also quotes vate Life, by Scbæning. 63 pages, 8vo. many instances of his contempt of Ger"Berlin, 1808.

man literature, and his predilection for These observations are thc production nobility. of the late M. Schæning, formerly first Charles James Fox, &c. “ Sir Charles valet de chambre to the celebrated king, James For, Secretary of State, &c. ex mentioned in the title-page. They are Memoires, sur sa vie politique, letersire intended to rectify several erroneous as- et privée, traduits d'apres la quatrieme sertions respecting his majesty, which edition de l'original Anglais, I vol. 8vo. have appeared in different biographical Leipsic, 1 red. 1808." The above titleworks. The author tegins by giving a page, in which the late Right Hon. description of the person of Frederic; Charles James Fox is knighted, has been he then mentions the manner in which copied literally. he spent his time, which was strictly re- * Description de la Ville de Dresden, gulated for every day in the year. "The 8c." A Description of the City of Dres whole is terminated by a few charac- den, with an account of its most beauteristic anecdotes, many of which are tiful editices. deserving of record.

The text is in the German and French Frederic II. we are told was not a great languages, and the plates of this elegant eater, a fact in direct opposition to the work, which are 18 in number, bare assertions of all who knew him. It is been designed by M. M. Hanmer and allowed, however, that he was un'ortu- Thormeyer, and engraved by Veith, nate in the choice of his meats, which Schuman, &c. The tirst is a general frequently subjected bim to cholics and view of the city; indigestion. He did not love Burgundy, The 2d plate contains the Japonese and was still less fond of old lock, to palace; which he attributed the gout that he The 3d, the Japonese garden ; inherited from his father. The anecuotes The 4th, A view of the Abbey of relative to his familiarity with his coach- Neustadt, and of the bridge across the man, are absolutely controverted. This Elbe; fellow was insolent to all the world, and The 5th, 6th, and 7th, are different the king dismissed him from his service views of the same bridge; ten or a dozen years before his death. The 8th is a plate of the Catholic It was only at the reiteraied request of church, taken from the palace of Bruhl. the count de Schwerin, his master or the The 9th, a view of Zwinger, taken horse, that his majesty at length con- from the Abbey of Ostra; sented to allow him a very moderate The 10th, a view of the picture gallery; pension,

The 11th, a view of the church of It has been asserted, that the king Our Lady; was accustomed to turn his coats. This The 12th, view of the Church of the is denied, but it is at the same time Cross; allowed, that it was usual with him to The 13th, a view of the gate of Pirna. have thein mended. He was fond of And from the 14th to 18th, we have snuif boxes, and it has been said, that views of the Palace of Pillniz; of the lie expended to the amount of four or Fort of Kænigstein; of the valley of five millions of crowns on them. This Plauen; of Tharand; and of Morizis deemed a gross exaggeration, but bourg. enough is here conceded to prove, that

DRAMA. he squandered immense sums on this Hector, Tragedie en cinq actes, suispecies of toys. The most common of vie de plusieurs fragmens imités de these is bere valued at 2000 crowns, and l'Iliude, &c.” Hector, a Tragedy in the most valuable at 10,000: after his five acts, accompanied by several Fraga death, 130 were found in his possession, ments imitated from the Iliad, and one and it each of these were to be estimated scene appertaining to Helen, suppressed even at 10,000 crowns, the whole would by the author; by J. Ch. J. Luce de only anount to 1,300,000. This, how- Lancival; represented for the first time, ever, serves to prove nearly all that has on the Theatre Française, February 1, beun asserted on this subject,


M. Luce


M. Luce de Lancival 'has on this, as « Mais je dois jusqu'au bout remplir ma noon former occasions, both studied and

ble tache ; copied the ancients. He has borrowed “ Mais Hector ne peut vivre avec le nom de their sentiments and their manners, and

lâche; it may accordingly be said of him:

“ El quand c'est au .plus brave à subir. le

trépas, « C'est avoir prófitè que de savoir s'y " Le trépas est un bien qu'Hector ne céde


In the character of Hector we he. The moral of the whole tragedy is, hold a paraphrase of the Iliad; and the “ command your passions and obey the same submission w his father, the same gods.” M. Luce represents Priam as a respect for the gods, as inculcated by

ravisher, and Helena as the victim, raHomer, is every where inculcated and

ther than the accomplice, of his criine. enforced. He is depicted as generous, It is thus she expresses herself on this

and disinterested; ever ready to con- occasion : 3" found hinself with the croud, and never

« Je hais Paris; par lui je suis infortunée ; separating from them, unless when he is r & mille affronts par lui je me vois con. about to immolate himself to the happi- damnée ; ness of all. Here follows a specimen of « A Pergamé, à la Gréce objet trop odieux, the noble sentiments which are put into " A peine devant coi j'ose lever les yeux. the mouth of a hero, whose constant cry “ Je le hais des malheurs qu'il cause à .ma is, “ Ilion avant tout !"

patrie; “ Quand il a consenti qu'on ouvrit la bar

“ Je le bais des soupçons dont ma gloire est

Aétrie ; rière, “ Un guerrier ne peut plus regarder en ar

“ Et si je me rapelle un plus doux souvenir, rière ;

“ Je le hais de m'avoir forcée à le haïr." «. Sans balancer, il vole au cri de la valeur,

Paris himself, is represented as gene« Et même avant les dieux il consulte l'hon

rous, noble, and brave, qualities which « Je n'affecterai point une vertu barbare :

neither correspond with his received “ De tout ce que j'aimai, si la mort me sé. character, nor indeed with history. On

the other hand, the plot is unperplexed pare, “ Je sens tout mon malleur; fils, pére, époux

with extraordinary and wonderful incia heureux,

dents, and the author makes it bis boast, « Mon cæur tient à la vie, hélas ! par trop to endeavour to restore to the stage all de næuds.

the original simplicity of Racine,

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port of

ABBOT, E. character of

504 | Azara, don Felix, memoir of
Aberdeen, theological prizes at 166 Bademaker, M. great age of
Academy, royal, on the establishment of Bailey's dictionary, definitions in

126 Balance, an improved bydrostatic
proceedings of 159 Baltic trade, state of the
exhibition of the 479 Bank-notes, on the forgery of

Accentuation, on rhetorical

249 Bankruptcies, monthly lists of 82, 175, 973,
Accum, Mr. explanation concerning 227

ses, 495,-
Acid, on the acetic

349 Barangers, preparation of
Acolytes, account of the

250 Barksdale's memorials, extracts from
Adam, Dr. memoir of

192 Barley, on distilling spirits from
#rostation, improvement in

260 Barlow's, Mr. oration on American inde-
Æschylus, discovery of a MS. of

6 pendence
Affairs, state of public 77, 170, 277, 378, Barlowe, Bishop, letter of

491, 590 Barometer, its use to travellers
Agricultural reports 103, 199, 307, 407, Barrymore, lord, character of

519, 620 Bath, benevolent society at
incrc. societies, proceedings of 90, and West of England society, is-

190, 293, 604, 611
Agriculture, proceedings of the board of 263 waters, on the virtues of
Alphabetical sounds, on recording 113, 226 charity school established at
Alps, on the structure of the

476 | Bayning, lord, account of
America, North, political state of 79,592 Belcher, James, account of
......, on the independence of

28 Bell's system of education, origia of
., South, revolution in

592 Benares, description of
Anecdotes of Charles I.

51,464 Benefit clubs, observations on
of Cotteswold sheep
194 Berkshire, walks in

213, 25,
of an organist

147 Bermondsey, historical notice of

205 Bernard, sir J. account of
of a member of parliament 250 Bible societies instituted
of a child


Bion, on the poetry of
of sir Julius Cæsar

355 Birth, observations on
of an empyric

463 Bitaubé, M. memoirs of
of Henry Pritchard

ib. Black plague, account of the
of Caliph Hassan

ib. Blind, remarkable seminary for the
of a quaker

464 Boats, observations on ice life
of Dr. Cole

465 Bodley, sir T. his character
Angels, on the hierarchy of

350 Bolingbroke, lord, memoirs of
Animals, discovery of curious 70, 72, 168, Bonaparte, astrological character of 414

507, 582, 610 Books, account of scarce 49, 145, 246, S,
......, society for prosecuting cruelty

453, 55
258 Bossen, sinking of the island of
Antiquities, discoveries of 182, 259, 288,

Botanical reports 101, 198, S06, 516 67
297, 369, 477, 478, 583, 605, 609 Bottles, method of preparing phase
Antoninus, on the names in

227 phoric
Arcadia, account of Sidney's
464 Bowes, A. R. account of

Architecture, account of lectures on 63 Boyes, captain, account of
Arthur, king, finding the body of 463 Bradtord, Yorkshire, literary society at
Arts, retrospect of the fine 62, 137, 269, 374, Breittan, colonel, account of

479, 576 Brewing, improvements in
Asthma, a remedy for

409 Breweries, report of the London
Astrology, remarkable case in

416 Bridewell, foundation of
Athens, discovery at

478 Bridlington, charity school at
Attachment, on summary


Brighton, charity at
Axle trees, improvement in

Bristol, meteorological observations at

Ayishan organist, anecdote of the 147 .., commercial room at

185, 289,


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Bristol, bible society at
297, 401 Columbiad, on a criticism of the

...., statue of the king, erected ac 613 Commercial reports 98, 194, 309, 404, 514,
Brocade flag, descriprion of a

Broussonnett, M. memoirs of
343 Commines, account of P. de

Browne, Dr. account of

502 Communion tables, on the position of 217
Buchanan's, Dr. MSS. account of 580 Constructions, on equivocal

Buckingham, sir O. falls in a duel 328 Convulsions, observations on

Bullock, J. account of
188 Copper vessels, danger of

Bundelcund, diamond mines in
26 Corbett, sir C. case of

Burdett, sir F. proceedings respecting 381, Corfu, account of a society at

590 Cornish literary repository

Burgh, Dr. monument to the memory of 90


Burnett, Eliz. great age of
299 Cottages, proposals for erecting

Bury, charity school established at 507 | Cotteswold sheep, on the

134, 235
Cadiz, state of

5911 Corpse, remarkable discovery of a 582
Cæsar, sir J. anecdote of

35.) Cotton, improved method of spinning 64
Calleva, on the site of the ancient 120 Crofts, W. D. account of

Cambridge, prize questions and medals at 106, Croix. M. de St. munoirs of

Crook, G. S. account of

Camphell, D. account of
299 | Crows, observations on

Camphor in the seeds of carraway 2.18 Cumberianu, aitempt to assassinate the
Campion, H. F. account of
189 duke of

Canards migrés, or the term

519 Cumberworth, sir T. remarkable will of 567
Candles, improved mode of making 107 Damask tabic cloch described

Canopherius, an observation of
52 Darby, Mis. character or

Canova, a new work of

lieutenant, shoots himself

Canterbury cathedral, repairs of 295 Davy, Mr. account of his discoveries and
Cardiff, state of the trade of
511 experiments

Carlisle, christenings, narriages, &c. at 89 Day, Mr. epitaph on

......, charity school ac

ib. De Bouillon and De Sancy, negociation
....., state of the weather at
206 of

Carraway, camphor found in
238 Debbieg, general, account of

Carstens, M. memoirs of

451 Debe, on discharying the national 413
Catechism, remarkable explanation of the 137 Deluge, an old opera on the

Caterpillar, anatomy of the

210 Depletion, extraordinary ir:stance of 73
Cavendish, hon. H. nemoir of 287, 586 Derby, character of Edward, earl of 465
Cavallo, Mr. account of

86 | Devonshire literary repository 221, 431
Chalchographic society, account of the 481,

map ot. completed

5.8 | Dial, description of a nocturnal
Chalk, whether it becoins flint 343, 556 Diamond, on the formation of the

Charles I. anecdotes of

55 Discases, reports of 73, 174, 274, 376, 490,
Clatham, eari, his memorial

Cheltenham, deser ption or 16, 552 Distillation, method of condensing va.
improvements at 186, 895, 609
pours 10

Cheshire, historical notices of

626 Dividends, lists of 83, 176, 276, 384, 497,
Chesnuts, colours extracted from

Child, anecdore of a foundling

327 Doncaster, bill of mortality, &c. at 90
Chiva, new method of decorating 484 Drawings, how to fix pencil

Cholera morbus, servedy for

....., Varnish for coluured

Christ's hospital, founda:ion of

, of the gloss on

Chronometer, description of a phantasma- Droughts, observations on

579 Drury-lane theatre, plan of

Churches, on the number of

Duel, a remarkable

City splendour, instance of
463 Dymond, J. S. account of

Clergy, condition of the inferior 429 Eagles, remarkable flight of sea

Cloth trade, state of the
501 | Corin, account of burning

Coal gas ligbe, details relative to 367 Earthquake at ibe Cape of Good Hope 166,
Cockatoo, gocat age of a

Coffee, on ihe wies of

at Vienna

of Arabia, trade of
549 East India arrivals

98, 404
Coining, new machine for


college, description of the 104
Coins, on the ancient plated



194,302, 514, 615
Cole, extremne in Russia
70 Edling, on excess in

. 174
Coilingwood, lo'd, memoirs of. 499, 594, Ejen, hon. Mr. melanchoiy face of 287
Colmar, account of a society at 416 Edinburgh reviewers, replies to tne 34, 128
Colossus of knuses, on the

state of the weather at





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.... on sound


Edgeworth, Mri explanation of 410 Fuseli, Mr. elected professor of paistieg is
Education, observations on

520 Gambadoes, description of
Erypt, advantageous for commerce 546 Gas ligbt, on the benefits of
Electric repulsion, on

168 Geese, on the fidelity of
column, described 472, 582 Genevieve, account of the church of St. 583
Ellis, Mr. account of

510 Genius, on
Elm-tree, horse-shoe found in one 90 Germany, political state of

Elstree, Herts, description of


........960, merce of
Elyoi, sir T. his character


...., account of a map of
Empirics, curious punishment of 463 Gibraltar, on Copley's p.cture of
Emulation, account of a society of 476 Glass ornaments, mode of making 65, jos
English language, on the corrupcions of ...., art of painuing on

8 of antimony, abuse of
Lotomology, a new work on

164 Gloss on drawings, remedy against
Epigramus, &c. from the Greek

992 Gloucestershire, vaccine institution is
Equivocal construction, on

108 Godbold's balsaro, composition of
Erskine, lord, on cummary attachment 448 Good Hope, earthquake at 166, 369, 31
Esthwaite Lake, beautiful scenery of 208 Gordon, major, account of
Evil, on touching for the
138 Gout, success of the magnet in

Exercise, rules for

411 Graduation of philosophical instruments SI
Excise, new building for the

85 Grahame, James, character of
Experiments on copper vessels

71 Grammar, on the violations of
.. on meteoric stones 71,73 Granger, rev. J. account of

72 Grass, observations on fiorin 115, 134
on electric repulsion 68 Gray the poet, anecdotes of
.... on the roots of trees 468 Grease on paper, how to remove


469 Great Britain, political state of 80, 171, ta),
on phosphorus

381; $91,590
Ezechiel, account of the tomb of 567 Greek musical terms, on ede
Falstaff, on the character of


Fenton's poetry, character of

233 fire, composition of
Fever, account of the Walcheren 174 manuscript described
Feversham powder mills blown up 295 Greenwich, naval asylum at
Figs, observations on

353 Gregory, Dr. against the Edinburgh Ro
Files, substitute for steel


Finch, Mr. memoir of

601 Grenville, lord, premiums given by
Fiorin grass, on the

116, 367,568 Gun-locks, improved
Fire arms, improvement in

273 Hackney, literary society at
Fire escapes, improved
119, 581 Haighton, rev. R account of

Fires, remarkable 84, 85, 177, 285, 295, 610 Hales, Jobn, account of
...nga liquid for extinguishing 263

Hanover transferred
...., composition of the Greek 582 Harborough and Stamford canal, plan of
Fish, description of an uncommon 507 the
Fishery at Wick, account of

105 Harold and Tosti, tragedy of 909, 318, 40
Flax spinning, new modle of
273 Harrowgate, description of

wool, preparation of

476 Harwich church steeple taken down $28
Flebilis, on the word

27, 140 Hay, James, account of
Fletcher, Eliz. great age of
513 Hayne, rev. R. accoont of

•Flints, on the formatiou of

556 Hassan, anecdote of the caliph
Flushing, state of

171 Havard, William, account of
Fogan, explanation of the word 436 Health, means of preserving
Folkstone, improvement in the harbour Hebrew, on the study of

295 Heifer, a remarkable
Forgery of bank notes, on
135 Helena, St. description of

Fossbridge, York, improvement of 391 Henshaw, Thomas, bequests of
France, political state of 77, 170, 278, 379, Herbert's travels, account of

491, 590 Herculaneum, account of the MSS. of
decrees respecting commerce in 99 Hereford, new charity schoul at

......, progress of the arts in

160 Hernia, a remedy for the
prices of provisions in 317 Herring fishery, state of the

Fraser, James, account of
512 Hexter, lieutenant, character of

Freedom-square, proposal for
451 Heywood on angels, account of

French language, report on the

56 Highway cottages, plan of
empire, population of

475 Hindoo mode of education
Freitas, opinion of

5.3 Hinton-house, Berks, described 3:0
Furnace, description of a portable 272 Hisst, William, account of


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