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3. At Edinburgh, Mr James Aitken, writer in Dec. 8, 1824.-At Kingarar, Island of Mull, Edinburgh, to Jane, only daughter of the late Mr Peter M'Arthur, Esq. Ardwea, to Flora, daughter Thomas Patterson, merchant there. of the late John Maclean, Esq. of Langamull.

March 11. At Edinburgh, Hugh Watson, Esq. Jan. 8, 1825.--At Twickenham, Robert Jeffrey, W. S. to Elizabeth Andrevna, only daughter of Esq. to Mary Eleanor, widow of the late William the late Mr Andrew Watson, of Petrozavodsk, in Simpson, Esq. Madras.

Russia. 28. At Mansfield Place, Edinburgh, Mr John 14. At Edinburgh, the Rev. D. Campbell, jun. Swayne, Elie, Fifeshire, to Agnes Georgiana, Auchnellan, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the daughter of the late Captain Peddie, Leith Walk. deceased Dr William Moodie, late one of the mi.

31. At London, Captain the Hon. Walter For. nisters of Edinburgh. bes, Coldstream Guards, second son of the Right 15. At St George's, Hanover Square, London, Hon. Lord Forbes, to Horatio, daughter of Sir

Colonel the Hon. Frederick Ponsonby, to Lady John Gregory Shaw, Bart. of Kenward, county of Emily Bathurst, youngest daughter of Earl BaKent.

thurst. Feb. 1: At Glasgow, the Rev. Thomas Watson 18. At Edinburgh, Robert Bruce, Esq. of Burof Cormiston, minister of Covington, to Eleanora, ravoe, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late daughter of David M‘Haffie, Esq. of Overton. Rev. Dr David Young, minister of Foulden, BerAt Muricambus, Mr Thomas Grey, King's

wickshire. Kettle, to Isabella, daughter of Mr Robert Simson, 21. In St Paul's Chapel, Archibald Alison, Esq. Muircambus, Fifeshire.

advocate, to Elizabeth Glencairn, youngest daugh2. At Dundas Street, the Rev. James Brown, ter of Lieut.-Colonel Tytler, lately of the North minister of Kilrenny, to Mary, daughter of the

British Staff. late Rev. James Forrester, minister of Kilrenny.

At Ayton Law, Mr James Allan of Reston, 3. By the Rev. Dr Dickson, of the West Kirk, to Mary, daughter of James Herriot, Esq. Aytonat 6, Shandwick Place, Walter Scott, Esq. lieu- Law. tenant in the 15th Hussars, eldest son of Sir Wal- 26. At Edinburgh, James Grant, M. D. Friar. ter Scott of Abbotsford, Bart. to Miss Jane Jobson, bank, near Jedburgh, to Eleanor Maria Anne, seonly child of the late William Jobson, Esq. of cond daughter of the late Rev. Robert Elliot, recLochore, in the county of Fife.

tor of Weldrake and Hyggate, Yorkshire. 6. At Anstruther, Mr David Johnston, currier 29. At Glasgow, John Balfour, Esq. Pilrig and leather-merchant, Edinburgh, to Juliet, eldest Street, to Robina, third daughter of the late Capdaughter of Mr William Morton, leather-factor, tain Robert Gordon of Invercharron. Edinburgh.

Mr Richard Mark, rector of the grammar 7. At Kirkaldy, Thomas L. Dundas, Esq. royal school of Campbeltown, to Jean, daughter of Mr navy, to Margaret, third daughter of Dr John- Dymock, Glasgow. stone, Kirkaldy.

31. At Prince's Street, Mr James Turnbull, 8. At Peel, the Rev. Nathaniel Paterson, mini- merchant, Edinburgh, to Mary Montague, second ster of Galashiels, to Margaret, daughter of Mr daughter of the late Mr Ewart. Robert Laidlaw, Peel, Selkirkshire.

April 5. At Glocester Lodge, the Earl of Clan. 10. At Aberford, William Mure, Esq. son of Wil- ricarde, to Harriet, only daughter of the Right liam Mure, Esq. of Caldwell, to Laura, second Hon. George Canning. The ceremony was perdaughter of the late William Markham, Esq. of formed by the Bishop of London. Becca Hall, in the county of York. - At Balgownie, William Urquhart, Esq. of

DEATHS. Craigston, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late August 1824. At Nagpore, in India, Captain Alexander Fraser, Esq. of Fraserfield.

William Hardy of Charlesfield, eldest surviving 12. At London, Mr Charles Lambert, to Jane, son of the late Rev. Dr Thomas Hardy, Professor eldest daughter of Robert Spears, Esq. of Kinnin- of Church History in the University of Edinburgh, mont, Fifeshire.

and one of the ministers of that city.. 14. At Edinburgh, John Tulloh, Esq. of Arthur- 10. At St Thome, Madras, Wiliam, youngest shiell, county of Roxburgh, to Helen R. S. Fal- son of Lieut.-Colonel Commandant Robert Macconar, second daughter of David Falconar, Esq. of dowall, 7th Regiment Native Infantry. Carlowrie.

Aug. 26. Lost in the Ganges, by the upsetting - At Aberdeen, Alexr. Thomson, Esq. of Ban- of his boat, Captain James Head, commander of chory, to Jessy, eldest daughter of Alexr. Fraser, his Majesty's ship the Canning. Esq. merehant.

Sept. 22. At Madras, Captain Archibald Erskine 15. At Falkirk, Robert Paton, writer, Orkney, Pattullo, Commanding the Hon, the Governor's to Matilda, only daughter of the late Mr Robert Body Guard, Fort George. Russel, of London.

29. At Madras, Mrs Bowser, wife of Lieutenant. 17. At Morningside, Daniel Mackay, Esq. of General Thomas Bowser,

commanding in Mysore. Santa Cruz, to Mrs Muir, relict of John Muir, Oct. 6. At China, Mr James Mackenzie, sixth Esq. late of Demarara.

officer of the Hon. Company's ship Duke of York, Feb. 21. At Oban, on the 21st ultimo, the Rev. second son of the late Alexander Mackenzie, Esq. Alexander Beith, Glasgow, to Julia, eldest daugh- of Letterewe. ter of J. Robson, Esq. Oban.

7. Near Rangoon. Lieut. John Lindesay, of the 22 At Bo'ness, James Johnston, Esq. merchant, 34th regiment, Madras Light Infantry, second son Edinburgh, to Helen, youngest daughter of the of William Lindesay, Esq. Balmungie, Fifeshire. late William Scott, Esq. Musselburg

Lieut. Lindesay was with the detachment com23. At Jedburgh, Mr Thomas Watson, Leith manded by Lieut.-Colonel Smith, and fell deeply Walk, to Margaret, daughter of the late John lamented, while most gallantly cngaged in a disHarvey, Esq. surgeon of the 20 Queen's Dragoon astrous attack upon a stockade defended by BurGuards.

mans. 24. William Ker Hay, Esq. of the Hon. East 8. At Prince of Wales Island, John Macalister, India Company's service, to Catharine, youngest Esq. senior Member of Council. daughter of the late Captain Swindell Norvell. 23. At the Isle of France, Captain John Mac

25. At Carterhaugh, Mr James Burnett, Anne's kintosh, of the Hon. East India Company's SerHope, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr vice. Charles Cunningham.

Nov. 20. At Paris, in her 86th year, Mrs Alice 28. At Cholmondeley House, Piccadilly, Lon- Morton, widow of John Crawford, Esq. of Gay, don, the Right Hon. Lord H. Cholmondeley, se- field Place, Edinburgh. cond son of the Marquis and Marchioness of Chol- 23. At sea, soon after leaving Canton, Mr mondeley, to Maria, youngest daughter of the John Carnegie, third son of David Carnegie, of Right Hon. Charles Arbuthnot.

Craigo, Esq. March 1. In St John's Chapel, Edinburgh, Cap- Dec. 12. At Falmouth, Jamaica, Mr Jas. Scott, tain Basil Hall, royal navy, to Margaret, youngest third son of the late Rev. James Scott, Auchterdaughter of the late Sir John Hunter, consul. house, Forfarshire. General in Spain.

13. On the homeward-bound passage from 2. At Mary Place, Stockbridge, Thomas John China, Captain A. H. Campbell, of the Hon. ComBrown, Esq. merchant, London, to Barbara, se- pany's ship Duke of York. cond daughter of the late Mr Thomas Mitchell, 16. At Bellemont, Jamaica, George Willis, Esq. Hill of Udney.

surgeon, son of the late T. Willis, Esq. Kirkaldy

25. At Karasubaser, in the Crimea, the celebra- 11. At Meadowfield, in the 78th year of her age, ted Madame Krudener.

Mrs Margaret Couston, relict of Mr John Russell, Jan. 3. 1825. At Jamaica, Major Roderick Mac- late tenant in Rires. kenzie, of the 77th regiment.

- At Edinburgh, Arch. Macdougall, Esq. of 9. At sea, on board his Majesty's

ship Diamond, Dildawn. Gilbert, youngest son of William Elliot Lockhart, 12. At Leith, Mrs Frances Thom, wife of Mr Esq. of Cleghorn, M. P.

Alex. S. Bisset, shipmaster. 13. At Spanish Town, Jamaica, David Macvic. - At 13, Queen Street, Edinburgh, in the 10th ar, Esq. one of the Masters of Chancery there, son year of his age, William, only son of Sir Alexan, of the late Neil Macvicar, Esq. of Fergushill, wri- der Keith of Dunnotar. ter in Edinburgh.

At Aberdeen, the Rev. John Farquharson, 22. At Kirkaldy, Michael Lundin, son of Mr minister of Ruthven. Lundin Cooper, writer there, aged 6 years, and William Murray, Esq. Solicitor Supreme on the 23d, Elizabeth Kinnear, his daughter, aged Courts, and agent for the Church of Scotland, in 4 years.

hjs 77th year. - At Kirkaldy, Mr John Malcolm, ship-owner, 13. At' Edinburgh, Mrs Agnes Simpson, relict aged 80 years.

of Mr James Megget, merchant there. At Newton, Northumberland, Mrs Methven, - At West Linton, Mrs Charlotte M'Caul, wife wife of Captain Methven, Royal Navy:

of the Rev. Alex. Forrester. 23, At Dunblane, Mr James Milne, jun. son of - At Annfield, Elizabeth Wilson, relict of Mr the late Andrew Milne, Esq. Bo'ness.

Thomas Rennie. 24. At Paris, the Right Hon. Sackville, Earl of At Arbroath, Isabella Goodall, wife of Mr Thanet.

Patrick Wilson, bookseller. - At Linlithgow, in the 94th year of his age, 14. At Nice, Miss Helen E. Davidson, youngest Mr William Wilson, senior, shoemaker there, daughter of the late Robert Davidson, Esq. of much and justly regretted by a numerous and re

Pinnacle Hill. spectable circle of friends and acquaintances. 15. At Lawfield, Jessy, eldest daughter of Mr There were several occurrences in the life of this William Bertram. worthy old man deserving of record. He witness- - At Whitehill, near Glasgow, John Carlye, ed the battle of Prestonpans, and saw the fall of only son of Mr Robison, Coates Crescent. the brave and virtuous Colonel Gardner. He was 16. At Edinburgh, John Menzies, Esq. Solicitor on the plains of Abram with the immortal Wolfe, of Customs for Scotland. and bore a part of the arduous duties of the ever- Mr James Francis Souter, only son of David memorable day when that lamented hero fell. He Souter, Esq. Macduff. used to remark, that he lived in three kings' reigns, 17. In Forth Street, Edinburgh, Patrick, third saw three commanding officers fall, was a member son of Mr James Mackay, jeweller. of three mason lodges, and had three descendants 19. At London, Mrs Susanna Maria Bradford, in the direct line, all William Wilsons.

relict of Lieutenant-Colonel James Flint, late of 25. At Briery Yards, aged 94, Thomas Turn- his Majesty's 25th Regiment of Foot. bull, Esq. of Fenwick.

- At Edinburgh, Mary Annė, eldest daughter 26. At his house, 5, Pilrig Street, Mrs Marga- of Mr Robert Rattray, writer to the signet. ret Reoch, wife of Mr John Reoch, and on the 20. At Stirling, Mr James Hamilton, of Bod. 11th inst. Margaret Martha, their infant daughter. dingsgill, merchant, Biggar.

27. At Kirkaldy, Mr William Moffat, merchant At Netherhouse, Lesmahagow, Elizabeth, there.

infant daughter of Major Peat. 28. At Penzance, John Gloag, Esq. of Limefield. At Castle Street, Mrs Rosina Home, relict of

31. At Woodburn, near Kirkintulloch, John Mr Thomas Laing, and eldest daughter of the deBuchanan, Esq. of Carbeth.

ceased Hon. George Home. - At Edinburgh, Margaret Macalister, only - At No. 30, Frederick Street, George Kennedaughter of Mr H. Pillans, printer.

dy, Esq. writer. Feb. 1. At Powis Farm, Miss Margaret Bruce, 22. At Bexhill, Sussex, Agnes, wife of Henry eldest daughter of the late John Bruce, Esq. She- Riddell, Esq. W. S. riff-substitute of Clackmannanshire.

- At Mungall Cottage, Joseph Stainton, Esq. At Aberdeen, Peter Hay, Esq. of Hayfield, manager of the Carron Company; aged 78.

- Mrs Nancy Gibson, wife of Mr G. B. Brown, 5. At Morton, Lieut.-General Alex. Trotter. brewer, North Back of Canongate.

- At Selkirk, Mr William Borrowman, sur- - At Edinburgh, Katharine, daughter of the geon, aged 81.

late Thomas Wedderburn, Esq. Collector of Cus7. At his father's house, Mr George Scott, late toms, Inverness. of the Admiralty Office, London, eldest son of Mr - At Douglas, Isle of Man, Arthur Crawford, Alexander Scott, Ormiston.

Esq. late merchant, Belfast. - At Scremerston, Mrs Elizabeth Hogarth, wife 23. At Edinburgh, James Taylor, after an illof Robert Hogarth, Esq. of Scremerston.

ness of ten days. 8. At Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, Mary, eldest 24. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Cavens, student daughter of Major Hugh Falconar, late of the 82d of medicine, from Dumfries-shire. Regiment of Foot.

- At Newington, Mrs Elizabeth Tod, wife of - At Edinburgh, Mrs Macalister of Balnahill. Mr James Macfarlane.

- Mrs Jean Morrison, spouse to Dr Robert Ha- 24. At Gorgie Damhead, Mrs Marion Cleghorn, milton, Professor of Mathematics in Marischall relict of Mr William Ronaldson, in her 91st year. College, Aberdeen.

26. At Forth Street, William, youngest son of 9. At House of Hill, near Edinburgh, Mr Ar- Mr James Mackay, jeweller. chibald Wilson, farmer, and sheep and cattle - At Edinburgh, George, youngest son of Geo. dealer.

Wauchope, Esq. 10. At 65, Nicolson Street, Margaret Lawrie, 27. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Davie, wife of wife of Mr Alexander Henderson, goldsmith. Mr Martin, W. S.

- At Caen, in France, in the 10th year of his - At Edinburgh, Mr James Scott, builder. age, George Alexander, eldest son of Major-Gene- Margaret Home, daughter of Mr John Brew. ral Halket.

ster, printer, Society. - At Darinane, in the county of Kerry, Ire- At Mary's Place, Stockbridge, Agnes, youngland, Maurice O'Connell, Esq. in the 93th year of est daughter of Mr Parker. his age. He was eldest brother of General Daniel, 27. At Nice, Thomas, eldest son of George Car. Count O'Connell, Grand Cross of the order of the stairs, Esq. merchant, Leith. Holy Ghost; first cousin of Maurice, Baron O'Con- 28. At Cowdenhill, Mrs Margaret Angus, widow nell, Grand Chamberlain to the Emperor of Aus- of Lieut. James Ritchie, R. N. tria; and uncle to Counsellor O'Connell,

28. At Abercromby Place, Grace, fourth daugh11. His Highness Frederick IV. Duke of Gotha. ter of the late Robert Kennedy, Esq. of Pinmore. By his death the male line of the branch descend- March 2. At Links, Kirkaldy, Ann Bell, eldest ing from Duke Ernest the Pious, which has reign- daughter of Mr William Bell, late of Canada. ed nearly two hundred years, is extinct, and the 3. In Dover Street, Piccadilly, Lieutenantdominions of the house fall to the collateral General Sir James Erskine, Bart. of Torrie, branches in Hildburghausen, Coburgh, and Mein- Fifeshire. angen, who have accordingly published a procla. - At his house, Circus Place, John Hutchison, mation to that effect.

Esq. writer in Edinburgh.

5. At Merchant Street, Katharine, infant daugh- 21. At Chelsea, near London, the Rev. Duncan ter of William Dunlop, Esq.

Robertson, D.D. 6. At Hatton, Warwickshire, the Rev. Dr Parr. At his house, Westbridge, Kirkaldy, John

Helen, fourth daughter of Mr Alex. Grieve, Stocks, Esq. and at her house, Townhead, Kingpapermaker, Balbirnie.

horn, on the 28th, Mrs Christian Stocks, his mo- At Edinburgh, Mr Peter Morton, merchant, ther. North Bridge Street.

At his house, in Portland Place, London, Sir - At No. 1, Fettes Row, Hugh, infant son of James Graham, Bart. M. P. for Carlisle. Captain Pearson, R.N.

At Gartcows, John Heugh, Esq. of GartAt Edinburgh, Catherine, wife of Mathew COWS. Norman Macdonald, Esq. writer to the signet. 27. At Hope Park, George, aged six years, and,

7. George Somerville, Esq. of Airhouse, aged on the 25th, Archibald, aged eight months, sons 76.

of Mr Archibald Fyfe, Weekly Chronicle Office. 8. At St Andrews, Dr Thomas Melville.

22. At Morningside, Margaret Home, aged 17 - At Arbroath, Mrs Miln of Woodhill.

months, youngest daughter of Mr Daniel Lizars, At Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, William bookseller, Prince's Street. Oliver Russell, second son of Professor James 23. At Russell Mains, Finlay Macfarlane, Esq. Russell

late one of the members of the House of Assem. - At Linlithgow, James, fifth son of Mr Alex. bly, and Comptroller of Tobago. Napier.

At Douglas, Isle of Man, Arthur Crawford, 9. At Howard Place, Edinburgh, Capt. Thomas Esq. merchant, Belfast. Hamilton.

- At Burntisland, Mrs Janet Duguid, relict of 10. At 26, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh, Mr George Ledingham. Elizabeth Margaret, daughter of J. G. Hopkirk, In the vicinity of London, Lieutenant James Esq. aged 18 months.

Beattie Glennie, in the Honourable East India At North James's Street, Mrs Janet Mason, Company's service, eldest son of the Rev. D. relict of Mr Andrew Wilson, late merchant, Edin- Glennie, Marischal College, Aberdeen. burgh.

24. At Clunie House, Strathtay, Perthshire, 12. At Edinburgh, Mr James Edmonstone. Miss Stewart of Cluny.

At Haddington, James Wilkie, Esq. of Ra. At Edinburgh, aged 23 years, John Manley thobyrès.

Wemyss, royal navy, second son of Lieutenant- At Leith, Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr Colonel Wemyss of Wemyss Hall Thomas Jamieson.

- At Charlton, Kent, Major-General Miller, - At his seat, Firshill, Droxford, Hants, aged late of the royal artillery. 77, Charles Powell Hamilton, Esq. Admiral of At Leith, Mrs Margaret Metcalf, wife of the Red, last surviving grandson of James, fourth John Sibbald, Esq. Duke of Hamilton.

25. At Gartur, Miss Anne Erskine, daughter of - At Leamington, in the 47th year of his age, the late James Erskine of Cardross, Esq. the Rev. R. Bland, curate of Kenilworth.

At Edinburgh, Elizabeth Earle, daughter of 13. At Bath, Captain Alexander Campbell, William Paul, Esq. accountant. Royal Navy, third son of the late John Campbell, - At his house, North Frederick Street, George Esq. of Glensaddle and Newfield.

Bruce, Esq. of Langlee, late one of the Depute At Collydean, near Leslie, Mr James Laing. Clerks of Session. : - At Edinburgh, Mary Henrietta, youngest - At West Kilbride, after a short illness, Mr daughter of the late John Gillespie, Esq. of Hunter of Kirkland. Mountquhanie.

26. At Stranraer, James Caird, of Drumfadt, 15. At 27, Frederick Place, Hampstead Road, Esq. writer there. London, John Brodie, Esq.

27. At Bath, in his 16th year, the Hon. and At Glasgow; the Rev. Dr William Taylor, of Rev. George Herbert, brother to Earl CaernarSt Enoch's, and one of his Majesty's Chaplains for Scotland. His loss is deeply and generally lament, At his house, George Square, Ninian Lowis, ed.

Esq. of Plean. 16. John Ross, Esq. of Cairnbrock, in the coun- At his seat, Haugh Hall, Lancashire, Alexty of Wigtown.

ander Earl of Balcarras. 17. Mrs Freer, wife of Dr Freer, Professor of 28. At Hampton Court Palace, Lady Elizabeth the Practice of Medicine in the University of Seymour. Glasgow.

30. At 7, Dundas Street, William, youngest - At Edmburgh, Mrs Margaret Maitland Mak- child of Alexander Cleghorn, Esq. of the Customs. gill of Rankeillour, widow of the Hon. Fredrick 31. At Aberdour, Fife, Robert Ogilvie, second Lewis Maitland, Captain in the Royal Navy, son son of John Philip, Esq. surgeon there. of Charles, sixth Earl of Lauderdale.

- At Woburn Farın, near Chertsey, in her 18. At Kelso, Mr Thomas Fair, merchant, in his 62d year, Charlotte, wife of Vice-Admiral Stir

ling. - At his house, St Ann's Yards, Mr Robert April 2. Charles Barclay, infant son of Charles Playfair, Solicitor before the Supreme Courts. Hunter, Esq. of Seaside.

At Hope Street, Mrs Barbara Murray, relict 6. Lieutenant-Colonel Macdonald, late of the of Dr Andrew Liddell.

45th regiment, aged 32 years. - At Kildonan, Ayrshire, Mr Peter Chalmers, Lately, On board the ship Simpson, on his pastenant there.

sage from Bombay to London, Captain James 19. At Kintradwell, in Sutherlandshire, Hugh Maccalum, of the 4th regiment native infantry, Houston, Esq. of Creech.

Bombay Establishment, in his 32d year. At Paris, the Princess of Metternich.

- At Kentish Town, aged 69, after a long in: - At her house, 32, Great King Street, Mrs disposition, Mr. Vincent Dowling., Mr Dowling Gillies, sen.

had been for upwards of 40 years connected with - At Piershill, Maria Lucy Jane, infant daugh- the public press in England and Ireland. ter of Capek Millbanke, Noel, Bart. the father of Pipon, 6th Dragoon Guards.

In St Cuthbert's Charity Workhouse, John Sir

Birrell, aged 75. This individual sailed round Lady Byron, and formerly M.P. for the county of the world with Captain Cook, and fought under Durham. He is succeeded in his title by his ne- General Wolfe in America. phew, now Sir John Penistour Millbanke of Hain- - At Barton-upon-Humber, Elizabeth Hurst, aby Hall, Yorkshire.

aged 105 years. She could see to read without 20. Susan, third daughter of the late Mr Wir glasses, and retained her faculties to the last. liam Dickie, secretary to the Caledonian Insu- At Parma, Signior Gulmini, aged 138 years. rance Company.

He was the first tenor of Italy, and leader of the At Glasgow, John Hamilton, Esq. of Mávis, band to Pope Benedict XIV. bank.

--'At his house, 15, Gayfield Square; Mr David Handyside, in his 66th year.


82d year,

cortostats, Printed by James Ballantyne and Company, Edinburgh. :


No. CI.

JUNE, 1825.

Vol. XVII.



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New Lights,
Note-Book of A LITERARY IDLER. No. I.

1. Classical Journal. No. 61.
2. Lionel Lincoln.
3. Popery, &c. By the Rev. Geo. Croly.
4. Lawyers and Legislators.

5. Present Operations and future Prospects of the Mexican Mine
Association. By Sir W. Rawson.

6. Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the Necessity and Practica-
bility of forming a Code of the Laws of England. By Crofton Unjacke.

7. Arrowsmith's Outlines of the World.
The Tie SeverED. A Sketch;


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