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to trustees, that the interest may for ever about 1618, from whence the hierarchy of
hereafter be applied for the teaching and in that part of the United Kingdom hath been
structing twelve poor children of the parish excellently supplied with characters of much
of Hillmorton, in reading, writing, and arith. learning and erudition; four of them having
metic; he has also given the interest of 501. filled the episcopal state in that church, and
for ever hereafter to be distributed in bread one the archiepiscopate. From that branch
among the most necessitous poor in Hillmor- the present Sir Edward Sing, bart. of Ireland,
ton, every Christmas; and two guineas to be is descended.
given to the poor in bread, at the time of his

interment, at the discretion of his executors. Married.] At Clifton upon Team, George

Hill, esq. one of the coroners of Worcester, Married.) At Ellesmere, Mr. James Hey: to Elizabeth, only surviving child of William wood, of Chester, to Miss Powell, of Dude Price, esq of the Noak. leston,

At Dudley, Mr. John Badley, surgeon, to At Whitchurch, Mr. Langford; to Miss Mary, eldest daughter of Johu Badley, esq. Caink,

of Blower's Green. At Cheswardine, Mr. Deakin, of Soulton At Worcester, William Jones, esq. banker, Hall, to Miss James, of Stamford Bridge, of Bridgnorth, to Miss Davis, daughter of near Newport.

Mr. D. of Broseley.
At Ludlow, Henry Hamer, esq of Liver. Ac Oid Swinford, Samuel Taylor, esq. of
pool, to Mariha Ann, youngest daughter of Bowden, Northamptonshire, to Anne, young.
the late Rev. John Pryce, of Gunley, Mont- est daughter of Mr. William Moseley, of
gomeryshire.—Mr. T. Apperley, of London, Stourbridge.
to Miss Acton.

Died.] Al Stanbroke Hall, near Worces-
At Stoke Castle, Richard Onions, esq. of ter, Charles Domville, esq.
Rowton, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. R. Brox- At Worcester, Mrs. Wall, wife of Samuel
ton, of Wettleton. Morrison, wife of John M.Died.] At Donington, Catherine Letitia, Mrs. Beasley, 83.- William Henry, youngwidow of John Lewis Pettit, M.D.

est son of Mr. Saunders. Mr. Ruther-
At Henbury, Mrs. Mary Kynascon, relict ford.
of Edward K. esq. of Oatley Park.

At Great Witley, Miss Mann, daughter of
At Radbrook, near Shrewsbury, the Hon. Mr. M. surgeon.
Luke Gardiner, -second son of the late Vis. At the Park Farm, Croome D'Abitot, Miss
count Mountjoy.

At Woodcore, Mr. Flint.

At Evesham, Mrs. Goore, relict of Mr.
At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Hawker, 77.-Mr. Henry G. alderman of that borough, 86.
Bean, of the Castle and Falcon Inn-Mrs. At Glasshampton, Henrietta Maria, eldest
Hoskins, relict of the Rev. Abram H. rector daughter of the Rev. J. J. D. Cookes.
of Stocton, Worcestershire.-Mrs. Scoltock. At Tenbury, Mr. William Crundall, 71.
At Boden, Mr. John Bickerton, 32.

At Sutton, Mrs. Hillson, 95.
At Fernbill, near Oswestry, Mr. Usher. At Mathon, Mr. Samuel Sonith.
At Middletown, Mr. Lloyd.

At the Castle, in the parish of Rock, Mr.
At the Red Abbey, Mr. Trehearn, only Richard Nott, jun. 21,
son of Mrs. T. of the Fox Inn, Shrewsbury. At Hindleap, Mrs. Holder, 67.

At Trench, near Ellesmere, Mr. Edward At Bromyard, Mrs. West.

At Wolverley, Mr. Alexander Patrick.
At Bridgnorth, aged 90, John Sing, sen. At Prickley, Mary Maria, daughter of Mr.
gent, formerly a tanner of that place, where Downes.
his ancestors have followed i he same business At Alderminster, the Rev. Mr. Rice.
foy more than two centuries. He was born at At Kidderminster, Mis. Susannah Ward,
Bridgnorth on the 29th of September, 1719, At Pershore, Mrs. Woodward.
0. S. and became extremely wealthy. He At Rochford, Mrs. Corbett.
had ever enjoyed an excellent state of health,
and a good flow of spirits, having lost only Married.] · At Kington, Mr. Thoma
one tooth from decay, and one from accident; Hardy, of Birmingham, to Miss Elizabech
the others were perfectly sound. He pos- Rogers.
sessed his faculties to the last, except a slight Died.] At Mawheld, Mary Taylor, 103.
deficiency in that of bearing. His only be. At Easton, Mary, wife of the Rev. Francis
verage was tea, which he had for years als Kinchard.
ways taken with his hearty meals. He was In the parish of How Caple, of the small.
decended from the Rev. John Millington, one pox, Mary Navis, 88.
of the canons of the church of St Mary Mag- At Bickerton Court, Mrs. Bradstock, wife
dalene, in Bridgnorth, at the period of the re- of John B. esq 56.
formation, who was more commonly called
Sing or Singer, the former of which names It is proposed by several respectable media
the family afterwards adopced. The elder cal practitioners, in different parts of this
branch of this family emigrated to Ireland county, to form an association to be called
MONTHLY Mac. No. 199,






Oxford- Buckinghan— Hertford-Bedford, &c. (June 1,



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the Gloucestershire Vaccine Association; the At Loughton, Mr. William Smith, to Mrs.
members of which, being convinced of the Alice Dunkley, of Brington, Northamptos.
efficacy of cow-pox as a safe and certain pre. shire.
ventive of small pox, will promote the use Died.] At Wing, the Hon. and Rev. je.
of the former, and wholly decline small-pux rome de salis, D.D. one of his majesty's chaj-
inoculation. Several of the most respectable lains in ordinary.
gentlemen of this county, biglily approving In his 78th year, the Rev. Charles Kipo
of this liberal and disinterested conduci, bave ling, vicar of Oakley, and incumbent of the
expressed a wish to proruote such a benevo. livings of Chilton, Ashenden, and Dorton.
lent scheme, by offering whatever pecuniary At Pyle, near Colnbrook, Mrs. Builock,
aid may be necessary for carrying it into et. relict of H. B. esq. 74.

At East Burnham, Henry Sayer, esq. 79.
Married ] At Thornbury, Mr. Charles
Workman, to Hester, seventh daughter of Married.] Ai Widdial, Mr. Irish, of South.
the late Mr. Thomas Collins, both of East- wark, tu Miss Robinsoir, daughter of the late

Juhn R. esq. of Shefford, Bediordshire,
At Tewkesbury, Mr. William Evans, to Died. Ac Bishop's Stostford, Mrs. Bel.
Bliss Anne Caistrees.

At Dursley, Thomas Tippets, esq. 10 Mi:s Ac Hadley, Robert Manners, esq. son of
Susan Rowland.

the late Lord William M. Richard Proxter, esq. of Pamington, to At Bushey Hail Farm, Mr. William Smith, Miss Beckett, of Toddington.

At Cheltenham, the Rev. W. Oımsby, to Died.] At Woodside, Jolin Arkley, esą. Miss Henriefta Moore.

or Finsbury-place, London. Ai Gloucester, the Rev. James Fussell, At Woburn, James Harryman Holmes, cią. methodist preacher, to Miss Reduing. captain in the Leicester militia.

Died.) At Cheltenham, Mr. William At Dunstable, Mr. Francis Goude. Buckingham, son of Mr. William B. whose At Knutling, Mr. William Maxey, 58. denth was recorded in a late Number, 26.

Ac Tewkesbury, Mr. John Hayter, jun. Married.)At Peterborough, John Wray,

At Ashton upon Carrant, Mr. James Leigh- jun. esq. of Hull, to Ann, daughter of Msi. ton.

At Gloucester, Mr. Drinkwater, of the At Guilsborough, Mr. G. W. Merriton, of
Coach and Horses Inn.

Peckham, Surry, to Ann, daughter of Mr.
Ac Dursley, Mr. Rice Williams, 76. Edwand Underwood.
At Ampney Cross, Mrs. Gortou.

At Yarwell, Mr. James Bradshaw, to Miss
Ac Cowley, Mrs. Parker, 93.


Robert Dawson, esq. to Anna Rebecca, Married.] At Banbury, T.E. Bartlett, eldest daughter of J. Weston, esq. ot Brack. gent. to Jane, daughter of the Rev.G. Weale, Icy. vicar of Rowington, Warwickshire.

The Rev. Charles Davy, of Toddington, At Oxford, Mr. James King, printer and Beds. to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the bookseller, Abingoon, to Miss Ann Robia. late Rev. John Davy, vicar of Pytchley.

at Daventry, Mr. William Percivai, sure Died.] At Oxford, Mr. John Banaster geon and apothecary, and second son of Johus Adams, lately a clerk in the Bank of Eng. P. esq. banker of Northampton, to miss land, 33. Mr. Tbomas Bliss, bookseller, Mires, eldest daughter of Andrew M. esq. 24.-Miss Ann May, 23 Mrs. Moore, 62. Diesl.) Ac Kettering, on his road to Lon

Ac Bloxham, near Bantury, the Rev. Wil don, Thomas Copley, esq. late of Nether liam Pargeter, M.D. He was a classic 1 Hall, Doncaster, in the 68th year of his age; scholar, and possessed great medical abilities ; by wbose death a landed estate of between by lois death the poor have lost a friend, and 2 and 30001. a year descends to Edward Wola large ciscle of acquaintance an intelligent ley, esq. solicitor, York. and social companion -Mrs. Jevans, wite of At Long Buckby, Mrs. Staughton, 89. the Rev. Mr. J. dissenting minister.

At Astrop House, Miss Charlotte VarAt Ensham, Mrs. Haroy, wife of Thomas dewall Willes, chird daughter of the Rere H esq. one of the inagistrates of Oxford.

Slippen W. At Banbury, Dir. Edward Cok. -Mr. Hold.

Ac Northampton, Mr. Oram.-Ms. Hews, ney:

apothecary. Ac Adderbury, Mr. Bellow.

At Winwick, the Rev. Mr. Williamson,
Ac Nettlebed, Mr. Henry White, 89. rector of that place.
At Great Milton, Miss Huil, 11.

At Blatherwick Hall, Harry O'Brien, esq.

At Hackleton, Mr. Jolin Pacey, 71.
Married.) At Hanslop, Mr. John Tom. At Brafield, Mr. Joseph Sargeant.
kins, of the Black Lion Inn, to Mrs. Acter- At Woodnewton, Mrs. Hardy.

At Quinton, Mirs, Marrioti.




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son, 81.

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At Welford, Mrs Woodford, 81.

At Norwich, William Routh, esq. of Lon. At Great Billing, Mr Robert Loveil.

don, to Miss Carver.-Mr. J.T. Rutter, of HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

Mark Lane, London, to Harriet, youngest
Married.] At Hamerton, Mr. Thomas daughter of the late P. Hanger.
Smith, of Copmanford, to Miss Dumbleton. Captain Alexander Campbell, of the royal

Died.] Ai Godmanchester, Mr. Chiste. artillery, to Constantia, daughter of the late pher Lumley, 62.

Francis Gosling, esq. of Coulsey Wood, in At Stanground, Mr. Smythies, relict of the this county:-Mr. John Deacon, attorney, to Rev. Humphrey, S rector of Alphreton, Suf.

Miss Starling folk, and Little Sraughton, Beds.

At Old Buckenham, Thomas Urting, esq.

gent. of Ashwelthorpe, to Maria, third dauglia Married.] At Cambridge, Mr. W. Slaney,

ter of John Hunt, exq. of Old Buckenham.

Mr. James Back, of Norwich, to Miss to Miss S. Luitwyche, daughter of William

Gibbs, daughter ot' tbe Rev. L. G. rector of

Mr. John Harlock, jun. of Ely, to Miss

At Yarmouth, Lieutenant George Troke,
Shelverton, of Burwell.

R.N. to Mrs. Margaret Shickle.
Died.] On the 30th of April, at his fa-

At Guist, Richard Gwyn, esq. of Stratten thei's seat at Wimpole, Cambridgeshire, St. Michael, to Elizabeth, second daughter Charles York Viscount Royston, in the 13th

of R. Postle, esq. of Horstead. year of his age, only remaining son of the

Died ]

At East Dereham, Mrs. Ann Nel.
Earl of Hardwicke.
At Longstow, the Rev. Richard Haighton,

At Diss, Mrs. Burrows, 25.
rector of that parish, and of Croxton, also in

At Warham, Mrs Martha Tuttell, 71. this county, and perfepual curate of Hapton,

At Gressenball, Sarah, second daug beer of in Nortolk. He was formerly fellow of

Mr. Mace, 19.
Christ college, B.A. 1762, (being senior

At Scottow, Sarah, eldest daughter of Mrs. wrangler of that year,) and M.A. 1705.

T. Dyball.
Longslow is io the gift of the Rev. Robert

At Alburgh, Mr. Janies Keer, 52.
Thompson, LL.D. and Croxton, of Edward

At Harleston, Mr. Jaines Aldous, 52.
Leeds, esq. Christ college, patrons of

At Sarlingham, Mr. Piits.

At Wheatacre Burgh, Ann, wife of the
At Hardwicke, Mr. P. Whittet, 62.

Rev. William Boycatt 33.

At Honingham, Mr. Stephen Hipkin, 77. On Thursday, April 26, the first scone of At Swaff ham, Mrs. Framingham, relict of the new bridge at Carrow, Norwich, was Mr. F. many years an eminent surgeon there, laid by the mayor, Thomas Back, esq. ac. 77. tended by many of the most respectable in- At Norwich, Miss Akers, 30 - Mr. T. habitants of the city. On the stone being Barber, attorney, 60.

He had been 27 years placed in its situation, three cheers were given secretary to the Norfolk and Norwich Hos. by the workmen and spectators, anticipating piral.-Mrs. Sarah Gimingham, 74.-Mr. the great conveniency which this fresh com- Tooley.-Mrs. Gidney, 13.-Mr. Thomas munication with the Yarmouth road, and the Fro:dicke, 6; -Mr. George Dunn, 41 intended excavation of Butter Hills, will soon Mrs. Esther Reeve, 61 _Mrs. Harvey, wife give the city. Notwithstanding the estimare of Robert H. esq. 79.- Miss Ann Robson, for building another bridge, as proposed at daughter of John R. gencris. Elianor nda the iron foundry of Messrs. Aggs and Co. lison.-Mrs. Johnson, 78 - Jobo Schuldham, amounts, according to the most moderate cal- gent. 83. - Mr Thomas Black, 79.-Henria culation of an eminent surveyor, to the sum elta Iveson Murray, eldest daughier of James of 7,4071, besides the permanent expence of M. e.q. 20.-Sarah, daughter or Nr. Thomas 501. per annum, for lighting and keeping the Hawkins, Mr. Dow. streets in repair, the subscription is full. The erection of a third new bridge, at the Duke's Palace, is also in contemplation, and there is At a meeting assembled at the Guildhill, no reason to doubt, that the loan for such a Bury, on the puth of March, after a lecture patriotic purpose will fill rapidly, as there is delivered by Joseph Lancaster on the sulject a good prospect for the subscribers of those se- of the education ul the pour, it was resolved veral undertakings being paid nearly 14 per

that a school for boys should be established cent. for their money.

by public subscription in chat town on bia A very rare and curious fish, called the plan, and also a similar school for girls, if opah, or king fish, was lately cast on the

the funds of the institution would admit beach at Mundesley.

It is of that genus

of it. which Linnæus distinguishes by the name of Married.) dt Aldborough, William J. Chætodon, and is said to be very common on

Ellis, esq. of London, to Miss Waddington, the coast of Guinea.

daughter of John W. esq. Married.) At Lynn, Robert Bevan, esq.

At Hulesworth, Edward Tompron, eg. os of Trinity College, Camoridge, to Miss Mary

Norwich, to Miss Wilkinson, daughter of Peelc Taylor, only daughter of sbe late Rev. John W. esq.

Died.) Mr, Tilney,


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(June 1, Died.] Aged 70, the Rev. Anthony Lu- vious to the landed interest of the county, of ther Richardson, rector of Kennet, near how much consequence is it to the trading Newmarket, and also of Felsham and New. interest of Canterbury, that some immediate bourn, near Ipswich, and formerly of Queen's steps should be taken to obtain a navigation college, Cambridge, L.L.B. 1766.

from thence to the sea ; and as the enormous At Rury, Mr. Whybrew.--Mrs. Cook, expense of land-carriage may not be within wife of Mr. C. of the Three Tuns Inn.-Mrs. the knowledge or conception of the trase of Elizabeth Leheup, a maiden lady, 86.-Mrs. that city, we give, as an instance, that of Reilly, relict of John R. esq. 81.

the carriage of coal only, during ce list to Ac Ixworth Thorpe, Mrs. Day, 81. years. In the years 1808 and 1809, the At Brandon, Mrs. Diggon, 70.

quantity of coal brought into Canterbury, At Westerfield, Miss Hitch, eldest and on which the pavement dury or is. per daughter of the Rev. James H.

chaldron was paid, was 18.250 chaldroos, At Ipswich, Mr. N. Bucke, an eminent being an average of 9145 yearly ; which, at surgeon.-Mrs. Fallow, late of the Waggon the rate of 13s. per chaldron, (che price paid Inn.- Miss Maria Basham, 22; and two days for land carriage.) gives 59311. 55. ; a suin afterwards, her father, Mr John B.

equivalent to discharge the interest of At Gazely, Mr. John Taylor.

nearly 120,0001. more, hy one-sixth, than The Rev. William Cooke, B. D. vicar of the estimate of the whole cost of canal, har. Preston, in this county, and of Melton Parva, bour, &c. It is to be observed here, that Norfolk

the carriage of coal only is calculated; if At Wetherden, Mrs. Tanner,

then that of hops, timber, stone, wool, lea. At Norton, Mrs. Read,

ther, grocery, shop goods, &c. is added, and

which in 1802 was estimated at 13,000 tons Married.] At Danbury, Mr. Hayn of annually, and calculated to cost 72501. it London, to Sarah Dinah, third daughter of will be found that the saving to the public the late Jobn Wiggins, of Hill House, Dan will be more than one-half of the present bury.

price paid for land-carriage of every descripAt Southminster, Mr. Tabrum, surgeon, to Miss Bawtree, daughter of Samuel B. esq. A project is in contemplation to construct of Southminster-hall.

an harbour at St. Nicholas Bay, on the north. Died.) At Chelmsford, of a disease con. castern coast of this county. It originated tracteu in Waleheren, Lieutenant Cowslade, with some merchants in London, with a view 63d regiment.

of obtaining a shelter for those vessels which At Epping Grove, William Black, esq. in the winter season are so much exposed on

At Ingatestone, Mr. Cornelius Butler, sen, the Kent coast. It is proposed to make the a member of the Royal Coilege of Sur. harbour capable of receiving vessels of 300

tons burthen. At Harwich, Mrs. Amnier.

Married.] At Gillingham, James Smith, At Greensted, Mrs Ayley.

esq. a chief clerk in the check-office in ChaAt Mersea Island, Mr. Henry Hawes. tham Dock-yard, to Miss Isabella Scobin, of At Shenfield, James D'Argent, M.D.F.R.S. Chatham. 85.

At Lewisham, Mr. G. Edmunds, of the At Coggeshall, Mr. Jordan Unwin, 74. Exchequer-office of Pleas, Lincoln's-inn, to

Miss C. While, of Soho-square. It is in contemplation to take into consi.

Died.) At Chevening, the lady of the Rer. deration a plan projected by Mr. Rennie, for A. Onslow. the junction of the Medway, Rother, and At Deal, Mr. Mark Clayson, 71.-Mrs. Stour, by means of navigable canals. The Mount, 86.-Mrs. Dixon, wife of rear-adline of the canal proposed for the junction of miral D. She was taken ill whilst serving the Medway and Rother, is from the Med. some friends at a dinner-party, and died alway at Yalding to Horsmonden, thence by most immediately. Frittenden to Galiows Green, near Tenter. At Brompton, Mrs. Sharp. dell, and from thence to the royal milirary At Folksione, Richard, youngest son of canal at Stone, which connects it with the Mr. Reynolds, attorney. Rotlier., The line projected to unite with A: Maidstone, in consequence of a fall the Slour is proposed to branch off at Middle from his horse, Mr. Edward Moyce, of ShipQuarter, near High Halden, which in its borne, 49.-Mr. John Peters, 61.- Mi. course will embrace Ashford, and be contin John Pine, of the lvy-mili, paper-maker. nued to Wye, from whence it may without At Linton, Mrs. Link. dishculty be extended to Canterbury. The At Rochester, Mr. Stephen Doorne, total cost of this last line, twenty-seven banker.. miles in length, is estimated at 109,744.. of At Canterbury, Mr. C. Chapman, jos. the former line, nearly thirty-four miles in 24.-Mrs. Frances Ann Giraud. -- Mrs. Mary length, 190,688). If then the advantages to Kirkby, relict of Mr. Henry K. printer, 73. be derived from this proceeding are so ob- Mrs. Wraight. Mrs. Elizabeth Starke.


geons, 64.



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man, 82.


esq. 83.

place, 40.


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At Dover, Mr. Ashdown,

At Northgate, near Margate, John, eldest Married.] At Salisbury, John Young, esq. son of John Barker, esq. 26.

aptain in the 76 h regiment, to Jane, daughAt Eythorn, Mr. Thomas Manger, 76. ter of the late Rev. Dr. Frome, of East Wood. At Boughton-under-Blean, Mrs. Pack- hay, Hants.

Died.] At Melksham, Edmund Darby, esq.
At Minster, Mr. John Tutnell, 84. son of the late Mrs. Deborah D. of Coalbrooks
At Biddenden, Mrs. Browne, 78.

At Poseling, Mrs. Nower, 95.

At Salisbury, Mr. James Roles.-Mro.
Sarah Pike, 88.-Mr. Marsh.

At Marden, Mr. B. Hayward.
Died.] At Catsfield House, John Fuller,
He died possessed of a very large

At Trowbridge, the Rev. Daniel Jones, fortune, the bulk of which descends to his pastor of the general baptist church in that nephew and heir, John Fuller, of Rosehill,

At Tishury, Robert Oberne, 101. His esq. one of the representatives in parliament for the county. Few persons have excelled posterity amounted to 187 persons, viz. three this venerable gentleman; he was a devout children, eighty-one great grand children,

sons and five daughters, sixty seven grandand unteigned christian, and a most active and vigilant magistrate for above fifty years.

and one great-great-grandchild. His hand and heart were always open to the

At Fordington, T. Salisbury, esq. solicitor

and steward to Lord Rivers and William distress and necessities of others; he gave

Morton Pitt, esq. away, during his life time, a considerable

At Warminster, Mrs. Pressley.--Mrs. estate for the maintenance of poor blind


At West Kington, the infant daughter of
At Brighton, Mrs. Ann Rhodes. Mr.
Dullasson.-Mrs. Wells, wife of Mr. James

the Rev. J. J. Hume.

At Banbury, Mr. Samuel Ballard.
W. She was found dead in her bed without
any previous indisposition.--Mrs. Colbron, 82.

At Marlborough, Mr. Samuei Rogers.
At Chichester, Mr. Hoskins, who had
been thirty-three years master of the house

Married.) At Reading, Thomas Allen of industry of that city. Among his property

Shuter, esq. of Southwark, to Sarah Frances,

third daughter of the Rev. Dr. Valpy. were found two hundred guineas, one hundred

Died.) At Windsor, William Haygarth, and eighty seven-shilling pieces, a considerable number of five-and-threepenny-pieces, esg. sen. lieutenant in the royal navy, and and a unique collection of other coins, &c.

governor of the naval knights at Windsor.

At Yattendon, Mr. Mathews, 79.
At Lewes, M:. Francis Gell.-Mrs. Phila.

At Cookham, Mr. G. Allen.
delphia Tuppen, a maiden lady, 73.
At Milland House, near Chichester, John Owen, of Clapham, in this county, 17.--Mr. ,

At Newbury, John, son of the late James Wilkes, esq. furmerly a printer and booksel. ler at Winchester, and editor and proprietor

J. Simmords.

At Littlewick Green, Mr. Lee. of the Encyclopædia Londinensis.

At Reading, Mr. Havell, many years an

eminent drawing-master.-Mrs. Mitchell,
Married.] At Newport, Isle of Wight, relict of Commodure M. 87.-Mrs. Maggs.
Mr. James Roach, of East Medina Mill, to Mr. Willsdon.
Miss Robinson, only daughter of Captain R. At Wallingford, Miss Ives.

At Southampton, James Blunt, esq. of At Beaumont Lodge, near Windsor, Viro
Nether Wallop, to Miss Sarah Little, third countess Ashbrook.
daughter of the late Richard L. esq. of Gros- At Beenham, Mr. Elisha Webb.

At Theale, Mrs. Wallen, 87.
Died.) At Odiham, Mrs. Payne, relict of At Wargrave, Mrs. Maynard.
the late John P. esq. of Barbadoes.

At Harwell, Mr. Richard Elderfield.
At Chilworth Farm, near Romsey, Mrs.

Died.] At Bath, Mrs. Ann Welch, daughter
At Winchester, Mrs. Wells, 68.-Mrs. and co-heiress of the late celebrated Justice

Welch, with whom she resided for a consi. At Appleshaw, Mrs. Josina Hedges, relict derable time in Italy, and formed her taste, of John H. esq.

then inready conspicuous, by a close atten: At Southampton, Mrs. Newlyn, 88.-Miss tion to literature and the fine arts. She was Vignole.

a woman of superior abilities, mistress of the At Alderholt Park, George Reade, esq. Latin, French, and Italian languages; but At Muscliff, John Hudson, esq.

these acquirements, far from exciting a wish At Basingstoke, aged 82, Mr. John to attract the notice of the world, rendered Granger, brother of the late Rev. James her doubly solicitous to fulfil all the relaGranger, vicar of Shiplake, author of the tive duties of society, to which no female Biographical History of England.

could be a more genuine ornament. Mild,



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