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a machine, by means of which any person, natural small-pox used to carry off a great though unacquainted with drawing, is ena- number of persons every year. Dr Malabled to copy paintings in oil or fresco, and fejew, who resides in that country, has, oven to trace the contour of statues and however, found means to check its ravages. other round bodies, either of the natural -Being at Ochotsk in 1814, he brought size, or reduced to one-twelfth. This ma- thence by sea some variolous matter. He chine, which is far superior to the panto- immediately innoculated, at the harbour of graph, will be particularly useful for frescoes; St Peter and St Paul, 500 persons, some it is even asserted, that in this department of them adults, and sent a portion of the it will do as much in one day as formerly matter to other parts of Kamtschatka. Conrequired the labour of a month.

vinced by experience of the beneficial effect of inoculation, the Kamtschadales and ko

raiks now cheerfully allow it to be practised Some of the professors of the University on themselves and their children. Dr Maof Halle have undertaken an Universal En- lafejew has instructed some native Kamtscyclopædia of the Arts and Sciences, which chadales at each ostrog and village in the is to consist of thirty volumes in 4to. Four process : he himself superintends the opehundred men of letters have, it is said, ad rations, and gives certificates of merit to ready engaged in this work ; and each ar- such as distinguish themselves by zeal and ticle is to be signed by its author ;-they skill. About 3000 persons have hitherto have published a specimen. It is expected been inoculated. The climate of Kamtsto be finished in about six years.

chatka is naturally healthy, and the natives The second volume of an interesting work, of the peninsula frequently attain a very by Charles L. Von Haller, has been pub- advanced age, without the infirmities genelished. It is entitled, “ Restoration of the rally attendant on it. There is, for instance, Science of Politics ; or, Theory of the Na- now living at Soposchnoje, a Kamtschadale tural State of Society.”

woman, named Daria Slobodtschinowa, who, Professor Dahlmann, of Kiel, is prepar. at the age of 130 years, possesses all her faing for the press the manuscript Chronicle culties unimpaired. Thus, too, Dr Malaof Ditmar, by Neocorus, which had been fejew found at Kirgamizkoi, a Kamtschadale lost, and lately recovered. This work is of upwards of 100 years old, who could read great importance for the illustration of the the Bible without spectacles, and explain it ancient history of Germany.

to his countrymen. The foreigners resident in Kamtschatka have lately begun to main

tain a private correspondence with England In the peninsula of Kamtschatka, the and America.




thence through Berlin to Hamburgh. The Mr C. Phillips, the barrister, has in the work will be accompanied with engravings press, a Life of his friend, the Right Hon. illustrative of the more remarkable antiJohn Philpot Curran, in a quarto volume, quities in those countries, the costume of embellished with a portrait. This work will the inhabitants, and other interesting subcomprise an account of the legal, political, jects, from drawings executed in the course and private life of Mr Curran ; together of the journey. with anecdotes and characters of his most Mr Nichols will shortly publish, in tfo distinguished contemporaries, many of them vols. 8vo, a new edition of the Life and collected from his own lips.

Errors of John Dunton, citizen of LonThe Letters from the Hon. Hor. Wal. don ; with the lives and characters of more pole, to George Montagu, Esq. from the year than one thousand contemporary divines, 1736 to 1770, will soon be published from and other persons of literary eminence : the originals, in the possession of the edi. To which will be added, Dunton's Conver. tor.

sations in Ireland ; selections from his Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson is preparing other genuine works, and a portrait of the for publication, a Narrative of an Over- author. land Journey from India, performed in Mr W. Upcott, of the London Institothe course of the present year, through tion, will publish in the course of the enthe principal cities of Persia, part of Ar- suing month, in three volumes octavo, a Bimenia, Georgia, over the Caucasus into bliographicalAccount of the principal Works Russia, through the territory inhabited by relating to English Topography; containthe Cossacks of the Don, to Warsaw, and ing a complete collation of the more inportant and rare productions connected Original Letters from Baxter, Prior, Bowith the local History of England ; the lingbroke, Pope, Cheyne, Hartley, &c. with quantity of letter-press comprised in each biographical illustrations, edited by Mrs volume, lists of the plates, and separate pe- Rebecca Warner of Bath, will soon appear digrees, so as to form an useful and ne

in octavo. cessary guide to all collectors of books on A new work on the subject of Saving this interesting subject.

Banks will shortly make its appearance, In a few days will be published, Messrs which will be found particularly useful to Hooker and Taylor's work on the Mosses all connected with these institutions, en, of Great Britain and Ireland, which will titled, “ Annals of Banks for Savings." contain tigures and descriptions of each spe- Part the first, containing details of the rise cies, native of these islands; together with and progress of these institutions ; obserplates, illustrative of the Genera.

vations on their importance, tendency, and Mr Hooker has likewise the first num- constitution ; an account of the earliest ber of a work ready for publication, on the establishments of this description ; full new and rare, or little known, Exotic particulars for their formation, manage. Cryptogamic Plants ; with which will be ment, &c.; methods of keeping accounts incorporated those collected in South Ame- and calculating interest ; useful hints and rica, by Messrs Humboldt and Bonpland; suggestions; and reports and communicaand various other interesting subjects, in tions from the principal banks in Great the possession of the author and his bota- Britain, &c. nical friends. This will have numerous Remarks Moral, Practical, and Facetious, plates, and appear in an octavo volume. on various interesting subjects, selected

A Walk through Switzerland in Sep- from the writings of the late William tember 1816, is preparing for publica- Hutton, Esq. of Birmingham, will appear tion.

in the middle of December. In a few days will be published, Tales Mr W. B. Gurney is preparing for the of Wonder, of Humour, and of Sentimento press the Trials of Brandreth, Turner, By Anne and Anuabella Plumptre. 3 vols. Ludlam, and Weightman, for high treaL. 1, Is.

son at Derby, from his short-hand notes. Dr Carey has in forwardness an elocu- Early next year will be published in tory edition of Thomson's Seasons; with parts, about forty Views of Pompeii, enmetrical notes to each line, to regulate the graved in mezzotinto, in imitation of the enunciation, as in his Introduction to Eng. original drawings taken on the spot in the lish Composition and Elocution.

present year by George Townley, Esq. Early in February will be published, a Mr Murray's historical work on the VoyTranslation of Tasso's Jerusalem; by the ages and Discoveries in Africa, is about to Rev. J. H. Hunt, late fellow of Trinity appear in French, from the press of Mongie. College.

On the 1st of January will be publishMr Henry Sass, student of the Royal ed the first number of a new monthly misAcademy of Arts, is about to publish by cellany, entitled, Arlis's Pocket Magazine subscription, a Journey to Rome and of Classical and Polite Literature, or Gems Naples, by way of Paris, Lyons, Mount of Genius. Cenis, Turin, Genoa ; by Sea to Leghorn, Woman, a poem; by Eaton Stannard Pisa, Rome, Naples, including visits to Por- Barrett, Esq., author of the Heroine, small tici, Herculaneum, Pompeia, Vesuvius, 8vo, with several wood-cuts from designs (which was ascended during the time of an by Thurston, will appear in a few days. eruption) and the classic ground of Pozzu- Mr Woodley, Editor of the Cornwall oli and Baiæ ; returning by the Adriatic, Gazette, and author of various works in Bologna, Venice, Vicenza, Verona, Milan, verse and prose, is preparing for publicathe Simplon, and Geneva.

tion an Account of his Literary Life, which Madame de Stel's new work on the will contain anecdotes of many distinguishFrench Revolution has been purchased by ed living characters. a London bookseller ; it will be printed The Rev. Anthony Davidson, of South both in French and English, under the Damerham, Wilts, is about to publish by superintendence of Mr William Schlegel, subscription the Poems of Ossian turned the literary executor of the baroness. The into blank verse, in an 8vo volume. work will be comprised in three octavo vo- Mr Jones, optician, is about to publish lumes, and will appear in London and at the late Mr Ferguson's Astronomical PlaParis on the same day.

nisphere of the Heavens, and likewise his A Biographical View of the Public and Astronomical Rotula, with the Calculations Private Life of the Princess Cha tte, will continued by the Rev. L. Evans. appear in a few days.

Dr Armstrong of Sunderland has in the Early in December will be published, press a work on Scarlet Fever, Measles, the Juvenile Botanist's Companion, or Consumption, &c. His volume on Typhus Complete Guide to the Vegetable King. Fever is also reprinting with considerable dom; by Robert John Thornton, M. D. additions.

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Speedily will be published, in one volume Charters, together with a Series of the prin8vo, Rome, Naples, and Florence, in 1817, cipal Charters themselves, intended to serve consisting of sketches of the present state of as a Summary of Annals to its History. society and manners, the arts, literature, A volume, entitled, “ Warnings of Bit&c. of those cities, with numerous anec- ter Experience,” is ready for publishing by dotes and conversations of distinguished subscription, for the purpose of creating a writers, English and foreign.

fund to make accurate experiments in dif. Mr Britton is preparing for publication, ferent parts of the three kingdoms, to asceras the fifth volume of his Architectural tain the most efficacious means for preventAntiquities, a Chronological Illustration of ing scarcity or exorbitant price of provi. the Ancient Architecture of Great Britain, sions, by discovering the best and cheapest containing a series of eight engravings. It method for preserving grain from the dewill form ten numbers, the first of which predations of vermin, and the vitiating efwill appear next spring.

fects of humidity ; that the superabunMr George Dyer has in the press, “ The dance of one crop, compensating for defiPrivileges of the University of Cambridge;" ciency in another, may supersede importacontaining a Chronological Table of all its tion.


By John


The real Cause of the Princess CharAGRICULTURE.

lotte's Death. Is. 6d. The Code of Agriculture, including Ob- Circumstantial Detail of the Last Mo. servations on Gardens, Woods, and Plan- ments of the Princess Charlotte ; including tations. By the Right Hon. Sir John Sin- a Biographical Memoir of her Life. clair, Bart. 8vo. L.), Is.

A Biographical Peerage of the Empire ASTRONOMY.

of Great Britain : in which are Memoirs Evening Amusements for 1818. By and Characters of the most celebrated William Frend, Esq.

Persons of each Family. 18mo. Vol. IV. BIOGRAPHY.

CLASSICS. Scripture Portraits, or Biographical Me- The Select Works of Plotinus, the great moirs of distinguished Characters recorded Restorer of the Philosophy of Plato, and in the Old Testament. By the Rev. Ro- Extracts from the Treatise of Synesius on bert Stevenson of Castle Hedingham. 2 Providence ; translated from the Greek; vols. 12mo. 8s.

with an introduction, containing the SubThe Northern Courts, containing Me- stance of Porphyry's Life of Plotinus ; by moirs of the Sovereigns of Sweden and T. Taylor. 8vo. i8s. Denmark since 1700; including the ex- Cellarius's Maps. 4to. 10s. Gd. traordinary Vicissitudes of the Lives of the

Spelman's Xenophon. 12mo. 7s. Grandchildren of George Il.

COMMERCE. Brown, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. L. 1, Is.

Three Letters in French :- 1. Upon the A Biographical Peerage of Ireland ; in Trade of Great Britain with the Continent. which are the Men.oirs and Characters of -2. A Reply to the same by an Englishthe most celebrated Persons of each Fa- man._3. In answer to that. mily, and the Arms engraven on Wood. Royal 8vo. 9s.

The Duty and Benefit of Retirement: a Shakespeare and his Times ; including Sermon preached at Salter's Hall Meetingthe Biography of the Poet; Criticisms on House, on Sunday, April 20, 1777. By his Genius and Writings; a Disquisition the late Rev. Hugh Worthington. 8vo. on the Object ot' his Sonnets; a new Chro- ls. nology of his Plays; and a History of the A Course of Sermons for the Lord's Manners, Customs, Amusements, Super- Day throughout the Year; including stitions, Poetry, and elegant Literature Christmas Day, Good Friday, and Ascenie of his Age. By Nathan Drake, M. D. sion Day. Adapted to and chiefly taken 2 vols. 41. L. 5, 5s. ; large paper, L. 7, from the Service of the Day. By Joseph

Holden Pott, A. M. Archdeacon of LonMemoirs of the Life of the Princess don. 2 vols. 8vo. L. 1, Is. Charlotte. 6d.

Preparatory Observations on the Study Particulars of the Death of the Princess of Religion, in Eight Lectures, delivered Charlotte. 6d.

before the Children of a Family in Higa 6




Life. By & Clergyman of the Church of compiled by H. Robertson, M. D. during England. 2s. 6d.

a residence of some years in the Levant. A Sermon on Regeneration and Conver.

HISTORY. sion. By John Napleton, D. D. Canon A Complete History of the Spanish InResidentiary of Hereford. Is.

quisition, from the period of its Establish. A Discourse occasioned by the Death of ment by Ferdinand V. to the present time, the Rev. John Prior Estlin, LL.D., de drawn from most authentic documents; by livered in Lewin's Mead Meeting, Bristol, Don Juan Antonio Llorente, one of the August 24, 1817, by the Rev. James Man- principal Officers of the Inquisitorial ning. To which is subjoined, the Funeral Court, &c. translated from the Spanish. Service ; by Lant Carpenter, LL.D. 8vo. An Universal History, in twenty-four Is. 6d.

Books; translated from the German of EDUCATION.

Jobn Müller. 3 vols. 8vo. Dr Bell's System of Instruction broken History of New South Wales, by P. into Questions and Answers, for the Use of O'Hara, Esq. 8vo. 14s. Masters and Teachers in the National A History of Europe, from the Treaty Schools. By the Rev. Fred. Iremonger. of Amiens, in 1802, to the Pacification of Is. 6d.

Paris in 1815; by Charles Coote, LL.D. Questions for the different Elementary 8vo. 12s. Books used in the different National Schools. History of Ancient Europe, from the By the Rev. Fred. Iremonger. Is. 6d. earliest Times to the Subversion of the

Method of Teaching Children to Read, Western Empire ; with a Survey of the upon the principle discovered by Sieur most important Revolutions in Asia and Berthaud, improved and adapted to the Africa ; by Dr Russell. 3 vols. 8vo. English Language. By Mrs Williams. L. 2, 2s. 12mo. 9s.

A History of St Domingo, from its Dis. Self Cultivation recommended ; or, covery by Columbus to the present Time. Hints to a Youth leaving School.

Pinnock's improved edition of GoldIsaac Taylor of Ongar. Flsc. Ivo. 5s. 6d. Smith's History of England, from the In

The Day's Occupation ; or, the Em- vasion of Julius Casar to the death of ployment of Time : a work containing the George II. with a Continuation to the deElements of useful Knowledge for Chil- feat of the Algerines in 1816; with a Dice dren ; from the French of Jauffret. 3s. tionary Biographical, Historical, &c. &c.

A Concise System of Commercial Arith. 12mo. metic, adapted to modern practice : with Russia, being a complete Picture of an Appendix, containing a series of queries that Empire, including a full description on bills and merchants' accounts ; by J. of its government, laws, religion, comMorrison, accountant, master of the Mer. merce, &c. ; by C. G. Hunter, Esq. cantile Academy, Leeds. 12mo.

45. 6d. 10s. 6d. Spanish Nature displayed; by J. Dutief. The History of the British Revolution 2 vols. 8vo. L.l, lls. 6d.

of 1688-9, recording all the events conFrench and English Dictionary ; by J.

nected with that transaction in England, Dufief. 3 vols. 12mo. L. 2, 12s. 6d. Scotland, and Ireland, down to the capitu.

The Chinese Grammar; by W. Morrison. lation of Limerick, in 1691, in the last of 4to. L.1, Ils. Od.

these kingdoms, inclusive ; by George Family Suppers, or Evening Entertain- Moore, Esq. 14s. ment for Young People : consisting of ele- History of the Wars of the French Regant Moral Tales, in which instruction is volution; comprising the Civil History of blended with amusement; translated from Great Britain and France, from the breakthe French of Madame Delafaye ; by ing out of the war in 1792, to the end of Lady Mary H******, with sixteen en- the second reign of the Emperor Napo. gravings. 2 vols. 63.-and in French, 7s. leon, and the Restoration of a General

The Little Bearnais : consisting of Mo- Peace ; by Edward Baines, in eight monthral Lessons for Youth, translated from the ly parts, 5s. each, or in 2 vols. 4to. L. l, French of Madame Delafaye, author of each. the “ Six Tales of Youth," &c. with six- The History and Antiquities of Gainsteen engravings. 4 vols. 10s. 6d.The borough ; together with an Account of same in French, 12s.

Stow, principally in illustration of its claim Moral and Amusing Recreations; or, to be considered as the Roman SidnacesTales for the use of Young Ladies enter- ter ; by W. Stark; illustrated with plates ing the World, from the French of the by Lowrie, Storer, and Pollard. 8vo. Countess de Choiseul. 1 vol. 12mo. with The History of the City of Dublin, from six engravings. 5s. Also in French, os. the earliest Accounts to the present Time:

A Concise Grammar of the Romaic, or containing its Annals, Antiquities, Ecclesi. Modern Greek Language; with phrases and astical History, and Charters ; its present dialogues on the most familiar subjects; extent, public buildings, schools, aistitar,





tions. &c. To which are added, Biogra- tory of the mode of Notation. By Thomas phical Notices of eminent Men, and co- Hanson, Surgeon. 3s. pious appendices of its population, revenue, commerce, and literature ; by the late The Sacred Edict, containing sixteen John Warburton, Esq., the late Rev. Maxims of the Emperor Kang-he, ampli. James Whitelaw, and the Rev. R. Walsh, fied by his Son, the Emperor YoongM.R.I.A. dedicated, by permission, to his Ching; together with a Paraphrase on the Excellency Lord Whitworth. 2 vols. 4to. whole, by a Mandarin. Translated from illustrated by numerous views of the prin- the Chinese, and illustrated by Notes ; by cipal buildings, ancient and modern, maps the Rev. William Milner, Protestant Mis. of the city, &c.

sionary at Malacca.

An Essay on the Strength and Stress of A Practical Treatise on Life Annuities; Timber, founded on Experiments perincluding the Annuity Acts of the 17th formed at the Royal Military Academy on and 53d Geo. III. Also a Synopsis of all Specimens selected from the Arsenal and the principal adjudged Cases under the Dock-Yard, Woolwich ; by Peter Barlow, first Act ; together with select, modern, of the Royal Military Academy. 8vo. 18s. and useful precedents, &c. &c. ; by Fre- The Pamphleteer, No. XX. 6s. 6d. derick Blayney. 7s. 6d.

Johnstone's London Coinmercial Guide, Cobbett's State Trials, Vol. XXIII. and Street Directory ; on a new and more L. I, lls. 6d.

efficient principle than any yet establishMEDICINE, SURGERY, &c. ed; in four parts ; corrected to August 31, Aphorisms, illustrating natural and dif- 1817. ficult Cases of Accouchement, Uterine Hæ.

NOVELS, TALES, &c. morrhage, and Puerperal Peritonitis ; by The Bachelor and the Married Man, Andrew Blake, M. D.

or the Equilibrium of the “ Balance of Transactions of the College of Physi. Comfort." 3 vols. 10s. 6d. cians in Ireland, Vol. I. 1s.

Helen Monteagle ; by Alicia Lefanu. A Treatise on the Physiology and Dis- 3 vols. L. 1, Is. eases of the Ear, containing a comparative A Bride and No Wife ; by Mrs Moss. View of its Structure and Functions, and of 4 vols. L. 1, 2s. its various Diseases ; by J. H. Curtis, Esq. Aurist to the Prince Regent.

Zapolya : a Christmas Tale, in two Physiological Lectures, delivered before parts; by S. T. Coleridge, Esq. 8vo. 5s. the Royal College of Surgeons of London, Sincere Burst of Feeling, an Ode to the in the year 1817; by John Abernethy, Memory of the Princess Charlotte. 4to. F. R. S. &c.

28. Bancroft's Sequel to his Essay on Yel. Mary Queen of Scots; an historical low-Fever. 8vo. 14s.

Poem, with other Miscellaneous Pieces; An Essay on the disorders of Old Age, by Margaretta Wedderburn. 12mo. and on the means for prolonging Human Trifles in Verse; by L. T. Berguer, Esq. Life ; by Ant. Carlisle, F. R. S. &c. 8vo. 8vo. 7s. 5s.

True Patriotism, dedicated in a Letter A Letter to the Commissioners for to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent; Transports, on the Non-Contagious Na- by James Ackland. 8vo. 1s. ture of the Yellow-Fever ; by James Vic- The Grave of the Convict, an Elegy. Is ten, M. D. 8vo.

Evening Hours, a collection of original Report on the proper State and Ma- Poems. Ss. Od. nagement of the Hospitals for insane Per. A Monody to the Memory of the Prinsons at Paris ; translated from an official cess Charlotte Augusta ; by the Author of Report on the Hospitals in general of that “ Evening Hours." 2s. Metropolis ; with an Appendix. 8vo. 2s. The Search, and other Poems; by Mr

The Dublin Hospital Reports and Com- Edmeston. munications in Medicine and Surgery. The Chieftain's Fetc. Part 1. Comprehending annual Reports POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOYY. from Medical and Surgical Hospitals. Observations on the Circumstances which Part 2. Miscellaneous Communications on influence the Condition of the labouring Medical and Surgical Diseases, tending to Classes of Society ; by John Barton. 8vo. the Improvement of Pathology and Prac. 3s. 6d. tice. Vol. I. 9s.

Collection of State Trials and Proceed. METEOROLOGY.

ings for High Treason, from the earliest The Meteorologist's Tables, for recordperiod to 1783, compiled by T. B. Howell, ing Diurnal Observations of the Weather, and continued to the present time by Tho. as well as annual Results. 4s.

mas Jones Howell; Èsq. Vol. XXIII. The Meteorologist's Assistant, a Folio Royal 8vo. L. 1, 1ls. Gid. Chart, accompanied with a Card, explana- Considerations on the Poor Laws; by

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