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The total number of patients receiving hospital care was &0,696, or 11,302 more than during the preceding year.


Among the most pressing needs of the hospital is a larger personnel. During the last few years several buildings have been added to the hospital without any increase in the necessary personnel required for satisfactory operation. Especially is this true in the nursing department, where the most glaring deficiency exists.

Twenty-one additional graduate nurses must be employed in order that the patients may be given at least the minimum of required care, and at the same time reduce the hours of duty for the nurses to a daily basis of 8, which is in accordance with minimum standards.

A clerk is urgently needed in the social-service department. This branch of the hospital has two workers, but no regular clerk. At times a clerk is detailed from some other department to help out, but this is in no way satisfactory.

Three orderlies are needed: 1 for night duty in the male surgical ward, 1 for service in the new clinical building, and 1 for the interne's residence.

A maid is also needed for night duty in the obstetrical wards.

Provision should be made for 2 residents: 1 for the surgical department and 1 for the medical. It is proposed to appoint physicians as residents who have served, with some distinction, as internes for at least 1 year in a class A hospital. The training of residents in special branches of medicine and surgery represents advance or post-graduate instruction for physicians whose ultimate aim is to prepare for the practice of a specialty.


The demands for service in this department of the hospital were very heavy. The service rendered by the nurses was, on the whole, satisfactory, but there were many evidences of a need of a larger number of graduate nurses. This is regarded as very essential to efficient care of the patients, satisfactory training of student nurses, and to reduce the hours of duty to a daily 8-hour basis.

The superintendent of nurses is of the opinion that 21 additional graduate nurses should be employed. In this opinion I heartily concur.

On account of the intensive theoretical program pursued by the first-year students, two additional instructors are necessary for teaching and follow-up work.

The graduating exercises were held June 4, 1935, in the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel of Howard University, at which time 28 nurses were graduated, making a total of 631 graduates from the school.


(pebcival Hall, President)

During the fiscal year July 1, 1934, through June 30, 1935, there were under instruction in the advanced department of the institution, known as Gallaudet College, 81 men and 56 women, a total of 137, representing 36 States and the District of Columbia. This in a decrease of five as compared with the preceding year. In the primary and grammar department, known as the Kendall School, there were under instruction 34 girls and 38 boys, a total of 72. This is an increase of two as compared with the preceding year. Of the total in this department, 67 were admitted as beneficiaries of the District of Columbia. There were admitted to the institution 27 males and 31 females; discharged, 33 males and 22 females.

Excellent health prevailed among the students and pupils during the year. There were no deaths and no serious cases of illness. Four cases of appendicitis were successfully treated, 3 by operative and 1 by nonoperative methods.

A special course in world literature was added to the curriculum and a study made for future adjustment in connection with all courses given in the advanced department.

The increasing number of pupils and students in the institution shows still further the pressing need of a library and recitation building, which has been asked for by the secretary; also revision and improvement of the power house and heating and lighting system. In the near future the gymnasium should be remodeled and special appropriations made for the construction of a new primary plant.

Research work in the occupations of the deaf was conducted by normal students of the institution during the year, and a study of family background of former students was made by a deaf graduate student.

Particular attention is needed to the study of acquisition of language by deaf persons and the best methods of teaching English. This and other important reasearch projects call for a research worker and assistant to be employed regularly by the institution. The increase of students calls, also, for the employment of an additional instructor.

Twenty additional scholarships were granted to the advanced department of the institution by Congress, making a total of 145 now available.

Receipts for the year were $170,258.64; expenses, $169,001.02.

On commencement day, 6 pupils of the Kendall School received diplomas, 6 members of the normal department received the degree of master of arts, 2 deaf graduate students received the degree of master of arts in course. The degree of bachelor of arts was conferred on 11 members of the senior class, and the degree of bachelor of science on 9.

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