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Senator HAYDEN. Would there be any difficulty in getting the equipment and generators manufactured to go into the dam?

Colonel WHIPPLE. Not in this case, sir. Those contracts have come along well and are on schedule at the present time.

Senator HAYDEN. I know that in other instances there have been delays on the part of the manufacturer of generators and other equipment in the East. But you are sure that would not happen in this case ?

Colonel WHIPPLE. You are correct. sir. That has happened in a number of cases. But those contracts are on schedule as far as this project is concerned.

Senator ELLENDER. Mr. Chairman?
Senator KNOWLAND. Yes, Senator Ellender,

Senator ELLENDER. A moment ago you stated that the initial installation was for 16 units, and intermediate 20 units.

Colonel WHIPPLE. Yes, sir.
Senator ELLENDER. And an ultimate 27 units.
Colonel WHIPPLE. Yes, sir.

Senator ELLENDER. I notice down here you state that provision is being made for the ultimate installation of 27 units. As I understood you a while ago, you said that something in addition to the installation of the machinery would be necessary in order to provide the 27 units. What is that additional? Why could it not be done now?


Colonel WHIPPLE. Sir, on that I will have to refer you to the peculiar

way in which this project is laid out. If you will turn to page 692 in the justification book and look in the upper left hand corner where the plan is shown you will see that the powerhouse does not extend across the river. The powerhouse required is too long and the river is so narrow at that point that the spillway is placed in the river channel and actually the powerhouse is built by excavating a portion of the bank. It is not necessary to build all of the powerhouse at this time in order to get across the river. The question that you asked is answered by the rather unusual circumstances in connection with the construction of the powerhouse in this particular case.

Senator ELLENDER. I see. Well, now, the powerhouse that you are now erecting or that you propose to erect, will that take care of the intermediate number, that is, the 20 units!

Colonel WHIPPLE. Yes, sir. The structure of the powerhouse will include minimum provisions for the 20, but not for the 27.

Senator ELLENDER. That is what I am saying, just the 20.
Colonel WHIPPLE. Yes, sir.

Senator ELLENDER. And the remaining 7, you would have to build a complete extension.

Colonel WHIPPLE. Build a complete extension of the powerhouse, on which nothing is being done at this time.

Senator ELLENDER. I see. Thank you. I wanted to clear the record, Mr. Chairman, because I had misunderstood it a moment ago.


Senator KNOWLAND. I think that completes the projects. We now have the advance planning.

General CHORPENING. I would like to make a very brief general statement on advance planning before we get into detail on the projects. The total of the budget request for advance engineering and design, advanced planning, is $2,500,000. The general criteria that we have used in selecting projects under this request is on the continuation of planning projects of good benefit to cost ratio that are already in a planning stage, and, second, to broaden the base of our planned projects by picking up other small projects of high economic benefits-cost ratio.

Of the $2.5 million that is herein included, we have allotted $1,564,000 to 30 flood-control projects, $521,000 to 7 multiple-purpose projects, and $415,000 will go to 8 navigation projects. Colonel Whipple will first testify on the amount we are requesting for the seven multiple-purpose projects.

Senator HAYDEN. Mr. Chairman, I would like to inquire as to what was the request made by the Corps of Engineers of the Bureau of the Budget for this total purpose on which less than $3 million was allowed. How much did you ask for?

General CHORPENING. The total request of the Corps of Engineers within ceiling was $3 million, and over ceiling $3.5 million. We were allowed $2.5 million, sir.

Senator HAYDEN. That is, in your judgment, in the judgment of the Corps of Engineers, $3.5 million could be profitably and well expended on investigative work.

General CHORPENING. $3 million we asked for within ceiling, sir, and $3.5 million over ceiling, or a total of $6.5 million. That was our request to the Bureau of the Budget.

Senator CORDON. Mr. Chairman?
Senator KNOWLAND. Senator Cordon.

Senator CORDON. It occurs to me that if this committee receives all the facts in connection with this appropriation, that we ought to have in front of us, furnished by the Corps of Engineers, a statement, itemized, to indicate what the corps feels should be done with respect to advance planning, whether in connection with a project that has already had some planning, or with respect to one where the planning should start.

If the greater amount requested for planning were available, I believe it would be helpful if we could have in the record a list of the recommendations the corps feels at this time proper if we were to increase the amount to the amount that was originally requested of the Bureau of the Budget.

Senator KNOWLAND. Will you furnish us with that information!

General CHORPENING. We have those lists which we can furnish to the committee, sir.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Navigation projects:

Alabama: Jackson lock and dam...

Halfmoon Bay Harbor
Redondo Beach Harbor
San Francisco Bay, drift removal

San Joaquin River, Stockton deepwater channel
Hawaii: Kawaihae Harbor.

Markland locks and dam, Indiana, Kentucky, and


Calumet Sag Channel.
Kentucky: Greenup lock and dam, Kentucky and Ohio..

Mississippi River, Baton Rouge to Gulf of Mexico..

Plaquemine-Morgan City, alternate route.
Michigan: Detroit River, Amherstberg channel..
Texas: G. I. W. W. Guadalupe River Channel to Victoria
West Virginia: Hildebrand lock and dam..

Total, navigation projects......
Flood-control projects:

Arizona: Painted Rock Reservoir
Arkansas: Millwood Reservoir --

Carbon Canyon Dam and Channel
Hogan Reservoir
Russian River Reservoir
San Antonio and Chino Creeks.
San Joaquin River and tributaries.

Success Reservoir.
Colorado: Chatfield Reservoir
Connecticut: Hartford (Folly Brook)
Idaho: Columbia River local protection projects.

South Beloit, Rock River.

The Sny Basin.

Greenfield Bayou levee..
Mansfield Reservoir.

Mason J. Niblack levee..

Buckhorn Reservoir..

Massachusetts: Buffum ville Reservoir.
Missouri: Pomme de Terre Reservoir..
Montana: Billings..

Mathews Canyon Reservoir

Pine Canyon Reservoir
New Mexico: Chamita Reservoir.
New York:

Allegheny River Reservoir
Davenport Center Reservoir.

Oregon: Pendleton
Pennsylvania: Bradiord.
Rhode Island: Woon socket
Utah: Spanish Fork River.
Vermoni: Victory Reservoir

Eagle Gorge Reservoir.

West Virginia: Summersville Reservoir.

Jackson Hole.

50.000 25, 000 75,000

[blocks in formation]

10.000 60.000

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Total, food-control projects..

[blocks in formation]

Advance engineering and design, fiscal year 1955Continued

[blocks in formation]

Senator ELLENDER. In that connection, do you have such a list for those 7 multiple-purpose projects on page 36?

General CHORPENING. You have only a list of those within the amount being requested.

Senator KNOWLAND. Senator Cordon's request goes beyond that.

Senator ELLENDER. I understand. I am wondering why it was that

you did not do for others as you did for these seven. General CHORPENING. Information has been furnished on all projects for which we are asking funds, Senator, within the Budget allowed amount of $2.5 million. But I think Senator Cordon is referring to what was asked of the budget under the $6.5 million.

Senator CORDON. That is right.

Senator ELLENDER. I know what Senator Cordon asked for, but do you have in this record the same information as to other projects that you have on page 36 !

General CHORPENING. Yes, sir.
Senator ELLENDER. All right.

General CHORPENING. I should make this clear that of that $6.5 million, 11/2 million was requested to review those projects that we have recommended as deferred for further study in our consideration of the overall backlog, and which General Sturgis discussed at some length in his opening statement before this committee. So, actually, only 5 million of the 612 was for what we can normally consider advance planning.

Senator CORDON. Mr. Chairman, I recognize that this country is faced with a necessity of reduction in expenditures. I want to do what I can to help achieve that aim. I also recognize that we have here, as a result of the critical situation which the country found itself in in 1950, at the time of the Korean debacle, when we followed a program which we have followed since and are following substantially today, of carrying forward only those projects that had already been under construction, and holding to the very minimum any new construction. We are now rapidly getting to a place where a backlog of planned projects becomes far more necessary than it has been in the past when we had a reasonable number of new projects going in each year. For that reason, it seems to me it is particularly essential at this time that we make a careful review of that situation. I would still want to hold the amount to a sound minimum, but I am not certain that this has not let it go below that.

Senator KNOWLAND. I think it is certainly appropriate to have the information the Senator has requested, and the engineers will supply it to the committee.

General CHORPENING. Yes, sir.

In furtherance of my statement, of the $521,000 that we are requesting for 7 multiple-purpose projects, all of them have had some planning money in prior years, and the requested funds will place 6 out of the 7 in a position where they could go on into construction should it be desired and directed.

Senator KNOWLAND. Could you give us in each of those seven that are listed there the benefit-cost ratio?

Colonel WHIPPLE. Yes, sir. Do you want that first ?

Senator KNOWLAND. Yes. Give it first so that we can see what they are.


Colonel WHIPPLE. Fort Gaines, benefit-cost ratio 1.16 to 1.
Senator CORDON. 1.16?
Colonel WHIPPLE. 1.16 to 1.
Senator ELLENDER. Fort Gaines?

Colonel WHIPPLE. Yes, sir. For Hartwell, 1.48 to 1; Fort Peck, 1.82 to 1; for Libby, 1.82 to 1; for Carthage, 1.55 to 1; for Hills Creek 2.04 to 1, and Ice Harbor 1.19 to 1.

Senator Cordon. What is Carthage ?
Colonel WHIPPLE. Carthage is 1.55 to 1.

Senator ELLENDER. In your original request, the amount asked for multiple-purpose projects was how much above $521,000?

General CHORPENING. The total amount-
Senator ELLENDER. Just for the multipurpose, now.

General CHORPENING. The total amount asked for in our original request on multiple purpose within ceiling was $1,185,000. Over ceiling

Senator ELLENDER. One million what?

General CHORPENING. $1,185,000. Our over ceiling request for the active multipurpose projects was $220,000, making a total of $1,405,000.

Senator ELLENDER. In your within ceiling request, how many more projects had you recommended than the seven that you have mentioned on page 36 of this report?

General" CHORPENING. We asked for only eight projects.
Senator ELLENDER. One more than this?
General CHORPENING. One more than this.
Senator ELLENDER. Which one was left out?
General CHORPENING. Booneville Reservoir in Kentucky.

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