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I went back an old-time lane
I went out to the farthest meadow
I went to her who loveth me no more
I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree.
I will go back to the great sweet mother....
I will make you brooches and toys for your delight
I will not break the tryst, my dear
I will not have the mad Clytie
I will paint her as I see her ..
I will reach far down in the pit of sorrow.
I wish, because the sweetness of your passing
I wish I could remember the first day.
I wish I lived in a caravan
I wish I was in de land ob cotton
I wish I were where Helen lies .
I wish that my Room had a Floor .
I wonder, by my troth, what thou and I
I wonder do you feel to-day...
I wonder in what Isle of Bliss.
I would not give my Irish wife
I would not live alway-live alway below
"I would,” says Fox, "a tax devise"
I write. He sits beside my chair
I wrote some lines once on a time
I wus mighty good-lookin' when I wus young
I'd a dream tonight ...
I'd be a Butterfly born in a bower.
I'd rather have Fingers than Toes
I'd "read” three hours. Both notes and text
If a man who turnips cries .
If all the world and love were young.
If all the world were apple-pie...
If aught of oaten stop, or pastoral song
If doughty deeds my lady please ..
If, dumb too long, the drooping Muse hath stayed.
If ever there lived a Yankee lad..
If I could choose my paradise. .
If I could know that after all
If I could shut the gate against my thoughts
If I had as much money as I could spend
If I had never known your face at all
If I had thought thou couldst have died .
If I have faltered more or less .
"If I may trust your love,” she cried
If I shall ever win the home in heaven.
If I should die to-night
If I should fall asleep one day
If I were dead, and, in my place
"If I were dead,” you'd sometimes say, Poor Child..
If I were told that I must die to-morrow
If it be pleasant to look on, stalled in the packed serai
If life be as a flame that death doth kill
If life were never bitter
If love be life, I long to die
If Love were jester at the court of Death .
If love were what the rose is.
If my face could only promise that its color would remain
If only in dreams may man be fully blest.
If rest is sweet at shut of day
If rightly tuneful bards decide
If she be made of white and red
If she but knew that I am weeping

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PAGE If spirits walk, love, when the night climbs slow.

1090 If the quick spirits in your eye...

575 If the red slayer think he slays..

2824 If the sudden tidings came

3057 If there be graveyards in the heart

040 If they hint, O Musician, the piece that you ayed.

1815 If thou dost bid thy friend farewell ...

2800 If thou hast squandered years to grave a gem.

2787 If thou must love me, let it be for nought

1212 If thou survive my well-contented day

1212 If thou wert by my side, my love .

1175 If thou wilt ease thine heart

851 If to be absent were to be

913 If, wandering in a wizard's car

703 If wishes were horses

02 If with light head erect I sing.

2821 If women could be fair, and yet not fond,

779 If you be that May Margaret.

1111 If you become a nun, dear .

602 If you had lived in that more stately time

1233 Il est un air pour qui je donnerais

3502 Il était un roi d'Yvetot.

3500 Il existe une espinstere à Tours

2010 I'll sing you a good old song

1603 I'll sing you a song, not very long.

2008 I'll tell you a story

20 I'll tell you a story that's not in Tom Moore.

2002 I'll wake and watch this autumn night..

3429 I'm a gay tra, la, la I'm going softly all my years in wisdom if in pain “I'm growing old, I've sixty years".

420 I'm sittin' on the stile, Mary

1056 I'm wearin' awa', John .

3453 In a church which is furnished with mullion and gable

1800 In a coign of the clits between lowland and highland

1410 In a drear-nighted December

3137 In a valley, centuries ago.

2749 In after days, when grasses high

3282 In all the land, range up, range down

3177 In an old book at even as I read

3252 In Clementina's artless mien..

703 In days when George the Third was king.

In far forests' leafy twilight, now is stealing gray dawn's shy light.. 1270
In form and feature, face and limb
In going to my naked bed, as one that would have slept 2883
In good King Charles's golden days.

1707 In good looks I am not a star

2022 In green old gardens, hidden away

1402 In Heaven a spirit doth dwell.

2898 In his last binn Sir Peter lies

1937 In his old gusty garden of the North

3123 In Köln, a town of monks and bones

1813 In London was young Beichan born

2502 In marble walls as white as milk




59 In May, when sea-winds pierced our solitudes

1449 In our old shipwrecked days there was an hour

1230 In petticoat of green.

500 In praise of little children I will say

241 In Scarlet town, where I was born.

In simpler verse than triolets .
In slumbers of midnight the sailor-boy lay
In spite of all the learned have said .


2008 1500 3220

It It It It

It is

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PAGE In spring when branches of woodbine,

1454 In summer I am very glad

I 22 In summer, when the grass is thick, if mother has the time

223 In sunny girlhood's vernal life

1700 In tangled wreaths, in clustered gleaming stars

1442 In tattered old slippers that toast at the bars

3041 In that new world toward which our feet are set

1256 In the ancient town of Bruges

2521 In the cool of the evening, when the low sweet whispers waken 1276 In the dark, in the dew

639 In the days of old .

473 In the down-hill of life, when I find I'm declining

382 In the garden of death, where the singers whose names are deathless 3413 In the greenest growth of the Maytime.,

830 In the greenest of our valleys .

2982 In the highlands, in the country places.

1627 In the hollow tree, in the old gray tower

1508 In the hour of my distress. .

3498 In the light of the moon, by the side of the water. In the lonesome latter years.

1880 In the market-place of Bruges stands the belfry old and brown..

2523 In the merry hay-time we raked side by side.

1074 In the merry month of May

600 In the night. In the still air the music lies unheard.

3471 In the summer even..

1575 In the valley of the Pegnitz, where across broad meadow-lands.. 2526 In the wild autumn weather, when the rain was on the sea. . 1076 In the years about twenty.

715 In their ragged regimentals.

2300 In these restrained and careful times.

1701 In this secluded shrine..

1457 In this world, the Isle of Dreams.

3452 In vain you tell your parting lover.

917 In Xanadu did Kubla Khan ,

2974 Indeed this very love which is my boast.

1241 Ins stille Land.

3582 Integer vitæ scelerisque purus.

3578 Into a ward of the whitewashed walls.

2246 Into the Devil tavern.

2053 Into the Silent Land...

3242 Into the world he looked with sweet surprise.

25 Into these Loves, who but for Passion looks.

I 206 Ireland, oh Ireland! center of my longings.

2194 I's a little Alabama Coon.

88 “Is it a sail?" she asked.

1023 Is the noise of grief in the palace over the river.

3330 Is there, for honest Poverty.

2836 Is this a fast, to keep

3499 It came upon the midnight clear.

200 It cannot be that He who made.

3406 It ended, and the morrow brought the task.

I 229 It fell about the Lammas tide.

2284 It fell about the Martinmas.

2584 It fell on a day, and a bonnie simmer day

2000 It is a beauteous evening, calm and free.

I 274 It is a place where poets crowned may feel the heart's decaying.. 3368 It is an ancient Mariner..

2001 It is not Beauty I demand.

529 It is not, Celia, in our power.

572 It is not growing like a tree.

2728 It is not raining rain for me.



[blocks in formation]




PAGE It is not to be thought of that the flood..

2106 It is the miller's daughter.

011 It is time to be old. ..

392 It isn't the thing you do, dear.

2794 It keeps eternal whisperings around.

1542 It lies around us like a cloud.

3402 It little profits that an idle king.

2993 It once might have been, once only. It owned not a color that vanity dons.

1734 It was a' for our rightfu' king. It was a friar of orders gray.

2016 It was a heavenly time of life.

343 It was a lordling's daughter, the fairest one of three..

699 It was a lover and his lass.

001 It was a merry time. ..

171 It was a summer evening.

2341 It was a tall young oyster-man lived by the river-side.

2071 It was Earl Haldan's daughter..

1772 It was eight bells ringing. .

2377 It was intill a pleasant day...

2539 It was many and many a year ago.

1077 It was not like your great and gracious ways.

054 It was nothing but a rose I gave her. ,

001 It was six men of Indostan...

1809 It was the autumn of the year. It was the calm and silent night.

108 It was the charming month of May.

522 It was the schooner Hesperus.

2304 It was the time when lilies blow.

2037 It's rare to see the morning breeze, .

3041 It's we two, it's we two, it's we two for aye. I've found my bonny babe a nest.

84 I've heard them lilting at our ewe-milking.

2296 I've never traveled for more'n a day..

1559 I've oft been asked by prosing souls.

1929 I've plucked the berry from the bush, the brown nut from the tree 06 I've taught thee love's sweet lesson o'er..

Oos I've wandered east, I've wandered west.

935 I've wandered to the village, Tom, I've sat beneath the tree... 453 I've watched you now a full half-hour..


Rad Katt Kent Kind King King Kiss Kiss Kiss ADO



Lab Ladi Lady

Ladi Lans Lars Last Last Last Last Late Late lau Lav Lav

[blocks in formation]

Jack and Jill went up the hill
Jack and Joan they think no ill
Jack Sprat could eat no fat ..
Jaffar, the Barmecide, the good Vizier
January brings the snow
Je me fais vieux, j'ai soixante ans
Je viens revoir l'asile où ma jeunesse .
Jenny kissed me when we met..
Jerusalem, my happy home.
Jerusalem the Golden
Jesus lover of my soul
Jim Bowker, he said, ef he'd had a fair show
Jog on, jog on the foot-path way
John Anderson my jo, John.
"John Anderson, my jo, John"
John Brown in Kansas settled, like a steadfast Yankee farmer
John Brown of Ossawatomie spake on his dying day
John Bull for pastime took a prance.
John Gilpin was a citizen .



344$ 3541 1871

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John Grumlie swore by the light o' the moon
Joy is the blossom, sorrow is the fruit.
Just a picture of Somebody's child.
Just as I am, without one plea
Just as I thought I was growing old
Just for a handful of silver he left us.
Just for a space that I met her...
Just where the Treasury's marble front

PAGE 2050 1848

331 3550

776 1768 1719 1693

Kaclyevo's slope still felt.
Kathleen Mavoureen! the gray dawn is breaking.
Kentish Sir Byng stood for his King..
Kind are her answers. ...
King Charles, and who'll do him right now..
King Francis was a hearty king, and loved a royal sport.
Kiss me softly and speak to me low...
Kiss me, though you make believe, ..
Kissing her hair, I sat against her feet, .
Know, Celia, since thou art so proud.

[blocks in formation]

Labor and love! there are no other laws. .
Ladies, though to your conquering eyes.
Lady Clara Vere de Vere.
Lady, very fair are you..
Langsyne, when life was bonnie.
Lars Porsena of Clusium..
Last night, ah, yesternight, betwixt her lips and mine.
Last night, among his fellow roughs..
Last night, in snowy gown and glove.
Last year I trod these fields with Di..
Late at een, drinkin' the wine..
Late tired with woe, even ready for to pine.
Laurel-crowned Horatius. .
Lauriger Horatius. .
Lay a garland on my hearse.
Lear and Cordelia! 'twas an ancient tale.
"Leave all--and follow, follow”.
Leaves have their time to fall.
Lend me thy fillet, Love..
Let dogs delight to bark and bite.
Let folly praise that fancy loves, I praise and love that child.
Let me enjoy the earth no less. .
Let me not to the marriage of true minds.
Let my voice ring out and over the earth.
Let others sing of Knights and Paladines.
Let the farmer praise his grounds. .
Let the toper regale in his tankard of ale.
Let them come, come never so proudly..
Let time and chance, combine, combine.
Let us begin and carry up this corpse. .
Let us drink and be merry, dance, joke and rejoice.
Let us go hence, my songs; she will not hear.
Let us live then, and be glad. .
Let's contend no more, Love.
Life and Thought have gone away.
Life! I know not what thou art.
Life is a jest, and all things show it.
Life of Ages, richly poured..

2786 572 813 1831

429 2257

898 2416

906 1675 2607 I 201 2776 3581 1038 2153 1638 3199 553

99 3501 2733 1215

594 I 206 1942 1916 2301

934 2759 1924

623 2775

856 3202 3271 1848 2833

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