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XIII. VIRGINIA. Settled in 1607. Former capital, Richmond. Present capital, Alexandria. Population, 1860 (exclu

sive of West Virginia), 1,261,397. Area (exclusive of West Virginia), 38,352 square miles. Since April, 1861, a large portion of this State , continued until the organization of the State of has been under the control of insurgents against West Virginia, after which it was reorganized for the Government of the United States, the insur- the present State of Virginia. Within the terri. gents being aided by the State authorities in office tory under the actual control of this governat that time. There is, consequently, but little ment a new State was erected, called “West Vir. accessible information of the character usually ginia," which was admitted into the Union by recorded in these pages. The people of that por- that name on the 20th of June, 1863. (See titlo tion of the State which maintained its relations West Virginia, ante.) The remaining counties with the national Government assembled in con- adhering to the loyal State organization havo vention, at Wheeling, on the 11th of June, 1861, their capital at Alexandria. The Government is and organized a new State Government, which as follows:--

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FRANCIS H. PEIR POINT. *Fairmont. Jan. 1, 1868. $3,000
Leopold C. P. Cowper. Portsmouth.

$8 per day whilo

presiding over

the Senate. Lucian A. Hagans...... * Branden ville.

1,500 Lewis W. Webb......... Norfolk.

2,000 Georgo S. Smith ........ Culpepper co.

1,500 Frederic E. Foster ...... *Wheeling.

Ap. by Gov.

1,200 Thos. Russell Bowden. Norfolk. Jan. 1, 1868. 1,000

" 1865.

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Secretary of the Commonw'th
Auditor of Public Accounts...

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In the disloyal counties, John Letcher, who was Amount of certificates of five per elected Governor in 1859, continued to be recog- cent. registered debt........

108,000 00 nized to the close of his term, January, 1864. In the same counties an election was held in May, Total registered debt............ $22,172,798 38 1863, when WILLIAM SMITH, of Warrenton, formerly

Amount of Virginia six per cent. Governor and Representative in Congress, was re

coupon debt upon which interest turned as Governor. On the 8th of October, 1863,

is payable..... Jous 8. CALVERT, signing himself Treasurer of the

10,963,000 00

Virginia State coupon bonds said to State of Virginia, published the following state

have been lost at sea in steamer ment of the receipts and expenditures through

Arctic...... his office >

145,000 00

Amount of Virginia State five per Receipts....


cent, sterling coupon debt, pay. Expenditures..

able in London....

1,865,000 00 The following report of the State Debt was Total coupon debt...... ... ... ... $12,973,000 00 made at the same time :

Aggregate pnblic debt, 1st Octobor,

$35,146,798 38 Condition of the Public Debt, 30th September, 1863.

What is called the “Act of Boparation" of Vir. Amount of certificates of State six

gidia from the Union is alleged to have been per cent. registered debt....... $22,064,798 38 | passed in convontion on the 18th of April, 1861.

* Now West Virginia.

XIV. NORTH CAROLINA. Bottled in 1650. Capital, Raleigh. Area, 45,000 square miles. Population, 1860, 992,622. Fale

tion, 1860, $358,739,399 (including 331,059 slaves). North Carolina has been in a state of insurrec- Public Treasurer, Jonathan Worth, Randolph. tion against the United States since the 21st of Comptroller, Curtis H. Brogden, Wayne. May, 1861, when a so-called act of secession is Auditor, Samuel F. Phillips, Orange. alleged to have been passed. The local authori- State Geologist, Ebenezer Emmons. ties being in collusion with the insurgents, and Adjutant-General, Major-Gen. Daniel G. Fowle, the greater part of the State being under their Wake. control, there is no reliable information concern- Paymaster, Captain William B. Gullick, Beau. ing the affairs of the State within reach, nor is fort. there any State government in North Carolina Commissary and Ordnance Officer, Capt. Thomas now recognized by the United States. Nearly all D. Hogg, Wake. the seaboard counties adhere to the national Government. The following is said to be a correct

JUDICIAL. list of the State officers recognized by the insur

Supreme Count.-Chief Justice, Richmond M. gente :

Pearson, Yadkin. Judges, William H. Battle, Governor, ZEBULON B. Vance, Buncombe. Orango, and Matthias E. Manly, Craven. Attorney Aid, Col. David Barnes, Northampton.

General, Sion H. Rogers, Wake. Reporter, Hamil. Col. George Little, Wake.

ton C. Jones, Rowan. Clerk, Edmund B. Free Surgeon-General, Dr. Edward Warren, Chowan.

(Meets in the city of Raleigh, second VooSecretary of State, John P. H. Russ, Wake. day in June each year.) (January, 1864.)


XV. SOUTH CAROLINA. Settled in 1689. Capital, Columbia. Area, 24,500 square miles. Population, 1860, 703,708. Falik

tion, 1860 (including 402,406 slaves), $548,138,754. [In a state of insurrection since the 20th of by the United States. MILLEDGE L. Bonzax is reDecember, 1860, when the so-called act of seces-cognized as Governor by the insurgents. The sion was passed by the South Carolina Conven- whole seaboard of the State is occupied by the tion. There is no state government recognized | national Government.] (January, 1861.)

XVI. GEORGIA. Settled in 1733. Capital, Milledgeville. Area, 58,000 squaro miles. Population, 1860, 1,057,286.

Valuation, 1860 (including 462,198 slaves), 5645,895,237. (In a state of insurrection since January 19, northern counties also, are occupied by the na 1861, when a so-called act of secession was passed tional Government, but the greater part of the by the Georgia Convention. There is no state interior has been since the spring of 1861, and is government recognized by the United States, nor now under the control of the insurgents, who re is there any reliable information within reach con- cognize JOSEPH E. Brown as Governor, under an cerning the ordinary public affairs of the State. alleged re-election in 1863.) (January, 1864.) The entire seaboard of Georgia, and some of the

XVII, FLORIDA. First settled by the Spaniards, in 1580. Purchasod by the United States in 1819. Admitted into the

Union, March 3, 1845. Capital, Tallahassee. Area, 59,268 square miles. Population, 1800, 140,4%.

Valuation, 1860 (including 61,745 slaves), $13,101,500. (In a state of insurrection since January 10, of importance on the coast is occupied by the 1881, when a so-called act of secession was passed national Government, and the greater part of the by the Florida Convention. There is no State State is under its control. John Muiron is to government recognized by the United States, nor cognized by the insurgents as Governor. (Janus Is there any reliable information concerning tho ary, 1864.) ordinary public affairs of the people. Every place

XVIII, ALABAMA, Settled In 1718. Admitted into the Union, Dec. 14, 1819. Capital, Montgomery. Area, 50,722 squaro

miles. Population, 1860, 961,201. Valuation, 1860 (including 435,080 slaves), $195,237,078. [In a state of insurrection since January 11, counties are mainly under the control of the na1861, when the so-called act of secession was passed tional Government, but the greater part of the by the Alabama Convention. There is no State State is ruled by the insurgents, who recognize government recognized by the United States, nor as Governor Thomas H. WATTS, under an election Is there any reliable information concerning the alleged to have boen held in the fall of 1863.) erdinary public affairs of the people. The northern | (January, 1861.)

XIX. MISSISSIPPI. Settled in 1716. Admitted into the Union in 1817. Capital, Jackson. Arca, 47,156 squaro miles.

Population, 1860, 791,305. Valuation, 1860 (including 436,631 slaves), $607,324,911. {In a state of insurrection since January 9, 1861, Government. The insurgents rule about one-hall when the so-called act of sccession was passed by of the State, and they recognize tho following as the Mississippi Convention. There is no State State officers under an election alleged to havo gurernment recognized by the United States, nor been held in November, 1863 ;-Gorcrnor, CHARLES are there any accessible official reports of the ordi- i CLARK; Secretary of State, C. A. Brougher; Auditor, bary public affairs of the people. The Gulf coast, A.J. Gillespie; Treasurer, M. D. Haynes.] (Januthe Mississippi River counties, and the northern ary, 1861.) counties are under the control of the national

XX. LOUISIANA. Settled in 1699, by the French. Purchased from France by the United States in 1803. Admitted into

the Cnion, April 8, 1812. Capital, Baton Rouge. Area, 46,341 square miles. Population, 1860, 105,W2. Valuation, 1860 (including 331,726 slaves), $602,118,568. [In a state of insurrection since January 25, States, and which remains until tho new civil 1861, when the so-called ordinance of sccession government shall have been chosen, is as fol was passed by the Louisiana Convention; and lows: there is no state government recognized by the United States. On the 25th of April, 1862, Flag.

LIST OF OFFICERS OF STATE OF LOUISIANA. officer Farragut, having destroyed the fleet of Brig.-General George F. the insurgents in tho Lower Mississippi, and Shepley.

Military Governor. haring run by Forts Jackson and St. Philip, ap- Captain James F. Miller, peared before the city of New Orleans with a por- A.A.G.....

Act'g Mayor of N.Orleans. tion of his feet. After negotiations continued Capt. Chas. C.G.Thornton, over the two following days, the city was sur- A.A.A.G..

Acting Secretary of State. rendered to him on tho 28th. From that day the Thomas J. Durant.......... Attorney-General. authority of the United States has been in pro- Samuel H. Torrey.. .Auditor of Pub. Accounts. gress of restoration over Louisiana, until now the T. C. A. Dexter.. .... I'reasurer. greater part of the State is again under the Union flag. General GEORGE F. SHEPLEY is Military

JUDICIAL. Governor, with his head-quarters at New Orleans. Edwin White... .Judge 20 Jud. Dist. Court. Eforts are being male to re-establish the State Wm. II. Knight.....

3d government, and candidates are nominated to be J. II. Thomas .... Dist. All'y 1st Jud. Dist. voted for at an clection to be held carly in 1861. L. Lombard ...........

2d A convention to alter the State Constitution is also to be chosen. The Government as estab still exercise control, HENRY W. Alles is recog.

In that part of the State where the insurgents lished by the military authorities of the United

nized as Governor.) (January, 1861.)

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XXI, TEXAS. Settled in 1687. Annexed to the United States, March 1, 1845. Capital, Austin. Area, 237,321 square

miles. Population, 1860, 604,215, of whom 182,566 were slaves. Valuation, 1860, $365,200,614. slu a state of insurrection since February 1, presented the State in Congress, is the Military 1861, at which date the so-called act of secession Governor. The greater part of the State is still was passed. There is no State government recoge under the control of the insurgents, who recognizo Dized by the United States, nor is there any reli- the following persons as holding the offices orpoabie information concerning the ordinary public site their names respectively, by virtue of an affairs of the people. The fiulf coast is blockaded election alleged to have been held in August, by the naval forces of the United States; the Rio 1863 Grande counties up to and beyond Brownsville, and some of the northern territory of the State, Governor.......

PENDLETON MURRAN. are occupied by the national troops Brigndier- Lieutenant-Governor...... F. S. Stockdale. General ANDREW J. HAMILTON, who formerly re- Land Commissimer....... 8. Crosby.) (Jan. 1864) XXII. ARKANSAS. Purchased (as part of Louisiana Territory) by the United States from Franco, in 1803. Admitted into

the Union, June 15, 1836. Capital, Little Rock. Area, 52,198 square miles. Population, 1860, 435,450, of whom 111,115 were slaves. Valuation, 1860 (including slaves), $219,256,473. [In a state of insurrection since May 6, 1861, elled the Constitution,-prohibiting slavery; and when an alleged act of dissolution was passed. an election for the adoption of this Constitution A loyal State government has been organised in and for permanent State officers is appointed for Arkansas. Isaac Murphy, of Madison, is Gover- March 10, 1861. In the limited part of the State nor; C. C. Bliss, of Independence, Lieutenant- remaining under the influence of the insurgents, Governor; and R. J. T. White, of Crawford, Secre- HARRIS FLANNIGAN is recognized as Governor.j tary of State. A State Convention bas remod- | (February, 1864.)

XXIII. TENNESSER. Settled in 1765. Admitted into the Union, June 1, 1796. Capital, Nashville. Arca, 45,600 square miles. State erected from territory ceded by North Carolina. Population, 1860, 1,109,801. Government, 1864.

Burnside to Knoxville, entirely expelled the inANDREW JohxsOX...... Military Governor.

surgent government. James Lindsley......... Aid to Governor.

Since the spring of 1861, the regular operations Edward H. East......... Secretary of State.

of civil government having been greatly intorJoseph S. Fowler...... Comptroller of the Treasury. rupted, or wholly suspended, in Tennessee, there Alvan C. Gillem....... Adjutant-General.

are no reliable statistics rrlating to her finances,

her banks, her railroads, her agriculture, her Tennessee from May, 1801, to September, 1863,

educational institutions, or any of the interests to occupied a very anomalous position. On the 9th

which the attention of this work is usually directed. of February the people of the State were called

Judiciary - John Catron, Justice of the Supremo upon to vote upon the question of “ Convention"

Court U.S. C. F. Trigg, Judge of the District or “ No Convention,”-this being a preliminary to

Court U.S. Horace Maynard, Attorney-General secession. The result was as follows: for a “Convention," 67,798; "No Convention," 69,675. There

and Reporter for Tennessee. Horace Harrison, was also an clection held for delegates to the Con- Glasscock, United States Marshal, Middle District.

United States Attorney, Middle District. E. R. vention--" if ordered." At this election the disunion delegates had an aggregate vote of 24,7 19, (What is here said of the Judiciary of Tennessee and the Union delegates had an aggregate vote of relates to the condition of affairs in November, 88,803. Notwithstanding these strong expressions | 1863.) of the will of the people, the Governor of the Stato The Circuit Court of the United States, held by called an extra session of the Legislature, at which Judge Catron, and the District Court, held by an ordinance of " separation" was passed on the Judge Trigg, hold their sessions at Nashville on 6th of May, 1861. A form of election was held on the third Mondays of April and October. No this question of "separation," on the 8th of June, Federal court had been held in East or West Tenbut Tennessee by that time was in the chaos of nessee since 1861. insurrection, the disunionists having occupied the State with camps of armed men, so that a free ex

Supreme Court of Tennessee.-Three Judges-ono pression was not possible, and the alleged result

from each grand division-compose this court, viz.: in favor of disunion was never verified. From

-Hon. Robert J. McKinney, East Tennesseo; this time until February, 1862, the State was

Hon. Wm. F. Cooper, Middle Tennessee; Hon. entirely dominated by the disunionists. Isham

Archibald Wright, West Tennessee. It is not in G. Harris was elected Governor for two years,

operation. There has been no session of the Suuntil October, 1863,--and Representatives were

preme Court since 1861. Terms by law,-at NashBent to the Confederate Congress at Richmond.

ville, for Middle Tennessee, December; at JackOn the 23d of February, 1862, the Union forces

son, for West Tennessee, April; at Knoxville, for under General Nelson entered Nashville, and on

East Tennessee, September. the following 4th of March, Andrew Johnson was Chancery Court of Tennessee.-The State is commissioned Military Governor. Under his au- divided into six Chancery districte; but no one of thority the officers above named constituted the the courts is in operation. government of the State, and exercised the powers of government over the greater parts of Middle

(ircuit Courts of Tennessee.-Thero are sixteen and Wost Tennessee, while the administration of

judicial districts, nine in operation. Harris exercised similar powers over East Ten- Criminal (burt for Counties of Davidson, Ruthernessee. Thus thore were two governments, each ford, and Montgomery, Tennessee. For this court, partially in power, down to Septombor, 1863, when Hon. Andrew Johnson, Military Governor, bas ap the advance of the Union forces, uuder General pointed Manson M. Brian Judge, and the court at Rosecrans, to Chattanooga, and undor General | Nashville is in operation.

XXIV. KENTUOKY, Settled in 1775. Capital, Frankfort. Admitted into the Union, Juno 1, 1792. Area, 37,680 squaro

miles. Population, 1860, 1,155,684, of whom 225,483 were blares.

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$10 per day
during ses.
sion of Lo-


500 $2,000

900 1,700 1,700

1,000 $200 per mo. $200 per mo.

$100 Contract.

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Secretary of State ............ E. L. Vanwinkle............ Somerset, Pu

laski co...... Assistant Sec. of Stato...... Jas. R. Page

Frankfort .....
Attorney General........---. John M. Harlan........
Auditor Public Accounts... Wm. T. Samuels.
Assist. Public Accounts..... C. Bailey
Treasurer ...

Jas. H. Garrard..
Register Land Office.... Jas. A. Dawson ..............
Sapt. Public Instruction Daniel Stevenson.
Quartermaster-General...... L. G. Suddarth...

Adair co........ Adjatant General............. John Boyle.......

State Librarian.....

G. A. Robertson.........
Keeper Penitentiary H. I. Todd.......
State Printer

W. E. Hughes...


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The Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Auditor, | is appointed by the Governor, by and with tho Attorney-General, Register of Land Office, and advice and consent of the Senate, during his term. Superintendent of Public Instruction, are elected Senators, 38 in number, are elected from singlo by the people for the term of four years. The districts for four years, one-half every two years. general election is held on the first Monday in Representatives, 100 in number, are elected from August. The Governor is ineligible for the four single districts for two years. Sessions of the years succeeding the expiration of his termi. If Assembly are held annually, commencing on tho & vacancy in the office of Governor occur during first Monday in December. They cannot continuo the first two years of the term, the people fill it; longer than 60 days without a two-thirds vote of If during the last two years, tho Lioutenant-Go all the members elect to each branch. The momvernor, and after him the Speaker of the Senate, bers are paid $t a day, and 15 cents a mile for acts as Governor. The Treasurer is elected by the travel. people every two years. The Secretary of State

[blocks in formation]

There are two Chancellors in the State, J. W. Ritter, of Glasgow, in the 4th district, and Henry Pirtle, of Louisville, in the 7th district. In tho other district: the Circuit Judges have tho samo powers as tho Chancellors,

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