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School visitors authorized to visit

tend examina. tions, and exa


XXXIII. And be it enacted, That it shall be the schools, at lawful for each of said

lawful for each of said School Visitors, to visit, as

far as practicable, all the Public Schools in such mine into the state Township, City, Town or Village; especially to of each school,

attend the quarterly examinations of Schools, and,

at the time of any such visit, to examine the progress of the pupils, and the state and management of the School, and to give such advice to the Teachers and pupils, and any others present, as he may think advisable, in accordance with the regulations and instructions which shall be provided in regard to School Visitors according to law : Provided always, that a General Meeting of such Visitors may be held

d at any time or place, which General meetings may be appointed by any two Visitors, on sufficient

notice being given to the other Visitors in the Township, City, Town or Village, and it shall be lawful for euch Visitors,

thus assembled, to devise such means as they may

deem expedient for the efficient visitation of the meetings.

Schools, and to promote the establishment of Libraries and the diffusion of useful knowledge.


may be called.

Duties and objects of such


ChiefSuperinten. XXXIV. And be it enacted, That the Governor appointed. '. ou may, from time to time, by Letters Patent under the

Great Seal of the Province, appoint a fit and proper person to be Chief Superintendent of Schools for Upper Canada, who shall hold his office during pleasure, and shall receive a salary

of the same amount as that now provided by His salary.

as may hereale Education in Lower Canada ; and shall be responsible to, and subject to the direction of, the Governor-General, communicated to him through such Department of Her Majesty's Provincial Government, as by the Governor may be directed in that behalf; and shall account for the continTo account for gent expenses of his office, as provided in respect of the contingent ex- other public offices ; and shall be allowed two

Clerks, who shall receive the same salaries as are

or shall be by law attached to similar offices in the two clerks; their

education law of Lower Canada, to commence from the first of July, one thousand eight hundred and fifty.

penses of his
To be allowed


common schools, and in what ratio.

XXXV. And be it enacted, That it shall be the

Duties of the

Chief Superinten. duty of the Chief Superintendent of Schools :

dent. Firstly. To apportion, annually, on or before the

Tn apport on all first day of May, all moueys granted or provided by moneys granted

by the legislature the Legislature for the support of Common Schools for the support of in Upper Canada, and not otherwise appropriated by this Act, to the several Counties, Townships, Cities, Towns and incorporated Villages therein, according to the ratio of population in each, as compared with the whole population of Upper Canada ; or when the census or returns opon wbich such an apportionment is to be made, shall be so far defective, in respect to any County, Township, City, Town or Village, as to render it impracticable for the Chief Superintendent to ascertain from such data the share of school moneys which ought then to be apportioned to such County, Township, City, Town or Village, he shall ascertain, by the best evidence in his power, the facts upon which the ratio of such apportionment can be most fairly and equitably made, and make it accordingly. Secondly. To certify such apportionment made

To certify such by him, to the Inspector-General, so far as it relates apportionment to to the several Counties, Cities, Towns and incorpo

Inspectorrated Villages in Upper Canada, and to give imme- county clerks, diate notice thereof to the Clerk of each County, City, Town and Village interested therein, statiog the time when the amount of moneys thus apportioned, will be payable to the Treasurer of such County, City, Town or Village. Thirdly. To prepare suitable forms, and to give

To prepare suita. such instructions as he shall judge necessary and for executing the

law, and transproper, for making all reports, and conducting all proceedings under this Act, and to cause the same with such general regulations, as shall be approved of by the Council of Public Instruction, for the better organization and government of Common Schools, to be transmitted to the officers required to execute the provisions of this Act.

To cause copies Fourthly. To cause to be printed from time to time, in a convenient form, so many copies of ihis law, regulations,

&c., to be printed Act, with the necessary forms, instructions, and

and distributed as regulations to be observed in executing its provi- occasion may re.

guire. sione, as he may deem sufficient for the information

General,andto the

ble forms,


mit them to local school officers,




To see that all school



To direct the dis

of such moneys in certain cases



certain cases.

of all officers of Common Schools, and to cause the same to be distributed for that purpose.

Fifthly. To see that all moneys apportioned by moneys him, be applied to the objects for which they were apportioned him are duly ap

granted ; and for that purpose to decide upon all plied according to

matters and complaints submitted to him, (and not

otherwise provided for by this Act,) which involve the expenditure of any part of the School Fund; and to direct the application of such balances of the School Fund, as may have been apportioned for any year and forfeited according to the provisions of

this Act : Provided always, that such balances of posal of balances

the School Fund shall be expended in making up

the salaries of Teachers in the County to which and under certain

they shall have been apportioned.

Sixthly. To appoint one of his Clerks as his To appoint

Deputy, to perform the duties of his Office in case Deputy and special inspectors in

of his absence ; and to appoint one or more persons, as he shall, from time to time, deem necessary, to

inspect any school, or examine into any school matter, in the County where such person or persons reside, and report to him : Provided, that no allowance or compensation shall be made to such special inspector or inspectors for any service or services performed by him or them. Duties in regard Seventhly. To take the general Superintendence

of the Normal School ; and to use his best endea

vours to provide for and recommend the use of uniform and approved text-books in the schools generally.

Eighthly. To employ all lawful means in his power to procure and promote the establishment of School Libraries for general reading, in the several Counties, Townships, Cities, Plans of school- Towne, and Villages; to provide and recommend

the adoption of suitable plans of school-houses, with

the proper furniture and appendages; and to collect useful knowledge, and diffuse useful information on the subject of education generally, among the people of Upper Canada.

Ninthly. To submit to the Council of Public InInstruction, books struction all books or manuscripts which may be manuscripts, &c. placed in his hands with the view of obtaining the

to the Normal School.

And text-books.

School libraries.

The collection
and diffusion of

To submit to the
Council of Public

the establishment of school libraries,

Condition of sha

sons to conduct teachers' insti

recommendation or sanction of such Council, for their introduction as text-books or library books ; and to prepare and

To lay before said lay before the Council of Public Instruction for its Council, geueral

regulations, &c. consideration, such general regulations for the organization and government of Common Schools, and the management of School Libraries as he shall deem necessary and proper. Tenthly. To apportion whatever sum or sums of

To apportion momoney shall be provided by the Legislature for the neys granted for establishment and support of School Libraries : Provided always, that no aid shall be given towards the establishment or support of any School Library Proviso: unless an equal amount be contributed and expended ring in such apa from local sources for the same object.

portionment. Eleventhly. To appoint proper persons to conduct

To appoint per: County Teachers' Institutes, and to furnish such rules and instructions as he shall judge advisable in

tutes, and pre

pare rules and regard to the proceedings of such Institutes and the instructions for

regulating their best means of promoting their objects, in elevating

proceedings. the profession of school teaching and increasing its usefulness.

Twelfthly. To be responsible for all moneys paid to account for through him in behalf of the Normal and Model mopeys, &c. Schools, and to give such security for the same as shall be required by the Governor ; and to prepare and transmit all correspondence which shall be directed or authorized by the Council of Public Instruction for Upper Canada. Thirteenthly. To make annually to the Governor, To report annu

ally to the Govon or before the first day of July, a report of the ernor on certain actual state of the Normal, Model and Common Schools throughout Upper Canada, showing the amount of moneys expended in connexion with each, and from what sources derived, with such statements and suggestions for improving the Common Schools and the Common School laws, and promoting education generally, as he shall deem useful and expedient. X, CONSTITUTION AND DUTIES OF THE COUNCIL OF PUBLIC

INSTRUCTION. XXXVI. And be it enacted, That the Governor shall have authority to appoint not more than nine U. c.


Council of Public
Instruction for

To consist of

persons (of whom the Chief Superintendent of Schools shall be one)

to be a Council of Public Instruction for Upper persons including Canada, who shall hold their office during pleasure, the Chief Super

and shall be subject from time to time to all law

ful orders and directions in the exercise of their duties, which shall, from time to time, be issued by the Governor.


Mode of providing XXXVII. And be it enacted, That the Chief a place and defraying the ex- Superintendent of Schools shall provide a place for penses of the meetings of such

the meetings of the Council of Public Instruction, Council; of call- and shall call the first meeting of the Council, and ing the first meet. ing and any spe

shall have authority to call a special meeting at any ial meeting time by giving due notice to the other members ; that the expenses attending the proceedings of the said Counci! shall be accounted for by the Chief Superintendent of Schools as

part of the contingent expenses of the Education Senior clerk in the Education Office ; that the or erk in the Education Office to be Recording Clerk to

Office shall be Recording Clerk to the said Council, the council, shall enter all its proceedings in a book kept for that His duties.

purpose, shall, as may be directed, procure the books and stationery for the Normal and Model Schools, and shall keep all the accounts of the said Council.



XXXVIII. And be it enacted, That it shall be the of the Council of Public duty of the said Council of Public Instruction, (three

members of which, at any lawful meeting, shall

form a quorum for the transaction of business): To regulate its

First. To appoint a Chairman, 'and establish the own proceedings, times of its meetings, and the mode of its proceedings, which Chairman shall be entitled to a second or casting vote in cases of an equality of votes on any question. To do all things Secondly. To adopt all needful measures for the necessary for the

permanent establishment and efficiency of the lishment and effi.

Normal School for Upper Canada, containing one ciency

or more Model Schools for the instruction and training of Teachers of Common Schools in the science

of education andart of teaching. To make rules for

Thirdly. To make from time to time, the rules the management and government and regulations necessary for the management and

permanent estab

of the Normal School.

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