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Cumberland, R., his verses on the Dayrolles, Mr., his daughter elopes

death of Frederick, Prince of Wales, with Leonidas Glover's son, ii. 354.
ii. 119.

his relation with Mr. Stanhope at the
Curtall, Mr., reference to, iii. 138.

Hague, ii. 354.
Curzon, Dr., late of Brazenose, and the De Grey, Lord Chief Justice of Common
Poetical Rondeau, i. 208.

Pleas, iii. 390.
Cyrus, see Ciro.

De Guerchy and the Chevalier D'Eon,

iii. 181.

De Honestis Veterum Dictis by Marcellus
D'AFFRAY, Count, French Ambas- Nonius, ii. 113.

sador at the Hague, iii. 50. De la Lande's Voyage through Italy, 8
D'Alembert, M., Gray comments on vols., pretty good to read, iii. 344.

his Mélanges de Littérature et de Delap, Dr., referred to by Gray, ii. 309.
Philosophie, iii. 46.

author of Hecuba and The Captives,
Dalston's, Sir W., house at' Acorn ii. 309.
Bank, i. 250.

biographical note, ii. 309.
Daniel, Arnauld, his decasyllabic verse, Gray proposes, through Mason, that
i. 334.

a comment should be written on
his invention of the Sestine, i. 350. The Odes by, ii. 329.
Daniskiold, Count, hereditary Admiral did he write" Melpomene' ? ii. 338.
of Denmark, ii. 194.

leaves Mason's curacy, ii. 368.
Dante, Translation of Canto 33, Dell returned to Trinity, iii. 128, 131.
Inferno, i. viii. 157-160.

his Hecuba and Mrs. Pritchard, iii. 128.
now first printed from MS. belong- and Kitty Hunter, unfounded report
ing to Lord Houghton, i. 157.

of their marriage, iii. 186.
his esteem of the Canzone species of references to, ii. 311, 318.
poetry, i. 352.

Delaval, Edward, his tuition, ii. 155.
ascribes the origin of the old prose his disgrace at Cambridge, ii. 159.

romances to the French, i. 365. a Fellow-Commoner, ii. 203.
D'Arcy, Right Hon. Sir Conyers, re- Fellow of Pembroke and of the Royal

ference to, and biographical note, Society, iii. 137.
ii. 367.

his skill in playing water-glasses, iii.
Mason visits, ii. 373.

31, 124.
D'Arezzo, Fra Guittone, inventor of attends regularly on the Wilkes case,
the Sonnet, i. 349.

iii. 39.
Darlington, Laily, reference to, iii. 33. visits Gray in Jermyn Street, iii. 182.
Darradar Liod, an Icelandic poem ; see his frankness, iii. 320.
The Fatal Sisters, i. 52.

his illness, iii. 335.
Darwin, Erasmus, his verses on death criticised Gray, iii. 338.

of Frederick, Prince of Wales, ii. references to, iii. 122, 137, 186.

Delaval, Sir Francis Blake, asks the
D'Aubenton, his Histoire du Cabinet du post of Modern History for E.

Roi, commended by Gray, ii. 199. Delaval, iii. 140.
D'Auvergne, Cardinal, attends a con- Delaval, Sir T., reference to a love
clave at Rome, ii. 67.

affair, iii. 256.
Davanzati, his translation of Tacitus, Demofoonte, a drama in which Mingotti
ii. 111.

excelled, ii. 282.
Davenport, Mr., friend of Rousseau Denbigh, Lady, at Stoke House, ii. 382.

and Dr. T. Wharton, iii. 243. Denmark, Mallet's Introduction to the
David, C. Smart's Song to, ii. 161.

History of, ii. 352.
Davie, Mr., reference to, ii. 146, 147. Denmark, King of, visits Cambridge,
Davis, Mrs., an English nun in Calais, his personal appearance, iii. 329.
ii. 17.

references to, iii. 327, 330.
Dawson - Turner, his collection of Denny, Sir Anthony, old picture sup-

Graiana, the gift of Mr. Mathias, posed to be his portrait, iii. 227.
and now owned by Mr. John D'Eon, Chevalier, and Mons. Du Vergy
Morris, iv. 339.

and De Guerchy, iii. 181.
Dayrolles, Mr., intimate friend of Lord De Principiis Cogitandi, a didactic
Chesterfield's, ii. 353.

poem of Gray's, see Cogitandi, ii.
Mason christens his child, ii. 353.


De Quincey's invective against Gras- Doncaster, aspect of the country near,
mere coach road, i. 266.

ii. 247.
De Regimine Principum, Chaucer's por- Doria, Andrea, reference to, ii. 48.

trait by Occleve in the book, i. 305. Dorset, Ann, Countess of, Gray's ex-
Destouches, Néricault, French drama- tempore Epitaph on, see Pem-

tist, his comedy of Philosophe Marié, broke, i. 140.
ii. 23.

MS. sketch of her life by Mr. Sedg-
note on, ii. 23.

wick, i. 279.
Devil, History of the, lost fragment of Dorset, Duke of, his distress on the
Gray's, i. 142.

misfortunes of Lord G. Sackville,
Devonshire, Duke of, Head of the iii. 34.
Treasury, ii. 292.

Douaniers, dragons of Turin, ii. 43.
appoints Rev. W. Mason Chaplain in Douglas, a tragedy by John Honie, ii.
Ordinary to George II., ii. 326.

gives a dinner to gentlemen attend- Douglas, Bishop, reference to his Pro-

ing coronation of George Ill., iii. logue to the 8th Æneid, i. 341.

Dovedale and the Peak, visited by Gray
his seat at Chatsworth, iii. 134-136. and Dr. Brown, iii. 273.
death of William, 4th Duke, and the Doyly, Thomas, Fellow of St. John's,
cause, iii. 176, 184.

iii. 190.
value of his estate and his bequests, Dragon, the red, device of Cadwal-
iii. 183, 184.

lader, i. 70.
Diamantina, La, violinist, ii. 76. Druidical mythology, iii. 351.
Dickens, Dr., reference to, ii. 118. Druidicarum, Historiâ Vettm. Acade-
Dillon, Mr. John, possessed and added marium Gallo, reference to, ii. 294.

to the Dawson - Turner MSS. of Druidis, Commentatio de, by Frickius,
Gray, iv. 339.

ii. 293.
Dining, Couplet on, i. 141.

Drummond, appointed Archbishop of
Doctor of Laws, Gray's attachment to York, iii. 105.

Cambridge induces him to decline, Drury Lane Theatre, Dr. Johnson's
from the University of Aberdeen, prologue for the opening of, ii. 220.

the honorary degree of, ii. 219-220. Dryden, John, compared with Cowley,
Dodsley, Robert, prints the Elegy as a writer of sublime Odes, i. 36.

written in a Country Churchyard, his license of language in poetry, in-
ii. 211.

stances of, ii. 108.
the printing of Gray's Odes, ii. 218. his character disgraceful to the post
prints a collection of Miscellaneous of poet laureate, it. 345.

Poems, including Gray, ii. 219. his poems recommended by Gray to
Gray offers to Horace Walpole some Dr. Beattie, iii. 222.

Odes for insertion in the Miscel- Duclos's Memoires, reference to, ii. 291.

laneous Poems, ii. 226, 364. Dufresne, Abraham Alexis Quinault, a
prints the Elegy with Bentley's de- member of the Comedie Françoise,
signs, ii. 234.

ii. 23.
references to, ii. 235, 339.

Dunbar, Lord, in attendance on The
his conscience settled by Soame Pretender at Rome, ii. 85.

Jenyns work on Evil, ii, 310. Dunciad, The New, Gray's opinion of,
how many copies of the Odes has he ii. 105.

disposed of, out of the 2000 ? ii. Duncombe, Harry, friend of Rev. Nor-

ton Nicholls, iii. 240.
directed to distribute Gray's poems Dupplin, Thomas Henry Viscount,
to certain persons, ii. 344.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, ii. 354.
his play of Cleone, ii. 391.

Durham, Dr. Richard Trevor, Bishop
printing an edition of Gray contem- of, ii. 241.

porary with the Glasgow edition Dr. Joseph Butler, Bishop of, ii. 241.
of Foulis, iii. 286-287, 290:

fever in, ii. 245.
glutted the town with two editions, Durell, Commodore, reference to, iii. 9.

one of 1500 copies and one of 750, D'Urry's edition of Chaucer's works, i.
iii. 325.

306, 325.
Dodwell, assists in the Chronological describes a portrait of Chaucer at

table of ancient authors, ii. 158. Chastleton, i. 306.

Dutch, probable settlement with, and Elegy, text of the first edition, i. 219-223.
no war, ii. 392.

Pembroke text, i, 227-232.
Du Vergy, the adventurer, in jail for editorial note on, i. 72.
debt, iii. 181.

satirical criticism by Professor
Dyce, Rev. A., MS. copy of Gray's Young, i. 208.
Epitaph on a Child, i. 126.

advertisement to Dodsley's first
MS. note as to the destruction of the

edition, i. 217.
autograph of The Charucters of the bibliographical note by Gray, i. 227.
Christ-Cross-Row, i. 210.

subinitted to H. Walpole, ii. 209.
note on the cause of Richard West's H. Walpole requested to ask Dodsley
death, ii. 113.

to print it, ii. 210.
Dyer, John, author of Grongar Hill, Magazine of Magazines and its pub-
reference to, ii. 220.

lication, ii. 210-211.
author of The Fleece, ii. 345.

printed by Dodsley, with a preface

by H. Walpole, ii. 211.

errors of the text, ii. 213.
EAGLES on Snowdon, i. 43.

design by Bentley for, ii. 234; en-
Ease, the mother of fine art, i. 119.

graved by J. S. Müller and Charles
Eckardt, J. G., H. Walpole's Epistle Grignion, ii. 231; the original
to, ii. 221.

drawings offered for sale in 1882,
his portrait of Gray, ii. 234.

ii. 234.
Edinondes, Sir T., State Papers of, ii. Robert Lloyd publishes a Latin

translation, iii. 128.
Edouard III., Gresset's tragedy of, ii. Elfrida, a drama by Mason, ii. 212,

213; iii. 148.
Education, thoughts on, i. 120.

Elisi, singer and actor, illness of, iii. 77.
Education and Government, The Alliance excellence of his singing, and his
of, a fragment, i. 113-117.

personal appearance, iii. 80.
editorial note on, i. 113.

Elizabeth, Queen, her deportment on
first published, 1775, i. 100.

receiving Dzialinski of Poland, i. 49.
commentary by Gray, i. 117-119. Elizabethan State Papers, by William
its duties, i. 119.

Murdin, ii. 396.
Gray sends a copy to T. Wharton, ii. Ely visited by Gray, ii. 366.

Emanuel College, portraits in, i. 309-
Edward VI., his restrictions on dress, 310.
i. 318.

Emile, Rousseau's, Gray's praise of, iii.
Effingham, Thomas Harcourt, Earl of, 151-152.

his part in the coronation of George Encyclopedia, see French.
III., iii. 115.

English language too diffuse, ii. 111.
Egmont, Lord, rumour that he will be Engravings, recommends their produc-
Secretary of State, iii. 237.

tion in Italy and France, those of
Egremont, Lord, his hanging woods England are woeful, iii. 165.
near Ulleswater, i. 254.

Entail, The, a fable by H. Walpole, ii.
Egypt, Travels in, by Captain Norden, 214.
ii. 194.

Enthusiast, The, by J. Warton, ii. 121.
translated by Templeman, iii. 1. Epicurus, ruinous effect of his doc-
Egyptian architecture, Dr. Pococke's trine to society, i. 120.
prints on, ii. 255.

Epigrain on the company at Cambridge
Ekkehardus, monk of St. Gall, early University, 1768, iii. 296.

authority on Latin rhyme, i. 379. Epitaph on a Child, i. viii. 126.
Election time, letters apt to be opened Errol, Earl of, his appearance at the
at the offices during, ii. 249.

coronation of George III., iii. 113.
Electress Palatine, Dowager, receives Erse Poems, publication of the, i. 311.

H. Walpole at Florence, ii. 54. testimony in favour of their authen-
Elegy in the Garden of a Friend, by ticity, i. 311.

Mason. Gray requests it for criti- Gray charmed with two specimens of,
cism, ii. 339.

iii. 45.
Gray's criticism, ii. 357.

enquires of Walpole if the authors
Elegy written in a Country Church-yard, are known, and whether any more

text of the edition of 1768, i. 71-80. are to be had, iii. 45.

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Erse Poems, Gray obtains from Scot- Exhibition of pictures for the first

land, and reviews a third speci- time, ii. 65.
men, iii. 47-48.

Eyres, Mr., reference to, iii. 319.
said to be translated by Macpherson,

but Gray is much exercised as to

their authenticity, iii. 51-52. FABIAN, Alderman, extract from the
publication of, iii. 56-57.

Prologue to his Chronicle, i. 330.
David Hume's opinion as to their Fairfax, Thomas, Lord, monument of,

genuineness, cites persons who be in Ottley Church, i. 280.

lieve in their antiquity, iii. 59, 65. Fall of Princes, see Lydgate.
subscription on foot to enable Mac- Farinelli (Cario Broschi), sopranist, ii.

pherson to recover further frag. 22, 57; iii. so.
ments, iii. 59, 65.

Farnham, Lord, insulted by an Irish
Gray more puzzled than ever about mob, iii. 26.
their antiquity, iii. 61.

Fashion of the country, the custom
second edition published, iii. 65, 69.

and dress of the previous genera-
admires nothing but“ Fingal,” iii. 84. tion of the town, i. 404.
Hurd writing against, iii. 129. Fatal Sisters, The, an ode, i. 51-58.
Gray's scepticism apparently re- editorial note on, i. 52.
moved, iii. 148.

paraphrase of“ Darradar Liod," i. 52.
Erskine, Sir Henry, surveyor of roads, Fauchet, President, reference to his
iii. 72.

Catalogue of Poets, i. 364.
unsuccessfully endeavours to obtain his opinion that the rhyme of the

an appointinent for Gray, iii. 72, Franks was largely borrowed by

other nations, i. 368.
his marriage, ii. 104.

Favonius, see West, Richard.
Escalopier, Peter L', Theologia Vettm. Fawkes, Mr., his residence at, i. 280.
Gallorum by, ii. 294.

Fellow-Commoners of Cambridge, their
Esher, Cardinal Wolsey's villa at, ii. 253. riotous conduct, ii. 164.
Essex, Lady, death of the gay, ii. 401. Female sex, satire on, its gradual ex-
dies in childbirth, iii. 3.

tinction, i. 405.
Essex, Lord, attempted suicide of Lady Fen country visited by Gray, ii. 367.

M. Capel, his sister, ii. 274. Fénel, Abbé, his Religion and Opinions
Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the Gauls, ii. 362-363.

of the Times, by Rev. J. Brown, its Ferdinand, Prince, preparing for a
popularity, ii. 310.

battle in Westphalia, ii. 402.
Estrées, Mad. d', and Henri IV., ii. 281. his victory at Minden, ii. 7, 8.
Eton College, fever among the boys of, his conduct in Germany, iii. 27.
ii. 340.

his reward for Minden, iii. 27.
Eton College, Ode on the distant prospect treatment of Lord George Sackville,
of, i. 15-21.

iii. 28.
editorial note on, i. 16.

Ferguson, Adam, his Essay on the His-
Etough, Rev. Henry, i. 139.

tory of Civil Society, Gray's opinion
Etrées, Marshal d', sends his surgeons of it, iii. 279.

to attend the Duke of Cumberland, Ferrers, Lord, his trial, iii. 35.
ii. 321.

Mason and Stonehewer present, iii.
Ettrick, Mrs., sister to Dr. Wharton, 35.

references to, iii. 199, 200, 245, burning of his cell during his trial,
320, 404.

iii. 35.
Eusden, Rev. Laurence, poet laureate, Field, Mr., friend of Dr. Wharton and
ii. 345.

of Gray, iii. 49.
Evans, Dr., Gray's opinion of, ii. 220. Gray obtains some soap from him as
Evelyn's work on Forest Trees ; quota- a remedy for gout, etc., ii, 277.

tion from relative to locality of the Fielding, Henry, Gray's opinion of
Elm, ii. 247.

Joseph Andrews, ii. 107.
Evil, The Origin of, by Soame Jenyns, and a paper on Message Cards, ii. 143.
ii. 310.

Finch, E., appointed surveyor of roads,
Dr. Johnson reviews it, ii. 310.

iii. 72.
settled Mr. Dodsley's conscience, Fine Arts, see Paintings.
ii. 310.

Fischer's concert, and Gugnani, iii. 317.

Fisher, Bishop, supposed portrait in Foulis, Glasgow publisher of Gray's
St. John's College of, i. 311.

Poems, iii. 285-287.
Fitzherbert, Thos., his second son dies Gray's appreciation of him as a pub-

from amputation of his leg, iii. 272. lisher, iii. 290, 325.
Fitzmaurice, Lord William, his rapid offers to present Gray with his Homer
military promotion, iii, 76.

or the Greek Historians, iii. 346.
Fitz-Osborne's, Sir Thomas, Letters on new edition of Milton to which

various Subjects, by William Mel- Gray wishes to subscribe, iii. 346.
moth, iii. 222.

visited by Gray in Glasgow, iv. 343.
Fitzroy, Mr., reference to, iii. 76. Gray admired his academy of paint-
Flaubert, his temperament akin to ing, iv. 343.
Gray's, ii. 8.

Fountayne, Dean, reference to, iii. 82,
Fleece, The, by John Dyer, ii. 345.

Fleming, Sir Michael, his seat of Ri- Fox, Mr., unhappily criticises The Bard,
dale-hall, i. 266.

ii. 328, 331.
Floods, great, in the country (1770), Framlingham rectory in the gift of Pem-
iii. 387.

broke College, iii. 328.
Florence, A Farewell to, i. 181.

Frampton, Thomas, Fellow of St.
Floyer, Governor, death of, iii. 249. John's, candidate for the Master-
Floyer, Miss (cousin to Rev. Norton ship of St. John's with support of
Nicholls), reference to, iji. 317.

the Earl of Sandwich, iii. 190.
"Fobus,” see Duke of Newcastle, refer- note on, iii. 190.

ences to, ii. 353, 370, 371; iii. 45, 50, France, Abrégé Chronologique de l'Hist.
63, 76, 105.

de, by President Henault, ii. 201.
Folcacchio de Folcacchieri, early on the brink of a general bankruptcy,
Italian poet, i. 352,

iii. 341.
Foljambe, Francis F. H., note on, iii. people of the provinces starving on

the highways, iii. 384.
has given Gray a specimen of natural Etat de la, Giay commends it, ii. 128.

history, which is a "jewell of a Gray's Journal in, i. ix. 237-246.
pismire,” iii. 383.

Gray gives detailed advice to the Rev.
his disappearance, iii. 384.

Mr. Palgrave as to the places he
Folk-lore, vision seen in Caithness on de- should visit in, iii. 193.

feat of Sigurd, Earl of Orkney, i. 54. Account of Gray's journey through,
Fontenelle, Gray's opinion of his man- ii. 16-35.
ner of style, iii. 166.

references by Gray to towns, etc.,
Ford, Miss, a performer on musical in :-
glasses, iii. 124.

Abbeville, its description, ii. 18.
Foreigners, natural aversion to, iii. 156. Abbey of Carthusians, Dijon, ii. 31.
Forrester, Rev. Richard, Fellow of Abbey of Cistercians, Dijon, ii. 32.
Pembroke, ii. 288.

Annecy, the residence of the exiled
death of his sister, ii. 318.

Bishop of Geneva, i. 245.
vacates his fellowship and goes to Ballet de la Paix, description of,
Ashwell, Herts, ii. 346.

ii. 21-22.
his patron, Lord Maynard, promotes Beaune and Nuys, fertility of the
him from Easton, iii. 140.

country round, i. 242.
mortal foe of his brother “Poulter," Burgundy, description of the coun-
iii. 140.

try, ii. 31.
reference to, iii. 63.

united to crown of France, ii. 32.
Forster, Mrs. (née Pattinson, Gray's Calais, description of, ii. 16.

cousin), returns from India, ii. 201. Cenis, Mount, description of, ii.
to accommodate some of Gray's lum-

41-42, 46, 59.
ber, ii. 385.

Châlons-sur-Marne, i. 239.
Gray has kissed her at Dr. Wharton's Chartreuse, Monastery of the
instance, and forgot old quarrels,

Grande, its picturesque situa-
iii. 322.

tion on a mountain near Echel-
Fortescue, Miss Lucy, afterwards Lady

les, i. 244.
Lyttelton, ii. 180.

reference to, ii. 36-37.
Fothergill, Dr., reference to, ii. 252, 259. ascent of the mountain, ii. 35-36,
Fotheringay visited by Gray, ii. 366.

45, 58.

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