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Algarotti, his works, iii. 162.

Anecdotes of Painting, Walpole's, iii.
Gray's opinion of his Saggio sopra 125.
l'opera in musica, iii. 162.

Anglesey, Marquis, his disputed peer-
account of his Il Congresso di Citera,

age, iii. 374.
iii. 162.

Anguish, Mr., interested in Smart, iii.
Gray sees no objection to T. Howe 163.

publishing his works ; gives advice Ansel, Mr., Fellow of Trinity, his re-
as to the preparation, iii. 165.

cent death, iii, 254, 255.
Gray cannot advise an English trans- Anstey, Christopher, translated Gray's
lation of, iii. 298-299.

Elegy into Latin, i. 72, 227.
thinks of visiting England, iii. 166. his New Bath Guide, ii. 240.
his works, in 8 vols., swarm with Anthologia Græca, Gray's paraphrases
errors of the press, iii. 298.

from, i. 195-198.
his works printed at Leghorn, iii. 307. Anti-gallican, Gray an, ii. 226.
Gray's opinion of his merit, iii. 299. Antiquities, Houses, etc., in England
his verse above mediocrity, iii. 300. and Wales," catalogued by Gray
employed by King of Poland to buy and printed posthumously by
pictures, iii. 307.

Mason, ii. 360.
purchases a famous Holbein, The Gray pursues the study of, ii. 359-

consul Meyer and his family,” iii. 360.

Antrobus, Robert, Gray's maternal
Allegory, Gray no friend of, iii. 166. uncle, ii. 9.
Allen, Ralph, of Prior Park, recom- Antrobus, Mrs. Mary, Gray's aunt,

mends Mr. Hurd for a sinecure, iii. death of, i. 72; ii. 208.

Antrobus, Miss Dorothy, Gray's cousin,
Allin, Sir A., reference to his death, postmistress of Cambridge, iii. 130,
iii. 386.

184, 283, 319.
Allin, Miss, inclined to part with the Gray informs her of his appointment
estates, iii. 388.

as Professor of Modern History, iii.
Alloa, triumphs and illuminations of,
iii. 383.

Apothecary's, Gray calls a country,
Alps, description of a journey across shop a terrible thing, iii. 265.
the, ii. 40-42, 45.

Archimage, Mr., visits Gray, iii. 191.
near Lanslebourg, ii. 41.

Archimedes, his speculum discovered
Alren, Dr., iii. 62.

by Buffon, ii, 230.
Altieri, Cardinal Giambattista, illness Architecture, Essay on Norman (or,
of, ii. 63, 84.

according to Wren, the Saxon), i.
Altieri, Cardinals, ii. 63.

Alvis, Andrew, Fellow of St. John's, better suited for military than for

note on, candidate for the Master- domestic purposes, i. 294.
ship of St. John's, iii. 190.

its distinctive character (1) semi-
Amatory Lines. Paraphrase of an epi- circular arches, examples at Ely

gram of “ Ad Carolum," i. 137. and Peterborough, i. 296.
editorial note, i. 137.

(2) massy piers or pillars, i. 297.
Amherst, General, speech in commend- examples at Durham, Peterborough,
ation of, iii. 18.

and Ely, and in views of Old St.
Amusemens sur le langage des Bêtes, by Paul's, i. 298.

Bougeant, reference to, ii. 27. (3) variety of the capitals of the piers,
Ancaster, Duke of, at the trial of Lord i, 298.
Ferrers, iii. 35.

examples at Ely and Peterborough,
Ancient authors, Gray's Catalogue of, i. 299.
ii. 148-154.

(4) wider ceilings, of timber only,
chronological table of their works examples at Ely and Peterborough,

compiling at Cambridge, ii. 156. i. 299.
Ancients, Gray's reading from the, ii. (5) its ornaments, i. 299-300.

examples at Hereford, Peterborough,
Ancram, Lord, to take part in a secret and views of Old St. Paul's, i. 300.
military expedition, ii. 320.

reference to ancient statues on Crow.
Andrews, Dr., gives an opinion on the land Bridge, Worcester, and Glou-
Cambridge statutes, ii. 138.

cester, i. 300.

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Architecture, remarks on the Essay, Athelstan, by Dr. Brown, ii. 261.

by Mr. Basil Champneys, i. 301. Garrick wrote the Epilogue of, ii. 261.
Gray's opinion of the source of Atheism is a vile dish, iii. 378.
Gothic, ii. 255.

Athens, antiquities of, J. Stuart's,
reason of the beauty of Gothic, iii. ii. 283.

Autumn of 1753, ii. 247-249.
beauty of Gothic, began to appear in Avison, Charles, his Essay on Musical
reign of Henry III., iii. 146.

Expression as his Friend, ii. 242.
rise of Gothic, iii. 146.

reference to, ii. 250.
Gothic perfection, i. 317.

Avon, a poem, printed by Baskerville,
nothing finer than the nave of York, ii, 372.
i. 317.

Axton, Mr., Fellow of Pembroke Col-
Lady chapel (Trinity Church, Ely), lege, ii. 288.
i. 317.

Ayscough, Dr. Francis, candidate for
chapel of Bishop West at Ely, i. 317. Bishopric of St. David's, iii. 78.
had introduced itself in the reign of Ayscough, Mr., instrument maker on
Charles I., iii. 158.

Ludgate Hill, iii. 244.
criticisms on James Bentham's Essay,

iii. 228-231.
the Saxon, had no niches or canopies, BACH, Carlo, his lessons for the piano-

and escutcheons of arms are hardly forte, iii. 164.
ever seen, iii. 229.

Gray thinks them charming, though
billeted-moulding, examples of, iii. others disagree, iii. 164.

Baiardi, Ottavo Antonio, Parmesan
nail-head, examples of, iii. 230.

antiquary, ii. 277.
nebule, examples of, iii. 230.

Gray's criticism of his work on Her-
rise of the pointed arch, example culaneum, ii. 277-278.
of, iii. 230.

Baif, French poet, reference to, ii. 341.
spirit of Gray's time little less de Balbi, Constantino, Doge of Genoa, ii.
structive than the civil wars, iii. 48.

Balguy, Dr. Thomas, of St. John's.
Aristophanes, notes on, iv.

Gray accompanies hiin to town,
Aristotle, Gray's opinion of his writ- ii. 291.
ings, ii. 147.

Gray sends him a copy of The Odes,
Arlington Street, residence of Walpole, ii. 320.
ii. 139.

takes his doctor's degree and
Armstrong, Dr. John, his poem on preaches the commencement ser-
Health, ii. 121.

mon, ii. 368, 371.
his pseudonym of Lancelot Temple, returns to his prebendary of Win-
ii. 372.

chester, ii. 371.
Arthur, King, popular superstition in friend of Rev. Mr. Ludham, iii. 144.

Lydgate's time concerning, i. 389. Gray visits him at Winchester, iii.
Asheton, Thomas, friend of Gray and 178.
West, ii. 71.

his action at Winchester, iii. 178.
publishes a book against Dr. Middle- says Mrs. Mason is very handsome,
ton, ii. 210.

iii. 224.
Horace Walpole's Epistle to, ii. 221, Balmerino, Lord, his trial for rebellion,

ii. 141.
reference to, ii. 227.

his last action on the scaffold, ii. 146.
Ashton, Dr., an Epistle by Horace Balmerino, Lady Margaret, ii. 142.
Walpole to, ii. 90.

Barbarossa, A play by Dr. Brown, ii. 261.
his prospect of marriage, ii. 144. Bard, The, i. 39-50.
his marriage, iii. 87.

editorial note, i. 40.
visits Gray at Stoke, ii. 148.

portion submitted to Dr. Wharton,
reference to, ii. 147.

ii. 267.
preacher of Lincoln's Inn, iii. 87. fragment of, as sent to Dr. Wharton,

reference to, and Eton, iii. 86, 107, 111. ii. 268-271.
Askew, Dr., ii. 117.

no further progress of, ii. 273, 294,
Aston, Rev. Dr. Delap's portrait in no further progress of (old Caradoc),
Mason's dining-room at, ii. 309.

ii. 276.

Bard, The, sends a fraginent to Stone- Beattie, Gray's reasons for the notes
hewer, ii. 279.

to his Pindaric Odes, iii. 290.
further fragment sent to Mason, ii. thanked for the edition of Gray's

poems, ii. 325; its success, iii.
the Moses of Parmegiano and Rap- 346.

hael's figure of God in the vision informed of the appointment of Gray
of Ezekiel furnished models for, to the Chair of Modern History,
ii. 313.

and its value, iii. 326.
Gray comments on Mason's critic- sends Gray in MS. the first book of
ism, ii. 314-315.

the Minstrel; Gray's criticism, iii.
Gray does not like notes, yet will 376.
give one or two, ii. 319.

his Essay on Truth, iii. 377.
Gray comments to H. Walpole on, ii. Gray's criticism of the Minstrel, with

Beattie's comments, iii. 395-400.
criticised by Mr. J. Butler anony- obliged to Gray for his freedom of
mously, ii. 344-346.

criticism, iii. 400.
references to, ii. 284-286.

Beauchamp, Earls of Warwick, their
Barnard, Dr., his quarrel at the Com- monuments, ii. 257.
mons, iii. 63.

Beauclerk, Lady Harry, receives a
Barnard, Lord, reference to, ii, 238. pension of £400 a year, iii. 78.
Barnwell, Dr., of Trompington, his Beauvau, Marshall, Prince, son of

daughter marries Dr. Chapman, ii. Prince Craon, ii. 85.

Beckford, Alderman, reference to his
Barrett, Mr., of Lee Priory, offers Rev. manner whilst delivering a speech,

N. Nicholls £100 a year as travel- iii. 18,
ling companion, iii. 324.

at the coronation banquet, iii. 116.
Barrington, Lord, Secretary for War, Bedford, Duke of, brings his son
ii. 292.

Francis to Trinity College, ii. 309.
Barrington, Daines (one of the Welsh and Duchess likely to be of the new

judges), Gray wishes a copy of his Ministry, iii. 153.

poems to be sent to, ii. 344. Bedford, Mr., Fellow of Pembroke, ii.
Bartholomew Fair, reference to, iii.


Mr. Buller of Cornwall his patron,
Baskerville, beauty of his type, iii. 165. ii. 289.
Bath, Lord, death of, iii. 172.

Bedingfield, Mr., makes the acquaint-
conduct of his lady during a riot, iii. ance of, ii. 276.

The Death of Achilles, a poem by, ii.
Bathurst, Mr., reference to, iii. 69.

Battey-Langley manner of architecture, relates opinions expressed respecting
ii. 253.

Gray's Odes, ii. 340.
of the Summer Islands, quotation Mason's attitude towards, iii. 163.
from Waller's, ii. 49.

references, ii. 338; iii. 329.
Beadon, Richard, Bishop of Gloucester, Bedlam, tragedy by Nat. Lee, ii. 106.

executor of Dr. Newcome, iii. 189. Beedon, Mr., reference to, iii. 97.
Beattie, Dr. James, note on, iii. 219. Bell, Mr., his taste for Gothic, iii. 29.

invites Gray to Aberdeen, iii. 219. Belleisle, news of its surrender daily
Gray would be glad to see him at expected, iii. 105.
Glamis, iii. 220.

Sir William Williams killed at, iii.
visits Glamis, iii. 221.

sends Gray two books on popular Bellers visits Maltham'and engraves a
superstition, iii. 222.

view of Gordale, i. 278.
Gray criticises his poetry, iii. 279. Bellingham, extinct family of, i. 269.
Gray thanks him for his many Benedict XIV., his election as Pope, i.
friendly offers, iii. 285.

receives permission to issue a Scotch Bentham, James, Prebendary of Ely,

edition of Gray's poems, and to Gray returns his Essay on Gothic
entrust its publication to Foulis Architecture with criticisms, iii.
of Glasgow, iii. 285-286.

criticism of his Ode on Lord Hay's Bentinck, Lady Anne, and Sir Conyers
birthday, iii. 287.

d'Arcy, i. 367.

Bentley, Mr. Richard, Stanzas to, i. Bonfoy, Nicholas, resided at Abbot's

Ripton, ii. 378.
editorial note to Stanzas, i. 121. his marriage and family, ii. 379.
the Stanzas first published in 1775, visits Gray at Cambridge, ii. 320.
i. 100.

his belief that everything turns out
assists in preparing the Chronologi- for the best, ii. 321.

cal table of ancient authors, ii. 158. dines with Gray, iii, 21.
his designs for Gray's Elegy, ii. 234; Bonfoy, Mrs. Elizabeth, references to,

their publication, ii. 237; a second ii. 378 ; iii. 32.
edition, i. 227.

who taught Gray to pray, is dead,
sale at London in 1882 of his draw- iii. 152.

ings for the six poems, ii. 237. her fortitude, iii. 152.
reference to, ii. 218.

Bonfoy, Mr. and Mrs., Gray sends them
Berger, a disciple of Linnæus, iii. 88. a copy of The Odes, ii. 320.
Bernardi, Francesco, reference to, ii.65. Bonstetten, Charles von, Baillie of
Bevis, Earl of Southampton, The Re- Nion, Switzerland, letter to Norton
portes of, i. 338.

Nicholls, with footnote of Gray's
his residence at Duncton, i. 338.

opinion of the writer, iii. 355-356.
his sword one of the relics at Arun- proceeds to London with Gray, iii.
del Castle, i. 338.

Bibliographical statement of Gray's returned to France, iii. 358.
writings, i. ix-xiii.

note on, iii. 360.
Bickham, James, Fellow of Emmanuel, Gray laments the loss of his pres-
ii. 320.

ence, iii. 360-362, 369.
Gray sends him a copy of The Odes, Gray's expression of warm regard,
ii. 320.

warns him against vice, iii. 371.
laments Mason's indolence, ii. 394. sends Gray views of Switzerland, iii.
reference to, iii. 98.

Bickham, Rev. Jeremy, obtains a liv- is disordered in his intellect, or has
ing, iii. 108.

exasperated his friends, iii. 401.
Biographia, Dr. Nicholls wrote the Borneil, Girard de, his invention of the
latter articles of, ii. 244.

Canzone, i. 352.
Birch, Dr. Thomas, his State Papers, ii. Boscawen, Admiral, his victory over

the French, iii. 14.
his State Papers of Sir T. Edmondes, Boswell, James, tells Mitford that
ii. 281.

Gray received forty guineas for
Birds, Couplet about, i. 139.

The Odes, ii. 330.
editorial note on, i. 139.

his Account of Corsica and Memoir of
Birds in Norfolk, table of their noises Paoli, iii. 310.

being first heard during 1755, iii. Gray's light estimate of his abilities,

iii. 310-311.
Birkett, Rev. George, asked by Gray Botanical Calendar for 1755, iii. 92-94.

to pay his Italian master, ii. 3. Bougeant, Guillaume Hyacinthe, ii. 27.
Blacowe, Rev. Mr., Canon of Windsor, his Langage des Bêtes, ii. 27, 96.
his death, iii. 40, 63.

Epistle to, by Gresset, ii. 184.
Blue-Coat or Man-in-Blew, an attend- Bourbon, Duke of, Governor of Bur-

ant on the Vice-Chancellor of gundy, ii. 31.

Cambridge University, ii. 117. Bourne, Mr., a friend of Mason's, ii.
Boaden's Life of Kemble, extract rela- 349.
tive to Mason, ii. 242.

Bower, Archibald, his career and pro-
Boadicea, Glover's play of, ii. 134.

posals for a History of the Pope, ii.
Boar, the silver, badge of Richard III., 180.
i. 47.

Bowes, George, of Streatham Castle,
Boccaccio, introduced the Ottava Rima his daughter married to the ninth
measure, i. 347.

Earl of Strathmore, ii. 369; iii.
his de Cassibus Illustrium Virorum,
i. 391.

Boycot, Mr., may be of assistance to
Bolby, Mr., reference to, ii. 187.

Rev. N. Nicholls, iii. 342.
Bolton, Duke of, his duel with Mr. Bradshaw, Mr., secretary to the Duke
Stuart, iii. 34.

of Grafton, ii. 241.


Braidalbane, Lord, his Scottish do- Brown, Rev. James, of Pembroke
inain or “ policy,” iii. 216.

College, note on, ii. 138.
Bramston, Rev. James, reference to his fortitude, ii. 138.
his poetry, ii. 220.

supports the case of Tuthill, ii. 161,
Brandenburg, Frederick the Great's 188.

Memoirs of the House of, ii. 229. interests himself on behalf of C.
reviewed in the Mercure Historique, Smart, ii. 178.
ii. 229.

successful in his endeavour to elect
Brawn, collars of, stuck with rosemary, Tuthill and others Fellows of Pem-
ii. 118.

broke, ii. 188.
Brian, King of Dublin, death of, i. 54. presented to the living of Tilney, ii.
Bridgewater, Duke of, accompanied by 189.

P. Wood through Italy, ii. 328. contributes to Dodsley's Miscellane-
Bristol Cathedral, elegiac verses to ous Poems, ii. 221.
Mrs. Mason in, i. 141.

visits Gray at Stoke, ii, 259.
Bristol, Lord, Ambassador to Spain, Gray canvasses on his behalf for an
iii. 116.

office in the University, ii. 287-
Britannicus, tragedy by Racine, ii. 167. 289.
performed in Paris, ii. 27.

asked to distribute copies of Gray's
British Museum, a treasure, ii. 396. Odes, ii. 320.
its excess of expenditure over in- Gray enquires if the parcel of Odes
come, ii. 396 ; iii. 2.

have reached him, and asks that
Gray expects to see the collection he will send any criticisms he may
offered for sale, iii. 4.

hear, ii. 322.
very crowded, ii. 396.

if he has paid any of Gray's Cam-
Gray's chief amusement, iii. 1.

bridge bills, Gray wishes to be
persons attending the reading-room, informed, ii. 384.
iii. 2.

laments Mason's indolence, ii. 394.
dissension of its officers, iii. 6.

invited to Gray's lodgings in South-
Gray's researches in the Ledger-Book ampton Row, iii. 6.

of the Signet preserved in, iii. 11. requested to prepare Gray's Cam-
Gray's further researches, iii. 29. bridge apartments, iii. 61, 63.

Gray's MSS. in, i. xiv. 73, 113, 140. his opinion requested of young Pon-
Brivio, Signor, singing instructor, ii. sonby, iii. 67.

favourable opinion of young Pon-
Brockett, Lawrence, Professor of

sonby, iii. 77.
Modern History, iii. 136, 140. his pictures of Ware Park, near Hert-
tutor to Sir James Lowther, iii. 137. ford, iii. 69.
agent for Earl of Sandwich at Cam- inclined to suffer from sciatica, iii.86.
bridge, iii. 168.

proposition that he should visit Lady
his death, and Gray's succession to Strathmore, iii. 86.
his Chair, iii. 318.

not at all well, iii. 125.
manner of his death, iii. 322.

his evening prayer to the congrega-
Bromwick, dealer in wall-papers, iii. tion, iii. 152.
83, 118, 120.

called familiarly by Gray “Petit
Brook, Dr. Zachary, of St. John's, Bon," iii. 164.
note on, iii. 189.

preparing some grafts for Dr.
elected Margaret Professor, iii. 189. Wharton, iii. 169.
candidate for the Mastership of St. invincibly attach'd to his duties, iii.
John's, iii. 190.

reference to, iii. 168.

deep in Quintilian and Livy, iii. 205.
Broschi, Carlos, sopranist, ii. 22, 57; visits his brother near Margate, iii.
iii, 80.

Brown, Sir Anthony, supposed por- Gray has been nursing him iii.259,262.

trait in St. John's College, i. 311. will he accompany Gray to Mason's ?
Brown, Mr. (one of the six clerks in iii. 267-268.

Chancery), his house on banks of visits Mason, iii. 272.
Eden, i. 250.

visits Lord Strathmore at Gibside,
Brown, H., a contributor to Dodley's and accompanies him to Scotland,
Miscellaneous Poems, ii. 220.

iii. 282.


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