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fritillus, a dice-box. frivola, trifles—paltry belongings. fulcrum, the leg of a triclinium, often made of tortoise-shell.

galerus, a leather armlet worn by the retiarius. w genuinus (dens), a jaw-tooth, or grinder.

homuncio, dim. of homo.

induperator, archaic form of imperator.

**lividulus, dim. form of lividus, inclined to envy.

mango, a slave-dealer.
membrana, a skin prepared for writing; and so parchment.
meritoria, hired apartments.
minutal, minced meat, hash.
miscellanea, the mixed food supplied to gladiators.
misellus, dim. form of miser.
mortaria, mortars in which drugs were prepared.
murrhina (vasa), vases made of red and white agate.

*naulum (vaïlov), a boat or ship fare. novicius, new, fresh, lately arrived. nutricula, dim. of nutrix.

oenophorum (vas), a wine vessel. opsonia (oyuvior), lit. anything eaten with bread ; and so meat.

. orexis (petis), appetite. palpare, to stroke, and so to soothe.

paropsis, a small square dish. pegma (you), a wooden erection in theatres with rising and

falling platforms. pelamydes, young tunny-fish. pergula, a booth or stall used by money-changers, barbers,

painters. *petasunculus, dim. of petaso, a small ham.


petaurum, a spring-board or wheel used by athletes. *phaecasiati, white-slippered ; see note on iii. 218.

phoenicopterus, a flamingo. 1 * pinnirapus, lit. a feather-snatcher; used of the retiarius who

fought against the Samnite. planipedes, barefooted; used of mimic actors who wore neither

the soccus nor cothurnus. popina (TÉTw), an eating-house. pragmatici, attorneys ; men versed in the technicalities of law. pulmentarium, anything eaten with bread. Conf. opsonia. pygargus, a white-backed antelope. pytisma (TÚTLO ua), the spitting out of wine after tasting it. pyxis, a box for unguents or medicines. quadrivium, a place where four roads meet. rancidulus, dim. form of rancidus. reda, a Gallic word used for a four-wheeled travelling carriage. reticulum, dim. of rete, a little bag. rhinoceros, a rhinoceros-horn used for oil.

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sandapila, a cheap coffin provided by the libitinarii for the poor. sarcinula, dim. of sarcina, a little baggage ; and so the equip

ment, trousseau, fortune of a bride. scalpere, to carve, and so to scratch. scrofa, a brood-sow. serracum, a heavy waggon. sinciput (semi-caput), half a head ; and so the head generally. sponsio, betting. Lsportula, lit. a little basket; then the food given in a basket

to clients ; lastly, the money dole. stationes, clubs or lounging-places in the forum. stemmata, lit. garlands connecting the imagines in the atrium ;

then used of the genealogy denoted thereby. stlatarius, a doubtful word ; stlata was perhaps a merchant-ship,

in which case stlatarius would be “foreign” or “imported. sufflamen, a drag-chain. syrma (oúpw), a trailing robe worn in tragedy.

tessella, dim. of tessera, a small cube or die. tibicen, a buttress, or flute-player.

tirunculus, dim. of tiro. V *trechedipna (Tpéxw deîrvov), shoes worn by parasites.

triscurria, buffooneries.

urceolus, dim. of urceus, a little pitcher.

*velarium, perhaps for velum ; an awning over the amphi.

theatre or theatre. velificatus, sailed through; used in reference to the canal of

Xerxes through Mount Athos. v ventilare, to wave backwards and forwards. vervex, a wether sheep; used as a synonym for blockhead.

virguncula, dim. of virgo. Vvulva, sow's udder.

zelotypus, jealous ; in Sat. viii. 197, with coniux understood.





aedicula, viji. 3 auriculus, viii. 5 bacillum, iii. 28 balneolum, vii. 4 casulus, xiv. 179 cenaculum, x. 18 cenula, iii. 167 corpusculum, x. 173 cultellus, v. 122 curriculum, xiv. 231 cuticula, xi. 194 flammeolum, x. 334 foculus, iii. 262 fornacula, x. 82 fraterculus, iv. 98 glebula, xiv. 166 homuncio, v. 133

hortulus, iii. 226 igniculus, iii. 102 nutricula, vii. 148 oluscula, xi. 79 particula, xiii. 14 pellicula, i. 11 petasunculus, vii. 119 reticulum, xii. 58 sacculus, xi. 27 sarcinula, iii. 161 servulus, iii. 253 sportula, i. 95 summula, vii. 174 tessella, xi. 132 tigillum, vii. 46 tirunculus, xi. 143

urceoli (plural), iii. 203 virguncula, xiii. 40

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agger Servii, v. 153 n.; viji 43;

xvi. 26
ab, omitted from the agent, i. 13, 57 ; agere rem, iii. 305
iii. 240 ; vii. 64; xi. 182

Aiax, vii. 115; X, 84; xiv. 213, 286 ,
abacus, iii. 204

XV. 65
Abdera, x, 50 n.

alapae, viii. 192
abolla, iii. 115 n. ; iv. 76

Alba Longa, iv. 61-100; xii. 71
abscondere, xii. 18

Alcinous, xv. 15
accusative, semi-cognate, v. 87 n. ; Alcithoe, vii. 12
xii. 128 n.

alea, viii. 10; xi. 176; xiv. 4
Acersecomes, viii. 128

Alexander, x. 168 n. ; xiv. 311
Acestes, vii. 235

aliptes, iii. 77
Achilles, i. 163; iii. 280; vii. 210; Alledius, v. 118

viii. 270; x. 256 ; xi. 30; xiv. 214 Allobrogicus, viii. 13
Acilius, iv. 94

Allobrox, vii. 214
Acoenonoetus, vii. 218

Alps, x. 152, 166 ; xiii, 162
aconite, i. 155; viii. 219; X. 25 altilis, v. 115, 168
acta, vii. 104 n.

altisonus, xi. 181
acumen, iv. 102

alumnus, i. 20 n. ; xi. 98; xiv. 247
adultery, x. 304

aluta, vii. 192; xiv. 282
adytum, xiii. 205

amber, v. 38 n.
Aeacides, viii. 270

ambitio, viii. 135
Aeacus, 1. 10

ambitiosus, iii. 182; vii. 50
aedicula, viii. 111

amethystina, vii. 136
aedificator, xiv. 86

amomum, viii, 159
aed es, iii. 162, 179; x. 102

amphitheatre, i. 23 n.
Aegyptus, xv. 1, 45, 116

amphorae, v. 35 n.
aelurus, xv. 8

Amydon, iii. 69
Aemiliani, viii. 3

anabathra, viii. 46
Aemilius, vii. 124

anceps, xi. 32
Aeneas, i. 163; V. 45 n., 138; xi. 62; Anchises, vii. 234
xv. 67

ancilla, viii. 259
aenigmata, viii. 50

Ancona, iv. 40
Aeolio carcere, x. 181

Ancus, v. 57
aerugo, xiii. 61

Antaeus, iii. 89
aerumnae, iii. 216

antennae, xii, 19
Aethiops, viii. 33 ; x. 150

Anticyra, xiii. 97
Afri, viii. 120

Antigone, viii. 229
Africa, vii. 149; x. 148

Antilochus, x. 253
Agamemnonides, viii. 215; xiv. 286 Antiochus, iii. 96
Aganippe, vii. 6

Antiphates, xiv. 20
Agathyrsi, xv. 125

Antonius, viii. 105; 123
Agave, vii. 87

Aonides, vii. 55

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