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Sing to the Lord, and bless his name;

His boundless love display:
His saving mercies to proclaim

Cease not from day to day.
O worship ye the world's great Lord!

In beauteous holiness!
Let all the earth with one accord

With fear bis name confess.

Let the exalted heavens rejoice,

And let the earth be glad :
The sea with its applauding noise

Triumphant joys shall add
Before the Lord; for he doth come,

He comes the earth to try;
The world, and all therein to doon

With truth and equity.
O all his angels, bless the Lord !

Ye that in strength excel !
That bearken to his holy word,

And all his laws fulfi).
O bless the Lord, all ye his hosts,

And ministers of his :
And all his works through all the coasts

Where his dominion is.

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Bless thou the Lord, my soul! my mourn

His praises shall proclaim. Bless him all flesh; all that hath breath, Praise


the Lord's great name.



NIGHT is the time for rest:

How sweet, when labours close, To gather round an aching breast

The curtain of repose, Stretch the tired limbs, and lay the head Down on our own delightful bed !

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Night is the time for dreams

The gay romance of life,
When truth that is, and truth that seeins

Mix in fantastic strife :
Ah! visions, less beguiling far
Than waking dreams by day-light are.

Night is the time for toil;

To plough the classic field,
Intent to find the buried spoil

Its wealthy furrows yield;
Till all is ours that sages taught,
That poets sang and heroes wrought.

Night is the time to weep;

To wet with unseen tears
Those graves of memory where sleep

The joys of other years ;
Hopes, that were angels at their birth,
But died when young like things of eartfi.



O father! raise me from these clouds of time, My soul is darken’d with its doubts and fears; Bless and exalt me with those bopes subiime, Which still are brightening through eternal years. For I am but of dust; my largest thought Can scarcely reach beyond this speck of earth, Senseless alike my sorrow and my mirth; I weep-yet know not how a tear is wrought; I smile—and yet am ignorance and clay; O thou great Being, who hast form’d my spirit, Console me, teach me how I may inherit The heaven thou offerest, thine eternal day. Rouse all my drooping faculties; for thee I fain would kindle heart, and mind, and soul. Alas! what am I? as my


years roll,
How vain the aim to reach infinity,
To know Onuniscience; yet I can believe
That thou, O God! art Glory, Light, and Love;
Some shadow of thy attributes conceive,
In every daily mercy that I prove.
Yes! not a sunbeam meets my raptured eye,
And not a breeze plays softly on my cheek,
And not a pale star lights the evening sky,
But of thy glory to my soul they speak;
And oft as morn, with pure, reviving gale,
And night with shades of beauty,

and repose, Bring their sweet change, 0 how my rapt neart glows, Thy care, thy love, thy guardian power to hail,

And thus indeed I know thee-ever feeling
Eternal tenderness, unbounded blessing;
Whether I smile or weep, alike possessing
My life in kindness, stili alike revealing
Good, good in every thing; yes--even these tears
Are nature's blest relief, and they may turn

gems of light in those immortal spheres Where love is understood, and angels never mourn.



She bowed her head before the throne

Of the eternal King-
The sun upon her forehead shone

With the first light of spring;
In meekness and in love she stood,

A thing of mortal care ;

is womanhood In faithfulness and prayer.

and strong

She had been chastened with that woe

The young heart, in its pride,
Ill bears when wakening from the glow

Love's happy dreams supplied;
But she had in her weakness sought

The Spirit's strength and food;
And faith within her sou, had wrought

A deep and fervent mood.

The people of her fathers' land

Had left their onward path;
And God had raised his threatening hand

Against them in his wratk;
Her voice arose with theirs--the few

Who still were faithful there;
And peace was given, and healing dew,

To woman's voice of prayer.

The king sat in his purple state,

And power-dominion.robed; But there was darkness in his fate,

His sick’ning heart was probed;
And priest and peer their vows preferz'd

With quick and courtier care;
But whose on high was soonest heard ?

Sad woman's lonely prayer.

Wild war was raging-proudly rose

The chieftains of the realm;
And thousands met their country's foes

With spear and crested helm-
And thousands fell, and wrathful men

Raged in their mad despair;
What heard the God of battles then ?

Meek woman's secret prayer.

Oh! strong is woman in the power

Of loveliness and youth;
And rich in her heart's treasured dower

Of stroug, unchanging truth;
But who may tell her spirit’s might,

Above what strength may dare,
When in life's troubles and its night

Jier heart is bowed in prayer ?

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