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III. And be it further enacted, That if any person Penaltyfor

evading all avail himself of the exemption provided by the the tell. revious section, having travelled or shall afterwards avel on the said turnpike against the provisoes of the receding section, he shall forfeit ten dollars, to be reovered in any court in the name of the said company, nd for their benefit ; and if any gate keeper, or other erson, by the consent or for the benefit of the said ompany, shall exact toll from the persons exempted y the preceding section, he shall forfeit to such perin the sum of ten dollars, to be recovered by him in by court having cognizance of the same. IV. And be it further enacted, That the said com

A certain any shall place upon the south gate, or near it, in a notic onspicuous place, a board with these words written or be set up rinted legibly thereon: “All persons only crossing and his road, and not having travelled or now travelling is turnpike road, may pass free of toll.:" Provided, 'hat this act shall in no wise be construed so as to afct or prejudice any suit or suits heretofore cominencd by or against the said corporation, or by or against ny individual in relation to the said road.


In ACT to enable certain persons therein named to pur-
chase and hold real estate within this state.

Passed April 12, 1813.
D E it enacted by the people of the state of Nen-

York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That
shall and may be lawful for John White, John
Vhite, junior, Thomas White, Thomas White, junior,
Iatthew White, Matthew White, junior, James Hun-
r White, Robert Shannon, Alexander Milne, Tho-
jas Drummond, James Sinclair, John Sinclair, John
ally, Robert M'Elroy, Thomas Suffern, William
Villson, Matthias Aram, Nicholas Slype, Robert For-
est, Joseph Palmer and Daniel Carmichael, severally
) take and hold, by purchase or descent, lands, tene-
ients and hereditaments within this state, to have and

hold the same to them and to their respective heirs nd assigns forever, as fully to all intents and purposes

as any natural born citizen may or can do, any law, usage or custom to the contrary notwithstanding.

U. And be it further enacted, That no lands, tenements and hereditaments heretofore purchased by any person herein before named, shall escheat to the people of this state by reason or on account of such persons then being aliens, but all such lands, tenement and hereditaments shall be understood as having vested in such purchaser or purchasers, any law to the contrary thereof notwithstanding: Provided always, That nothing berein contained shall be construed to confer on any of the persons herein named, any other rights appertaining to natural born citizens, except those of taking, holding and disposing of real property within this state.


| CHAP. CXCII. An ACT to incorporate the Urtica Whitlovi Socidy.

Passed April 12, 1813. TITHEREAS Charles Whitlow and his associates

Vy have by their petition represented to the legislature, that he has discovered a plant, a native of this state, called the Urtica Whitlowi, which promises e sential benefits to the community in promoting domestic manufactures, as a substitute for hemp and Aar, and have also represented that various plants may probably be discovered, highly valuable as dye-stuffs, for the exclusive use of the former of which the said Charles Whitlow hath obtained a patent from the government of the United States, and are desirous of making extensive experiments in the culture of the said Urtica Whitlowi, and prosecuting their researches for such dye-stuffs, and have prayed an act of incorporation the

better to enable them to obtain the objects of their as· sociation: Therefore,

1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of NewC. Whit. York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That Charle

in Whitlow, and all such persons as are now or hereafta others in. corporat- shall be associated with him for the purposes aforesaid, ed.

and their successors, for twenty years from the passing of this act, be and they hereby are ordained, consti

low and


ited and declared to be a body corporate and politic,
fact and in name, by the name of “Urtica Whit-cule


me style, &c. wi Society," and by that name they and their succesrs shall and may have succession, and shall be in law pable of suing and being sued, pleading and being . pleaded, answering and being answered unto, deading and being defended in all courts and places , watsoever; and that they and their successors nay ve a common seal, and may change and alter the ne at pleasure, and shall be capable of purchasing, Iding and conveying any lands, tenements, hereditlents, goods, wares and merchandizes whatsoever, cessary for the objects of this incorporation. I. And be it further enacted, That the stock, prop- = y and concerns of the said corporation shall be man- bo w to be d by five directors, who shall annually be elected managed. m the stockholders on the first Monday in Decem, at such time of the day and place within this state, he directors shall appoint, of which time and place lic notice shall be given at least thirty days before time of holding such election, in one of the daily vers printed in the city of New York, and in one. he newspapers printed in the city of Albany; and election shall then and there be made by such of stockholders as shall attend for that purpose, either erson or by proxy; and the five persons having

greatest number of votes shall be directors, and I have power to elect one of their number as presit, and also to fill all vacancies in the year occaed by death, resignation, or removal out of the 2; and in case no election shall be held on the day

in before mentioned, the president and directors the time being shall direct, on the like notice, the ; and place of choosing such directors, giving at s twenty days notice thereof in manner aforesaid.“ 1. And be it further enacted, That the president Bye-laws directors aforesaid shall have power to make such how to be

made. ; rules and regulations, consistent with the consti-n and laws of this state, as to them shall appear Ssary and proper, relative to the inanagement and osition of the stock, property, estate and effects of

, and placevs notice thereoed. That the

the said corporation, and relative to the dies of ti officers, artificers and servants by them emret, ant all such matters and things as appertain to the banes and concerns of the said incorporation, and to appoin such and so many officers, clerks and servant for an rying on and conducting the affairs and business of the said company, and with such allowance for salaries

and wages as to them shall seemn necessary and proper Stock to IV. And be it further enacted, That the stock of be deemed person. The said company shall be deemed personal property, al proper. and shall never exceed fifty thousand dollars.

- CHAP. CXCIII. An ACT to incorporate the Stockholders of the Alleghany Coal Company. Passed April 12, 1813. THEREAS Jacob Sherred and others have as

sociated themselves for the purpose of es. camble ploring, digging and vending coal, and in order to ena

ble them more extensively to carry their intentions into effect, have presented a petition to be incorporated: Therefore.

1. Be it enacted by the people of the state of No J. G. Bo. York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That Jac! gart and a Others in. Sherred, John G. Bogert, Gilbert Aspinwall, Gabrie corporat. Furman, John Slidell, George Arcularius, Anthony

Steinback, and all other persons who have associates,
or who may associate with them for the purposes afor
said, shall be and are hereby ordained, constituted any
declared to be a body corporate and politic, in fact au
in name, by the name and style of The Allegna
Coal Company,” and by that name they and their sul
cessors shall and may be known and have successin
and shall have power and may be capable of suing a
being sued, pleading and being impleaded, answer
and being answered unto, defending and being dele
ed in all courts, judicatures and places whatsoeve
wheresoever, in all manner of actions, suits, comp.
matters and causes whatsoever, and also of contro
and being contracted with, relative to the purposes
business for which the said corporation is hereby
ted, as herafter declared ; and that the said corpora
shall and may have a common seal, and may alter


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hange the same at their pleasure ; and also that le said corporation shall be in law capable of purlasing, holding and conveying any real or personestate and property for the public use of the said rporation : Provided, That the whole of the said Proviso: ock and real estate of said corporation shall never ceed one hundred thousand dollars, current money 'the United States.' II. And be it further enacled, That the stock, prorty, affairs and concerns of the said corporation, shall

"how to be managed and conducted by seven directors, who managed. ill be stockholders in said company, of at least five ires each, and who shall be annually elected by the ckholders by ballot, on the second Monday in Jany in every year, at such time of the day and at h place in the city of New York as the board of ectors for the time being shall appoint for that pure, of which election, and of the time and place, the I directors shall cause public notice to be given at st ten days prior to the day of election, in two pub

newspapers printed and published in the city of w-York, and those persons who shall have the greatnumber of votes at such election shall be directors, | the said directors shall by a inajority of votes, ose one among themselves to be their president, ch president and directors shall hold their offices one year, and until others shall be elected; and if vacancy shall happen among the directors by death, gnation or removal, or ceasing to be a stockholder he said coinpany, such vacancy shall be filled for remainder of the year in which the same shall hapby the remainder of the directors for the tiine ig; and the first directors shall be Jacob Sherred, First dia n G. Bogert, Gilbert Aspinwall, George Arcularius, recious. riel Furman, Frederick Gussenhainer, and Anay Steinback, who shall hold their respective offices I the second Monday in January, one thousand it hundred and fourteen, and if any vacancy should pen among the said directors as aforesaid, then such incy shall be supplied as is herein before directed,

mong is to be ll be final hap

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