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nels, aqueducts, sluices, locks, weirs, pens for water, tank;, reservoirs, drains, .wharves, quays, landing-nlaces, weigh-beams, cranes, fire-engines, or other machine?, and other works, ways, roads and conveniences, as the said Company of Proprietors shall think requisite and convenient for the purposes of the said navigation; and also from time to time, to alter, repair, amend, widen, or enlarge the same, or any other of the conveniences above-mentioned, as well for carrying or conveying goods, commodities, timber, and other thing*, to or from the said Canal, as for the cairyiDg or conveying of all manner of materials necessary for the making, erecting, furnishing, altering, repairing, amending, widening, or enlarging the works of and belonging to the said navigation; and also to place, lay, woik and manufacture the said materials on the grounds, near to the place or places where the said woiks, or any of them, are or shall be intended to b- made, erected, repaired, or done—and lo build and construct the several locks, bridges, woiks, and erections belonging thereto; And also to make, maintain, repair, and alter any fences or passages over, under, or through the said Canal, or the res rvoiri and tunnels, aqueducts, trenches, passages, gutters, water-courses, andsliice* respectively, which shall communicate therewith; and also to make, set up, and appoint such roads, towing-paths, barks, and ways convenient for towing, hauling, or drawing boats, barges, vessels, or rafts passing in, through, along, or upon the said Canal, as they the said Company os Proprietors shall think convenient; and to construct, erect, and keep i*> repair any piers, arches, or other works, in, upon and across any rivers or brooks, for making, using, maintaining, and repairing the said Canal, and the towing-paths on the fides thereof: And also to construct, make, and do all other matters and things which they shall think necessary and convenient for the making, effecting, preserving, improving, completing and using the -said Canal, in pursuance and within the true meaning of this Act; they the said Company of Proprietors doing as little damage as may be in the execution of the several powers to them hereby gtanted, and making satisfaction in manner herein-before mentioned, for all dam .ges to be s.(tuned by the owner or occupiers of such lands, tenements, or hereditaments, water.", water-cou fe.-, brooks, or rivers respectively, as shall be taken, used, removed, diverted, or prejudiced in or by the execution of all, or any of the powers by this Act given and granted; and this Act (hail be sufficient to indemnify the said Company us Proprietors and their servants, agents, and workmen, and all other persons whomsoever, for what they, or any of • them shall do by virtue of the powers hereby granted.

yro^to"7au- XIII. A*id be it further enacted by the aurhoriiy aforesaid, that it shall be lawM°'much of th! foT rhe said Company of Proprietors, in constructing aud nick rig the said Canal wai'erof'.).e'rh'pr fiom Lachne as aforesaid, to the foot of the current of Saint Mary, to take and Di^bjTc'".^" appropriate for the use of the said Canal, lomucti of the iani covered with the waters ma' «bimih of the said river Saint Lawrence, or of the bed thereof as m<*y bv* found necessary

t*e (aid Uuii. * * *

for proches dlcelui, tels et autant dt* Ponts, Communications, Aqueducs, Ecluscs, Pales, Vannes, Fontaines, Relt-rvoirs, Tranchees, Quais, Places de debarquement, B*lancincs, Grues, Engins ou autres machines et autres o ivrages, chemins et coirmodiies, que la dite Compagnie des Proprietaires jogera necessaires ct convenables pour lea finsde la dite navigation, et auffi de terns en terns% changer, sparer, raccommoder, elargir ou aggrandir icelui ou aucune autre des commodnes susmentionnejes, tant pour porter on transporter des Effets, Marchandises, Bois et autres chose* dans ou hors du dit Canal, que pour porter o J transporter toutes fortes de mat6riaux neceslaires pour faire, eriger, fournir, changer, reparer, raccommoder, elargir ou aggrandir les ouvrages de et appartenant a id dite navigation, et auffi de placer, m<-trre, travail* ler et manufacturer Its das materiaux (ur les terreins proches de la place ou des place s ou Ton fe pioposera de faire, eriger, reparer ou achever les dites ouvrages, et auffi de baiir et construire les differentes vannes, ponrs, ouvrages et edifices appartenant a .ceiui, et auffi de faitpj ( ntrttemr, repareret changer toutes closures ou passages fur, sous, ou a travers le dit Canal, ou les icLrvona et communications, aqueduc?, tranchefes, passages, egouts, cours d'eau et 6clu(e-s respectivement, qui communiqueront a icelu', et auffi de faire, et appointer tels Chemins, Sentiers de Touage, Chaussees et voirs cohvenabies pour touer, baler ou tirer les Bateaux, Berges, Vaisseaox ou Radeaux gassant dans, par oo fur le dit Canal, tel que la dite Compagnie des Piopuetaires le jngc-ra convcnable, et de conRruire, eriger et entretenir en bon eui toutes digues, arches ou autres ouvrages dans, fur et a travers aucune Riviere ou Ruisseau, pour faire, entretenir et reparer le dit Canal et les Sentiers de touage fur les bordsd'icelui,et auffi de construire et faire tous les autres objets et choses qu'ils jugeront necefiaires et convenables pour faire, executer, preserver, ameliorer, completer et employer le dit Canal, en consequence de et sous la vraie intention de cet Acte, la dite Compagnie des Proprietaires fnlant auffi peu de dommage que possible dans 1'executroD des divers ponvoirs qui lui font accordes par le present, et faisant satisfaction, de la maniereci-apres mentionneV, pour tous dommages que pourroient souffnr le* Proprietaires-ou occupants de telles lents, possessions ou heritages, eaux, cours d'eau, Ruisssaux ou Rivieres respectivement, qui feront pris, employer, Gees, detoumes ou ei.dommages dans ou par I'execution de tous ou aucun des pou. voirs rionnes et accordes par cet Acte, et cet Acle fuffira pour indemmser la dite Comp.gnie des Propuetairts et leurs serviteurs, agem et Ojvners, et toutes autres perlunnes quelconques poor tout ce qu'euxou aucun d'eux feront en vertu des pouvoirs accoides par cet Acte..

XIII. Et qu'i! soit de plu8-statu6 p»r l'autorite sisdite, qu'il sera loisible a ladiie . **r»«v»K*i» Compagnie des Proprietaires, en conltruilant ct faisant le dit Canal depuis L«t- H'^'"*'^'"^; chine luldite jusqu'au pied du Coutant Sainte Marie, de prendre et approprier, po>r J"''*,0^"" t'u so ce du dit Canal, telle partie de la terie couverte des eaux du fleuve Saint S[,Lj,,re'".'10" Laurent ou du lit d';celui, qui iera trouvee necessaire pour fane et completer le d;t ^"J'li'S,TM";

Canal, •*'•

for the making and completing os the fame, and thereon to erect such wharves, quays, locks, works and erections, as the said Company of Proprietors shall think convenient.

Ti. eompu? XIV. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that mtkfthT'ioiend- the said Company of Proprietors shall and may make the said intended Canal und'or'In^pei! through, across, or over the lands or grounds of any person or persons whomso *?m\i" "t^r" ever, whose name or Dame? shall appear to have been by mistake omitted in the taTM'"!^1 thV M (aid book os reference, and where it shall appear that instead of the name or names 2fJ«*»ir.cewh"'e of the owner or owners of such lands or giounds, the name or names of some other CMTii!i«iitw«i person or persons to whom such last mentioned lands and grounds do not belong, *j other name.. |jatj, or have been inserted by miflake therein: Provided always, that the said Company of Proprietors (hall give at least three weeks notice to the person or perlons poflessing or occupying such lands or lots, of its intention of carrying the (aid Canal through the said lands or lots.

Luditobeta- XV. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, thu JJih/".'./""'".". the land and ground to be taken and used for the said Canal, the towing-paths, 1S5lViib.ant"e and the ditches, drains and fences to separate any such towing-paths from the adprejrirtc?/ the joining lands (hall not exceed forty yards in breadth, except in such places where the said Canal (hall be raised higher, or cut more than five feet deeper than the present surface of the land, and in luch places where it shall be judged necessary for boats and other vessels and rafts to turn, lie or pass each other, nor more th»n sixty-fi> e yards in breadth, in any of thole places, without the content of the owner or owner: of such land or ground respectively under his, her, or their hand or hands in writ* ing, first had or obtained, nor (hall any land or ground be set out, ascertained, contracted for and sold sot the purpose of making any navigable cut, trench or sluice, to convey goods or other things to or from the laid dual, without Inch consent as aforesaid, any thing in this Act contained to the contrary notwithstanding.

*r*UpS2iJi,fcr" XVI. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that after any lands

iheoii*i»« ud or grounds shall be set out and ascertain' d in manner aforesaid, for making and com

",p,XTr'ia»d? P'cling »be said Canal, and other purposes and conveniences herein before men

'for^wr'1'0*' liontd, it (hail and m.y be lawful for all bodies politic, communities, corporations,

3ggregate Cl lole» guardians, curators, ard all other trustees whomsoever, not only

for and on b hat of themselves, then heirs and successors, but also for and in behalf

ot rhole whom ihcy represent, whether infants, lunatics, idtots, Jemti covertu, ot

o her i eric, n or peifbns who are or (hall be poflefftdct or interested in any lands or

grounds which (hall be let out and ascertained as aforesaid, to contract for, fell and Canal, et bâtir sur iceloi tels qua!», vannes, ouvrages et édifices que la dite Compagnie des Propriétaires juger» convenables.

XTV. Pourvu toujours, et qu'il (oit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que la .JàET&hhï dite Compagnie des Propriétaire» fera et pourra faire le dit Canal propo'é par, à 4,TMYTM',Kit travers ou fur les tents ou rerreins d'aucune personne ou personnes quelconques, JoÆ^,'1",,*! dont le nom ou les noms paroî ront avoir été omis par méprise dans le dit livre de £4^"tl'f* référence, et aussi où il paroura qu'au lieu du nom ou des noms du propriétaire ou ',.?""!''[,t',tTn"' des occupans de telles terres ou terrein», le nom ou les noms de quelque autre per-*?""''^^"»sonne ou personnes, auxquelles telles terres et terreins dernièrement mentionnés £*£" ,,'*utre, n'appartiennent pas, a ou y ont été inscrits par méprise. Pourvu toujours, que la d<te Compagnie des Propriétaires fera tenue de donner au moins trois semaines de Notice à la personne ou aux personnes possédant ou occupant telles terres ou terreins, de son intention de faire passer le du Canal à travers les dites terres ou terreins.

XV. Pourvu toujours, et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité susdite, que la tJS^'iSSn terre et terrein qui seront pris et employés pour le dit Canal ou pour les Sentiers de «"ceit".'" touage, elles Fossés, Egoûts et Clôtures pour séparer tels sentiers de to age des ?i"'ieTo.1«TMt~ terres joignantes, n'excéderont pas quarante verges de largeur, excepté dans les £u£du *"*"•" endroits où ledit Canal fera élevé plus haut, ou creusé plus de cinq Pieds plus bas

que la surface actuelle de la terre, et dans les endroits où il fera jugé nécessaire pour tourner, placer ou passer les Bateaux et autres Vaissaux et Radeaux les uns à côté des autres, ni plus de soixante-cinq verges de largeur dans aucun des di's endroits, fans le consentement du propriétaire ou des propnétaires de telles terres 01 terreins respectivement, sou» Ion', ou leur fcing ou seing», écrit préalablement obtenus, et tëllt s terres ou terreins ne feront point ainsi rracés, constatés, achevés et vend s à l'effet de faire une tranchée ou Ecluse navigable, pour transporter des Marchandises ou autres choses à ou du dit Canal, fans tel consentement comme ci-dessus, nonobstant tout ce qui pourroit être Contenu dans cet Acte à ce contraire.


XVI. Et qu'il soit de plus statué par l'autorité lusdire, qu'aprê3 que quelques «J^^S terres ou terreins auront été ainsi tracés et assignés comme 1 uldit, pour taire et cern- jjj^liJ"^ plêter le dit Canal, et pour les autres objets et commodités ci-devant mentionnés, 5è,e «',;?„ i„;£ il (era et pourra être loisible pour tous-corps politiques, communautés, corpora- 5X'"110in,">TM tions agrégées ou feules, Tuteuis, Curateurs et tous auties Syndics quelconques, '^^^L non seulement pour et en saveur d'eux mêmes, leurs héritiers et Successeurs, mais a>>sst pour et en faveur de ceux qu'ils représentent, soit enfans, lunatiques, idiots, femmes mariées ou autres personne*, qui sont ou (rront en possession ou intéressées dans quelques terres ou terieint, qui seiorït tiacés et assignés comme susdit, de contracter,


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convey unto the said Company of Proprietors, all or any part of such lands or grounds, which (hall from time to time be set out and ascertained as aforesaid ; and that all such contracts, agreements, and sales, (hall be valid and effectual in Law to all intents and purposes whatsoever; any law, statute, or usage to the contrary thereof in any wife notwithstanding.

cS^SiUS"^ XVII. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, ?u»eii£i70"make 'hat any body politic, community, corporation, or other person or persons whom. S1£o£rtyrta,M- soever, who cannot in common course of law sell or alienate any lands or grounds "nuafre^lohe so set out and ascertained, shall agree upon or shall have fixed in manner as heretMdbjaJurj. after directed, a fixed annual rent as an equivalent and not as a principal sum tobe paid for the lands or ground so set out and ascertained as necessary for making the said Canal and other the purposes and conveniences relative thereto, for the pay* merit of which annual rent and of every other annual rent agreed upon, or ascertained for the purchase of any lands or grounds the said Canal and the tolli to be le* vied and collected th-reon shall be and are hereby made liable and chargeable in preference to all other claims or demands thereon whatsoever, and in case the a* mount of such rent should not be fixed by voluntary agreement and compromise between the laid parties it shall be fixed by'a jury convened and qualified in the manner herein-before prescribed, and all proceedings and litigations in Court shall in that cafe be regulated as is prescribed by the eleventh section of this Act.

Tb. i.wndedt XVIII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that the said Com

Canal not to tie- „ •_•»•. Iiai n i . •a***TM*

»«rtafn°dwanS Paoy °* Proprietors, in making th; said intended Canal, shall not deviate more •""P,""' ?""? «han ten arpents from the course or direction delineated in the said map or plan.

laid down '■•»■■,_ r r*'-"l

8r«te«n*eb0<** a forth in the said book of reference, nor cut, carry or convey the said Canal

into, through, across, under or over any other part or parts of the several estates, sands or grounds now or late belonging to, or reputed to belong to the several and respective persons named or described in the laid book of reference in that behalf, nor belonging to any other person not named in such book of reference (except in case of error as herein-before provided) without the approbation and consent in writing signed by the person or persons to whom such estates, lands and grounds, do or ihaU respectively belong.

Tie Company tnay ralae a ce rtain aam of mono; for carrying on the work*

XIX. And to the end that the said Company of Proprietors may be enabled to carry on so useful an undertaking, be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, that it shall be lawful for the said Company of Proprietors, their successors and as* signs, to raise and contribute among themselves in s eh proportion as to them shall seem meet and convenient, not being less than ten per centum for each instalment,

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