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s! Model ML-1 is a rugged ground search metal detector designed to meet the equirements of Law Enforcement and Military applications it consists of a tight detector mounted to aiwo past telescoping bar with attached electronics mes complete with carrying case and headphones. The Model ML-1 detects ai of metals including iron. Steel gold, copper brass and silver its quick and loset up and operate and is powered by four 1.5V batteries

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ITI's commercially available explosive detectors can be helpful in detecting 84% of the FAA's future perceived threats (see attached charts). They can be helpful in detecting 99% of the current threat. This level of detection is unmatched in the world in any continuous explosive detector. This performance is the result of over twenty years of experience designing and manufacturing explosive detectors.

ITI is the world's leading supplier of explosive detection instruments, with an estimated 80% market share. ITI is the leading supplier of explosive detection systems to the U.S. Nuclear Power Industry and the U.S. Army. ITI's installed base of more than 400 walk through explosive detectors currently protects a majority of the U.S. Nuclear Power Plants from terrorist attack. The need to protect such high risk facilities was recognized by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission which mandated through locFR 73.55 that each plant screen individuals entering the protected area for explosives and firearms. ITI and it's affiliate U.K. companies also protect the Houses of Parliament, and several airports worldwide.

ITI introduced the world's first successful walk through explosive detector (Model 75), in l978, after five years of research and development. ITI's current generation of equipment (Model 85) is capable of screening one person every six (6) seconds, in a nonintrusive manner, for explosives and firearms. ITI has also successfully completed a variety of special applications development programs under contract from the United States Government agencies, including the Department of Transportation.

Terrorist incidents are on the rise and many facilities that were once considered low risk for such attacks are now searching for equipment and systems to protect themselves. To date, facilities located in the U.S. have escaped relatively unscathed. The future doesn’t hold the same promise.

ITI, through its extensive experience in explosive detection, is uniquely positioned to help organizations defend themselves from such deadly threats.

ITI's product line includes walk-through and hand-held systems, that use proven technology, to detect a wide variety of high explosives including those commonly used by terrorists.

ITI's line of products using this technology show a high degree of sensitivity. While no system can guarantee immunity under all circumstances, each of ITI's products when properly used, can enhance security significantly in such applications as:

o Personnel Screening
o Building Search
o Package Screening
o Luggage Screening

ITI, under the sponsorship of the FAA, is pursuing an on-going research effort to develop advanced detectors which will apply a new technological approach to vapor detection. This approach builds on the extensive body of knowledge developed by ITI through its years of practical experience in the U.S. and abroad. While there are many promising technologies currently being researched by others for use in explosive detection, many of these technologies represent attempts to apply techniques originally intended for other purposes and have yet to be proved in practical day to day use.

ITI's other sophisticated security products include a complete line of weapons detectors. ITI also supplies high speed leak detection and quality control instrumentation for Industrial applications and computer assisted video imaging systems for laboratory use.

Ion Track Instruments, Inc., of Burlington, Massachusetts is a wholly owned subsidiary of Meggitt Holdings PLC of Wimborne, Dorset, England. Meggitt Holdings PLC is a rapidly expanding product oriented group of companies engaged in the manufacture and supply of advanced engineering products for a variety of specialty applications. Specific areas of their expertise are in Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Controls and Instrumentation, Energy Engineering, Electronics and Engineering Distribution.

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