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Eighth, 1903. Pages 160. Maps and illustrations 22. Appendices: Address by Gov. Odell at the Dedication of Stony Point Battlefield State Reservation, July 16, 1902; Address by Hon. Andrew H. Green at Fraunces' Tavern, Dec. 4, 1902; Address by Gov. Odell at Fraunces' Tavern, Dec. 4, 1902; “Suggestions for the Appropriate Renaming of Certain Localities, Parks, Avenues and Streets on Washington Heights and at Inwood, Manhattan Island,” by Reginald P. Bolton; “ Historic and Picturesque China,” by Emil S. Fisher.

Vinth, 1904. Pages 222. Maps and illustrations 15. Appendix: “ Biography of Andrew Haswell Green,” by the Secretary. This apendix comprises 113 pages.

* Tenth, 1905. Pages 247. Maps and illustrations 21. Appendices: “ Antiquities of the Southwest and Their Preservation," by Prof. Edgar L. Hewett of the Smithsonian Institution; “ Historic Landmarks of Staten Island," by Ira K. Morris; “Amerindians of Manhattan Island," by Reginald P. Bolton; “ Fort Brewerton, N. Y.," by Francis W. Halsey; “Harriet Maxwell Converse, the Indians' Friend,” by George F. Kunz, Ph. D., Sc. D.; “ The Poster Nuisance," by the Secretary ; “ Major Robert Rogers, the Famous Scout, Indian Fighter and Partisan Commander," by Francis W. Halsey.

* Eleventh, 1906. Pages 238. Maps and illustrations 13. Appendices: “ The Discovery of the Hudson River," by Gen. James Grant Wilson ; “ The Pioneers of Steam Navigation," by Winchester Fitch; “ The Physiography of Watkins Glen," by Prof. Ralph S. Tarr of Cornell University; “Some Historical Places in New Jersey," by T. N. Glover; and “ The Palisades of the Hudson River: Their Geological Origin, Attempted Destruction and Rescue," by the Secretary.

Twelfth, 1907. Pages 252. Maps and illustrations 19. Appendices: “ Walter S. Logan," by Miss Myra B. Martin; “ Letchworth Park and Its Donor" (geological, biographical and narrative), by the Secretary; “ Educational Possibilities of Letchworth Park," by Dr. George F. Kunz; “Geology of Letchworth Park," by Prof. A. W. Grabau; “ Last Indian Council in the Genesee," by David Gray; “ Proceedings at Fort Clinton, McGown's Pass, N. Y.," Nov. 24, 1906; “ Annals of Olden Days at Watkins Glen," by John Corbett.

Thirteenth, 1908. Pages 278. Maps and illustrations 19. Contains a review of all historic and scenic reservations owned by the State of New York. Appendices: Complete report of Proceedings at the Hall of Fame, May 30, 1907, by Geo. F. Kunz, Ph. D., Sc. D.; “ Philipse Manor Hall, Yonkers,” by the Secretary;

“Robert Fulton Centennial," addresses; “Bi-Centenary of Linnaeus," by Geo. F. Kunz, Ph. D., Sc. D.

Fourteenth, 1909. Pages 310. Maps and illustrations 17. Appendices: " Proceedings at the Laving of the Corner-stone of the Memorial Arch at Stony Point, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1908;" " Revolutionary History of Fort Lee, X. J.," by the Secretary ; " The Spoliation of Niagara Falls," by Prof. J. W. Spencer; and “Kanadesaga, the Last Capital of the Seneca Indians” (Geneva, X. Y.), by the Secretary.

Fifteenth, 1910. Pages 446. Maps and illustrations 31. Contains accounts of gifts of public parks by Mrs. E. H. Harriman and others; a list and brief description of all National Parks; a complete list of National Forests and Game Preserves, etc. Appendices: “ Giovanni da Verrazzano and His Discoveries in North America in 1.520," being the first rendition in English of the newly discovered Cellere (Codex, with critique by Prof. Alessandro Bacchiani, translated with introduction by the Secretary; “ Henry Hudson and the Discovery of the Hudson River," by the Secretary, with detailed description and plans of the Half Moon; “ Proceedings at the Dedication of the Fort Tryon Monument in New York City, Sept. 29, 1909;" “ Proceedings at the Dedication of the Memorial Arch at Stony Point, N. Y., Oct. 2, 1909;" "A Brief History of City Hall Park, New York," by the Secretary; and " Proceedings at the Dedication of the Palisades Interstate Park, Sept. 27, 1909."

Sixteenth, 1911. Pages 612. Maps and illustrations 68. This report contains a great deal of matter about city, State and National Parks; judicial decisions concerning the beneficial value of scenery; names of places; the Hall of Fame; preservation of historic buildings; the conservation of natural resources; the regnlation of signboards; the preservation of public records, etc.; and the following appendices: “Dedication of the Statue of Mary Jemison, the White Woman of the Genesee, at Letchworth Park, Sept. 19, 1910;" “ Fourth of July, 1910, in the City of New York: Account of a Celebration Designed to Establish a More Rational Way of Celebrating Independence Day;" " Dedication of a Tablet Marking the Site of Fort Number One, New York City;" Chancellor Robert R. Livingston of New York and His Family," by Joseph Livingston Delafield; “ The Fort Lee, N. J., Phytosaur, Discovered in 1910," by Jesse E. Hyde; “ The Palisades and Highlands Interstate Park: Ceremonies of Conveyance at Bear Mountain, October 29, 1910;" “ History of Central Park in the City of New York,” by the Secretary; “ The Bureau of

American Republics : Dedication of Building in Washington, April 26, 1911, by George Frederick Kunz, Ph. D., Sc. D.; “ American City Parks," by George Frederick Kunz, Ph. D., Sc. D.; “ Foreign Regulations for the Conservation of Historic Places and Objects," by George Frederick Kunz, Ph. D., Sc. D.; " Maiden Lane, New York; An Illustration of How Errors in History are Corrected and Inscriptions Verified,” by Albert Ulmann.


Financial Support. This Society, although a quasi-official body, having the administration of certain State properties hereafter to be mentioned, receives no financial support from the Government for its general work. The appropriations of public moneys which it receives are applied exclusively to the specific objects for which they are made without any administrative charges. The Society is, therefore, dependent for the maintenance of its general work upon its membership dues, occasional voluntary contributions and the income from the Green Memorial Fund. It has received gifts of funds for specific objects, such as the dedication of the Stony Point Battlefield, the restoration of the Philipse Manor Hall at Yonkers and the improvement of Letchworth Park, but it has as yet no permanent endowment. The Trustees of the Society feel that the seventeen years' history of the Society has demonstrated not only the permanency of the organization, but also the conservatism of its administration and the value of its work, and that the time is not far distant when the public philanthropy which the Society has been intrumental in directing toward specific objects will turn toward the Society itself and put its general work upon


permanent financial foundation which its increasing scope justifies. In this connection, it should be recalled that the Trustees of the Society devote their time, their thought, and frequently their purses, to the Society's work without recompense other than the satisfaction of performing a disinterested public work. The charter of the Society forbids the Trustees or members to receive any compensation or to have any interest, direct or indirect, in any contract. And among the employees of the Society there are no sinecures.

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General Fund.

Following is a statement of the receipts and disbursements of the General Fund for the year ended December 31, 1911:

Balance on hand January 1, 1911..
Received from Annual Members..
Recetved from Life Members...
Received from Sustaining Members.
Received from J. P. Morgan..
Received from Mrs. Frederick F. Thompson.
Received from Women's Auxiliary..
Received from Hiram J. Messenger, self-imposed fine.
Received from Mrs. L. A. C. Ward.
Received from Sale of Reports..
Received from Telephone rebate.

$14 60 2,120 00 1.000 00

250 00 1.000 00 250 00 100 00

5 00 1 00 7 60 3 60

Total debit.

$4,787 80


$166 66 1,999 98

197 02

Arrears of Secretary's Salary for December, 1910...
Secretary's Salary, January 1 to December 31, 1911
General printing and stationery.

Special printing :
Propaganda pamphlet.
Grand Canyon circular..
City Hall Park circular.
Watkins Glen circular.
Manor Hall book..
Minutes of Trustees.
Five hundred extra Annual Reports.
McGowan's Pass pamphlet.

$78 20

1950 12 00

7 50 22 70 31 40 275 00 22 23

Postage, telegrams and bai exchange.
Stenographic assistance.
Public meetings.
Office rent.
Traveling expenses and carfares.
Press clippings..
Messenger service.
Photographic and drawing materials.

468 53 165 79 250 25 35 00 18 21 300 00 190 65 30 59 37 24 25 27 183 48

Total credit.
Total debit

$4,068 67 4,787 80

Balance in National City Bank, December 31, 1911..

$719 13

Andrew H. Green Memorial Fund. We have permanently invested in Registered Gold Certificates of Corporate Stock of the City of New York, bearing interest at the rate of 4 per cent. per annum, the principal amounting to $10,000 of the fund given to the Society by the heirs of Andrew H. Green, the Founder of the Society. During the year, the fund yielded $100 interest, which is available for transfer to the General Fund for current uses. The deed of gift of this fund requires that the Society shall embody in its Annual Report a statement of the objects upon which the income from the fund has been expended. As there have been no expenditures from the fund during the past year, we have nothing to report under this head.

William P. Letchworth Legacy. The late William Pryor Letchworth, the donor of Letchworth Park to the State of New York, made this Society his residuary legatee, bequeathing to it “all the residue of my property,"

to “be used by said Society so far as practicable in order to preserve, care for, develop and make more attractive Letchworth Park.” The inventory of Mr. Letchworth's personalty, which was filed in the office of the Surrogate of Wyoming County, April 29, 1911, and which aggregated $98,493.05, may be classified as follows:

Books and pamphlets
Live stock.
Carriages, harness and farm implements
Contents of museum
Household effects, farm produce, etc.
Stocks, bonds and mortgages

$3,827 00

1,192 00 2,088 00 4,210 00 4,781 86 82,394 19

$98,493 03

From the foregoing are to be paid by the administrator individual bequests amounting to $19,650; the sum of $6,000 for the publication of Mr. Letchworth's biography; Mr. Letchworth's funeral expenses and personal debts; and the expenses of administration.

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