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ings of each County Board of Public Instruction, shall be provided for by the Municipal Council of such County.

XXIX. And be it enacted, That it shall be the duty of each County Duties of each Board of Public Instruction

County Board. Firstly.To meet not less than four times a year,--to determine the To meet quartertime and places of its own meetings,-and the order of its proceedings, ", and the manner of recording them. - S'econdly. To examine and give certificates of qualification to To examine and Teachers of Common Schools, arranging such Teachers into three classes give certificates

of qualification according to their attainments and ability, as shall be prescribed in a to l'eachers. programme of examination and instructions to be provided according tu law; also, to annul any such certificate as it shall judge expedient: Provided always, that no certificate of qualification shall be given to Proviso. any person as a Teacher, who shall not furnish satisfactory proof of good moral character; nor to any person who shall not, at the time of applying for such certificate of qualification, be a natural-born or naturalized subject of Her Majesty, or who shall not produce a certificate of having taken the oath of allegianceto Her Majesty, before some one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County in which he shall be a resident; and all Justices of the Peace are hereby authorized to administer such oath of allegiance: Provided also, that any such certiicate of qualification shall Proviso: certifi

cate may be geube general, as regards the County, or limited as to time or place, at the eral or limited. pleasure of the majority of the members of the County Board of Public Instruction present at such examination : Provided likewise, that every Proviso : must such certificate shall have the signature of at least one Local Superin- be signed. tendent of Schools.

Thirdly.--To select (if deemed expedient) from a list of text-books To select testrecommended or authorized by the Council of Public Instruction, such books, &c. books as they shall think best adapted for use in the Common Schools of such County or Circuit, and to ascertain and recommend the best facilities for procuring such books. :. Fourthly. To adopt all such lawful means in their power as they To provide for a shall judge expedient, to advance the interests and usefulness of Com- County School

library: and promon Schools, to promote the establishment of School Libraries, and to inote interests or diffuse useful knowledge in such County or Circuit.

SEVENTHLY-DUTIES OF LOCAL SUPERINTENDENTS OF SCHOOLS. XXX. And be it enacted, That each Local Superintendent of Common Remuneration, Schools, appointed as provided for in the twenty-seventh section of this &c. Act, shall be entitled annually, to not less that one pound currency per School placed under his charge, together with any additional remuneration or allowance which the Council appointing him shall grant; and to be paid quarsuch Superintendent sha!l be paid the same in quarterly instalments by terly. the County Treasurer.

XXXI. And be it enacted, That it shall be the duty of each Local Duties. Superintendent of Schools . i First--As soon as he shall have received from the County Clerk a notifi- To distribute the

common school cation of the amount of money apportioned to the Township or Townships como within the limits of his charge, to apportion the same among the several School sections entitled to receive it, (unless otherwise instructed by the Chief Superintendent of Schools) according to the rates of the average attendance of pupils attending each Common School, (the mean attendance of pupils for both summer and winter being taken) as compared with the whole ilverage number of pupils attending the Common Schools of such Township. Secondly.--To give to any qualified Teacher, and to no other, on the To give checks to

Teachers for order of the Trustees of any School section, a Check upon the County school moneys.


Treasurer or sub-Treasurer, for any sum or sums of money apportioned Conditions.

and due to such section : Provided always, that he shall not pay any such order of the Trustees of any school section, from whom no satifactory annual school report shall have been received for the year ending the last day of December preceding; nor unless it shall appear by such. report, that a School has been kept by a qualified Teacher in such sec

tion, for at least six months during the year ending at the date of such Conditions not to report ; Provided also, that the foregoing condition shall not apply to the apply to new

order or orders of Trustees in any new School section, for money apporschool sections.

ioned and due to such section. To visit each

Thirdly.- 'To visit each Common School within his jurisdiction, at school.

least once in each quarter; and at the time of each such visit, to exa

mine into the state and condition of the School, as respects the progress Duties at such of the pupils in learning, the order and discipline observed, -the sysvisitations.

tem of instruc!ion persued,—the mode of keeping the School Registers, -the average attendance of pupils, the character and condition of the building and premises,and to give such advice as he shall judge

proper. To deliver public

Fourthiy.-To deliver in each school section, at least once a year, a lectures. public lecture on some subject connected with the objects, principles Topics.

and means of practical education; and to do all in his power to persuade

and animate Parents, Guardians, Trustees and Teachers, to improve the Other duties. . character and efficiency of the Common Schools, and secure the universal

and sound education of the young. To enforce the Fifthly.To see that all the schools are managed and conducted

according to law,-to prevent the use of unauthorized, and to recommend To recommend the use of authorized books in each school,-to acquire and give inforthe use of text. books, &c.

mation as to the manner in which such authorized books can be obtained, and the economy and advantages of using them.

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ineetings of the Instruction, to meet and confer" with the Chief Superintendent of County Board of Instruction, &c. Schools at such time and place as he may appoint when making an

official visit to such County, for the promotion of the interests of Edu

cation. To attend arbi- Seventhly.To attend the Arbitrations, and to meet the Townreeves trations.

as provided for in the twelfth and eighteenth sections of this Act to To decide oth decide upon any other questions of difference which may arise between questions. interested parties under the operation of this or any preceding Act, and Or refer them to which may be submitted to him ; Provided always, that he may, if he the Chief Super- shall deem it advisable, refer any such question to the Chief Superinintendent.

tendent of Schools : Provided also, that any aggrieved or dissatisfied Proviso : for party, in any case not otherwise provided for by this Act, shall have the appeal.

right of appeal to the Chief Superintendent of Schools. To suspend cer- Eighthly.--To suspend the certificate of qualification of any Teacher, tificates of walification in for any cause which shall appear to him to require it, until the next certain cases. ensuing meeting of the County Board of Public Instruction, where the

case shall be disposed of in such manner as a majority of the members present shall think proper: Provided always, that due notice shall be

given to the Teacher suspended, of such meeting of the County Board : Effect of such cancelling.

Provided also, that the cancelling or suspension of a Teacher's certificate

of qualification shall release his School Trustees from any obligation to To observe all continue him in their employment. lawful regula Ninthly.-To act in accordance with the regulations and instructions tions, &c., give information to

which shall be provided according to law, to give any information in Chief Superin- his power (when desired) to the Chief Superintendent of Schools tendent, and

respecting any Common School matter within his jurisdiction, to furaccounts, &c., to auditors. nish the County Auditors, when required, with the Trustees' orders as

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the authority for his Checks upon the County or Sub-Treasurer for School moneys,-to deliver copies of his official correspondence, and all school papers in his custody, to the order of the County Council on retiring from office. · Tenthly. To prepare and transmit to the Chief Superintendent of To transmit an Schools, on or before the first day of March, an annual report, which annual

report. shall be in such form as shall be provided by the said Chief Superintendent, and which shall state : .

1st. The whole number of Schools and School sections or parts of Contents of such sections in each Township within his jurisdiction.

report. 2nd. The number of pupils taught in each school over the age of five Number of and under the age of sixteen,the number between the ages of sixteen schools and of and twenty-one years,—the whole number of children residing in each

school age, &c. section, or part of a section, over the age of five and under the age of sixteen years. - 3rd. The length of time a school shall have been kept in each of Time of keeping such sections ur parts of sections, by a qualified Teacher, the branches the schoolsche

open : branches taught, the number of pupils in each branch, and the buoks used,- taughi the average attendance of pupils, both male and female, in summer and Books used, &c. in winter.

4th.--The amount of moneys which have been received and col- The amount of lected in each section or part of section-distinguishing the amount m

moveys received

and expended, apportioned by the Chief Superintendent of Schools, the amount re- &c. ceived from County Assessment, the amount raised by Trustees, and the amount from any other and what source or sources; also how such moneys have been expended, or whether any part remains unexpended, and from what causes; the annual salary of Teachers, male and female, with and without board.

5th. The number of his and other School visits during the year, the number of the number of school lectures delivered, -the whole number of school- school visits and

lectures. houses, their sizes, character, furniture and appendages, the number

Of school houses, rented, the number erected during the year, and of what character, and &c. by what means.

°6th. The number of qualified Teachers,-their standing, sex, and of Teachers, &c. religious persuasion, the number, so far as he may be able to ascertain, of private Schools, the number of pupils and subjects taught of private therein,--the number of Libraries, their extent, how established and schools, libraries supported ; also, any other information which he may possess respecting &c. the educational state, wants and advantages in each Township of his charge, and any suggestions which he shall think proper to make with a view to the improvement of Schools and diffusion of useful knowJedge.

EIGHTHLY.-SCHOOL VISITORS AND THEIR DUTIES. XXXII. And be it enacted, That all Clergymen recognized by law, who shall be of whatever denomination, Judges, Members of the Legislature, Magis- school visitors. trates, Members of County Councils and Aldermeu, shall be School Visitors in the Townships, Cities, Towns and Villages where they shall respectively reside : Provided always, that persons holding the Com- p

Proviso; as to mission of ihe Peace for the County only, shall not be School Visitors County Magis within Towns and Cities : Provided also, ihat each Clergyman shall be trates. a School Visitor in any Township, Town or City where he may have pastoral charge.

XXXIII. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for each of the School visitors said School Visitors, to visit, as far as practicable, all the Public Schools

may visit the

schools, attend in such Township, City, Town or Village; especially to attend the examinations of quarterly examinations of Schools, and, at the time of any such visit, to each school, &c. examine the progress of the pupils, and the state and management of the School, and to give such advice to the Teachers and pupils, and any

others present, as he may think advisable, in accordance with the

regulations and instructions which shall be provided in regard to School Proviso: general Visitors according to law : Provided always, that a General Meeting of meelings inay be such Visitors may be held at any time or place which may be appointed called.

by any two Visitors, on sufficient notice being given to the other

Visitors in the Township, City, Town or Village, and it shall be lawful Duties and objects of such

for such Visitors, thus assembled, to devise such means as they may reetings.

deem expedient for the efficient visitation of the Schools, and to promote the establishment of Libraries and the diffusion of useful knowledge.

NINTHLY.-DUTIES OF THE CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS. Chief Superin XXXIV. And be it enacted, That the Governor may, from time to tendent of schools.

time, by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Province, appoint

a fit and proper person to be Chief Superintendent of Schools for His salary.

Upper Canada, who shall hold his office during pleasure, and shall receive a salary of the same amount as that now provided by law, or as may hereafter be provided by law, for the Superintendent of Education in Lower Canada; and shall be responsible to, and subject to the

direction of the Governor. General, communicated to him through such To account for

Department of Her Majesty's Provincial Government, as by the the contingent Governor may be directed in that behalf; and shall account for the expenses of his

contingent expenses of his office, as provided in respect of other public Office.

offices; and shall be allowed two Clerks, who shall receive the same To be allowed

salaries as are or shall be by law attached to similar offices in the two clerks; their salaries.

education law for Lower Canada, to commence from the first of July,

one thousand eight hundred and fifty. Duties.

XXXV. And be it enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Chief

Superintendent of Schools To apportion all Firstly.--To apportion, annually, on or before the first day of May, moneys granted for the support of all moneys granted or provided by the Legislature for the support of coinnon schools. Common Schools in Upper Canada, and not otherwise appropriated by

this Act, to the several Counties, Townships, Cities, Towns and incorporated Villages therein, according to the ratio of population in each, as compared with the whole population of Upper Canada ; or when the census or returns upon which such an apportionment is to be made, shall be so far defective, in respect to any County, Township, City, Town or Village, as to render it impracticable for the Chief Superintendent to ascertain from such data the share of school moneys which ought then to be apportioned to such County, Township, City, Town or Village, he shall ascertain, by the best evidence in his power, the facts upon which the ratio of such apportionment can be mosi fairly and equitably made,

and make it accordingly. To certify such Secondly.--To certify such apportionment made by him to the Inapportionment to the Inspector

spector-General, so far as it relates to the several Counties, Cities, General, &c. Towns and incorporated Villages in Upper Canada, and to give imme

diate notice thereof to the Clerk of each County, City, Town and Village interested therein, stating the time when the amount of moneys thus apportioned will be payable to the Treasurer of such County, City,

Town or Village. To prepare forms Thirdly. To prepare suitable forms, and to give such instructions as &c., and transinit them to local he shall judge necessary and proper, for making all reports, and conOfficers.

ducting all proceedings under this Act, and 10 cause the same with such general regulations, as shall be approved of by the Council of Public Instruction, for the better organization and government of Common

Schools, to be transmitted to the officers required to execute the proviTo cause copies sions of this Act. of school law. Fourthly.—To cause to be printed from time to time, in a convenient regulations, &c., to be distributed. form, so many copies of this Act, with the necessary forms, instructions,

ertain cases.

and regulations to be observed in executing its provisions, as he may deem sufficient for the information of all officers of Common Schools, and to cause the same to be distributed for that purpose.

Fifthly.To see that all moneys apportioned by him, be applied to 'To see that the objects for which they were granted; and for that purpose, to decide sine

Swool woneys

e are duly applied. upon all matters and complaints submitted to him (and not otherwise provided for by this Act) which involve the expenditure of any part of the School Fund; and to direct the application of such balances of the School Fund as may have been apportioned for any year and forfeited

Ń Disposal of baaccording to the provisions of this Act: Provided always, that such balance of the School Fund shall be expended in making up the salaries inoneys, &c., in of Teachers in the County to which they shall have been apportioned."

Sixthly.--To appoint one of his Clerks as his Deputy, to perform the To appoint a duties of his office in case of his absence; and to appoint one or more Deputy and Spe

cial Inspectors. persons, as he shall, from time to time, deem necessary, to inspect any school, or examine into any school matter, in the County where such person or persons reside, and report to him: Provided, that no allowance or compensation shall be made to such special inspector or inspectors for any service or services performed by him or them. Seventhly. To take the general Superintendence of the Normal Duties as to the

Normal school : School; and to use his best endeavours to provide for and recommend and textbooks the use of uniform and approved text-books in the Schools generally.

Eighthly.To employ all lawful means in his power to procure and School libraries. promote the establishment of School Libraries for general reading, in The several Counties, Townships, Cities, Towns and Villages,-to provide and recommend the adoption of suitable plans of School-houses, no

Plans of school with the proper furniture and appendages,-and to collect and diffuse houses, &c. useful information on the subject of education generally, among the people of Upper Canada.

Ninthly.To submit to the Council of Public Instruction, all books To submit books, or manuscripts which may be placed in his hands with the view of manuscripts &c.,

for approval. obtaining the recommendation or sanction of such Council, for their introduction as text-books or library books, and to prepare and lay

To prepare genbefore the Council of Public Instruction, for its consideration, such gen- eral regulations, eral regulations for the organization and government of Common Schools, &c. and the management of School Libraries, as he shall deem necessary and proper.

Tenthly.--To apportion whatever sum or sums of money shall be 'To apportion provided by the Legislature for the establishment and support of School moneys for

school libraries. Libraries: Provided also, that no aid shall be given towards the esta

Proviso: condiblishment or support of any School Library unless an equal amount be

tion of such contributed and expended from local sources for the same object. apportionment.

Eleventhly. To appoint proper persons to conduct County Teachers' To appoint perInstitutes, and to furnish such rules and instructions as he shall judge ad

sous 10 conduct

Teachers' visable in regard to the proceedings of such Institutes, and the best means Institutes, &c. of promoting their objects, in elevating the profession of school teaching and increasing its usefulness. Twelfthly. To be responsible for all moneys paid through him in To account for

moneys, &c. behalf of the Normal and Model Schools, and to give such security for the same as shall be required by the Governor,—and to prepare and transmit all correspondence which shall be directed or authorized by the Council of Public Instruction for Upper Canada.

Thirteenthly.To make annually to the Governor, on or before the To report first day of July, a report of the actual state of the Normal, Model and annually 10 the

of Governor. Common Schools throughout Upper Canada, 'showing the amount of 4 moneys expended in connection with each, and from what sources

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