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privileges and franchises incident to a Corporation, by the name, style and title of “ The President, Directors and Company for erecting a permanent bridge over the river Schuylkill, at or near the city of Philadelphia.” And whereas, Richard Peters, John Perot, Godfrey Haga, Matthew M'Connell, and William Sheaff, being the Commissioners in the said recited Act named as aforesaid to receive the subscriptions under their hands and seals have certified to the Governor, that one hundred and ninety-four persons have subscribed for five thousand one hundred and sixty-two shares in the stock of the said Company, and for the purposes mentioned in the said act agreeably to the following list, viz.—Richard Peters, fifty shares, John Perot, five, Matthew M'Connell, fifty, William Sheaff, fifty, George Bickham, twenty, William Nichols, thirty, Basil Wood, five, Philip Edwards, five, Archibald M'Call, one hundred, Ebenezer Branham, ten, Charles Biddle, twenty, David Rawn, twenty, Samuel M’Call, twenty, William Sergeant, thirty, Thomas Hough, twenty, Solomon De Waters, ten, John Miller, M. C. fifty, Samuel Blodget, one hundred, George Taylor, jun., twenty, D. Caldwell, twentyfive, John Dempsie, one hundred, Samuel A. Otis, one hundred, Anthony Cuthbert, fifty, Thomas Ryerson, twenty-five, Isaac Jones, ten, David Evans, fifteen, David Evans, jun., five, Joseph Marsh, jun., five, David Jones, five, Isaac Jones, five, Slator Clay, ten, Elizabeth Branbam, ten, William Rogers, one hundred, James Jones, ten, Edward Harris, one hundred, Stephen Phipps, five, Henry Clymer, one hundred, John Crosby, two hundred, Thomas M. Willing, two hundred, Samuel Pancoast, jun., twenty, C. W. Peale, one, William Bingham, two hundred, Nathan Sellers, fifteen, David

Sellers, fifteen, Benjamin Gibbs, one hundred, Edward George, ten, Thomas Pratt, sen., fifty, Thomas Pratt, ten, Richard Crean, ten, James C. Fisher, ten, Rebecca Fisher, ten, John Simpson, fifty, Charles Ross, fifty, John Ross, one hundred; Samuel Breck, jun., one hundred, John James, forty, Ellison Perot, fifteen, Daniel Sutter, twenty, John M'Cullough, ten, James Simmons, ten, Nancy Snider, ten, Christianna Branham, ten, Adam Siter, jun., fifty, David Roberts, ten, James Cooper, one hundred, Robert Bethell, one hundred, William Bethell, ten, Francis Rush, ten, Frederick Kuhl, five, Joseph Cauffman, five, John Ternant, fifty, Ebenezer Hazard, one hundred, Robert Ralston, one hundred, Isaac Hayes, two, William Hayes, four, George Davis, twenty, Aaron Baker, five, William Rawle, fifteen, David Witmer, five, Richard H. Morris, ten, Abraham Witmer, five, Jacob Graeff, two, Alexander Scott, two, William Fromberger, two, John Waddington, two, Edward Shoemaker, five, Jacob Shoemaker, five, J. Wilson, ten, John Ketland, two, Joshua fisher, two, George Roberts, jun., two, William Smith, two, James R. Caldwell, five, John G. de la Roche, ten, John Dunwoody, ten, Caleb Lownes, ten, Joseph Lownes, ten, Jesse Waln, five, Mark Prager, fifty, Isabella Williamson, ten, Amos Wickersham, two, James Cruckshank, three, George Dawson, two, John Stille, four, Henry Phillips, two, Philip Nicklin, fifty, Samuel Wheeler, two, Mary Shute, ten, John Read, jun., ten, Benjamin Williams, ten, John M. Soullier, twenty, Robert E. Griffith, fifty, Ch: de Grosey, twenty, John Bennet, fifty, William T. Donnaldson, five, Peter Lex, three, Frances Cliffton, ten, Anna Maria Cliffton, ten, Mary Dally, ten, James Vanuxem, thirty, Richard Rundle, fifty, Joseph Reed,

ten, Henry 'Toland, fifty, John Sellers, of Darby, ten, Laurence Seckel, five, William Sheaff, jun., one, Henry Sheaff, one, John Sheaff, one, George Sheaff, ten, Henry Helmuth, twenty, Henry W. Muhlenberg, ten, Peter S. Duponceau, one hundred and four, Owen Jones, ten, Jonathan Jones, ten, William Montgomery, ten, Jacob Hiltzheimer, two, Joseph Watson, ten, Martin Dubs, ten, John Clun, five, Frederick Heisz, three, William Cobbett, ten, Richard North, two, Francis Johnston, ten, William Guier, ten, John Dunlap, fifty, Griffith Evans, five, Samuel Blodget, for the Pennsylvania Hospital, ten, Joseph Gray, two, John Dunlap, jun., one, Philip Wager, ten, Leonard Jacobi, ten, Philip Stein, five, Thomas Clifford, five, John Clifford, five, Abraham Kintzing, jun., ten, Thomas Leiper, fifty, William Read, ten, George Plumstead, twenty, Matthew Pearce, ten, Robert Harwood, one, Jacob Hoffman four, J. Dorsey, ten, Joseph Sansom, ten, Philip Sheaff, jun., five, Philip Sheaff, sen., five, William Pennock, ten, George Ord, ten, David Seckel, ten, Christopher Marshall, twenty, John Mun. day, ten, Joseph Gibbons, ten, Jacob Sperry, ten, Samuel Pleasants, twenty, John Singer, five, David C. Claypoole, ten, Paul Sieman, one hundred, Matthew Jones, ten, James M'Henry, twenty, Septimus Claypoole, two, Ebenezer Hazard,, Secretary for the President and Directors of the Insurance Company of North America, two hundred and fifty, Joseph Huddell, twenty, George Cooper, sen., ten, Mark Rodes, ten, Jacob Miller, five, Samuel Blodget, for the President, Directors and Company of the Insurance Company of Pennsylvania, two hundred and fifty, John W. Easby, five, Jacob Hassinger, two, J. B. Bond, twenty, George Westcott, five, Joseph Anthony, fifty, Josiah Hewes

Anthony, fifty, Barbara Sheaff, ten, Elisha Fisher, five, Jacob Edwards, five. Now know ye, That by virtue, and in pursuance of the power and authority to me given, in and by the said recited act of General Assembly, I the said THOMAS MIFflin, Governor of the said Commonwealth, do by these presents, which I have caused to be made patent, and sealed with the Great Seal of the State, create and erect all and every the subscribers herein before particularly named, into one body corporate and politic, in deed and in law, with perpetual succession and with all the privileges and franchises incident to a Corporation, by the name, style and title, of “ The President, Directors and Company for erecting a permanent bridge,' over the river Schuylkill, at or near the city of Philadelphia.”—Hereby giving and granting unto the said Corporation or Body Politic, full power, right, jurisdiction and authority by the name aforesaid, to exercise and enjoy all and singular the said privileges and franchises, and to hold the capital stock in the said act mentioned, and the increase and profits thereof, and to enlarge the same from time to time, by new subscriptions in such manner and form as they shall think proper, if such enlargement shall be found necessary to fulfil the intent of the said recited Act of the General Assembly, and of taking, purchasing, and holding to them and their successors in fee simple, or for any less estate, all such lands, tenements, hereditaments, and estate, real and personal, as shall be necessary and convenient to them in the prosecution of their works, and the same to sell and dispose of at their pleasure, and of suing and being sued, and of doing all and every other mat. ter and thing which a Corporation or Body Politic may

lawfully do by virtue of the said Act of General As-
sembly, and of these presents.
Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State

at Philadelphia, the twenty-seventh day of April,
in the

of our Lord, one thousand seven hun-
dred and ninety-eight, and of the Commonwealth,
the twenty-second.
By the Governor :

A. J. DALLAS, Secretary.

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