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Grenada's homily it was observed, that be permanent, must be perfect. As “it smelled of the apoplexy.” And long as there Jurks a relict of it in the after all instances of similar seizure, may frame, there is imminent danger of a lesimilar indications of mental deteriora. lapse of this moral malady, from which tion or decay be discerned by a critical, there seldom is, as from physical disorif not by an ordinary, observer. ders, a gradual convalescence. The cure,

In a considerable proportion of the if at all, must be effected at once: cutconvulsive disorders, which at ditlerent ting and pruning will do no good, nothing times have fallen under the Reporter's no will be of anv avail short of absolute er. tice, their attacks were in the first instance tirpation. The man who has been the ascribable to a much more destructive sort slave of intemperance, must renounce her of excess than that which we have just irad altogether, or she will insensibly re-assumo occasion to notice to the excessive use

her despotic power.

With such a miş. of stimulating and inebriating liquors. tress, if he seriously mean to discard her,

In these cases, the intervals between he should indulge himself in no dalliance the paroxysms, which were often of con

or delay. lle must not allow his lips a siderable length, were marked by a de taste of her former fascination. jection approaching, in its degree, to an Webh, the noted walker, who was realienation of mind, unless when the markable for vigour both of body and thickness of gloom was at times broken, mind, lived wholly upon water for his or attenuated, by draughts from what drink. He was one day recommending miglit be regarded as the latal fountain of his regimen to one of his friends who the disorder. The temptation, under loved wine, and urged him, with great such circumstances, is almosc irresistible, earnestness, to quit a course of luxury, to seek for oblivion of feeling in the by which his health and his intellects Lethe ot intoxication, in that kind of sleep would equally be destroyed. The genof the sensibility out of which, however, tleman appeared convinced; and told the awakenmg cantiot fail to be attended hin, “that he would conform to his with an accumulated horror. Wine, and counsel, and thought he could not change other physical exhilirants, during the his course of life at once, but would treacherous truce to wretchedness which leave off strong liquors by degrees.” they afford, dilapidate the structure, and " By degrees, (says the other with in. undermine the very foundation of hap- dignation, if you should unhappily fall piness. No inan, perhaps, was ever com into the fire, would you caution your pleatly miserable, until after he had fled

servants to pull you out only by degrees ?" to alcohol for consolation. The habit Feb. 22, 1810.

J. REID. of vinous indulgence is not more per- Grenville-street, Brunswick-square. nicious than it is obstinate and perti. nacious in its hold, when it has once

N. B. His anonymous correspondent of last

month must, upon reflection, be aware that it is fastened itself upon the constitution.

impossible for the Reporter to take notice of It is not to be conquered by half mea.

observations that are communicated to hio in sores.—No compromise with it is allow that way, however respectable may be the able. The victory over it, in order to author.


the 201.. of January, and the 20th of February, exlracted from the London Gazelles.

(The Solicitor's Names are between Porentbesis.)
MBI ER John, jun. Illington, Dorse-dealer. (Jones

and Riche, Covent Garden Church yard
Appleton William, jun. and Edward A Smedley, Lan.

caiterpaper-3n+factureis. (Hewitt and Kirk.

Mancheiter and Ellis, Chancery Lane
Alley John Gregory, Glucester 7 errace, Commercial

Soad, merchant. ( Wiid, jun. Cale ftreet, Falcon

ftare Atkintor William, Rotherhithe, bruker. (Martits, Lon

dun frect. Fitzroy fquare
Audiey William. Bristol, linen draper. (Baynton,

Babn sinn, Leadenhill freer, whole fale hofier. (Collins

and Waller Spital square
Pacon James Iepifuri, victualler. (Whitton, Great

James ihreet, Bcutord Row
Barber Nath suitl, Curlitur orect. Aationer. (Bennety

Dean's Courl, Doctor's Como 18

Barns fnun, Truro, draper. (Wild, Calle Areet, F11.

con square
Bingham Thomas, Bath. tailor. (Highmore, Buih lane,

London, and Midgate. Bath
Binas Jonas, qxford itreet, founder. (Hannam, Covent

Birket Robert, Glocefter Arcet, Queen square, tailor.

(Mils, Vine Areer
Bovill senjanin, and Capel Hanbory, Catherine court,

Tower hill, corn factors. Druce, Billirer square Brown John. Lone Lane, Bermondley, lanper. (Ga.e

and son Bedford ftreet
Carroll James, Hoxton fquare, victualler. (Darhy,

Gray sinn square
Chamab rs Samuti, Maidltone, corn mercbant.

Bliter fyuare
Chance Edward. Bury Atreet, Bloomsbury, grocer.

(Pritchard, Eflex Atreet Chiddell James, scuthampton, porter merchant. (Dz.

man and Warner, komsey Chinery Francis, Oxford #reet, linen drapet. (Wa de son Barlow, and Grulventi, Awittu Fulars.


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Clough George, Derby, grocer. (Baxters and Martin, Nicholson Henry, Charlton Crescent, thington, merchant. Fumival'sinn, and Harrison and Radford, Derby

(Haring, Prins.rore treet Bithoprate treet Clowes James, Birmingham. je welier, (Baxter's and Niven Alexander. Grear Presco Arect, Goodman's Fields, Martin, Furinval's in, and Webb, Birinin ham

Dafter-mariner. Collier Rubert, Bond court, Wailb. ook, wine merchant.

(Nind, Throg mortan Areet

Ockesten Richard, Eopeep, Hastings, Suitex. (Barnard, Allison, Freeman's court, Curniir

Alfmilton Cummon Robert, North Sheds, procer. (Barker, Palmer George, Plymouth. haberdasher. (Street and Sorin Shield>, and Set.ree, t, Mary Axe

Woolte, Philpot lane, Lond013 Cooper William hencerfon, Walworth Coininon, furveyor. Farmeter John Borough, Dear Ayla:am, Norfolk Hughes, Chritt Elurh taftise. Newgate froit

Shaw. Ayltham Coward Thomas, Bath, linen caper. (Clarke and son, Parnell Robert, Newent, Gloucestershire, tanner. (Tovey Eriolard Jenkiny. James and Abbots. New Ira

and James, Newham Croofe Thomas, Fickett freet, linen draper. (Sweet, Par fons John,' Bread freet Hill. caifenderer. (Reyne Temple

and Morthead Aldermanbury Davies Thomas, Cheshire, corn-factur,

(Garner, red. Pals Williarn Thomas and Jacob Bailey, Bermondsey, Chetor, and Huxley, Templ


(Lee, Three Cruwn cuurt. southwark Davis John Kautzmati, Edewale road, deal-r. (Rogers Patterfon John, Woolwich, grucer. and Son Manccer building, Weaminger

(Mangna ), War

wicklyuare Dawiony tomas l'roctor, Brydges ftreet Strand, ftationer. Paulden Edward, Cateaton ftreet, warehouseman,

(Richardrin, Fisher and Lake Bury treetodi. James's Cardwell, Mancheter Dicon vidam and Heory,Rotherhitke, timber merchants. Perry Francis, Finsbury fquare. merchant. (Palmer, (Courteen. Walbrook

Toolinfon, and Thoinpion, Copthall court Donnithorps Itaac, Traro victualler. (Edwards, Truro Phillips Thonial, Plouch cuurt, Lombard Atreet, merchant, Dore Frederic,

High ftreet, Soutl.wark, upholder. (Pearf, Salisbury fquare

(Sherwoo, Cushion court, Old Broad freet

Pretton Wittram. Lecu, merchant. (Upton, Nicholson, Poyle James, Covent-Brien market, china and classman,

and Hemingway, Leeds, and Lambert and Sons, Thomas and Naylor, Newport nett

Hatton Garuen Duckworth John Eard, Athford Kent, wine and brandy

Richardfoo Jofephi, Birmingham, dealer. (Swain, merchant (Field, Gray'u inn

Stevens, and Mæples, Olu Jewry, aud Whareley, Bir Duucan William, Thatchats douse-court, St. Jam*s's, mintham working je weiter. 16 altes, Hart üreer, Bloomsbury Riley Joseph, Hackney, baker.

(fond, Kee hing lane fquare

Roi. Geollisewichail ftreet, merchant. (Wilde, Dunsturs 30cm Plymouth, cutler. (Partridge, Tiver.

Warwicktquare tuti Corydon, Plymouth; and Alexander, New Rudlidge Thuinas, Reading, hatter. (Williams and 8 war, Lincoln's ini

Drake, Prince's threct, Bedford row, and Bozou, Ply. Elliot Edward, Prati Greet, Lambeth, victualler, (Few,

moth Dock Henrietta urter, Curt Gardin

Salt Thomas. Preston, Lancaster, plumber and glazier. Flude Charles, FCChich treet, hardwaremao. (King, [DixOS Vrchon eattle Areet. olborn

Sanders Samuel, Duve row. Hackney fields, wine merForze william Witham, York, thraming machine maker. chant Allingham, St. Joni's Iquare (Dickinson, Anil

Schotield John, slaughwaite, York, cotton manufacturer. Gibbs Robert, Bruttol, deals. (Osbornes and Ward,

(Stephenson, Heimfirth Srillol; and Meredith and Robbins, Lincoln's inn

Scorell John, Skipton, York, money feriveder. (Exley Gibson John, Liverpool tailor and craper, (Shephard and stocker, Furnival s ino, and Alcock and Prefon, and Aclington, Becford row, and Daltern and Top

Skipton ham Liverpool

Sellers Robert Sculcoales, York, grocer. (EEdm ids and Giffing Thoinas, Burouzh ruad, St. George's Fields, top Son. Lincoln's ind, and liaire, Huil keeper. (Ifaacs, wevis Marks, St. Mary AXC

Shepherds William ChalTo, Nuttingham, irou merchan. Goodwin William

Gosport, biker. (Bleardale, Alex andcr. 211d Holme, New Inn, Cruick mauk, Golport

(Payne, Norringham

Blade Thonias, feni. and jun, Bartholomew Close, vil mer. Grech William, Brown's lape, Spitalfields, Nyer. (Freame, chants. (Tilson, Chatham Place, Blackfriars Gcat Quenfteet

Smith George, Newcastle upon Tyne, woollen draper. Griffiths Juhn Hill, Southampton, flater and builder.

(Atkinson, Chancery lane, aud Bainbridge, Newcale (Ridiny, Southampton

Spotreiwood John, Tokenhouse yard, money forwener. Haynes Thorias, Bratrol, chemin. (Gabell, Lincoln's

(Watfou aid Pluinbtree, Temple inti, and Lobs, Bristol

Stelling Richard Norion, York, wool dealer. (Williams, Hey Thomas, Litbara Areet, Fleet Areet, dealer in spi.

Red Lion fquare. aod Liser, Scarborough rituous inquors. (Robinfon, harte houfe fyuarc Stephenson Thomas. Rochdale, Lancashire, common Hill join, ceas, Kent, muller (Webb. St. Thomas's

brewer. (Hurd. Temple ; and Law, Manchester freut. Southwaik, and Cooke. Majditone

Stokes Thomas, Chepitow.Monmouththire,money for vencr. Hinde sohn, Whitechapel, tio-plite worker. (Hodefon, James, Gray's inn fuare, and Coke, Bristul Sülry irect Stand

Stone Jacob, Bridge road, canbech, feedman. (Clutton, Hirit Henry, Luxard's Wood, Almondbury, York, St. Thoma.'s Itreet, Southwark clothir. Battye, Huddersfield

Sunnocks Thomas, Ra citt' Highway, carpenter. (Hugher Hood David. Siin tiet. Eithor fpatc, colourman. (Har

Chrift church Pallage, Newcate Areet ding, Primniofe forcet, Buh pisate

Syme Georce Vine Atreet, Minories, merchant. (Wild, hou sien Rubtri, St Margaret's hill, Southwark, linen

jun. Caitle ftreet, Falcou square droper. (Foulkes

and Beckitt,
Holtora court, Taylor Juleph, Mare, Herts.oak dealer. (Bund, See bing

lanc Ivory joan, Nark Lane, broker.

(Murray, Birchin

Taylor John, Great Tower êreet, woollen draper. (Toullane

inio. Aldermanbury Jackton samuel Raikes, Birmingham, button-maker.

Tucker John, Tiver:un, Devon, witchmaker. (Rcodell, (Junion, I emple, and Duphin, Birminghamu

Tiverton, 200 Lys, Tuok's court, Curhitor treet Jacob juhan, Shide, Isle of Wight, inilicr. (Clarkes and

Verrall William. Uckfield, Sutlax, grocer. Gwynne, Sewell, Newport

Lewes and Turner, Bourerie street Jones John, 12:e of Whitechapei road, cordwainer, but

Wainwright James, Sheftild, builder. (Blakclock and now a prifoner in the Fieci, (Mercalte, Balin hall

Mallin fot, Temple, ad ratteriali, Shefield. ftreet

Walker Junn, Blackman freet, so thwark, linen draper. King William Newport, Hants. Inilies. (Griffias,

(Hartley, Bridge atreet, Backtriars Newpuit

Wallis John, Croydon, tailor. (funes, Martin's lane, Lewis juhr, Fashion Atreet, Spitalfields, victualier. Canon itreet Godniu! 1. Bride court, Icet Atreet

Wation Mathew Crawford, Charlotte ftcet, Bloomshury, Lock Phily answorth, Glocefter, sard maker. (Wathen,

lace an,

(Walkius, stone buildings, Lincoln's Strou

inn Lowron igri, Mark Lane, merchant. (Day dod

Whitaker John, Francis Aree, Torreonam court road, Har. Titro me firter

bookbioder. (Hurd, Temple Lyon jur, cutn pce, Grays inn lane,monty scrivener.

Wilcux William, Parfon's Green, Fulham, vi&tualier. (1 faza, Bevis laiks .t. Mary Axe

(Rousteid, Bouvenie treet. Mariden 1.1, Leeds merchant, i Upton, Nichulion, - Wike james, St. Jatus's truet, gun maker. (Perry, an. Her Way. Leeds

Charloite ftreet, Portland place Mears Henry Greenwich, tavern keeper. (Shepherd, Willis John, Puddinplade merchant. (Swain, Stevens, Deaustriel Southwark

(MayMetcalf Milan, Danks Mill, Durbam, miller.

and Maples, Old Jewry

Winch Robert. Shoe lane, joiner. (Lce, Calle åreet, nard Darhain; and Pringle, Greville areet, Hatton

Holborn Garden

Worr James, Liitle Finsbury fquare, butcher M'Leod james Craufurd, late of Demerara, but now of

(Palmer, Tomlinson and Thirptin ar sa curt Huntly forci, Leiceiter Fied., merchant, (Forbes

Wright bert, Watu frett, Warchuufernale

huvid, atid Pesco k Ely Place

Bridge treet, Blackiri28. Mouvy Henry alittethy All Saints, Lincolnshire, jolber.

ruarber, Gray's inniquare, ad Philips, Louth Morrich Wilían. uth, Thetfomu iger. (Watts and

DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED, Grillitong , and Netherfüle and Portal, Efte fi ees Mois Jofeph, jun. Newly, timber dealer all and Adams Thomas, Hich freer, $outhwark, innholder, Wordham, Newbury; and Gregory, Clement's in

March 3 Muwb Jy showiny, Dham Wind merchant

(Reed, Agar Morea, City Chambers, this owner, March 13, (bat Newsan uşca Tyne, and Fairless, Staplesing

on och fler Munro J, Cipiule wrest, Ary -t: bone tailor. Allin John Ruth chirhe wil merchant, April 18

(Wood and Young Margaret itet, Cavendish Arman Jon Daraçtan, Durhama, m'ney scrivener, foare

Ft ruary :6 Nichous Thomas, jun. Bradfy'd. Wilts, iner-draper, Abto: Shumak, 2 acksuin, lancer, deler, acess (Clarke af , Brifiche and Jenkins, Janies aad Ab. Alpiano William, keruh, ct, zmone, Nach bett, New log

Atkinson W. Nancarier, ilave ealer, March


Gray's inn

• Brille Geatit ind John Jeffray. Finsbury place, mer.

6.2 ts, February 13
Baker George, city road, coach in uker, February 26
Barclay James, Old Brod 1 street, merchant. March 20
Bitte beé Bars2005, Luna Norfolk, haberdather, fe.

sary 27
Beretty. Trecosy, Cornwall linen draper, March 12
Juntamas Great Burow street, Mary' le bone, water

Chfet baksr, 200 Charic Areet, Long Acre, candle Biance motez Sacerta waite, Fen court, insurance

brokers. February in
Past Sir Matthew, Gracechurch ftreet, banker,

Februars 74
Alexir sur Matthew, Thomas Wilkin fun, and william

Elarm, Gras church frret, Bankers, February 17
Bow:n Nathaniel Ward, and william Canpon drcet

comb oskers, February 26
Rovt's yarnes. Manchester, innkeeper, March 19
breasey Wilem Garabam, and Robert Sinitti, Bitkopfgate

11*eet, autt unters, February 7
Et mes Jon Martihead, Yurki merchant, March
Cakake faces Goces, otopney, tailo* chandler, March 10
Create R. Paultiy, linen draper, February ..
Charcủa 4. Live' i, portr dealer, F ruarở tố
Clux 1. Bruniy, York, clothier, February 19
Cum Ifrac varshi, Delet womitapier, Mitch's
Catia L. Pectures arest, Brenni, February 10
Cimitian, lomara ireee bank r, Maruti 6
Les Thua, Havertordwet, mCI CET, Marih 12
D: la Cour lbert, new Life dieet, Lercuter square,

je velker, March 13
Irinkle il Lisin Exeter, flour merchant, March 10
Dune S. St. Paul's Church yard, urunk maker, April 11
Laiton Wiharn and Robert, jun. Dockler»bury, ware-

hoafernen, March 3 dmonds Elias,

MODUment yard, wine merchant,
Edwards Giles, Louta, fpirit merchant, March 16
Zele Stephen, Canion frect road, St. George's, Middlesex,
builder, March 1
Abram Gompert,

Portfinouta, Aup keeper
Faulkener Tbomas, Mancherer, William F. and john

Gabroa, Queen are !, Cheaplee, me chants, March 16
Fowler William, Diftarlane, wine merchant, Feh 27
Gatty Jefeph, Oxford Dreet, ironimnonger, March 10
Gule William, Cranbourn ailey, Leicester helgs, linen

draper, March 17
Gols Thras, Hackney road, apothecary, February 17
Grou. K r. Diario Hales alup, mecer. mars
Wasca ). Si tied, inerchan:. February 19
Harti berge, Brittol, sp, Fibruary 20
Milecks Zachanah, Brisol, draper, March!
Hodges Thuns, warshorn, K.-D., dealer. February 11
Hipe w Erampruting Cumberland, coitud manufacturer,

February 23
Wory Nichola, Martin's lanc, merchant. March 6
Hostuje wil.ean. Cawtand, Cornwall, brewer, March 10,
Hushton w. Liverpool, merchant. Mich!
hief James,

Whiteksveit, Cumberland, mercer
Pebruary 1
Murry Ives.' Richard Poules, and James Burry, Nag's

heag court, Gacerhurch trcet merchants, April 3 uklon Juan, Parobam, sny, Crkcoa, February 27

Machetter, final.ware-manufacturer, March 1

Jacob vichael, Berner Stree, Commercial moad, dealer Peb.16
Jones Joropa, woud ftreet, Cheapride, Leghoro lat ware

hourman, February 10, March 17
Jones Jubin, Jolin uwen and Heury Abbott, Bucklersbusy,

merchants. February 17
Laytou Michael, Kennington, tone maron, March 3
Lee Jofeph, I ningtua, timber merchaic, March 24
lewis Lewis and Frances Ruad, Newcaftle upun-Tyne,

milliers, February 26
Lider P. Slatering, York, cotton spinner, March 12
Loar Richard, Long acre, Ironmonger. February 26
Lomnitz Benjamin, and Wolff Rillon, Fenchurch irect,

me chants, March 3
Lowes Davi1. and Henry Join Riga, Covent Garden,

brandy merchants. March 10
Luxton John Exeter, linen diaper, March 3
Macauley Alexander, London, merchant Marca:
Mackenzie Roderick, King's Arms yard, merchant,

Makchain James, Upper Themes treet, cheesemonger,

F bruary :6
Minoan M. Gracechurch Arret, haberdasher, Feb.;
Mordue J. Wall's End, Northumberland, thip owner,

March 8
Mure water, Haleworth, Suffuli, fedler, February 11
Mofely Heary, Lawrence Pounepey Hill, and Ifaac While

don. Cup:hall court merchant, March 14
Nixif. John Pimlico carpenter. Murthy
Oakley Francis, Hereford, wooillapl. T, May 11
Halke Richard, Little Heinpiton, Diron. coal merchant,

March 8
Pliner Ebenezer, Old Jewry, paper hancer, March 1o
Perrin ). Portwood, Chetter, cotton manufacturer

March 8
Potse James, White Bear yard, Back all, Middlesex.

cabinet marker, March 17
Rhodes E. Leeds currier, Feliruary 23
Riley Henry, Halifax. cotton praner, Febru try 28
Robifon Thurnas, Middle Temple, money fcrivener,

February 17
Roughfcdge'w Wotton, under Edge, Glocefter, vintoer,

March 7
Rullell J. Altham Mills, Blackbura, Lancarhire, miller,

February 23
Saher jonn, Bermondsey New road, carpenter March 3

mith joseph Staples, Diverpool, shoemaker, March 20
Smith William, Portsea, linen draper. April 7
Suurhal samuel, and Jonathan Drakefør, sirmingham,

factors, January to February 12
Southcoinbe George, Arlitol, cheele factor. February 73
Sowley Richard Knowle, Warwick, corn racion, March 3
Siecle w.ana j. ang c. Jannituno, Luncater, line and

woolen drapers, February 14
8:one 1 numas, Wilton. Hereford. cora fidor, Marchs
Taylor Joh', Rruwu's lane, Soitalfields baket, March 3
"Thürme Sainpfon, Stone, stafford, can gener. Marcb7
Tinde Thomas, Whitley, Northymberland, farmer,

March 17
Tomlinton J, Barlalton, Statford, bort builder, March 6
whately Jonn, Bankside. Surry, cohur manufacturer,

March 17
Williams David, Shoreditch, lioen draper. Marcha
Willton Richard Hodfun. Wakefeld, factor, February 6
willin Edward, St. James's itrect, hatter, Marchio
Wirnic. Fenchurch Areer, warehousemau, March 6
Young Wiliain Weton, Gl morkan, miller, February 31 1
Young James, Queen Atreet, Rucrchant, March 10



With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deccused. A PLAN has been projected and matured

MARRIED. for the erection and establishment of a At Surat, in che East Indies, William new Stock Exchange, in opposition to that in Thing, esq. surgeon to the seventeenth Regin Capel Court. The ground allotted for the ment of Light Dragoons, to Miss Mary purpose is said to be already purchased behind Theith, second daughter of Colonel Alexander the Bank, near to be corner of Coleman-street. T. commanding the Southern Division of

A dreadful fire broke out, at two o'clock Guzerat. en Monday morning, January 15th, at the At Camberwell, Edward Baker, esq. of house of Messrs. Holtzapfiel and Deyerlein's Southampton, to Anna Maria Frances, eldest engine manufactory in Ling Acre, which con- daughter of Stephen Cattley', esq. sumed the whole of the premises, and com At St. George's, Hanover-square, James municated to the adjoining house, belonging Marsh Wildon, esą of Kentish Town, to to Messrs. Kempsten and Fairburn, beachers Miss Oliphant, only daughter of Lancelot 0. sellers, which was also burnt to the ground. esq. lute of Itonfield Lodge, Cumberland. The Crown public house is also very much William Gordon, esq. M. P. for Worcestet, damaged. The engines arrived as suon as the to Caroline, youngest daughter of Sir George alarm was given, but no water could be pro Cornewall. bart.- Mr. S. smith, of Sandwich, (ured for near an hour on account of the to Miss L. Ellis, daughter of the Rev. Wil. trout. The inmates of the house pscaped liain E. late of Caversfield, Rucks. with grest difficulty. No lives were lost. A: Mary-le-bone, Captain Spicer, of the MożTHLY MAG., No. 19u.



2nd regiment of Life Guards, to Miss Prescot, finement, and therein was guilty of contempt sister of Sir George P. Bart. John Blen. of Court. Her ladyship made all advantage of carne, e q. of Cheshunt, Herts, to Miss Col. this intemperate conduct: he was required clough, of Besconfield, Notts. piece to Ge to give security for keeping the peace in so neral Wynyard. -i he Rev. Bryant Burgess, large a sum, that be never would ask any of Salisbury place, to Margaret, eldest daugh- friend to be bail for him, and has ever since, ter of the Rev. Matthias Rutton, of Selling, for the long space of 25 years, been a priKent.

soner in the King's Bench prison. Lady At Brunswick Chapel, Sir W. Geary, Strathmore had afterwards interest to get a Bart. of Oxenbeath, Kent, to Mrs. Dering, Court of Delegates appointed, which high widow of Edward D. esq.

Court pronounced a sentence of divorce be. Af St. George the Martyr, Queen-square, tween her and Mr. Bowes. During Mr. Alexander Glennie, esq. to Carojine, young Bowes's confinement, his demeanour obtained est daughter of the late Archibald Edgar, the confidence of the different Marshals of esg.

the prison, who rendered it as light as possiJohn S. Wright, esq. of Wilford, Norts, to ble. By application to the Court of King's Miss Cray, daughter of E. Gray, esq. Harrin- Bench, the demand of heavy bail was withgay House, Middiesex.

drawn; but during his long imprisonment H. C#pel, esq. of Feltham hill, Middlesex, his attairs were become foo far deranged ever to Amelia, second daughter of R. Hunt, esq. to be settled; he therefore retained a priso. of Busing-house, Hammersmith.

ner for debt, but in that situation obtained The Rev. J. James, of Oundle, Northamp- the privilege of residing any where within tonshire,' to Miss Bell, of Blackheath, the Rules. In all his misforlunes, the Duke

I'rancis Ed. Gray, esq. of Brunswick. of Norfolk, who had been his intimate assosquare, to Maria Enima, youngest daughter ciate in prosperity, renained his firm friend, of the late H. Smith, esg. of Greenwich and frequently visited him, when a single Hospital,

room, on whar is called the State Side of the
Ac St. George's, Hanorer-square, the Rev. King's Bench Prison, was Mr. Bowes's bed.
William Warrington, to Miss Mainwaring, chamber, parlour, drawing-room, and in
only daughter of William M. esq. of Hano- short, the only apartment he could have for
ver-square.-Major J. Twigg, co Miss Mackay, the accommodation of his family, and to re-
only daughter of Hector M. esq. of Hans- ceive his illustrious guest.
place.-W. Long, esq. of Breshaw, Hants. In Dover-street, Mr. Micbel, florist to the
to Lady Mary Carnegie, eldest daughter of queen and princesses.
the Earl of Northesk.

At Twickenham, Viscourless Dowager
The Rev. R. Wright, vicar of Wrangle, Dudley and Ward.
Lincolushire, to Miss Pennington, of Lamb's In Tenterden.street, Hanover Square, the

Hon. C. L. Dundas, second son of Lord D.
At Hampton, W. Moreton, esq. of the and M. P. for Richmond, Yorkshire.
13th light Dragoons, lo Miss Gnífir hoote, Mr. Giber. Pidack, aged 67, of the Me-
eldest daughter of William G, esų.

nagérie, Exeter Change.

In Dedord Plaee, C. T. Maling, esq. father
In Sloanestreet, Mis Pari, relict of Dr. of Lady Mulgrave, and one of the commis-
Parr, late of the Royal Hospital, Plymouth. sioners of excise', 09.
To briliant talents she added exalted virtues In Oxford.s:reet, Miss Kitter, of Nettlebe},
and earliest piety.

Oxfordshire, 18. She was on a visit tu her In the London Road, St. George's fields, uncle, and on her return from the cheatre, Andrew Robinsan Bowes, esq. whese marriage ore night, warming her feet by piacing them to the Countess of Strathmore, 3, years ago on the fender, set fire to hier muslin dress, (when Captain Stoney), occasioned much' which blazid up in an instact, and though bustle in the fashionable world. Pursuant to two other peisons ucre in the room, they the will of hur ladyship's father, he then were too much alarmed to render her any took the name of Buwes (as Lord Strathmore, assistance: her clothes were burnt off; she her first husband, had also done), and for a survived in great agonies about four hours, few

years the splendor ut his establishments, and then expired. both in Grosvenor-square and at the man 1011 Ac Charing Cross, Jeremiah Watkin, esz. of Gibside, in the county of Durhim, eclip. one of the justices of the peace for midsed those of ail his competitors. His political dlesex. cnnections were also dinong the h gher class; Mis. Mary Stepbens, widow of Lieut. But only a seat in the Lower House, but tlie General S. dignity of the Irish Prerade nas destine 1 for Sr Ýrronie Fitzpatrick, late inspector-genehim, under the Rockingh in Adnin s:ration: ral ot health to the army. but this brighc aspect of his aft1415 was soon in ClyPlace, 7.C. Sauriders, esą.late demoncloudet. His iends wel. T out of oti.ce; do. strutor of anatomy at Si. Toomis's livspicei, miestic broile between 1 and h's nubia corre anj eurcon to the London inirmary for sort aro:ę so bigh, thesteliv wis appea'ei curing chosesses of the eye. Iw; he 1. [+, laced i1r 10 CL11. la Lork l'iace, Portman Square, Pbilip


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Redwad, esq. late chief justice of Jamaica, At Somers Town, Mr. Wilde, of the and Speaker of the House of Assembly. Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. He was

Ms. Vackworth Praed, wife of Serjeant P. reading, and complained of a sudden pain in

la St. Paui's Church Yard, Mr. Benjamin the back part of his left hand, which instantly Coordier, olho

ran up big arin, and only all wed bim the in Cleveland Court, St. James's, the Rev. opportunity ut requesting to be put to bed, 7. Davis, late of Trinity College, Cambridge; which was scarcely done when he expired. a gentleman eminently distinguished by his In the Adelphi, John Flamank, csq of Doral character and profound learning. Wailingfurd.

At Clapton, the Rev. Filinger Symons, CC in Kinsington squire, Mrs.' Colegrave, for of Whiburn, Durham, and many years

relict of the late William C. esq. o: Cannon minister of Upper Clapton Chapel, 6. Iull, Wansted, Essex, and only surviving

di Brompton, Capt. J. Pryce, of the East Sister of the lale Thomas Manty, esq. of India Company's crvice, 76.

Downsell llall, near Brentwoud. At Hackney, 11m. Ickaday, esq. late of In Lower Grosvenor-street, Lody Carbarine the 1sc foot guards, in which he had served Stanbufe, 85. 50 years.

In Bedford-square, Thomas Everitt, esq. In Basinghall-street, in consequence of her partner with the late Nathaniel Newman, clothes taking fire, Aliss Elizabeth Tute, 14. esg. banker, in Mansion-house street, and

In Licle Queen-street, Westminster, Mr. M. P. for Luggerstall, in Wilis. P. F. M'Callum; author of Travels in Trini In Ormond street, Queen-square, Miso dad, and various political publications. Weskelt, wife of Robert iate of the

In Berkeley-square, in his 18th year, Wn. Custom House. Reynolds, eliest son of Dr. Bankhead.

In Albion street, Blackfriars, Thomas Nasb, In Lime-street, T. Gibson, esq

esq. tormerly of Camberwell, burry. M. 3. Richardson, Jate bookseller of in Thached house-court, Si.. James's, Coroh:1, 76.

Colou. Dallas, esq. of the island of St. Vincent. In Baker-street, Jane Harriet, youngest In Great Coram-street, Mrs. Duncomb, daughter of Wm. Gore, esq

wife of Benjamin D esų. In Little Marybone-street, Mrs. Jane Rid At Woolwich,'Dr. Roilo, surgeon-general ley, 68. She died almost for want of the to the artillery. common necessaries of life, althou h in the In Charlotte-row, New road, Henry Greene Dividst of plenty; her property was left to two way, esq. sisters, one of whom, on hearing of her death, in Bury's-buildings, New.road, Mrs. Eled in a few hours.

Tomlinson. She was burnt to death In Charles-strect, St. James's Square, John apartments, while indulging in the very reHeppner, esg. R. A. one of the most eminent prehensible practice of reading in bed with a, parisait painters since the time of Reynolds. candle close to the bed curtains. He might indeed have merited the praise At Milloank, Jotu Viriler, esq. . of bring the first, if lie had not been so close In Harley-sireet, Claone Arcuccckne, esg. an imitator of the style of that great master, Paul Sandy, 4sq (zebuse d'utb is recorded at as it related to the spirit and elegance of p. 535 of our list wuine,) wiss descended his touch, forcible effect of light and shate, from a branch of the janvily of Sandby, of picturesque back-grounds, gracetul simplicity Eabworth, Nottinghamshire; and was born at of attitude, ano especially the richness and Noctinglan, 173.. In 1746 he came to har many of culuuring, in which he certainly London, and having an early birs towards the excelled all his cotemporaries. In some

arts, got introduced into the drawing-room of of his best coloured works, such as the the lower. Thence, atier iwo years, he was Nymps, in the possession of Sir J. Lei apointed raughtsman u. des the inspeation of Cester, the vivacity, truth, ant delicacy Mr. David Waison, wb..mase: ployed by the of the various fleshy tints, bave scarcely been

late Duke of Cumberland to tiki a survey ot sarpasued by any master. But if he could the Highlands. During thus excursion he bouse of displaying such of the merit, he made several skelches from the scenery possessed the faults of nis prototype, especi. of that rom.110 country, from which he aty tlat of incorrect drawing of the humai atterwards made a nummer of small etchings, Furt, a detect for which not even the colour. which were published in a ivio volunie. . ing of Rubens, or Tilias himself, cau ever From this circumstanae, perhaps, we may ac

count for the hoidanj stuiking style vy wiich near Romford, Jackson the pajusings of this excellent artist.te so Burevis, esq. of Walbrook House, London, peculiarly distinguished. dr. 1732 bequired well known in the mercantile world for his this einployment, and resided with his brother tateasive dealings, honour, and int grity; and at Windsor. Several of the most beautul, in the literary world, for his dialogues on li views in the neighoour houd of Wandsur ar berty, and other publications.

Elon now became the sujects at his penci; In John-street, Bediord Row, John Roberts,' here also he attained thai skli in depicting yo many years one of the directors of the Gothic architecture, which gave so beautirul Ea e India Company, 71.

an eifect to these laudscapes, twat Sir J.



At his seat,

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